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Sarah’s Heart Ch. 01

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“… Yes… Um… I’ll call you when I’m in town, is that ok? … Ooh~ sounds like you’ll be making an effort just for us… I’m considering leaving right around seven next morning… It’s not THAT early… You’d be amazed how fast i am able to wake up and be fully aware if i have a purpose… I was going to leave that up to you, i’d figure you might know the hotels better than i could without me ever setting foot in that city… Ooh, wellll since you’re asking… I LOVE being on a high floor, i think it’s quite romantic as it reminds me of ferris wheels… Heheheh, agreed… Ok, I’m going to hang up now to begin my packing for our ‘rendezvous’ tomorrow ‘afternoon’ or ‘evening’… Hahah, love you too sweetie, I’ll tell you when I’m leaving in the morning… Love you, bye!”

Sarah hung up and fell back onto her bed. It was a rather tall but squeaky bed. Sarah preferred pinks, teals, tans, anything bright. Her walls were painted a nice pastel green, it gave her room a very tranquil feel and contrasted well against her dark wooden furniture.

Sarah was a rather quirky character, utterly unpredictable. That was one thing Aaron much so loved about her, her ability to change her own style and personality strengthened their romance, even despite they had never met face-to-face before. Sarah grew up in an averagely small town, in mid-south Missouri. Aaron lived in a large town/small city in north-eastern Texas. There was quite a considerable amount of distance between them, few times ultimately causing their relationship to suffer. Sarah’s quirkiness has saved the relationship more than once, and helping Sarah realize she’s a bit more independent than she thought.

Sarah raced her mind through a cycle of what tomorrow could bring, she was stressed. She still had to choose her outfit. Aaron wasn’t necessarily a hop and a skip away, so she couldn’t wear something too uncomfortable or that may affect her driving. She is known for having a weak focus on physical things, including breathing and eating.

Sarah decided that she would casino şirketleri wear an average yellow V-neck shirt and her favorite pair of navy blue jeggings. She was very self conscious and liked to dress petite. The shirt was a loose fitting shirt that was almost too thin. She had very few yellow bras that fit her properly anymore. Most of them being lace, as it was her favorite style of anything. She had one that was not lace, but it was a low-cut, Victoria’s Secret bra. Her breasts were a dainty B cup, but recently hit some boob-spurts (as she calls them) and grew to an uncomfortable border C/D cup. She often got looks of envy and amazement for how a very petite, 5’4″ girl could ever have such large, natural breasts. She got a well-padded bra in case her girls decided to shrink again on their own. She was terribly mistaken as she notices her chest become fuller and heavier by the week. Sarah got this bra about a month ago, and hasn’t worn it since. She had to try it on first.

Sarah slowly stripped from her tank top, hoping it would fit fine without showing too much. She dug through her underwear drawer to find the bra. It was under her old, B cup sized bras. She pulled it out slowly, making sure it didn’t catch onto anything and proceeded to hold it to the light above her. She slowly slid her arms under the straps, trying to get her big jugs into the low-cut forms. To her amazement, it was a bit loose. She then reached behind her back, looking into the mirror to hook her bra which took her almost no time. She rubbed her shoulder blades to feel her extra fat there had disappeared. She then struggled a bit around her perked breasts to tighten her straps. Sarah looked up into the mirror and took a good look at it. Looking in the mirror, Sarah saw two tiny bumps on her breasts and looked down to see her nipples were extremely hard and realized she was a bit horny, having impressive boulders that she knew Aaron would adore and massage.

Sarah unhooked her bra and let her boobs fall out of her Victoria’s Secret. She slid the bra off casino firmaları and grabbed her breasts and started massaging them in the mirror. She had to be slow, for her nipples were astonishingly sensitive. While rubbing her boobs, her hands slipped a little, causing her nipples to move aggressively against her fingers. Sarah unintentionally gasped a little at the pleasure that rippled through her. She continued to rub them a bit slower and more carefully. At this point, Sarah was really horny and could feel her panties getting wet. She slowly glides her hand down over her pussy through her leggings. Leggings always made Sarah feel sexy, as they form around her ass quite nicely. She slowly rubbed her leggings, feeling as they slowly collected moisture as well.

Her feet began to feel uncomfortable from standing in one spot for a while now. She decided to go lay down on the bed where it was more comfortable. When she reached the bed, she stopped to slide her leggings off. She slowly stepped out of them and then dropped her panties on the floor. She climbed onto the bed and reached under her nightstand for her box of toys. She picked her favorite one: a pink dildo with a vibrator inside. She turned the knob to adjust the setting of the vibration to high. She really liked vibrations overwhelming her with pleasure. She laid the violent, vibrating dildo on her clit, giving her waves of great sensation as she reached over for some vaseline. She always had some ready in her house.

She got some into her hand and placed her hand around it and began stroking it, imagining it was Aaron’s cock. She laid back and slowly pushed the dildo inside her, getting the tip in. She forced more into her as her vagina tightened around it, before she knew it, the whole thing was in her besides the knob on the bottom. Sarah held it there and let the vibrations run through her as she slowly relaxed her tension. She could almost feel it in her boobs thanks to her very petite size and oversized anatomies. She crossed her legs over the dildo to keep it in as she güvenilir casino got some tape. She slowly stuck the tape above her clit, and slowly put it tight over her dildo, forcing it into her womb a bit, and onto the bottom of her pussy. She slowly uncrossed her legs and began to spread them out, letting out a moan each time they moved an inch. Before Sarah knew it, her legs were almost completely sideways, and the sensations carried throughout her boobs and nipples strongly. Sarah at this point was nearly screaming as she touched her nipples with her fingers.

She gasped in harshly and held her breath as she pushed the dildo even deeper into her and touching her g-spot and vigorously rubbed her clit. Sarah moaned once, then screamed as the dildo was being forced out of her by her intense, uncontrollable orgasm as she shook like a baby throwing a fit and squirted perfectly over the bed and right into her Victoria’s Secret bra laying in the floor. She screamed until her pussy pushed out the dildo completely, which felt like forever for tiny Sarah. Her squirt died down to a small stream dripping out of her loosened pussy. She gradually began to calm down afterwards, still shaking and then feeling mini orgasms as she tried to move her shaky legs.

She knew she had to wait a little bit, so she decided to play with her hard nipples for now and thought of an idea to see how long she could keep herself horny tonight and tomorrow… Even around Aaron. She lightly squeezed and twisted her nipples for a little longer, and then decided to leave her stream of cum there. Sarah slowly slothed her way out of bed and walked over to see the damage her amazing uterus caused. She was very astonished her little petite body could ever manage such a thing. She saw the bra on the floor, soaked with her cum- just the inside. She picked it up carefully and looked at the front. None of it went through, which gave her an idea. She could wear this bra tonight and tomorrow without cleaning it. She could just imagine the wonderful, sticky liquid pressing against her gigantic boobs and soft ariolas and shifting around in her bra, rubbing her nipples. She could feel a pulse in her stream between her legs just thinking about it.

Sarah could not wait for what tomorrow could bring.

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