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School Days Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of another story..


James had spent the past couple of weeks with Mackenzie but didn’t have any idea what her fetishes were. He decided he would snoop around since he already figured she had already done so while he was at work. She went for her morning run after they had morning sex, so he chose that time period to search. She had to have hid it, figuring she found his stash drawer. Luckily he knew not all his secrets were in one place. She wouldn’t find one piece of evidence that had been burned when he figured out what a nasty habit it was. He had his past but she didn’t need to know about everything he had done before her. He was starting to hate the idea of not having her in his bed at the end of the term.

He had thought of asking her to continue staying with him and for them to take the same classes but he didn’t want to ask without already knowing for sure she would say yes. He had that spare bedroom she could use if she wanted to but she had only stayed in his bed since she moved in. Then it occurred to him. She probably put her dirty secrets there.

He went to the kitchen grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the spare room. She would be gone at least another thirty minutes so he was sure he would find it and know before then what her fetishes were. James looked under the bed, in the drawers of the dresser, and the nightstand. She hid stuff real good but James wouldn’t give up until he found it.

James walked over to the closet and he was rewarded with a box marked Mac. James had only called her Mackenzie or some cliche nickname but he thought Mac fit her personality much better than something so formal. After the past couple of weeks he knew she wasn’t a typical girl. She sat and watched football, basketball, and baseball with him whenever it was on. She hated “chick drinks” that most females will only drink. Mac sounded guyish but yet if said just right sounded girly to him. He thought to himself he would call her Mac when she came home.

He cut the tape on the box and opened it and started pulling everything out. The items intrigued him but he couldn’t see Mackenzie ever using them. But then again maybe it was a side of her that she hid. He first found a photo album right on the top of the boxes content and slowly pulled it out to see what else there was. He set the album aside to go back to later on and went straight pendik escort towards what appeared to be silk scarfs, lube, and some items he wasn’t quite sure what they were for let alone what they were.

He decided to put them into his special drawer so he could use the objects later on when he wanted to. Once he returned to the spare room he picked up the photo album and decided he should open it. He had thought Mackenzie looked familiar that first day but he had pushed it aside because she was close to be a typical Italian beauty with those pretty blue eyes and the brunette hair going down her back. She almost could have been anyone but for that brief second she looked like someone he went to elementary school with but there was no way someone like her could have ever lived in a small town.

He looked down at a picture of her when she was a baby with a baby’s announcement right below it without bothering to read the announcement. He flipped the page and went on looking at the beauty that shared his bed. She really did look like that little girl who he used to know so well. Only problem really remained was her name was not Mackenzie, it was Isabella but with how abruptly Isabella had moved without a single word, so who really knew. One day she was here and the next she was gone.

He flipped to the next page and saw the picture that shocked him completely. He had seen her before. It no longer was a falsehood. She, Mac, was the girl he had dreamed of for so many nights to have in his bed and the past several weeks he had her there without knowing it. The picture was only one of 2 copies. He had the other copy between pages of a book called “A Sexy Time of It.”

Would he see her differently now? That’s when he heard the door close behind him. “What are you doing going through my stuff James?”

“Well Isabella or is it Mac or maybe it is Mackenzie, I wanted to redo this room and came across this box that had magically appeared in here and I didn’t know what was in it so I opened it and found this photo album. So would you explain why you have a picture of me and what appears to be you from elementary school? Or do I get to guess?”

“James I am sorry. I didn’t know that was you until I found your copy of the picture and I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Tell me now. I want to understand so please tell me now before I go out that door and not come back for as long as I could escort pendik get away with.”

“I left the day after the end of sixth grade and we were supposed to meet at the mall because you had something to ask me but my mom and I got in an accident. I was in the hospital for quite awhile and my mom died. I never went to the funeral and my dad wouldn’t take me. So I was in the hospital for almost three months and I didn’t have anyone so I got adopted by a family in Los Angeles. And now I am here.”

“So why didn’t you tell me, Izzy?”

“My name isn’t Izzy anymore, it’s Mac. You were one of the few friends I had and I had to leave without saying goodbye. It wasn’t easy for me,” Mac started stumbling on her words and instead shortened the distance between them and brought her lips to James’. “Forgive me.”

James didn’t answer with words. Instead he took her mouth like he owned it and smashed his lips against her halfway knocking her over. She fell over letting his body raise up over her as their bodies twisted together. James took her shirt off enough to reveal her breasts. His hand slid down to meet her other set of lips inside of her shorts. Mac let out a moan that sounded like a partial whimper.

James lifted Mac up into his arms to move rooms. Mac held her arms tightly around his neck. She suddenly felt a bed under her and then saw James down towards her feet pulling her shorts down and out of the way. Then he brought his face up to her center and started flicking his tongue over her clit. Mac let out a little sigh followed by a moan. Hearing her moan like that made James move his tongue down to enter her over and over again. “Oh James!!!!”

He stayed down there until he felt her cum all over his face. He slid his body up to kiss her so she could taste herself off of him. “Mm I taste good.”

“You don’t even know. I want you so much right now.” He finally had the real thing and was prepared to treat his queen as his real queen and not just a look a like. It was his Izzy, even if she didn’t go by that name anymore. He was in heaven by the event.

“James,” Mac said close to his ear. “Fuck me hard, please.” James went big eyed and went to work at pleasing his goddess. He slid into her soaking wet pussy. She felt so good against his cock. He stroked in and out of her slowly making her moan each time. He started picking up the pace. Mac lifted her hips up and matched James pendik escort bayan thrust for thrust. Mac continued moaning with every thrust almost like they had never done this before. It was like a whole new game for them to play.

James’ hands were exploring every inch of Mac as Mac’s hands did the same to him. He quickened his pace and slammed in balls deep into Mac. Mac let out a scream of his name which sent him and her over the edge and into their orgasms together. James rolled off to the side, slipping out of Mac. They laid their quietly until Mac got up and went in and got in the shower.

Mac washed herself off and was just finishing up when she noticed the entire time she was in there it appeared James had been watching her. This made her become very wet at the thought. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Mac I think the evidence if I enjoyed is quite obvious. Are you hungry?”

“Not quite. Why are you?”

James shook his head and walked towards the kitchen. Mac followed him but his long strides left her a little ways behind him. When she reached the kitchen she saw him over at the kitchen table. She noticed how he leaned back so relaxed against it.

“You know my table is pretty sturdy and a virgin. And well you look good enough to eat,” as he said those words he lifted her onto the table. “Now the table is set. Beautiful naked women is served!”

James took her right breast into his mouth tugging and sucking her a she moaned in pleasure. He switched to the other breast and slid his hand down between her legs and starts massaging her clit. Mac gasped for air while letting out some words. “Oh James!”

James knew when she let that out an orgasm from her could be soon achieved. So he picked up the pace on her clit and slid two of his fingers in and start finger fucking her. “OH OH OH JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!” With her outcry she went into an orgasm.

He removed his hands from her pussy and pulled her to the edge of the table. He ran his hard cock over her pussy lips. “Do you want it Mac? Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please James,” she begged. He pushed in making her gasp again. “Oh. Oh. Oh!” Mac was pleased at the feel of him sliding in and out over and over again. He picked the pace up ever so slightly each time he drove in to her. He quickened the pace more and more until both of them laid there spent.

“Mac, never keep a secret from me again.”

Mac just nodded and the fell asleep on the table together. In Mac’s dream world she dreamed of what she would do with him next. Maybe getting him to fuck her ass. She didn’t know what he would do but she knew she would enjoy.

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