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Rumsprung Ch. 02

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“Mmm, mmm-mmmph…”


“Mmmm-gulp, aaah-hmmph…”


“Guuullp-aah mm-mmmah…?”

“DAMMIT, EDNA!! Take the dick ‘outta your mouth and listen to me!”

With a scowl on her brow and a pout on her lips, Edna Schwartz at last relinquished her fat-lipped grip on the erect cock she lovingly suckled and lent an ear to the incessant nagging from nearby. Turning her round, frowning face to the side, her own displeased expression met the even more irritated look of her older sister, Willa. Leaning forward on the stool she sat upon, Edna’s elder sibling spread her hands out plaintively and begged not for cooperation.

“C’mon Eddy, work with me here! How do you expect Esther to be a contributing member to our outfit if you never come up for air? You’re supposed to be a team here, sheesh…”

Edna rolled her eyes and swiveled her head back around to regard the she transfixing rod was sharing in dicksucking duty with wherein both of them straddled the thighs of the tan-skinned man they were meant to be working over in equal measure. Said girl was Esther Bontrager, fellow Amish female and Edna’s friend since childhood. In almost all respects, Esther was Edna’s exact opposite: blonde and pale instead of brunette and ruddy, thin and gangly rather than plump and plush, and — most relevant in the here and now — decidedly unenthusiastic about the task Willa had assigned to the two younger tricks-in-training. Willa had lent them appropriately scanty slut-wear and makeup that rivaled the plumage of the most veteran streetwalkers, and assured the pair that the uniform was par for prostitutional course. In spite of her diligent tutelage, the one thing Edna’s elder sister couldn’t lend to Esther, apparently, was a decent work ethic.

“Fine. Go on Esther, your turn.” Edna said with a snort, adjusting both her gaze and mood as she turned to look past the thick dick wagging (and woefully unsucked!) before her into the bemused face of the fellow Willa had enlisted for her understudies to practice upon.

“Sorry, uh, dude? Once my gal pal has had a turn I’ll be right back at it, babe!” the broad brunette broad assured him in her best bedroom voice, wiggling her wide rump in what she hoped was a titillating fashion. For his part, the man merely shrugged, hands up and fingers linked behind his head, relaxed and happy to go along with whatever.

“¡Ey no hay bronca culona! You gotta work on your dirty talk though, en serio.” he said through a thick splash of Spanglish, casting a wink at the pudgy slut straddling his left leg.

From her perch nearby Willa snapped her fingers.

“Shut it José!. You’re not paying, so you’ll get what you get – now pipe down and let me handle this, fuck…” first to silence the meddling Mexican, then again to recapture the attention of both girls buddied up between his legs.

“Go on Esther, you’re up. This time, if you’re not even gonna get halfway down at least try not to gag, alright? This is seriously basic stuff. You really shouldn’t be having so much trouble with this. Just…I mean, just do what Edna’s doing, eh? And sis?” Willa said before pausing and shifting her focus to her sister. “Just… let her go at her own pace. Chill for a minute.”

“Uuuh…uh-huh, okay. I’ll…I’ll try again, mmn…” Esther mumbled as she leaned forward, one hand gingerly resting on the naked male pelvis before her, and the other shakily reaching for his stiff prick, the intimidating length smeared top to bottom with red lipstick rings, leftovers of the gung-ho knob-gobbling Edna had already applied. Daintily cradling the cock between thumb and forefinger only, Esther dipped her head down and put the bulbous tip to her blue-painted lips.

“Uugh, hurry up! You’re so bad at this, here lemme help you—” Edna piped up, unable to sit by and watch while her fair-haired friend barely nibble at the delicious slab of man-meat they were meant to share. Bringing a hand under the periwinkle bandana Esther wore, Edna dug her fat fingers into her friend’s scalp and heaved the ho’s head forward. She smirked as the reluctant cocksucker’s cry of surprise was swiftly stifled by the thick dick smacking her soft palate, and snorted derisively as the blonde began to gag and retch loudly after only the first several inches of cock had been forced past her taut lips. Esther slapped back in defense, hands swatting and scratching both at Edna’s forceful grip on her hair and at the larger lass’ scantily-clad breast that pressed down on her from behind. The two tussled for a while, though Edna’s superior position and sheer mass made it obviously impossible for Esther’s pitiful resistance to stand up against her attempt at encouragement. Even as a tear or two squeezed from her friend’s squinted eyes and the prized prick-bearer himself reached down and tapped her shoulder out of concern for the sputtering skank choking on his cock, Edna did not relent.

Her breath quickened, her grip on Esther’s head tightened, and in the scuffle bursa escort even one of her obese udders sprung free of the tiny red top wrapped around it, but Eda did not let go — if she really HAD to share the first real man she’d ever got to taste with a girl who clearly didn’t appreciate the chance, then Edna would make sure Esther at least learned the basics! Being the team player that she was, it would take more than a couple slaps or a slipped nip to stop her, for that matter! Why, the hand of God itself couldn’t begin to budge—


Echoing around the spartan apartment clapped a loud retort. Shocked as she was, it took Edna a moment to realize the sound came from the hawkish school marm overseeing their hooker training regimen laying the mother of all slaps across her broad, half-bare backside. Her gelatinous slab of rump roast rocked and swayed under the aftershock of Willa’s savage spanking, which had the intended effect of distracting Edna long enough for Esther to wriggle free. The breathless blonde managed to pull herself off of the dick tickling her tonsils, roll off of the leg belonging to the juan they were charged with servicing onto her back, and splutter a couple of spit-spraying coughs before sucking in a lungful of air.

“Edna you fucking brat! Goddammit, what did I just fucking tell you!?” Willa shouted. Edna looked up indignantly at her sister, Esther coughing and heaving beside her, while Willa leered accusingly down at her. Out of the corner of her eye, that delicious brown shaft danced, a fresh ring of blue barely a quarter of the way down from the top standing in starkly pathetic opposition to the many rings of red Edna had already painted on it from tip to balls. The sight of her oral accomplishments emboldening her, Edna put her metaphoric foot down.

“No! It’s not fair Willy! She’s so BAD at this, and I…I just…ooooh! I JUST WANT TO SUCK COCK LIKE YOU!”

Willa’s face fell and she took a step back, hand at her breast. Taken aback, she turned away, putting her back to the odd trio laid out on her bed with shoulders hunched and arms crossed. Edna, herself baffled as well by her bold outburst, said nothing…but couldn’t help herself from reaching out and wrapping a hand around the meaty member, idly stroking it up and down while she awaited the harsh rebuke she was surely due. Surprisingly though, such a scolding failed to come — Willa remained facing away, huffing and puffing and plainly wrestling with some significant questions. After more than a minute, an unlikely voice broke the uncomfortable silence.

“…eh, Willa? It ain’t my place to say but eh, well…ey – I mean, if it was my hermana gorda wanting to smoke some poor cholo’s pole, I think I’d wanna let ‘er? I mean like, mang, that’s some true-calling type shit there, naw’mean? Es destino, eh?”

The appealing amigo, as well as Edna and Esther nestled by his crotch held their collective breath as Willa froze, her deliberating mutterings coming to a halt at his uninvited input. They exhaled in unison as the oldest Amish let out a laugh, the lighthearted sound throwing some much needed levity into the room’s tense atmosphere. Willa turned back towards the group with a smile and a surrendering shake of her head.

“José, if you even had a sister, you’d let every gang-banger in town run a train on her for nothing but a dime bag and a Crunchwrap Supreme.” The man shrugged, unable to honestly disagree with the accurate assessment of his character, then Willa turned to address the two girls lower down the bed.

“It’s a shame, but she’s right, sweetie – you are really bad at this. Don’t worry, though. I’ll think of something else for you later, but for now take it easy and just uh, I ‘dunno…give Eddy some support? Y’know, in my experience,” Willa said, unable to hide a betraying tone of self-assured prowess as a seasoned veteran of the hooking game, “some customers just like to watch chicks grope each other. So, while she’s doing her thing, just squeeze her tits or jiggle her ass, alright?” Willa said to Esther, who gulped down the lump in her throat, brushed her tears away and let a smile light her face for the first time tonight.

“S-sure!” Esther replied with an acquiescent nod.

Willa stepped up and stooped down to Edna’s level, putting her thin face in close to her “little” sister’s chubby one and patting her head encouragingly.

“As for you…I guess you ‘gotta be right sometime. If you’re gonna take up the designated dome role you better fuckin’ deliver though! Your friend there won’t be partaking, so you’re sucking for two now, alright?” Edna stared dumbly at first, mouth agape, but as Willa’s words worked through her thick head she broke out into a wide grin – the sort she usually reserved for staring down a well-stocked Thanksgiving smorgasbord. The brown-haired babe wagged her head up and down, ready to abide by her sister’s words and more eager than ever to get back to the blowbusiness at hand. Willa nodded back, and retreated bursa escort bayan to her bedside seat to take in the oncoming gorging.

“Go on then, girl, do your big sister proud! Slob that knob somethin’ fierce, and drain that beaner’s balls like a whoopie pie!”

Wide load wobbling with glee, Edna turned to dig in to her long-sought penile treat…but stopped just short, mouth open wide and tongue mere millimeters from the swollen bellend. She instead turned towards Esther, shot forward and laid a big, wet kiss on the younger girl’s cheek.

“Sorry I treated you like that Esther, really! No hard feelings, alright?” Edna offered, the jealous heifer honestly regretting the earlier roughhousing now that her friend no longer posed a threat to her oral ambitions. She did not linger for an answer though – before Esther could even begin to muster a response, Edna had reversed course and leapt ravenously at the thick, cholo dick that she was finally able to demonstrate her God-given cocksucking talents on utterly uncontested.

“Aaaah-mmmph!” moaned the jubilant jigglefactory around her prize. Edna spared not a second now on propriety, eagerly sliding half her mark’s member past her plump lips, rolling over her tongue and slipping easily into the back of her throat. Gulp after slobbery, sloppy gulp, Edna waxed her cherry-red pole-polishers down the hulking Mexican chorizo she was eager to heave down into her gob. Periodically on the journey, she would pause her deep-diving plunge down the length of tawny dong so she could press her lips into the exotic (at least by Edna’s limited experience) man’s cock and impress a bold, red-hued outline of her lips onto him. Upon marking the depth of her plunge, Edna would ease her mouth back off of his pole, plant a gooey kiss on the plump cocktip of her – and only her – customer. The fact that she wasn’t milking this customer for every cent (and drop of cum, being the pious prostitute she knew she could be) didn’t slow Edna’s roll even a bit. In spite of the comped cocksucking at Willa’s behest, after taking a gulp of air, she would return to exuberantly resume the speedbag pummelling of Jose’s cock against her tonsils.

Well on her way to break her record and edge out one of the ruby-red rings marking the depth in her throat which the Amish hookerling was able to cram the cock down to, she overheard the benched blonde pipe up from somewhere in the vicinity of her bovine rump.

“S-so, something like this…?” Esther murmured quiet enough to be only speaking to herself. Edna felt two fair-skinned hands squish their way into her jiggling buttcheeks and jostle them side to side in a meek attempt at following Willa’s instructions. With a roll of her eyes, Edna continued to set the example she knew how of what a pay-by-the-hour cocksucker should be living up to and carried on with the gratuitous rainbow party taking place on the Mexican’s shaft.

“There you go, Esther! Grope my sister’s blue-ribbon booty and do your best to not look like you’re drowning in it,” Willa chimed in from her vantage point atop an aging wooden stool standing on wobbly, worn legs.

“Oh- okay, right, don’t drown, got it…” Esther trailed off, content to continue wiggling Edna’s bouncing hips side to side while the porky pornstar ran circles around Esther in the ‘cocksucking’ column on the scorecard for their first pimped-out practice session. Esther, meanwhile, seemed to mull over Willa’s aforementioned instructions on how to properly please one of the many Englisher clients that Esther no doubt had in her future, all the while squishing and squeezing her hands around in Edna’s buns as if she were kneading dough back on the homestead.

“Yea- yeah… that’s… sort of… it, I guess. Keep it up,” Willa spoke down at her with as much of an encouraging tone of voice she could offer as she watched Esther aimlessly slosh the otherwise occupied Edna’s hindquarters side-to-side. While the flax-haired backseat prost half-heartedly wriggled Edna’s plump pair, the primary hooker in the driver seat was making leaps and bounds – specifically, she was cramming another inch here, crossing her lips over another vein there, and only stopping to unseat the glazed rod from her gullet to take a breath. After a lewd ‘pop!’ free from her lipsticked mouth – at this point, the majority of the gloss having been used to paint the tan-skinned customer’s cock red – Edna glanced up at the owner of the graffitied tackle and employed her best ‘seductive’ wink.

“I’ve got something special for you, uh, da- ” Edna caught the word in her throat and flashed a timid glance towards the sole person in the audience. Her sister shook her head side-to-side solemnly and threw her floundering sister a lifeline by mouthing the word ‘papi.’

“P- papi…” Edna finished her poorly-delivered attempt at dirty talk and studied the man’s face for a response to her brushed-up wordplay with the same expression she wore when asking to borrow the horse-and-buggy for the weekend. escort bursa José arched his eyebrows down at the sheepish slut and beckoned a hand forward as if to indicate for her to get on with whatever song-and-dance that she was threatening.

“Go on, chica, eh? You ‘gotta work on your delivery for this ‘kinda show-and-tell thing that you ‘tryna do here, yeah?” José let his head fall back onto the pillow, apparently content to let Edna do whatever the over-eager bovine whore had in mind. Having gotten the prerequisite dirty banter marked off from her mental ‘How to be a Whore’ checklist, Edna licked her lips with the kind of hungry lust she normally sated only with the nearest sandwich shop footlong. With another approval-seeking glance at her older sister and the highest-class low-class hooker she knew, Edna gave Willa a mischievous look as if to tell her ‘get a load of this.’

Pushing a lock of oak brown hair out of her round face as she whipped back to the task at hand, Edna wrapped her porky digits around the base, then pressed the swollen tip of the cock to her mouth. In one fell swoop, she worked her mouth over the starting point and slithered the vein-encrusted training tool right down the back of her throat. Noting that the lackadaisical loafer was still staring at the ceiling rather than watching the show, she shot her free hand up from the bed and snapped a few times in order to draw his attention.

“Si, senora?” José inquired innocently enough, but once Edna had that captive audience, it was time to put on the the performance of her so-far short-lived cocksucking career. She rested one hand on his chest, and slid her fingers off from around the base of the schlong she was about to treat to her whore’s ‘pièce de résistance.’

Meeting eyes with the mark whose cock was working its way deeper and deeper down into her drooling fuckhole, Enda went for the balls. Slurping down a strong six inches of chicano dick in a single swallow, Edna’s nose crashed into his modest patch of public hair. Now, she had been here before – she had scarlet rings of lipstick caking the base of that cock to prove it – but this time she was after something more; she was hungrier this time around. To satisfy her appetite for proving herself a capable full-service fuckslut, Edna first pushed her tongue out past her bottom lip and began slathering on a fresh coat of clear, bubbly wetness to the sinfully overlooked nutsack that dangled below the cock that had been getting both her and Esther’s attention all evening.

Edna brought both hands up under the hefty nuts she had finished lubricating, and carefully slipped her bottom lip up over one of his balls. Eyes still latched onto José intently, she watched as a flash of surprise flared up on his face that relaxed down into a timid look of concern for the well-being of the hot-to-trot sack-shining hooker who was part way through her fellatious feat. Meat still being treated to a massage on the inside of Edna’s twitching throat, Edna used the tips of her manicured matching-red fingertips to slip the previously unsucked nut belonging to her client up into her cavernous cakehole. Edna’s bottom lip had stretched into a thin red line by the time it finally slipped underneath the entire package José had between his legs. She flicked her eyes around the room, brimming with the pride of her debaucherous accomplishment, first to a stunned José, then to her bemused sister, then to the absentee she couldn’t spot, Esther – whom she had completely blocked out and forgotten about while she awkwardly pawed at her jellyrolls.

“Ey, mami, you- ah… I mean, good job ‘an everything, but…” the concerned owner of the cock n’ balls that had been vacuumed up into Edna’s gaping mouth spoke up, “…you ‘gon be able to get back off of that? ‘Cause I ‘don got any butter or anything like that to help you..”

Edna scowled at the doting customer. This cock-and-balls hogging gimmick wasn’t having the intended effect that Edna set out to achieve – but she wasn’t done yet. With the combined package consisting of the meat and vegetables corking up her mouth, Edna was in pole position for a thorough tongue bath on whatever and whichever sensitive sex organ that she could get at. She swallowed, which brought a vibrating sensation to the party going on in Edna’s mouth and throat that typically only handheld sex toys bearing the form factor a flashlight could manage.

Willa left her perch and approached the side of the spring-backed wrought iron bed with arched eyebrows and bottom lip curled inward in an impressed expression. Edna watched as her sister dropped onto her haunches in a squat, now eye level with the training dummy she had recruited for the girls to work on. Willa nodded approvingly of her sister’s commitment in earning a diploma in cockgobbling.

“Not bad, sis!” Willa lauded sincerely.

Enda beamed (as much as she could, given the pound-and-a-half of sausage jammed into her windpipe and a pair of nuts ballooning her chubby cheeks like a squirrel). Her confidence bolstered by the approval of her idol and mentor, Edna began using her tongue to massage the underside of the dick in her mouth and interspersed sack-polishing sessions in between.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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