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Savannah Still Toy For Brother

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I thought the date tonight would go well, which it did for the most part. However the guy I was dating just won’t give in and have sex with me. When I got home I was just a little sexually frustrated to say the least.

As I walked in the living room I saw my brother Jeff who is 22 and on spring break was sitting on the couch with his stiff cock sticking out of his shorts, we have fucked a few times now that I turned eighteen. He was watching a porn movie and he was stroking his man hood like it’s been a while. I walked by and with a smile I winked at him thinking how I would like to be straddling that monster cock of his fucking my pussy raw only to have him coat it with his sticky sperm.

I went and changed my clothes leaving just my white panties on and putting on a satin green pajama top. I walked down stairs to find him with his cock back in his pants and he was now lying on the couch.

“Jeff, where’s mom and dad?”

He replied “they will be out late.”

Feeling a little excited about possibly getting fucked I asked him if he would let me lie down on the couch with him like we used to do. He didn’t hesitate and he grabbed a blanket covering us. I was enjoying feeling his arms around me, holding me close.

Much like I hoped, Jeff started to czech experiment porno trace my nipple through my shirt as he began to breathe heavily on my neck giving me goose bumps. I wiggled my hips back toward him trying to get closer. He began to stroke my breasts softly at first and then a little more firmly. I could feel my pussy beginning to get wetter with each touch of his hand.

I gasped as he began to kiss the side of my neck from the pleasure my body was starting to feel. Reaching back I found his cock bulging in its attempt to free itself from his shorts. I began to stroke his cock trying to wrap my fingers around its girth without much success. All I could think about was how I wanted him inside of me. He began to move his hips making his thick cock slide in and out of my hand.

I moaned out loud to him “Jeff, will you fuck me please?”

He didn’t waste any time as he guided his cock out of the front pocket of his shorts and right toward my yearning cunt.

I then felt the warmth of his cock begin to push against the opening of my soaking wet pussy. Despite not having had sex in a couple of weeks my body accepted his width without hesitation. I loved how his cock filled every inch of my pussy and knowing that czech first porno video this was my brother fucking me. Unlike when he first violated my body when it left me feeling disgusted, I now found how romantic and wonderful this had become. He could be my back up if I didn’t get fucked during a date.

I began to push back into him with every thrust and I was beginning to moan loudly when he said to be quiet and not to move. His cock was buried up against my cervix as I quickly asked what was going on.

He told me “mom and dad are in the other room.”

All I could think was shit, I’m not going to be able to cum and how do we get out of this without them knowing.

Dad walked in and sat down in the chair to watch television. Mom just said good night and she headed to bed. Dad looked over and asked what we were doing and I just said that we were relaxing like old times. It was a weird but kind of hot with dad sitting in the room and my brother’s cock inside my pussy.

During this whole time Jeff was rubbing my clit as he ever so slightly moved his hips. I was trying to bit my lip to keep from moaning as I felt my orgasm building deep within my body. I was hoping dad would just go to bed so I could get off. I began czech game porno to squeeze my pussy muscles against his cock trying to milk his baby makers into my pussy.

Every once and a while dad would smile when he looked at us and he would then go back to watching television, it was like he knew what we were doing.

I felt Jeff begin to slide two fingers inside of me as his cock was still pushing my pussy to its load limits.

Jeff whispered in my ear “I bet your pussy could handle two cocks Savannah. You should try it sometime.”

All I could think was yeah right, I have a difficult enough of a time with his monster penis.

Finally dad got up and headed for bed. I rolled Jeff over onto his back and began to violently fuck his dick for all I was worth. He began to moan as I could tell he was near filling my insides with his sperm.

Telling him to not cum yet you could hear our bodies slapping together. At this point I didn’t care if our parents found out; I just wanted to coat his dick with my pussy juices and feel his dick pulsing inside of my pussy.

I kept fucking him to the point my legs began to get so weak I couldn’t move when I felt all the blood in my body rush to my clit giving me the biggest orgasm I ever had. Just as I was finishing cumming Jeff released his load inside of my oven filling it up.

When he cock stopped bouncing against my cunt walls I quickly got off and smiled at him as I went to my bed room where I finger fucked myself with his cum for about an hour before falling asleep.

I can hardly wait until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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