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Sadistic Throater

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Aurora was in a restaurant in the Rio Sul shopping center enjoying an after dinner coffee. She looked around at all the different tables and couples, noticing that a few had their hands were they did not belong. She giggled softly, thinking only in Rio DE Janeiro the exotic and erotic City. She kept trying to look at the man in the corner in the darker area of the restaurant. He sat back enough not to see his face but able to make out his shadow, causing goose bumps to rise on her skin and her nipples to become very erect against the silk blouse she wore this evening.

She finished up her coffee taking her time gathering her bags from shopping earlier in the afternoon. She left a hefty tip with the bill as she made her way slowly across the room in four inch heels, black skirt and white silk blouse. She was at the restaurant door with her hand on it beginning to push it open when a hand closed atop hers, squeezing and moving away quickly to open the door for her. She looked to the side glancing up to see who had opened the door and touched her so intimately when a hand was placed on the back of her neck, holding her tightly within its grasp as she was made to move forward.

She gasped as her heart began beating fast, as a small sweat broke out up on her skin. She stumbled a little while moving as she heard a chuckle come from this man who is guiding her to an alley a few feet away from the restaurant. She caught a glimpse down the alley breathing in as much as bahis firmaları she could when she saw how very little light there was increasing her fear. She started to scream but the hand on her neck tightened even more and she was unable to do anything but groan.

She could feel the heat from his body, arousing hers from this treatment. She had always had a dark side to her. Always wanting a man to take her and use her in public, humiliate her while creating such intense pleasure for her that she becomes addicted to it. She hears his heavy footsteps walking behind her and feels his heaving breathing upon the side of her face. His breath was hot and light upon her skin sending desire slicing through her body. He did not speak as they moved down into the alley way. She was turned suddenly and pushed up against the wall of a building with her face to the side as she dropped her bags by her feet. He brought her hands around to her back locking her wrists in his hand.

She heard his belt buckle being opened and sliding from his pants and then felt it being placed on her wrists tying them together tightly.

He presses himself against her fully from her backside rubbing his body against hers as he moves the hair away from her neck, he blows lightly on it watching as her skin rises from that. He growls in his throat as he licks where he blew on her skin softly before growling again and biting down. She screamed as her body arched against the wall trembling from his kaçak iddaa bites.

The sensations she was feeling was making her very wet and her nipples to ache as they harden needing to be teased and played with. She instinctively moved her hips back feeling his erection pressed tightly against her ass. He presses into her groaning as he feels her ass against him. He tightens his hold onto her neck knowing he is going to leave bruises upon her pretty neck along with the bite mark. He removes his hand from her neck moving his hands down over her shoulders sliding down her back over her ass to the hem of her skirt. He raises it slowly to push it above her hips getting a glimpse of her firm and smooth ass. He growls low and long in his throat as he slides his hand between her legs to feel her wet heat on his palm as he cups her.

She moves against his hand moaning feeling his fingers dance lightly over her clit. She feels the wetness in his palm as he slides it over her wet lips opening her to him. He removes his hand quickly and unzips his pants, sliding his hand inside grabbing his hot hard throbbing cock and pulling it out. He strokes it slowly as he looks over her ass spreading her thighs with his knees to get between her legs. She moans and withers under his touch and whimpers when he moves away from her. He replaces his hand on her neck tightly as he thrusts up inside of her bringing out of them both a groan of pure pleasure. He thrust hard and deep growling kaçak bahis furiously at how it feels inside wrapped in her hot pussy that is clenching his cock tightly.

She screams from his cock sliding deep inside of her taking her as if she was his for the taking. She rocks with him to meet his thrusts moving faster and harder with him as his orgasm explodes deep inside of her. He throws his head back bellowing as his orgasm hits as intensely as her does causing him to become weak kneed and having to lay heavily along her back. He lays there while he gets his breathing under control. He pulls himself out of her turning her around quickly and wrapping his hand tightly on her neck as he moves her down to a kneeling position. He grins as he waits for her to clean him up. She looks up at him and still not able to see his face due to the darkness but able to see his glistening cock with their juices mixed together as he savagely shoves it into her mouth hitting the back of her throat.

He watches her gag trying to clean his cock with her mouth and tongue while he growls deeply then pulling his cock out of her mouth by tightening his hand on her neck pulling her up to stand. She looks into his face to find the bottom half covered up only showing his eyes and his forehead. She sees a pair of deep,rich,dark chocolate eyes that are very piercing in their stare. She shivers as he fixes her skirt and takes the belt from around her wrists. Smiling,as he places his cock back in his pants and re-zipping them then walking away from her without saying a word as she pulls herself together grabbing her bags and follows him out of the alley only to lose sight of him in the crowd.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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