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Roomies 01: Stress Release

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It was nearly nine o’clock. By now she should have been getting a shower, and then picking a dress for a night out on the town. But recently she hadn’t had the time. Her lecturers at Nottingham university had really started to crack down on the students.

Now all she had time for was her dissertation and her boyfriend James. And both were driving her up the wall. She was struggling to reach the word count for her university work and she was struggling to keep up with James’ “bad boy” antics.

There was a knock at the door of her bedroom but she was so busy with the reams and reams of photocopied research material that she almost didn’t hear it.

Another knock.

“Kate! I know you’re in there!” Kate looked up from her work then, it was the sound of her friend Siobhan. Siobhan had been her friend since college and they’d found themselves at the same university, though not on the same course.

Kate opened the door.

Siobhan stood there wearing a slinky black dress and knee high leather boots with killer heels. The dress had a V design that showed off enough of Siobhan’s C-Cup breasts, pert and firm and perfectly round. The hem of the skirt was half way down her shapely thighs. She wore her hair down, like a femme fatale.

Kate felt so intensely jealous, she hadn’t had a chance to dress up like that in what seemed like forever.

Siobhan knew how to get into the old student flat without a key and visits like this weren’t uncommon. Well, not exactly like this one…

Siobhan’s smile was as cute as her deep brown eyes.

“Hello you…” She said. “I’m thinking of going out tonight, want to come with me?”

“Not tonight.” Kate said gloomily. “I’ve got to get this work finished, but it’s driving me insane.”

“Well I think you need a break.” Siobhan said.

“But I’ll be too busy thinking about my work to enjoy myself.” Kate sat back down at her desk. “I’m sorry hon.”

Siobhan sat on the edge of Kate’s bed and crossed her legs, pulling the dress tighter over her perfectly shaped lines. Siobhan was the hottest girl on her drama course and didn’t have any problem getting boys. She wasn’t a slut about it, but she certainly had her pick of the room. Any room.

Kate was equally attractive, though her breasts were slightly smaller. Together they had made grown men cry.

“You used to be so much fun…” Siobhan said, and Kate tried not to think about it.

Not just the partying, the drinking, but the other things they had done together.

Once or twice they had drunkenly kissed, mostly so they could get boys to buy them drinks at bars, and a few times they had masturbated to each others dirty stories. Only once had they touched bostancı escort each other but afterwards Kate had licked her fingers and couldn’t forget the sweet taste of Siobhan’s sex.

“So how’s James?” Siobhan asked, snapping Kate out of her thoughts.

“He’s being such an arse.” Kate said, picking up her pencil in the vain hope she might eventually do some work. “Drinking and getting up to stuff with his mates.”

“I’ve totally gone off guys.” Siobhan said. “More trouble than they’re worth.”

Kate rubbed her neck, she was so sore and so tired. Siobhan gave a sympathetic, if slightly sarcastic “aaaw”.

“I wish I could go out tonight, I really could.”

“Well, you can have plenty of fun staying in.”

“Yeah right…” Kate laughed. “Fifteen thousand words of fun.”

Siobhan stood up and walked over to Kate, resting her hands on her shoulders and leaning over her to look at her work.

“Shakespeare.” Siobhan said dryly, “Joy.”

Her hair was hanging down and brushing the side of Kate’s face, it tickled a little. And her hands were resting on Kate’s shoulders. Siobhan gave her a little squeeze and then began a faux massage. Kate smiled.


Siobhan took this as an invitation and really began to work out the tension in Kate’s shoulders. Kate closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling. She couldn’t believe how tense she’d been.

“Just there… no, left a bit… that’s it…” Kate said, before snapping out of her trance. “Now I can get back to work.”

Siobhan stood back annoyed.

“You’re just no fun anymore.” She said. “I’ve got to get you out of yourself for a while methinks.”

“Please, I’ve got to get this done.”

Siobhan leant forward and whispered softly into Kate’s ears, her sultry voice one that had melted boys into playthings. Her warm breath was hot on Kate’s skin.

“Let’s see what I can do for you…”

Siobhan then sat on the desk in front of Kate and on top of her photocopies.

Siobhan slowly parted her legs, the black dress pulled up to reveal she wasn’t wearing knickers. Kate tried not to look at her shaved pussy.

“I could be your distraction…” Siobhan said and slowly, sensually she began to run her fingers over her womanhood, parting it and toying with it. Her juices began to run onto Kate’s work.

Kate bit her lip, trying so hard not to give in to temptation.

“Please don’t…” She sighed weakly. Siobhan began to moan and work her fingers faster over her clit.

When Kate could take no more she reached out and took her by the hand, stopping her. Siobhan looked down at her as if to say “what the fuck…” but before she could bitch Kate ümraniye escort bayan had taken her fingers and was running them over her lips, before sucking on them.

As she did this, Kate was tracing the fingers of her free hand along Siobhan’s thigh, and then the lips of her sex, before inserting one, two fingers into her wet pussy. Siobhan moaned.

Sucking on Siobhan’s fingers, Kate closed her eyes, Siobhan’s juices tasted so good. Kate stood then, and held her face teasingly close to Siobhan’s. Feeling the other woman run her fingers into her hair, Kate leant in and kissed Siobhan passionately, their tongues entwining as one, with all the finesse of women and none of the random clawing of boys.

The kiss seemed to last forever, only breaking as Siobhan arched her back, gasping hard as she came to orgasm. She rested her head on Kate’s shoulder before beginning to kiss her neck.

“Here, you’re doing all the work.” She said. Siobhan gently pushed Kate back down into her chair with her boots. Kate was trapped in the chair as Siobhan slowly unzipped the black dress. “We’ve been doing a new workshop, it’s all about giving the audience what they want.”

Siobhan stood, allowing the dress to drop to the floor. She turned and bent over, her firm little ass in Kate’s face. Siobhan opened the music player on Kate’s laptop and found their favourite album. She turned back to Kate and planted a big kiss on her lips, her neck, her breasts. She was on her knees know, lifting Kate’s T-Shirt over her heard. The shirt caught over Kate’s head, and Siobhan held it there. Kate was trapped as Siobhan sucked and bit at her nipples, biting her supple flesh and blowing cold air over her warm skin.

Kate lifted her ass from the chair so Siobhan could pull down her pants, revealing Kate’s warm, wet pussy.

Siobhan wasted no time, kissing it, playing with it. She began to slide her tongue in…

…when there was a knock at the door.

Kate hastily pulled her T-Shirt down, but Siobhan, engrossed in Kate’s moist pussy held the chair firm, she wouldn’t let her friend back away.

“Who is it?” Kate called, her voice trembling.

“Could you turn the music down?” It was Kate’s Canadian roommate Jess. “Some of us are trying to study.”

“Sure,” Kate reached over and turned down the music. The door opened just enough for Jess to peer through. She was slightly younger than Kate but the more responsible of the pair. A dedicated sciences student into anime and wearing glasses she didn’t really need. She was pretty too, a natural red head.

“Are you okay?” Jess asked.

“Yes,” Kate trembled, glad Jess couldn’t see that she wasn’t wearing any pants and kartal escort that her best friend was eating her cunt. “Just trying to let off some steam.”

“Okay,” Jess smiled sympathetically and left. “Just keep it down.”

A few seconds later Kate realised she was holding her breath and as she exhaled she shuddered with the most vigorous orgasm.

Siobhan straddled Kate, wrapping one of her fuck-me-booted legs round the back of the chair. Siobhan kissed Kate, their tongues sparring.

“She’s always so tense,” Siobhan whispered nodding towards the door. “If she wasn’t so tight I’d probably fuck her.”

“What’s got into you?” Kate said breathlessly, staring deeply into Siobhan’s beautiful eyes.

“I just realised today, we only get to do this once.” Siobhan said, “We are awesome, we shouldn’t kill ourselves learning. You’ve got to love it, enjoy it. Live it. I like living. It means we get to fuck.”

Kate had no words, instead pulling her friend into a long, passionate kiss. Kate grabbed at Siobhan’s ass, spanking it, once, twice, three times. Siobhan bit Kate’s lip just hard enough to draw blood. All of their tension was washing out of them.

They were rudely interrupted by a sound outside the door and curse. The sound of bare feet padding back to the room next door and a door trying not to slam.

Siobhan giggled. “Let’s go give the audience what she wants.”

Siobhan stood up, Kate following. Kate removed her shirt, tossing it onto the now discarded work notes. Kate and Siobhan stepped out of the room into the small corridor that linked the two bedrooms and the kitchen. There was a Tupperware box on the floor next to the radiator outside Kate’s room, chocolate fudge brownies scattered across the floor.

Kate tapped lightly on Jess’ room.

“Yes?” Jess called through, her voice trying to fake innocence.

“You dropped your brownies,” Kate called.

“Yeah, I was going to give you one, help you relax, they always help me.”

Siobhan had her arm round Kate as they leant against Jess’ door, her hand fondling her ass, slotting neatly into her crack, where a finger teased her asshole.

“Can you open the door?” Kate called.

After a few moments the door opened enough to reveal Jess in her night clothes, a pair of guy’s boxers (her exes) and a band T-Shirt (something Canadian). Jess bit her lip, her face only a few inches from Kate and Siobhan’s. Siobhan rested her head on Kate’s shoulder and smiled.

“Hi,” she said.

“I heard,” Jess replied. “I didn’t mean to hear. I didn’t mean to listen… I…”

Kate noticed the wet patch in the crotch of Jess’ pants. She’d been listening for some time…

“I’m just really tense at the minute,” Jess said, biting her lip out of embarrassment.

Kate smiled.

“We can help with that.”

Jess stepped back and let the two naked girls into her room, into herself, into her life. The door closed behind them.


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