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Scintillating Sunita

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My cousin Sunita is an extremely attractive and tall woman with a lissome body, glowing yellow skin, creamy tits, flat stomach, and a round and inviting ass. Naturally I was looking for an opportunity to mate with her.

The opportunity arrived one day. Sunita’s dad and mom left on a tour of Europe. After I found that out, I went to visit Sunita, when she was all alone at home. She had just returned from a shower. She was in a salwar-kameez and smelling nice, with her jet black hair flowing freely on her back.

I knew Sunita always liked a mental challenge. We have solved several crossword puzzles together and played word games. We also shared some other interests like watching Cricket, playing Tennis, etc. So, I invited her to a challenge. Each of us would ask the other questions, taking turns, and the person who is unable to answer the question correctly should remove a piece of clothing that he/she is wearing.

I also told Sunita that since she is a medical intern, we could choose human anatomy as the subject, without getting too technical. She loved the challenge, not knowing what I had in mind, and agreed with a laugh. We also agreed that the questions would be humorous and not technical.

Both of us were excited for different reasons!

The challenge began. I asked Sunita the first question, “What is the center of you?”

Looking at the way I pointed to her, she blushed and said, “My belly button…?” She wasn’t sure.

I said, “the center of YOU is the letter O.”

She burst out laughing and said “That was a good one!”

Now that she had to remove a piece of clothing, czech super models porno/ so I asked her to take her top off.

She said, “Well, I’ll remove my salwar” (the bottom).

The top was flowing through to her thighs, and gave her enough cover. Yet I enjoyed looking at her slim long legs.

Now it’s her turn. She asked, “What is common between a wall clock and a man?”

I replied, “Both have a pendulum.”

She said, “You naughty guy, both have hands is the right answer. Now take your top off.”

I removed my T-shirt, because I knew she had the hots for a hairy chest! She started gazing at my chest.

My turn. I asked, “What is common between Mahatma Gandhi and a bra?” and winked at her.

She was squirming in her seat and said, “Well … well … I don’t know!”

I provided the answer: “Their common aim was uplift of the downtrodden masses.”

Sunita’s cheeks turned red. She said, “Hey Ram, this is getting way too naughty. I can’t take my top off; I am not even wearing a bra today.”

I was all excited, and I said to her, “Hey, hey, rules are rules. You have to take your top off … in fact it’s all the better if you don’t have a bra on!”

She pinched my cheeks and proceeded to take her kameez off. Here they were – Sunita’s creamy mangoes in my full view. The mango boobs had nice brown kishmish nipples all awake and waiting to be sucked. Now Sunita had only her silky panties on, which was more like a g-string – so narrow and revealing. I could n’t keep my eyes (or hands) off her.

Sunita’s next czech tax porno question: “You men are so perverted. So let me give you this one. What is common between Viagra and the Disney World theme parks?” She was laughing.

Although I knew the answer, since I wanted to get laid, I replied, “Both provide entertainment.”

“Gotcha!” said Sunita, “the correct answer is, you wait for 45 minutes to get a two minute ride. There goes your bottom.”

I removed my shorts. Sunita started glancing furtively at my prick bursting uncontrollably in the underwear and giggled.

My question: “What is about six inches long, which, if you put in your mouth and shoved it back and forth, will produce a lot of cream/ foam?”

Sunita did not expect this. She said, “Oh my, my, this is really crossing the limit … it’s so blatantly sex-oriented. The answer is penis, right?”

I told her smilingly, “Suni, it’s you who is so perverted. The correct answer is toothbrush.”

Sunita said, “Oh, you really floored me …” and blushingly got out of her panties.

I said, “Not yet!”

That’s it! Looking at Sunita completely naked, I could n’t control my urges any more. I removed my undies. Sunita’s hands were caressing my hairy chest.

I kissed and licked her ear lobes and whispered into her ears, “Suni, you smell so nice. This is my first experience with you.”

With heavy breathing she said, which I could barely (pun unintended) hear, “Yes hon, let’s make it memorable.”

My lips circled her neck, under her arms, slid on to her knockers, and enveloped her defloration porno brown nipples. My hands were massaging her neck, shoulders and back. I slid down further to her navel, she felt tickled and aroused. Gently holding her hips, I tongued her clit. She felt a tingling all over her body. She bent and bit my ears, and was moaning. My dick was ramrod straight in full girth. Keeping my hands on her two ass-globes, I shoved my shlong into her and started pumping her.

Sunita was gasping for breath and kept exclaiming, ” shh…. aaww…. hawww… shh … oooh..woomf …..!”

After I burst into her a load of cum, I took my penis out and unloaded the balance on her flat stomach. She really loved that and kept spreading it like lotion on her skin.

Then, she got on top of me, and licked all over me, moaning all the time, “Oh baby, oh baby!”

She gave me head. It was a really nerve-racking experience to see my dick go in and out of her full red lips and mouth. Wonder where she learned about deep-throating …. oh man, it was tingling to me. She jiggled on top of my erect dick. My only job at that time was to lick her boobs as they lowered towards me each time. She showered my dick with her cum.

I turned Sunita around and made her kneel down with her lemon yellow ass facing up. I started humping her telling her stories about how the hump-back whales meet and mate in Hawaii from November till April. She enjoyed some knowledge-sharing even at the peak of our coupling!

Sunita and I reached heaven seven times during the course of that day. After that we have met and shared the same experience in many different ways.

Next time, I will tell you about Madura Massage, which is a vaginal massage. If you learn that trick, no woman you ever make love to will ever want to leave you! People who watched Seinfeld may remember an episode which covered part of that trick.

Stay tuned for more to cum soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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