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Sarah and David on a Saturday

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David could be such a childish ass and give her a headache sometimes when he didn’t want to hear what she was telling him and just kept yattering obscenities back at her in the heat of an argument. Or when he let Cynthia push his buttons until father and child were just screaming at each other because neither was getting their own way.

But right now his tongue was starting to drive her gloriously insane with pleasure as it slowly, gently made its way up one side and down the other of her spread, wet pussy lips and then danced all over her swollen clitoris. He was breathing fast too, and his every exhale let out a wave of cool air that tickled her skin right from her sex opening to her midriff. Her toes started twitching involuntarily and she could feel the blood rush all the way up to her chest; her nipples stiffening and rising; and goose bumps popping up on her areolas. The crevice between her breasts, which hadn’t sagged with motherhood thanks to Adriana persuading her to take out an employee gym membership and hit the fitness centre at lunch whenever she could, felt moist with sweat.

She sensed the first wave building. His thumbs had her splayed wide open to his world and the tip of his tongue was doing swirls on her clit; then it started to lick her, in long, slow strokes with just the right pressure. She squirmed and her sex pressed against the tip of his nose, making him moan unintelligibly while his tongue worked on her. It found its way into her entrance and probed, doing more long, slow swirls on the lubricated walls of her cunny.

Sarah felt him shift position and his tongue withdrew. She gasped relief and her chest stopped heaving, but only for an instant. Her breathing started getting more rapid and shallow again as two fingers found their way deep inside her and started exploring, searching for her elusive G-spot.

While David’s fingers roamed in her wetness, the tip of his tongue moved faster over her sex, darting here, there and everywhere, doing laps around her labia; then long, gentle, tantalizing strokes up and down the sensitive area between her sex and her derriere; and then pressing into her clitoris again. “Oh . . . oh,” she heard herself utter softly.

In pure reflex action, her palm started massaging circles in his thinning, peppered hair just at his bald spot while she pressed his head harder against her sex and trapped him with her raised thighs.

She tried to concentrate on a mental image of the surf making ripples in the sand at Cocoa Beach last July, but her head was racing and silently screaming with ecstasy.

She thrashed her head into the pillow and clenched the sheets desperately, twisting the starchy white cotton and pulling a corner towards her, trying not to come just yet.

David’s fingers were still tickling her, moving faster, up, down and all around her insides. She felt two more fingers and then his thumb enter her and then start to curl up into a fist. Where had he learned that, she thought. His whole hand twisted, turned, tantalized deep inside her. “Oh, God, David,” she muttered.

She felt her muscles start to spasm and contract around his fist and then the wave rushed ashore. Her hips started to heave and buck against the mattress and her toes twitched faster; then her whole body racked at once and her tongue began licking her dried-out lips. She could hear herself breathing as rapidly as a steam locomotive speeding down the track and trailing a cloud of pure, perfect white boiler smoke. And then suddenly she could see nothing but stars dancing before her closed eyes.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as her whole body continued to buck and quiver violently and uncontrollably, not wanting the orgasms to end; she finally began to come down off the high as David gently retreated his fist and slowly brought his tongue to a stop and planted soft kisses on her labia and clitoris, for a final taste of her.

Eventually her breathing slowed and her heart stopped pounding against her breast. Sarah released her grip on the bed sheet, and brushed escaped strands of flowing, flaming, thick red hair away from the corner of her mouth. When the wave of ecstasy had fully subsided, she opened her eyes and squinted as they adjusted to the soft glow of the room. She released her tight thigh-grip on his head and lowered her legs onto the rumpled sheets.

David looked up at her with his chin resting against her mound — the day of stubble was making her bare, shaven skin itch down there in her love triangle, but she didn’t care. She could smell the musky smell of her sex on his face, and it aroused her again.

The corners of his mouth turned up in that special, escort ataşehir loving smile he always had after eating her out.

“God you tasted and felt good,” David said. “There’s nothing I enjoy more in the world than going down on you. I thought you were going to break my nose there for a minute when you started to buck.”

Her whole body — deliciously chunky was how he had always described it — jiggled as they laughed together, and she clasped a hand over her eyes, feeling embarrassed at her own extreme pleasure. Then she reached out and ran her index finger down his long, angular cheek. “Thank you. That . . . was wonderful. I really needed that. It’s been too long.”

David shifted his head up and rested his cheek contentedly on the soft fleshy triangle between her wide hips. His breaths, deep and slow, were tickling her skin and giving her goose bumps but they were drying the sweaty dampness, and that felt good. She twirled a lock of tousled hair that had fallen over his brow, and smiled and him. They just lay together with their bodies locked in the sexual afterglow, and neither spoke. He still really does lust for me, she thought.

Life had gotten in the way of sex — of any kind of intimacy — between them lately. She was sure it had been at least three months since they’d been near each other. She’d lost count of the days and weeks. And that had been driving a wedge between them, she was sure they both knew.

She had to give him credit. He’d managed to fend for himself and get Cynthia off to grade three every morning, and to swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday evening for three weeks while she was in Europe touring the newly-acquired manufacturing plants in France and The Netherlands. She knew she was almost a stranger to him the morning David was standing there in the arrivals area at one a.m. holding a single carnation, after the plane landed late in the winter storm.

And then David had come down with bronchitis that took six weeks to clear up, and after that he was just gone early every morning on the long commute across the city to manage the busy design and production department at MHA. She knew they were in the midst of three new ad campaigns for major clients whose names she could never remember, and he often didn’t get home until ten or eleven, after leaving the house at seven-thirty.

And it was always a challenge for her to get Cynthia out of bed every morning in time to have a proper breakfast and catch the school bus for eight o’clock as well as get herself out the door and to the office on time.

Not to mention how they seemed to spend every evening since last September doing nothing but struggle with the child through homework that no eight-year-old should be doing night after night, and that seemed to accomplish nothing but eating up their precious-little quality family and couple time. It was making their daily existence torturous and exhausting.

The lack of intimacy and sex between them had just made her angry and want to jump him because her body was craving satisfaction and bonding. And she wanted him to jump her — desperately — but he wouldn’t, and she couldn’t bring herself to ask him why. Over the last few weeks, they’d touched less and less, barely kissed goodnight, and not even talked about it.

She knew she’d grown irritable and frustrated after sleeping alone in their king-size bed night after night. It made her pull away on the rare occasions in the last three months that David had made a feeble effort to reach out and hold her or kiss her on the cheek or run his hand over the derriere she thought was too wide and chunky while she moved about the kitchen at dinner time.

It annoyed her that he inevitably picked a moment to get the least bit sexual when she was busy throwing together anything that Cynthia could be persuaded to eat, and popping in microwavable dinners that had seemed to have become their own standard fare because it was too hard to think of what to cook for themselves. “I just didn’t want to disturb you,” David kept repeating the mornings after the many nights she could hear the door lock downstairs and the couch creak as he too crashed alone in the darkness of the house.

The feelings of abandonment, separation and loneliness made her cry herself to sleep; some nights alone in the darkness of their bedroom, she curled up her body under the covers and contemplated what it would be like to have a torrid sexual affair — with anyone — just to have somebody touch her and still want her at thirty-eight. Then, as sleep finally overtook her, she’d always feel guilty even thinking that way because she knew she loved kadıköy escort bayan David and had married him for life, and besides, what would it do to Cynthia?

And then, last Tuesday evening while they were waiting for Cynthia’s swimming lesson to end and were sitting at the pool side breathing in the god-awful smell of chlorine, he’d suddenly leaned over and said, “Sarah, I miss you. I’ve missed you so much. I need you. I need to touch you and hold you so tight. I feel like you don’t want to be with me anymore. I need to make love to you. I need to see that derriere of yours naked.” He’d always liked to tell her how much he loved her ass, especially when she wore tight denim that hugged the curves.

A sense of relief had instantly overwhelmed her, and that was when they made the pact to cash in some of the Airmiles points they’d been collecting for so long. “I’ve wanted you so bad I could take you right here, right now and I wouldn’t care who was watching,” she’d said.

Sarah took in a deep breath and sighed. David pulled himself up and away from her, resting on his haunches between her legs. She giggled when he blushed after realizing that his cock was already getting hard and was pointed at the stucco ceiling. “Let’s stay here a while longer,” she said.

Muffled voices in the corridor echoed through the door and then they were gone; from outside, the whine of traffic racing along the Interstate echoed through the glass; somewhere in the distance, a train blasted its whistle.

She reached for the bottle of K-Y “body massage” oil that they usually kept hidden in her dresser drawer, where an eight-year-old girl couldn’t find it and ask embarrassing questions. She always made sure it was at the bottom, covered by the deep-purple bra and high-cut panties that she had always enjoyed wearing for David because the look and feel of the Lycra cemented to the fleshy curves of her derriere and breasts had always aroused his sexual senses. They certainly hadn’t stayed on her long this morning after David had eyed her nipples jutting against the Lycra, Sarah thought.

Sarah flipped the bottle top open and let a rivulet of oil drizzle all the way down to his scrotum and drip onto the sheet. Then she squeezed her hand around his cock. It warmed in her oily, soft palm as she started to gently massage his entire sex to get him as hard as she could. He leaned back, grasping her ankles to give himself support and her better access. “Mmmm, you look glorious like that. I think your mistress wants you to stay shaved for her all the time,” Sarah teased playfully. “You just look so much more naked.”

“I told you I wanted to do nothing but pleasure you this weekend,” David said. “Now you know why I was taking so long in the shower.”

His whole sex, right from the entrance to his rear, to the inners of his thighs, to almost his belly button, was shaved smooth and his skin glistened and warmed to her touch as she slowly massaged the K-Y all over.

She could see his nipples rising and felt her own hardening again, too. She reached further under him and pressed the heel of her palm along his perineum, working oil into the sensitive area. Then she curled her index finger and did slow, gentle swirls on his skin where his perineum met the entrance to his taut derriere. She hesitated for a moment, then curled her oily forefinger and teased the furrow between his ass cheeks and the very surface of his rear opening. He shuddered and gripped her ankles tighter. But touching him there still made her uncomfortable. She knew he loved to be touched down there but couldn’t bring herself to venture further than she had. After a few moments, Sarah retreated and grasped his cock tightly with her whole hand once again.

David closed his eyes and started to breathe deeper with her strokes. He felt so hard in her hand. His cock was flushed and she could see the veins.

“Come. Come inside and make love to me.” She wriggled further into the middle of the bed and spread her legs again so the head of his cock could find her opening. They both moaned softly as she guided him in and then he gently, slowly went deep inside until his sweaty, shaven sex-skin was pressing hard against her whole mound and she could feel a bead of sweat trickling between their bodies.

“Oh, David, you feel so good,” she whispered softly in his ear as they started moving together in rhythm, and their sexes started slapping together. “Fuck me, David. I want to feel you come inside me. I love you so much.”

His body moved faster and faster, and she could see the beads of sweat building on his forehead. His arms were stiff and quivering; escort bostancı his hands made wrinkled dents in the sheets. His breathing grew louder and quicker, and his eyelids pressed shut. He was on the brink. She squeezed her thighs together to press tighter against his thrusts.

“Ahhhh,” David exclaimed suddenly as she felt the torrent of cum burst into her. She clenched her fingers into his back and wrapped her legs around him to hold him there for just a moment of passion longer. She was sensitive now, and let out a little gasp as David withdrew slowly and then pulled himself up to spoon against her.

Sarah felt the last remnants of his cum sticking to her skin as his penis pressed into the small of her back. She reached over for his arm and pressed David’s warm palm against her breast. She couldn’t remember the last time they’d just lay naked in bed all day together.

“I’m cold,” she said. “Hold me and keep me warm. Let’s stay here for another little while. It’s been too long and I’ve missed you so much.”

She pulled the sheet up to cover her legs; they were covered in goose bumps from both the pleasure and the chilliness of the room. David wriggled and pressed himself tighter against her. His penis felt semi-hard again and felt good wedged in the length of the furrow between her ass cheeks. Sarah squirmed and reached with her fingers, gently pulling her derriere apart so he could rest his cock deeper between the fleshy cheeks. He started to thrust gently back and forth along the furrow. The sensation made her wriggle her shoulders.

“Mmm, you’re insatiable,” Sarah teased.

“I can’t help it. You’re just sooo naked and your derriere feels sooo good. I’m feeling warm all over.”

“You mean hot and bothered.”

“No, not that . . . only that I could lay here all day and make love again and again, and eat you out until neither of us can stand it.”

“I thought we were just doing that . . . and besides, I haven’t gone down on you yet. I need to feel that luscious cock of yours between my lips and in my mouth. And maybe . . . Gawd Davie, I’m getting horny again just thinking about the taste of you.”

“Mmm. Good point.”

She smacked him playfully and wriggled her derriere again. They both just seemed to be slowly letting go, at last. Their “dirty weekend,” as Adriana had called it playfully on Thursday when Sarah had told her what their weekend plans were, was gradually taking them to new limits of intimacy and sexual exploration that until now, at this moment, she’d never desired and she thought perhaps neither of them had thought was possible with the other.

She wanted all of him now, right now, in every possible way, in every opening of her body that they could discover and rediscover together in twenty-four hours. We’re making up for lost time, she thought.

He was still teasing her rear furrow. “God, David, your cock feels so good there . . . I . . . I think I want to get on my knees for you, and let you take me from behind and feel you inside me there, too,” Sarah said softly. She brushed her hair away from her cheek, and with a slender forefinger, drew invisible figure eights on the back of his hand while his fingertips gently kneaded her breast. “Just be gentle and use lots of the K-Y.”

She started rocking her pelvis in unison with his arousing thrusts. “And I want . . . oh Davie don’t stop doing that, it feels sooo good . . . to let you come in my mouth when I go down on you. I’ve never done that for anyone, you know. You’ll be my first. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” “And,” she added, twirling her index finger playfully in the air as their pelvises moved more quickly in unison, “I might even do glorious things to you this weekend with this, too. I know you’d like that.”

He growled and his cock stiffened more in the crevice of her ass, while the hand that had been gently kneading her breast, squeezed the flesh. “Mmm,” Sarah uttered contentedly.

She glanced at the digital clock on the night stand. It was almost five, and they’d been in bed since coming back from a late breakfast at eleven and hanging the “do not disturb” sign on the door handle.

“Do you know we’ve been here for six hours? It’s been a wonderful afternoon. And we’re not leaving this bed until we have each other at least three more times and sixty-nine at least once and I don’t care if we’re up all night,” Sarah vowed. Because this weekend’s just for us. But let’s just cuddle and rest for a while first.” “The only place I’m going is inside you,” David answered. He kissed her earlobe.

Sarah closed her eyes, and felt his warm breath tickling her neck and his cock still massaging the channel of her ass as they drifted into sleep while their locked bodies still rocked slowly in sexual unison and the Saturday-afternoon sun shone through the curtains and made shadows that danced on the carpet of the hotel room floor.

–The End–

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