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Saturday Night Showcase Ch. 02: Starting the Job

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This is a follow up to Saturday Night Showcase; readers must be aware, there are multiple sex scenes in this story and the story is long.


It seemed that Saturday wouldn’t come fast enough and only two thoughts crossed my mind:

The Glory Hole and Mr. Stoneheart.

Every few minutes, the thoughts combined and I imagined worshipping his cock. Wordlessly expressing my gratitude for my new job, begging to feel his cum on my tits again and silently willing him to fuck me.

I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted anyone more than I wanted him right now.

There was something mysterious about him that made me want to get closer to him than any other man. Here I was, staring at the ceiling and all I could think about was him.

Thoughts flickered across my mind, his lips, his face, his cock and the way it twitched as my lips wrapped around his cockhead. He showed an impressive level of restraint, which shows experience. And just the way he forced his cock down my throat, yanking on my ponytail, Mmm. As my thoughts ran wild in my head, my nipples hardened, my hands were beneath the sheets, inching close, but not quite where they needed to be. I like to build up excitement, the anticipation is the best part.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I went straight for my pussy, attacking my clit with my left hand and teasing my hole with my right hand, circling my opening with a finger, dipping it in and reluctantly pulling it out. Slowly, I pushed my finger inside, moaning softly. This felt so good. I pressed on my clit, rubbing in circles and bucking my hips as I slid another finger into my pussy. Another flash, my tongue rolling over his tip, I started moving my fingers faster, curling them inside and pressing in harder on my clit. I felt the fastest orgasm I’ve ever had building and I forced myself to stop.

I leaned over to my special drawer in my nightstand, feeling around for my 7″ ribbed dildo. Panting, I closed the drawer and laid back, continuing the assault on my clit and opened my mouth, licking all of the bumps on my dildo. I slid it into my mouth, sucking on it deeply, feeling the tip of it poke the back of my throat each time I slid it in and out of my mouth. I pulled the dildo out of my mouth, gasping for air, as I pressed even harder on my clit and rubbed the, now slick, dildo across my nipples. I shivered, as the bumps and ridges rubbed against my stiff nipples. All I could think was, this feels so good. But good was an understatement, good had nothing on this feeling; another flash, him sucking on my cum-soaked fingers, this sent chills down my spine. He likes how I taste.

Between the teasing and the flashbacks, my body ached for release. I smeared my spit down my body, dragging the dildo closer to where I needed it the most. I stopped the clit attacks long enough to rub the ridges on the tip again my clit, moaning loudly and with no warning, swiftly brought it from my clit, plunging it straight into my pussy causing me to scream out with intense pleasure, I needed this. I started pumping it in and out of my pussy and put my fingers back, rubbing my clit in between my thumb and my forefinger, driving myself wild. I forced my dildo further into my pussy than I was used to, hitting my g-spot. Holy hell it felt beautiful. I pulled it almost all the way out and slammed it back in grinding it in. This time, feeling the pressure build even greater than before, I let it happen, furiously rubbing and pinching my clit while fucking my wet, sopping cunt, I came hard.

As I came down from my high, still squirting and soaking my bedsheets, I fell in to a sweet, blissful sleep. Leaving that dildo in my pussy.

I woke up hearing an unfamiliar ring.

My new work phone.

I had hoped that I didn’t sound as groggy as I felt.

“Hello, this is Janie,” I answered, faking my best I’M AWAKE! voice.

I heard a familiar gasp and a raspy whisper, “Oh, fuck.”

The recognition was clear, but it was obvious that I wasn’t supposed to hear that, so, I pretended not to.

“Hello?” I repeated, “Who is this?” Oh, I knew who it was.

In the midst of me stalling, he seemed to recover. “Hello, Janelle, this is Mr. Stoneheart.”

My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I was very aware of my wet, stuffed pussy.

I casually cleared my throat, “Mr. Stoneheart, hi.” And then I remembered, “How can I help you, sir?”

“I was calling to make sure you remember your shift tonight.”

My brain was screaming, HOW COULD I FORGET? But I had to keep my cool.

“Of course, sir.” I cheerfully replied.

I’m pretty sure I could feel his smile, “Good. At the bar at 6 o’ clock then.”

Uh…what? “Wait, sir. 6 o’ clock? My shift doesn’t start until 8.”

He just chuckled darkly then he composed himself, “I will see you at six. Understood?”

I nodded. And then I remembered he couldn’t see me, “Yes, sir.”

I knew the conversation was over, but I couldn’t bring myself to hang up first. Mr. Stoneheart sighed and then hung up.

I put the phone bostancı escort down and exhaled deeply. It was only 12:30 in the afternoon and I planned to get a few things down before tonight.

I reached down, reluctantly pulling the dildo from my pussy, licking it as clean as I could and then smiled; feeling more awake.

I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower to lukewarm; not cold, but I didn’t want the heat for any more excitement, I’m saving that for the bar. I cleaned myself and my dildo. Then I got out and dried my skin, wrapping my hair in a towel as I ventured into my closet.

Yes, I know, they can’t see me in the glory hole, but I still wanted to look good. I pulled out some sexy, black lingerie. The bra and thong were lined with lace and they came with fishnet, thigh-high stockings. The bra fit beautifully around my big, round tits and the thong fit snug in between my thick ass cheeks. This felt wonderful, I felt sexy, but I couldn’t go like this.

I browsed a selection of outfits and dresses until I finally stopped at a retro-style, form-fitting, white satin dress, with a sweetheart neckline, lined with black lace. Taking the dress of the hanger, I put it on, pulling the dress over my DD breasts and smoothening the dress over my small waist and thick ass. I grabbed my black pumps with the red soles and headed back into the bathroom to curl my hair, letting my hair cascade over my shoulders like a waterfall. I sat on the counter to do some minor make-up. Red-wine colored lipstick and black mascara. I blotted my lipstick and bat my eyelashes before turning out the light.

I headed back to my room, placing my dildo back into my drawer, grabbed my purse, schedule, work phone and personal cell and a few hair ties, knowing I’d want to put my hair up at some point during the night. On my way out of the house, I grabbed a light jacket, I didn’t think I’d need it in 70 degrees but, better safe than sorry. I checked the time. Only 3 o’clock. I got into my truck, my sweet Chevy Silverado, and drove to a nail salon, I got a mani-pedi in red wine colored polish to match my lipstick. It was beautiful and time seemed to be moving so slow, 4:30 pm. Maybe I was too excited for my first night, maybe if I didn’t want to do anymore the time would go by faster. All of the cocks, every possible flavor of cum. My thoughts were clouded as I got back into my truck. There’s only one other place I know I’d never want to leave. The drive felt eternal, as it always does. I pulled into a parking space next to a cozy and sensuous, massage and spa. 4:47 pm. I need to stop checking the time.

I sigh like I always do entering this place, suddenly I’m aware of all the tensions in my body. Tiana, the receptionist, looked cheery but bored and lit up as she saw me.

She squealed, “Thank you for calling Massage Jealousy, please hold.”

She removed her headset and squealed some more, excitingly skipping up to me.

“Oh my God, Janelle?!” I’m sorry, she practically ran to me. “What are you doing here? Your appointment isn’t for another two weeks.”

She was pressing her perfect perky C-cup tits into mine as we hugged, for a moment our nipples rub and harden against each other, I bit back a moan as she sighed in my ear.

“Yeah, I’ve got some time to kill, is Tony in?”

I adore Tiana. She’s 4’11” with these perfectly round tits and a tight ass. It’s a good thing she doesn’t massage me. She smirked. Did she see me checking her out again? Damn. I bit my lip, watching her as she walked back to her desk, she was swishing her hips a little more than usual. I don’t mind watching that fine ass jiggle.

“Let me check,” I could hear her typing, “He just finished with a client, I’ll let him know you’re here.” Tiana smiled.

And as I turned to take a seat, the door flung open.

“Miss Janelle,” Tony seemed to yell, “Why have you stayed away so long?” He chuckled. I was here last week.

“Oh Tony,” I giggled, “I could never stay away from you too long.” This joy is contagious.

He stepped back. “What can I do for you today?”

“I’ve got a long night planned.” I winked and his laugh boomed through the lobby.

“90 minute massage?” He looked almost hopeful, but I looked at my phone. 5:07 pm.

“I’d love to stay longer, but I only have about 30 minutes.”

He nodded and took my hand, leading me to the back. There’s always 4 doors, but I’ve only ever been in one. I laid on the massage table, I didn’t have time for a deep tissue massage.

“How are things, Tony?” I had to break the sad silence.

He sighed, “My girlfriend is good, my car works and my business is booming. No complaints.”

I released a moan, his hands really do work magic, “That feels so good.”

“How about you? Did you get that job?”

I laughed, do I tell this man everything?

“Yes, I did.” I smiled proudly, “I thought it would’ve been harder to get, but I guess not.”

He chuckled, here’s the Tony I know and love, “I’m sure you had the job before you ümraniye escort bayan walked into the room.”

I wondered if by some strange miracle, Tony was right. Almost like, I belonged in that Glory Hole. Or that I was meant to meet Mr. Stoneheart.

Some laughs and stories later, the timer went off. I felt relaxed and Tony looked pleased, so I was on my way.

“I’ll see you in two weeks,” I waved at Tony and winked at Tiana who looked like she just creamed her panties and I was driving to the bar. At about 5:40 pm, there was some mild traffic.

I pulled into a parking space at 5:55 pm and decided to go in. The bar was hopping, most were off of work, now. And Mr. Stoneheart was nowhere to be found.

“He’s in his office, dear!” The bartender shouted over the chatter and my heart skipped a beat as the entirety of blowing Mr. Stoneheart for the first time came rushing back to me.

I nodded to show my gratitude and walked to the back, passed the bathrooms and into the only quiet place in here, his office. I knocked twice.

“Come in!” he answered. And, quickly checking my phone, I walked into his office at exactly 6:00 pm.

He gasped, like on the phone, but this time, recovered quickly.

“Punctual. I knew there was something I liked about you.” He smirked at me.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, Mr. Stoneheart, that’s why you liked me. He gestured me to sit down and I did. He looked at me, with this familiar look in his eyes … lust. The look he gave me while I sucked his cock. My gaze fell lower, but his desk hid his pants.

“Janelle,” he cleared his throat, his eyes shamelessly roaming over my body.

“Sir.” I squirmed a bit under his gaze, it was thick and heavy, I could see he was amused.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Was he asking if I’d back out?

“Absolutely, sir.” I gave him a nod, affirming what was coming out of my mouth.

He got up and walked around his desk, sitting on the edge right in front of me. I was right, there was a huge bulge in his pants that I desperately wanted to take care of. He gasped, and I was biting his lip.

“Janelle, I wanted you to arrive early so that you can meet the show girls,” His voice was low, husky and filled with need.”

“The show girls?” I murmured, struggling to focus.

Why were we avoiding the cock, I mean, elephant in the room?

Mr. Stoneheart nodded, “Before we open your hole, the girls are supposed to get the men worked up, even the ones who didn’t intend on getting blown tonight.”

He stood, reaching out his hand, “Come.”

I took his hand. It was hot, almost setting mine on fire. I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were, only that they, too were in this mood. He guided me to a side door that led out of his office and into what looked like a dressing room.

“Girls,” he called out as we walked passed racks of exotic costumes, “this is Janelle.”

And just as we emerged from the seemingly endless racks of clothes, there were the girls. Glorious asses and round, perky tits everywhere.

“Janelle?” he smiled and gently squeezed my hand, “These are the girls.”

He didn’t introduce them. Then again, he didn’t need to. Their names were right above their mirrors. He smiled and walked around me, I couldn’t read his expression. Pride? Hope?

“Girls, she’s new. Play nice with her. And be aware, she has a shift in less than two hours.”

He kissed my temple and released my hand, walking back the way we came.

“You must be something special,” Nicole snorted, “He’s never warned us to play nice.”

Nicole was a looker, she had perky tits but they weren’t natural. She was built a little thicker, with long, wavy red hair that seemed to hold her C-cup breasts, she reminded me of a housewife in the ’50s. I’m sure anyone would deal with the extra pounds for that ass, it was massive and bounced lusciously as she walked.

“Or escorted anyone back here personally,” Arianne chimed in. Her tits were obviously natural, B, and had large erect nipples. And if you wished her tits were bigger, her gorgeous face made up for it.

“And he kissed you,” Linda rolled her eyes, “He’s never kissed any of us.”

She was fit, but didn’t have much besides her pretty face. The way her hair was cut successfully defined her facial features.

Diane eagerly skipped over to me, “Did he hand pick you, as well? Look at these tits.”

She grabbed and groped them and I squeezed my legs together.

“Not to mention this ass,” Molina smacked and squeezed both of my ass cheeks and I moaned softly.

Everything felt and looked so good but the true beauty of the room was clearly Raven. She took her time getting to me and the other girls moved out of her way. I stood still as she walked around me. Entirely out of my view, she stopped and pressed her big tits into my back as she squeezed mine.

“Ah, yes,” I whimpered, while her fingers skillfully twisted and rubbed my hardening nipples, she pressed up against me kartal escort harder as she rubbed her knee against my pussy.

“She’s drenched,” Raven leaned in, at first licking, then kissing and then biting my neck. I didn’t notice when she had replaced her knee with her hand, rubbing my pussy, her hands against my clit.

I moaned more and started really liking Raven. Or at least what she was doing to me. I opened my eyes to see that the other girls brought a toy to play with, and I was the new doll. Diane held a realistic dildo, Molina had anal beads, and Linda had a 12″ double-headed dildo; Arianne had a rabbit vibrator and Nicole brought a gag.

“Okay girls, you heard him,” I could almost feel the snide look on Raven’s face, “Play nice with her.”

The other girls nodded, looking hungry and thirsty; looked at me as if I was the source. I didn’t mind, my mouth was watering and my pussy was dripping. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Raven called the shots and everyone followed whatever she wanted, they were planning to make sure that I did, too.

“Arianne. She’s all yours.”

Arianne’s body made me smile. Her B-cup tits jiggled as she walked and she had a contagious pep in her step. She held the glittery pink vibe to my ear so that I could hear her turn it on. I shivered from the sound. Arianne stuck the vibrating tip onto my lips, at first, slowly pushing it in and pulling it out of my mouth. Then, as she visibly got excited, she started moving it faster and pushing it further to the back of my throat, I was drooling, spit falling on my tits. I felt her warm lips take as much of my tits as she could into her mouth.

“Oooooh, yeahhhh,” I could barely control the pitch of my voice, it felt so good. She took her fingers and pinched my clit and in one swift movement, she pushed two fingers deep into my pussy. I moaned deeply, holy shit this felt so good. Then a few pumps later, she took her fingers out and replaced it with the vibe and fucked me with it, while the ears massaged my clit. I was trying to keep it together but it was all so intense. Nicole eagerly put the gag in my mouth and secured it to the back of my head. I was still audible as I seemed to hump the air but outside of this room, no one could hear me. Linda, not wasting any time, lubed up the 12″ double-headed dildo and slid some into her pussy and forced the rest into my ass.

Oh, shit. I thought.

Linda gave my ass a few moments to adjust to the size and then clenched around her end of the dildo and started to pound my ass. I was screaming and drooling around the gag. Raven rolled over something and Linda lay back on it, pulling my ass with her, forcing the dildo deeper into my ass. I bounced my ass on Linda’s dildo. This position gave Arianne a better angle to thrust the vibe in harder and just as I was about to cum, Arianne stopped, pulled out and moved over to Diane, who was pounding herself with her realistic dildo, shoving the vibe into her mouth.

“Holy fuck, she tastes good!” Diane was impressed, it seemed. Arianne lay in front of Diane with her legs spread and her ass up.

Diane took the liberty of sliding beneath Arianne, licking and teasing Arianne’s pussy. Molina had been sucking on her anal beads, pulling them out bead by bead and bent Nicole over, sliding the smallest bead in first and slowly feeding the bigger ones in, playing with and licking her ass. Molina then slid under her and angled her pussy perfectly, until her clit was up against Nicole’s. The harder their pussies rubbed together, the faster the beads moved in and out of Nicole’s thick ass.

All the panting and moaning sounded so hot, in all the action, I was looking for Raven, who was wearing a harness and was in the process of securing a more stiff, curved doubled headed dildo, she shoved one side into her own pussy, through the harness and lubing the other side with her hands. She stood between my legs. She shoved the fattest dildo I have ever had into my pussy, riding me hard and deep with no intention of ever giving me a break. Her lubed hands grabbed my huge titties, using them as handlebars as she forced herself into me harder and faster. I was screaming out in both pain and pleasure, against the gag, and trying hard not to cum, feeling it building immensely. I was bucking my hips and moaning which in turn thoroughly fucked my ass and pussy at the same time. Raven was moaning, obviously feeling the intensity and Linda came beneath me, slowing her anal thrusts, but I didn’t slow down. I was so close. Raven slapped my tits and twisted my nipples.

“Give it to me, bitch!” And on bitch I came hard.

“Yes, bitch” she slapped my tits more and slammed into me harder (if that was even possible).

“Cum for me, you fucking whore,” at this point my pussy ached, my head was spinning and she was still pounding as furiously as she could, definitely more than any man had. Releasing my tits, she grabbed my hips and bit into my nipples.

“This is my pussy, bitch!” She screamed, biting my other tit while she came and the dildo shot spurts of cum into me, too.

Raven was panting hard and pulled out, everyone everywhere removed their toys and got up. Linda pulled out and rolled me over on my side. Mr. Stoneheart laid a blanket over me and kissed my head as I fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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