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Secret Santa

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Jack watched as Theresa walks by. He smiles nervously at Theresa as she waves an acknowledgement at him as she passes by. Jack has been in lust-love with her ever since she interviewed here at the company. He practically tripped over several office workers trying to get a better view of her when she walked in for her interview. Stumbling away, he nearly impaled several of these same coworkers. That was a year ago. Here it is about a year later and he still finds himself all left feet and fumble-tongued around her. Jack had to laugh at himself, who would have ever thought he would find love and lust at first sight?


Jack works in the IT department and has had no problems talking and laughing with anyone from the executive assistants to Vice Presidents. He even does fine when speaking with the CEO of the company. For some reason that he cannot describe, he was unable to even stand properly without tripping over himself when trying to talk with Theresa.

Jack’s fellow IT workers always kid him about that. They tease him about his sudden drop in IQ and social graces around her. Whenever a call would come in for IT services at or around Theresa’s workstation, they would suddenly all be busy with other service requests. And when Jack would head off to service those request – you can hear the pack of them running after him to see the ‘show’ when Theresa is around.

Throughout all of Jack’s fumbling, Theresa has always been nice to him. She would patiently wait for him to finish his questions or comments — at times they would be frustratingly lengthy because of his nervousness.


Theresa is an executive assistant to a Vice President of the company. She sat on the seventh floor along the outer offices like several other executive assistants. Most of the other executive assistants were female with the exception of two. The female executive assistants share the office gossip but Jack found that Theresa rarely paid attention to the gossip.

Jack was different. He enjoyed listening to these office gossip sessions when he is around working on some computer. It was one of his ways in getting to know the others and to get closer to them in a sense. Jack knew from his conversations with the other executive assistants, when Theresa was not around, that Theresa is a very likeable person. She’s kind and patient. Although some of the others has noted a sly and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor about her – that made Jack like her even more.

Jack is trying to be sensible about the whole thing. He may only be seeing Theresa in the physical sense and that may be why he finds himself in lust with her. He may even think he is in love with her. But he did not know anything about her. He did not know about her personality and mind. Jack knew from conversations with his ‘coupled’ friends that physicality might sustain a relationship but only for so long. They all told him that you need to be compatible in other ways.


Theresa glances at her watch as she moves swiftly from the elevator towards her desk. Mr. Thomson, her boss, is expecting the reports for the meeting later this afternoon. Sighing to herself, Theresa moves a little faster. She went to four different stores to look for the piece of software that her nephew just ‘had to have’. There was very little that Theresa didn’t like. It just so happens that shopping for the ‘in’ thing is one thing she didn’t like. But, she was doing it because her nephew had called her up and asked her for it. Theresa would do anything for her nephew.

As she rounds the corner while heading towards her office, she saw Jack. She waves to him and saw him half stand. She keeps her eyes on him, mentally reminding herself to talk with Jack about the software. Maybe he would have an idea of where to get it. Theresa smiles to herself as she passes by Jack. She likes Jack. He’s always been nice, although oddly clumsy at times.

Theresa has heard from the other executive assistants about Jack. They all thought he was funny and helpful. Theresa realized that Jack was labeled as that guy that the girls would go to if they needed something in a hurry and did not want to go through normal procedures. It happens more often that not those IT personnel are asked to do that one thing because someone needs something right away. At times, Theresa had wondered why she has not heard rumors of the girl Jack was dating.

Theresa stops at her desk to pick up the reports. She glances back to where she saw Jack. She sees that he was still looking her way. She took a closer look and realizes that Jack wasn’t exactly bad. Bad meaning that while Jack isn’t superstar or fantasy prince like in the looks department. He is not bad to look at. Theresa knows he’s smart and patient from the conversations she’s had with him. She also knows first hand how kind he is. Especially, with the way he helped her after her break-up with Robert a few weeks ago.

She shrugs to herself and turns to walk to Mr. Thomson’s office. She knocks once and reaches down tuzla escort to open the door and walks in.


Jack was crushed about five months ago when Susan told him that Theresa had met someone. Susan is another executive assistant that seemed closer to Theresa than any of the others in the area. Susan also knows about the crush that Jack has on Theresa. Susan is not the shy type. She is more of a straightforward type of person. Susan had confronted Jack one day after about the first month of Theresa working at the company. Jack admitted it to Susan and begged her not to say anything. Susan, for a price, had agreed.

Jack was less than his normal jovial and joking self the first couple of weeks after Susan had told him about Theresa’s new relationship. Jack found those weeks torturous. His coworkers tried to make him feel better but nothing they did worked.

Of course, things slowly went back to normal with Jack resigning himself to the fact that Theresa is a social person and a pretty one at that. Not to mention the fact that he had never ‘did’ anything to let her know he was interested in her.

So after Theresa was about two months into her relationship, Jack was able to talk with her with some more ease. She was so excited to be able to talk with him about Robert. As painful as it was, he asked about her relationship and Theresa would give the usual ‘he is fine’ reply and told him excitedly what they did that weekend or evening. Other than those simple questions, Jack did not ask for more. He did find out other things about her. Theresa tends to enjoy the latest top charters as far as music was concerned. She also enjoyed rock, jazz and classical music. He found out what kind of movies and food she enjoyed. All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

A month ago, Susan had pulled Jack aside to let him know that Theresa had broken up with her boyfriend Robert. Jack was on ecstatic. Of course he was upset for Theresa being upset – but she is single again!

“You should talk with her.”

“About what?” Jack asks Susan.

“Ask how she is doing. She’ll tell you. I’ve told you that she thinks you’re a nice guy. She sees you as someone who is willing to listen to her. Well, after you listen to her – you can comfort her. Be nice to her. You know, ease your way in. You’re already an office friend to her. Work on being a friend outside of here.” Susan replies, smiling encouragingly at Jack.

“I don’t know..” Jack hesitates.

Susan sighs and shrugs, “Well, it is up to you. Here is a big chance.”

“Thanks Susan. Let me think about it.”

Susan shakes a finger at him, “Don’t take too long.”

They left it at that. Jack went back to his cubicle to go over some email. He saw that he had a new service request. The request was to check out why Theresa’s computer keeps crashing. Taking it as a sign, he phones up Theresa’s desk. Jack was both relieved and disappointed that Theresa’s voice mail picked up. He left a message letting her know that he would be up in about ten minutes to take a look at her computer. Chuckling to himself at ‘the sign’, he wondered what this particular sign meant. Sighing to himself, he went about gathering his CDs and notepad. He headed up to Theresa’s office.

Jack had been going over Theresa’s computer for about fifteen minutes when Theresa walks in.

Glancing up at Theresa, Jack smiles quickly. He then quickly turns his attention back towards the computer, Jack said, “Hi Theresa. I hope you don’t mind. I got the service request and you weren’t at your desk. I thought I would have finished before you got back.”

“I.. It’s alright Jack.” Theresa says in a shaky voice.

Noticing the difference in her voice, Jack looks up at Theresa. He sees that she had been crying. Jack got up immediately to walk over to her.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“It’s nothing, Jack.” Theresa says.

“Are you sure? You look like you’ve got a little more than something in your eye.”

“I’m sure.” She says and sits down in the spare chair by the desk.

Jack stood there, tentatively for a second. Since Theresa wasn’t saying anything, he walks back to her computer.

After a moment of silence, Jack looks up from his work and sees Theresa’s hands covering her face. She is trying hard at being quiet but with the way her shoulders are shaking, it was obvious that she was crying. He thought furiously. He is not sure what to say to her.

Trying not to let on that he knows the entire story, he decides to be a little ‘cool’ about it.

“You know, Theresa. Whenever I have something in my eyes and I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I try to imagine my boss dressed in a ballerina outfit trying to sing a top charting single.” Jack says as he glances at Theresa.

Sniffling and wiping her tears away, Theresa asks, “Does it work?”

Jack nods. He got up from behind the desk once more and grabs a couple of tissues from the box. He walks over to Theresa and kneels down beside her. He hands her the tissue.

Theresa tuzla escort bayan took the tissue but did not use it. Jack smiles up at her and takes the tissue back from her. He reaches up with the tissue over his forefinger and starts to dab lightly at the tear trail on her lovely cheeks.

“Yep. Why don’t you try it? Imagine Mr. Thomson. He’s in a tight pink ballerina outfit. Those fancy ballerina shoes all laced up to his knees. A pink uniform with the frilly lace skirt around his waist and everything. Now think of him trying to sing, in his best feminine voice, oh I don’t know…” He pauses trying to think and says, “Madonna’s song — Like A Virgin.”

Theresa could not help but crack a smile.

“So do you think it might work?”

Theresa chokes back her next sob and smiles a little more at Jack. Theresa leans forward to kiss Jack on his cheek.

Jack wasn’t sure what she said next. He was so happy. Jack blushes and mumbles to Theresa that he had to finish working because he had another urgent request after her computer.

Jack had just finished working on Theresa’s computer when he hears Theresa make a noise. He looks up at Theresa, fearing that she is about to cry again. He sees her with her hand in front of her mouth looking out of her office.

Curious, Jack walks around the desk and leans over to look out the door. He saw Mr. Thomson walking down the hall towards the elevator whistling to himself.

“What do you think? ‘Like A Virgin’ or do you think he’s a modern day pop music fan, like a Christina Aguilera fan? Maybe he’s singing ‘What a girl wants’?” He finishes asking as he glances at Theresa.

Theresa could not help but laugh. Theresa imagined good old Mr. Thomson dressed in that ridiculous ballerina outfit flitting across the hallway towards the elevator singing and even shyly acting out the song ‘Like A Virgin’ the way Madonna does it in her video.

“There.” Jack announces, “I think it does work.”

Jack lightly tapped Theresa’s arm. Theresa looks up at Jack winking at her.

“Oh Jack. Thank you.” Theresa said and reached out to hug Jack.

Jack did not move. He could not. He was in heaven. He could feel the warmth of her body. He took in the light scent of her perfume. He was instantly aroused. All he wanted to do was turn his head slightly and kiss her. Kiss her as he dreams of kissing her at night when he thinks about her.

Theresa let go and apologized. She told him about her break up with Robert. While he didn’t want to hear about it, he was still paralyzed by the hug. He listened to her and at the end he told her how sorry he was. He, in a thrust of sudden courage, asked Theresa if she would like to go for a coffee or something to talk about it some more. She had said that she was tired from everything and apologized again but thanked him for the thought.

On his way back to his cubicle, Jack berated himself for that stupid move.

Jack picked up the phone as it rang.

“It Support. Jack speaking.” He answers.

“You did good, Jack.” Susan says.

“Susan. Hi. What do you mean?” Jack asks. He was surprised that Susan called.

“She said you tried to cheer her up.”

“Yeah, but I did something stupid too.” Jack says.

“She didn’t say anything about that. What did you do?”

“I asked if she wanted to go for a coffee or something. I think she thought I was trying to pick her up or something. Kind of a bad thing to do eh? Especially since she just broke up with someone.” Jack says with a sigh.

“Well, it is but she didn’t mention it. Maybe she thought it was just a nice gesture.”

“I hope so.”

“I need to go. Time to pack up. Talk with you tomorrow.” Susan says.

“See ya tomorrow Susan. Thanks for the call.”

“No problem. You did something nice for her. She’ll remember.”

With that, Susan hung up.

Jack did believe he did a nice thing but that last part where he asked her out for coffee ruined the whole thing. Shrugging in frustration, Jack walked into the workroom to do some work in there.

A few minutes later, Jack heard a knock. He turned around to find Theresa standing there with her coat on.

“Hi!” Jack said and stood up quickly.

“Hi Jack. I just wanted to thank you again for cheering me up.”

Jack did not know what to say. He stood there silently, blushing and quickly getting aroused again.

Theresa reaches over and hugs him. It was only for a few seconds, but Jack relished it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He inhaled her scent and his concentration is then broken when she kisses his cheek. The feeling to Jack was almost electrical. It went straight from his cheek to several parts of his body. It blanked out his mind. It caused his heart to beat faster.

Realizing what was going to happen if he stood there any longer with her hugging him. He quickly lifted his hands to her arms. He gently pulled away and smiled nervously at Theresa.

“Well, I better get going. Again Jack. Thank you.” Theresa says. She turns around escort tuzla to walk out.

Jack stood there for another minute or so. His body is tingly all over while his arousal is fairly evident to anyone walking in at the moment. He took a deep breath and turned back to the worktable. He sat down to finish up his work. Throughout, he could think of nothing but her body pressed against him. Her scent fills his nose and wraps around his mind. Her voice whispers to him and thanking him.

That evening, Jack went home and imagined Theresa’s lips and arms around him. His imagination brought him to fantasize about other things. Such as how her lips would kiss him. Then he would imagine how her lips would kiss him all over. And eventually, he imagined how her soft lips would carefully kiss and suck on his cock. He could almost feel her soft touch all over him. He would imagine himself touching her. Kissing her back. Jack imagined all that and how he would return the kiss. How he would touch her and kiss her where she wanted to be kissed. He could almost hear her ask him to kiss her, to lick her in certain places. It was the most intense orgasms he has had in his life. After he was done, he went to sleep.

In his sleep, he dreamt about Theresa. About how she touched him and how he wanted her to kiss him. He woke up sweating and in need of changing his briefs.


Theresa enjoys working where she works. There is a particular coffee shop just a block away from the office. In the mornings, she would go there to pick up her breakfast. Her choice of breakfast consisted of coffee and a blueberry muffin. About four months into her new job and during her regular visits to the coffee shop, she noticed someone. His name is Robert. He is a fairly good-looking man who always smiles at her as she left the shop. Two months after noticing Robert, he had started to talk with her. Oh it wasn’t anything special but it was nice conversation when waiting for her order. They got to know each other in those two months. Theresa was not exactly looking for anyone so it was a surprise that Robert had asked her out for that evening.

She had gone back to the office and told Susan right off. Theresa was nervous. She was not prepared. She did not even know what to wear. It has been a while since she dated, at least two months.

“What am I going to do?” Theresa asks.

“What do you mean? On your date?” Susan, in turn, asks.

“Yes. What should I wear? I don’t even know how to dress for a date anymore.” Theresa chuckles as she asks.

“Well, what are you going to be doing?”

“He said dinner.”

“Do you know where? What kind of restaurant?” Susan glances at Theresa.

“No. Oh I’m so stupid not to ask that.”

“No no, it’s not a problem. Just wear something nice. Not too fancy.” Susan smiles at Theresa.

“I don’t know if I have anything to wear.” Theresa sighs.

“Well, you have a nice dress don’t you? Like something for an office dinner party?”

“I think I do. I have a black dress with a ‘V’ neckline. The dress comes down to my knees.”

“Well, let me ask you this. Do you plan on anything happening after dinner?”

Theresa laughs. She is a bit surprised but says, “It’s going to be the first date!”

Susan shrugs and replies, “Well, some women do not care. I know I don’t when I’m in the mood.”

Theresa smiles and looks at Susan, saying, “It is not something I do, Susan.”

Susan nods and gets up.

“Well, if you think you need to pick up something to wear. Let me know. I know this nice shop nearby we can go to at lunch.” Susan says as she walks out of Theresa’s office.

“Thanks! I’ll let you know.”

The dinner was good. Robert was a gentleman that evening. He said and did everything right. He opened doors for her. He paid for dinner. He walked her home. Theresa thoroughly enjoyed her date with Robert. So it was not surprising that she found herself saying yes again when Robert asked her if he could take her out again that weekend.

That weekend, they went to a movie and dinner. Theresa again had a good time. At the end of the date, Theresa had found herself kissing Robert. She did not initiate the kiss but she had not minded it. She enjoyed that too but had to stop it when Robert became a bit more passionate. In their kiss, Theresa felt Robert’s arousal and pulled away. Robert did not say anything but smiled charmingly at her and asked about another date. And of course Theresa said yes again.

It wasn’t until their next date that Theresa allowed more than kissing to occur. Admittedly, Theresa has not had any intimate physical contact with anyone in a while and Robert’s kiss and the unintentional discovery of Robert’s arousal caused the flame of passion to spark in her. They enjoyed a nice evening out and came back to her place to watch some videos. By the end of the movie, they were kissing. Theresa found herself more inclined to it that evening so the kissing went into groping. They got to the point where Theresa was on the verge of losing control. She put a stop to it, not wanting to go further. Theresa could see the disappointment on Robert’s face. But again he was nice about it. So again, Theresa had agreed to another date.

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