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Sally And The Apartment Manager Ch. 02

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Big Tits

In the weeks following my nooner with Jody, he was more visible whenever I was outside my apartment than he had been since I first moved in. He made it a point to speak to me each time and was always very respectable. Never once did he give any indication of our intimacy.

I continued my established routine. I went to school at the same time each morning and returned each afternoon about the same time. (I usually reserved dating for the weekend.) As soon as I arrived home, I stripped off my school clothes and jumped in a nice hot shower – running that nice little razor comb trimmer I found while in college through my pubes to keep them short and smooth, shaving my legs and pits, washing my hair, etc. I then put on a fresh pair of panties and a loose T-shirt and began preparing my dinner.

One afternoon, just as I was stepping out of the shower, the doorbell rang. Without drying off, I slipped my T-shirt on and answered the door. My full, heavy, natural breasts were clearly outlined through the thin T-shirt material and because I had put it on while I was still wet, my nipples and areolas were clearly visible through the material.

Jody was at the door with a package that had been left at the office for me. When he saw me his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. esat escort I looked down and became aware for the first time that I was basically standing in front of him nude. I looked around to see that no one else had seen me and invited him in. My only thought was that he had already seen me naked so it was no big thing.

I offered him water or coffee, he chose water and he sat at my table, facing into the kitchen, while I got his water. In order to reach the water glasses in the kitchen cupboard, I went through my usual routine of putting my knee on the counter and raising myself up so I could reach the proper shelf. I forgot that I wasn’t wearing panties and really gave Jody an unintentional show. He obviously noticed, because within moments he was behind me supporting me with his hands around my waist. I turned around until I was sitting on the counter and he was standing between my legs. My T-shirt had ridden up and I was totally exposed from the waist down.

“Sally, you are really looking good.”

I slid the rest of the way down until I was standing on the floor. As I slid down I was pressed against the front of his pants and felt his hard cock pressing against my clit.

“Jody, you’re way ahead of me. You feel ready, but I am still etimesgut escort dry down there.”

As he took off his pants and underwear, I reached for a bottle of cooking oil on the counter near the stove, opened it, and poured a nice puddle into my hand. I coated his cock with oil, rubbed my vaginal area with my oily hand, and said, “Now we’re ready!”

He took me by the hand and we walked to the living room. He was ready to lower us to the floor when I said, “Let’s use the bed this time.”

I quickly pulled back the coverlet, I pulled off my T-shirt, and we lay together on the exposed sheets. By now my nipples were erect and my two inch wide areolas were crinkled with anticipation. I knew my vagina was lubricated and I could feel that I was beginning to produce my own juices to add to the oil.

Jody took his time and began by kissing me and caressing my breasts. His tongue swirled around my nipples and he sucked as much of my breast into his mouth as he could. He ran his hands all over my body until he found my vagina. He gently caressed my clitoris and began sliding first one finger, then two, then three fingers in and out of my love opening. I was spread as wide as I could get to give him full access.

“Jody, I’m ready. ankara escort Please put it in me now.”

He put a pillow under my butt to raise my vagina, moved into position and began sliding his erect, slippery cock between my vaginal lips, teasing my clit and sliding back down. I’m sure it was only moments, but it seemed like an eternity before he slid fully into me. I rose to meet him. Within moments we were synchronized. We were so slippery that there was no resistance and our bodies made a slapping sound as we came together. Because of the oil and my love juice, there was the slurp – slurp as we pulled apart and came together.

I hadn’t planned on ever having sex with Jody again, but we were fitting together like a well oiled machine and he felt so very good inside me as my orgasm began to build.

I was meeting him stroke for stroke even as he increased speed and intensity. The swelling of his cock just before he erupted inside me put me over the edge and we climaxed together.

I wrapped my legs around him to hold him close and inside me as I slowly came down from my sexual high and his cock slowly shrank until it finally just slid out of me.

We caressed and explored each other with our hands and mouths before heading into the shower where we made love again before dressing. Jody left to go home to his wife and I went out to the kitchen to fix my dinner on unsteady legs.

Sex with Jody was so comfortable. He had an average size, circumcised penis which slid into me so easily and he took good care of himself physically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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