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Samantha’s Extra Credit

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Samantha was not doing well in her History Seminar. The semester was drawing to a close and she would be lucky to get a passing grade. This professor didn’t help. He droned on and on in lectures, fascinated with some arcane point he was making about an obscure historical event. Samantha just wanted this class to be completed so she could concentrate on her Master’s thesis.

It wasn’t that her professor was stuffy. In fact there were rumors circulating that he was quite the catch for any red-blooded coed. Samantha could see why. He seemed to exude sexiness from every pore. He kept himself very fit and in the waning days of summer he wore shorts to class. Samantha daydreamed of what it would be like to be inside those shorts or running her hands threw his long hair down to that unusually large bulge he always seemed to have in his pants.

Samantha was in her third year of grad school at Virginia Tech. When she went away to school she had to say goodbye to her boyfriend who had gotten a scholarship to St. Johns. Her first years at grad school she kept in touch with him, writing him letters and calling on the phone. During breaks they would arrange to see each other.

However, when summer arrived her boyfriend broke the news to her that he had found another girlfriend there at St. Johns. Sam was devastated. All semester she seemed listless and the days seemed to drift by aimlessly. Her only consolation was her research and teasing the instructors at the university by wearing low cut and revealing tops.

All of this left her in a state of heightened libido. She dared not say anything to her roommate. The last thing she needed was to be introduced to a string of losers that her roommate thought would be a good match. So she had to make do with her fantasies about her cute instructors while masturbating.

Samantha was in a quandary about what to do. Should she just write this class off and hope for a more interesting professor next semester, or should she visit him during office hours and try to convince him to give her a second chance. She finally decided on the latter choice.

Recently, one of her recurring fantasies had been that her professor would catch her as she was sunbathing nude at Pandapas Pond. In her daydreams they spent the rest of the day making love to each other. She could almost feel the size of him as she took him into her mouth, his hands grasped firmly behind her head forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat until she was nearly gagging. Even then he wouldn’t stop. Using her practiced tongue she would coax a load of sweet cum from him. His massive tool would open her up and satisfy her even more than that of her ex boyfriend.

Samantha prepared for her visit with her professor. She chose a very tight sweater that fit her like a glove. It accentuated her well endowed breasts. She considered these to be her best asset. Finishing off her ensemble she chose a pair of skin tight jeans. If this failed to get his attention nothing would.

Underneath this she chose a lacy black sheer-bra that barely concealed her nipples. In fact, if you looked closely you would notice the edge of her deep rose colored areola. She wore a pair of her skimpiest panties. It just covered what needed to be covered, but even so, some of her honey blonde bush overflowed them. The back was a thong style and it left most of her white creamy cheeks exposed.

She arrived at his office a few minutes early, so she had to wait for him to arrive. Being near the end of the day, she saw that he had undone the top buttons of his shirt and had rolled up the long sleeves. He too, wore jeans and she saw that they were cut so that they followed the contours of his long legs and firm thighs.

As he unlocked his door, she stood right behind him, close enough to inhale the scent of his cologne–Fahrenheit. escort ataşehir He asked her to take a seat as they entered the office. She was surprised to see that he had a sofa rather than chairs. Samantha had heard how tight the budget had been, and she wondered how he managed to arrange to have a sofa.

Almost as if reading her thoughts, he responded. “Being the department head has is rewards.” Samantha wondered what other rewards he was availing himself of.

Her professor spoke first. “I’m glad you decided to visit. You’re in serious danger of failing this class. I’d hate to see you have to take it over again.” He explained how, with the final coming up in two weeks, there was not much time to salvage her grade. “In fact, you’d need a perfect final to pull a passing grade,” he explained.

Samantha felt her heart sink, she knew the situation was bad, but didn’t realize it was that bad. She was running out of options, so she decided to play her one and only trump card.

Stretching, so that the fabric of her sweater pulled tight against the cups of her bra, she pleaded with the professor for some kind of extra credit to give her a better shot on the final. He sat in thought for a few seconds, then a smile formed on his face and he said there was one extra credit project that would provide her a chance to bring up her grade.

Finally, her professor cleared his throat, bringing her mind back into focus. “What topics would you like to brush up on? Perhaps we could discuss the raping and pillaging of women that occurred in Europe during the many violent conquests that occurred during the years of the Religious Wars?”

As he said this, he sat down next to her on the sofa.

Samantha smiled, she could see where this was headed, and she was willing to follow his lead. She placed her hand on his knee and slowly began to move it upwards. The feeling of his taut muscular thigh was even more that she had imagined in her fantasies. She felt her pulse quicken.

He leaned closer to her, his blue eyes were now doing the talking. “I wonder what a beautiful woman like you would have done back then when large groups of angry and horny men came to town with nothing but lust on their minds.” he said. Samantha moved closer as well, and their lips met. Their mouths opened and Sam’s tongue greeted his tongue, flicking against it and feeling the warmth of it.

Her hands continued to move up the inside of his thighs, drawn upward by what she knew would be waiting for her. She wasn’t disappointed when she found a large bulge in the front of his jeans. She wrapped her fingers around it, feeling it throb.

Their lips parted long enough for the professor to announce that she could use his first name of Steve. Then he leaned into her again. His hands had found her breasts and they cupped them through her sweater. She shivered as he roughly grasped and groped them… causing her nipples to stiffen. His tongue was now darting below hers to flick at the underside, then curling up to tap the roof of her mouth. She melted into him, the fire inside of her growing.

Their almost tender and passionate embrace quickly dissipated: “I want you to get on your knees for me and suck my cock” he said with his commanding professorial voice. Samantha, feeling like she was being scolded, obeyed, and began to undo the snap at the top of his pants. When she pulled the fly of his jeans to the side she reached into his boxers. Her fingers couldn’t curl all the way around the huge pulsating shaft. She tugged him out into the open and gasped when she saw the size of him.

Samantha could only pause for a second to admire the dimensions of his tool before he grabbed the back of her neck and rammed his hardon into her open mouth. Steve took that opportunity to pull off her sweater. She felt him swell kadıköy escort bayan bigger when he got a good view of her bra encased breasts. He reached around behind her and undid the snaps then pulled it free. Her large breasts spilled out into his waiting hands.

She arched her back as he began to spread his fingers brushing the two stiff points of her nipples. His fingers pressed into her supple flesh as he began to tease her nipples. She felt him flicking them with the tip of his fingers. The he lightly pinched them so that she was tingling from excitement. She felt the juices begin to flow from her moistening pussy.

Samantha returned to Steve’s pulsing tool. She leaned down close to him and reached out with the tip of her tongue to trace the opening at its tip. She was excited as she began to probe the head with her tongue. Even more, she was excited to by sucking off someone who was her mentor and intellectual superior. She imagined him as her master making her do things she wouldn’t otherwise do. Everything inside her tingled as she relished the opportunity to be his submissive play thing. She dreamed that he was an evil bandit who was raping countless women in her small European village. She was already beginning to forget what she had really come her for. At this point it didn’t matter whether she passed the class or not as long as he didn’t stop thrusting his sweaty organ into her face.

Steve’s hips began to buck as her tongue frantically moved up and down his length. She flicked the tip of her tongue against the tip of Steve’s rod. A drop of liquid had formed at the tip and she returned to gather it with her tongue smacking it on her full red lips. It was sweater than her ex-boyfriends, and she lingered there until it was gone.

All at once he pulled his cock out of Samantha’s eager mouth. She thought maybe he was about to shoot his load all over her face but instead he instructed her to “get to your feet.” Steve then told Samantha to “unzip you jeans and pull them down to her knees.” She felt her heart race. She wasn’t sure what he was going to do next and to be honest she was beginning to become a little frightened by his tone of voice. As Samantha stood there in her mentor’s office with her pants at her ankles his fingers caressing her pussy lips through the material of her panties and it was driving her crazy. He was taking a long, long time, just moving slowly along the outer lips with his hands while his haunting blue eyes stared back into her face. She raised her hips trying to get him to go deeper but he was taking his time.

After what seemed like an eternity, Steve told her to stay there and not to move. She began to feel foolish standing in the middle of his office while he went for various items in his desk drawer. “Turn around” he called from behind his desk. Samantha, unsure of what was happening to her plan of seduction, obeyed. The next thing she felt were his big hands grasping hers and the feel of cold metal locks click, click, clicking. He had pulled her arms behind her back and had slipped a pair of handcuffs onto her. Samantha let out a gasp and a protest.

“Do you want to pass this course or not” was all he said as he pushed her pretty face down onto the sofa. Her blonde hair fell over her face, which was growing red with shame—or was it excitement? He then grabbed her jeans and freed her legs from their denim fetters. With her arms tight behind her back he moved around to Samantha’s front and slid her so that her big white breasts flopped over the armrest and her butt stuck up in the air. It was not comfortable.

Then she sensed him move behind her and felt the sharp blades of a scissors cut her new black thong panties. Samantha started to turn her head to look at what he was doing.

“Keep looking forward.” He commanded.

The escort bostancı next thing she felt—or rather smelled—were her soaked panties being tied across her eyes and nose. She couldn’t have been that scared she thought, perhaps prematurely, as she inhaled deeply of her own pungent spunk.

With her panties off he resumed lightly caressing her. With his tongue he flicked at the outer lips, thick and fleshy against his agile tongue. Then it began to descend between her cheeks so that the tip of his tongue touched her puffy inner lips. He traced the lips upward to where they joined at her clitoris. There he curled his tongue like a snake coiling to attack its prey. All at once he flung it against her clit enveloping it with his tongue.

Samantha let out a moan as her clit felt like it was on fire. They way he moved his tongue was simply amazing. He was reaching pleasure spots she herself had never found. Then he did something that drove her crazy with lust. She felt his tongue slide from her pussy along her perineum up to her virgin asshole. She had never had a rim job and was a little unsure about the sensations that it was causing her body. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, finding all of her new special places.

After a number of minutes of having his tongue dart in and out and around her rectum she felt a cool jell substance and then what felt like a plug being inserted into her butt. There she sat on her knees, her butt filled with an anal probe, her pussy dripping with juice and nearly helpless to do anything about it.

What happened next took her off guard. She began to hear the sound of a camera shutter clicking repeatedly. “My God, he was taking photographs of her as she kneeled on his sofa.” This was not what she had bargained for. “Smack” she felt his hand come down on her behind. “Smack” again, followed by the sound of the camera’s shutter.

Sam was beginning to reconsider her visit. “What would he do with those pictures?” “Would they end up at some place like Red Clouds or worse???”

She became a little more relaxed as she felt him move around to her head and re-insert his cock back into her mouth. She desperately wanted to please him. Samantha was now swirling her tongue all along the bottom of his shaft as she bobbed up and down on him. She could feel that he was getting close and he quickly moved behind her and slide into her waiting pussy. When it slid up into her she almost fainted from the pleasure. It was opening her up as the hot throbbing shaft slid inside. She could feel the head gliding along her walls as she thrust herself on him. He was reaching the very back of her vagina, something that she had never felt before. His pace began to quicken as she felt her orgasm approaching.

Her clit had descended down so that it was rubbing the base of Steve’s cock. Each stroke was sending her closer to the point of explosion. His movements were getting more ragged too. She knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Suddenly he exploded deep inside of her. Feeling the spurts of his hot seed splashing the walls was enough to send her over the edge. Samantha exploded with a loud moan as her muscles gripped his huge shaft, milking the cum out of him. Over and over she felt the contractions.

Steve’s cum continued to spurt as Samantha’s own orgasm seemed to go on for minutes. Finally she fell limp, spent. He then released her from the cuffs and blindfold. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Samantha didn’t care what grade she got in this class. In fact, if she had to repeat it, she wouldn’t mind. It would give her that many more opportunities to see her master and mentor.

This extra credit assignment was not the last that Samantha received. She changed her major to History so that she could continue to attend his classes. Under Steve’s guidance, she gained a new appreciation of History.

The funny thing was, Samantha didn’t pass the class. No loss, she was eager to take the course over the next semester. She could hardly wait for the first day of classes to resume—too bad she had to have a week of spring break.

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