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Secrets of a Nineteen Year Old

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Everyone in this story is over 18 years of age.

She knew it was risky.

She knew there was a chance she might get caught.

It wasn’t going to stop her.

She justified it by thinking that she wasn’t hurting anyone and she would be careful.

But she couldn’t stop thinking about it, she got excited and very wet each time she thought about ways she might actually be able to try it.

What was so weird, she had never even thought about trying it until that night recently when she accidentally discovered it on that porn site.

It had been late, her parents were asleep, and she had been studying for hours. She happened to google on her laptop about “sexy things a person could do alone.”

She had scrolled through numerous topics before finding, “Driving naked.”

She watched a couple of videos and immediately thought it was really hot.

She had been brought up and continued to live in a very strict household, her parents would freak out, if they knew what she was looking at, “probably send me to a convent,” she laughed.

She got up and locked her door, taking a moment to strip off her jeans, plain white cotton panties, her socks, her t-shirt and plain bra. Then she stood looking at herself naked in front of her mirror thinking about her experience with sex or her lack of and the desires that she had.

At almost 20 years old, she wasn’t a virgin, which would have killed her parents, had they known. Years ago, her mother had put her on “the pill” to control her period and she had been told not to tell her father, one of the few times her mother had done something that her father didn’t know about.

It wasn’t that her mother was liberal minded, not one bit, her mother had threatened her several times about the fact the pill was only to regulate her periods, it wasn’t a license to indulge in sex. Her parents were prudes, they tried to control every waking moment of her life, and she was starting to rebel against them, especially at night.

Although, legally she was an adult, that did not hold much weight in their house, so she learned about sex via the internet, and she learned a lot.

Her parents were in bed most nights before 10 pm, leaving her time to learn about various erotica sites, porn channels, and as a result she was likely more sexually aware and active than most young women her age, except she was usually alone.

Surprisingly though, they had let her date after she turned eighteen, although boys from their church. Of course, hormones being hormones one night after the movies her boyfriend and her fumbled in the backseat of his car, one thing led to another and they had sex.

She wouldn’t have called it making love because it had not been for love and in fact, she would barely call it sex, although he did cum inside her. It wasn’t exactly memorable and he didn’t seem to have been particularly interested in her getting anything from it.

It was disappointing and given her limited choices, not something she wanted to try again anytime soon. They broke up shortly afterwards.

She had a much better time with her girlfriend Mary.

Mary came from a very similar background to her, although several months older than her, Mary was even more inexperienced, her parents would not even allow the internet into their home and as a result she became Mary’s resource for all things sexual.

Plus, Mary had been her friend since kindergarten, they did everything together, they went on vacations with each others family, they had sleep overs, and shared everything.

One night, shortly after her tryst with her boyfriend, Mary and her had gotten a little silly and they were wrestling and one thing led to another and somehow, they had kissed each other.

As kisses go, the first one was more like a brother/sister kiss or a sister/sister kiss and not much better than when she was with her ex-boyfriend. Still, they were smart girls and it didn’t take them long to make the kisses longer, to get tongues involved, and start breathing very heavily.

That first session was limited to kissing; however, the following weekend, Mary’s parents were away and they let her stay over, in their most horrible of nightmares about their daughters, neither Mary’s parents or her parents could possibly imagine their daughters exploring girl on girl sex.

Which is exactly was they did after supper that night. She didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian, she and Mary were just friends, although she had to admit, her nightly masturbating sessions usually involved Mary or her Aunt Jenny as the subject of her teenage fantasies.

Sharing the story of her first attempt at normal sex as they laid in Mary’s bed, Mary had listened fascinated and was disappointed for her that it hadn’t been very satisfying.

In one of those quiet moments that can change your life, Mary had asked her, “What would have made it better?”

She explained they had started off okay, they kissed and hugged at the beginning, she had tried to get him to French kiss bahis firmaları her, she laughed that their first kissing session was better than what she experienced with him. She said it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t as experienced as he had led her to believe.

She said she loved the idea of kissing open mouthed, of lips moving together, tongues penetrating each others lips and mouths, and she had thought about it a lot, even reading the WikiHow page over and over, and practicing it in her mind. Mary smiled and said their other sleepover last weekend, was pretty awesome and said she liked French kissing too.

As she explained more, Mary started to squirm a little as she got excited. Mary had never really kissed anyone other than her, previously Mary’s experience had been limited to quick pecks on the cheeks.

She explained that it would have been so much better if he had held her head while they kissed, had used his hands and fingers to caress her body. She would have liked it, if he had attempted as they kissed, to undo her blouse and play with her boobs, she had nice 34B’s and they were very sensitive.

Wikihow and the incognito pages in her computer had taught her a lot, but it wasn’t the same as actually doing it; Mary was the only person she knew that she could tell about what she had wished he had done to her.

As she told Mary these things, she hadn’t realized at first that she was touching herself as she spoke, acting out the parts she wished her boyfriend had done. She noticed Mary’s eyes were huge as she rubbed her breasts through the thin fabric of her short nightie and now aware that Mary was watching, she started to act out the roles on purpose.

“And then what did you want him to do?” Mary asked anxiously.

She continued describing how she had wanted him to touch her breasts, to use his fingertips to gently make little circles on her skin, to take his fingers and thumbs and squeeze her nipples, to pinch and pull on them, alternating between being rough and being gentle. She noticed Mary’s breathing increasing and her own heartbeat becoming was becoming more rapid.

What she didn’t tell Mary, at least not that first time, was that this is what she did to herself many nights when her parents were asleep and her door was closed; this and thoughts about so much more. Those porn sites were so helpful, she smiled inwardly.

Mary watched her pinching and pulling on her nipples, she noticed them engorge with blood and grow to almost twice the size that they were and to the point where both nubs were very pronounced and making very obvious bumps in her nightie.

Next, she talked about wanting his hands to move down her flat tummy and then to place his hand over her pussy, using his fingers to trace the outline of her pussy in the front of her panties. Her own breathing was much more rapid now and a tiny moan escaped her lips as she continued to act out the parts for Mary.

Then she turned to Mary and said, “Would you like to know what I wanted him to do after that?”

Mary was flushed and little beads of sweat were forming on her forehead, and her chest above her nightie neckline was bright red, “Yes, Lisa, I want to know everything.”

“Okay,” she said smiling, “I’m going to need you to pretend to be me, okay?”

“I’ll do anything,” Mary said in a low whisper. At this point, Mary so horny that she had started to rub her pussy right in front of her.

“Okay, you can’t tell anyone, okay?” she looked at Mary with an anxious smile on her face.

“I won’t, you know that, I never said anything about our practice kissing,” Mary said trying to imagine what was coming next and was almost shaking in anticipation.

“Okay, take off your nightie,” Mary looked at her for a moment, and then wordlessly pulled it up over her head.

“Mary, you are so beautiful,” she said as she looked at her naked friend, taking in the erect nipples, flat stomach, pale skin, her bare pussy, and curvy ass.

Although she had been shaving herself for a long time, Mary had only started after her 18th birthday, and no one, except her now, actually had ever seen it this way.

She remembered saying to Mary, “Okay, close your eyes and lie down, just relax and enjoy this …”

Mary laid down with her eyes closed, her skin covered in tiny goosebumps.

She looked at her friend, they could have been sisters, they were that alike. She bent down and kissed Mary on the lips and Mary whimpered slightly as her lips parted and her tongue entered Mary’s mouth.

She moved down and licked and kissed Mary’s neck, paused to nibble on her ear lobes, like she had seen on-line, Mary must have liked it because she spread her legs farther apart and she could see the wetness starting to glisten on Mary’s bare pussy.

Moving down Mary’s body just liked she had explained a few minutes ago; she did the things to Mary, that she had wanted her boyfriend to do to her. She licked, suckled, pinched and pulled on Mary’s breasts and then moved down Mary’s body; Mary could kaçak iddaa barely control herself.

Mary’s whimpering and moaning began almost non-stop as her body arched and twisted in response to her actions, if only her former boyfriend had done this, but he hadn’t and now she was discovering, as was Mary, why sex between two women can be pretty awesome.

While still focusing on her tender breasts and nipples, Lisa moved her hand down Mary’s flat stomach to just above top of her pussy. Mary reached down and grabbed Lisa’s hand and then used it to cup her pussy, holding her hand in place as Mary thrust her hips out to push her fingers against Mary’s soaked pussy.

Mary’s breathing turned into a series of pants and then Mary sharply inhaled as she moved her tongue down Mary’s tummy.

Kissing, licking, and softly biting, she was simply doing to Mary what she had dreamed about so many nights after secretly watching porn on her laptop. It’s not that she was experienced, this was all new to her, but she was thoughtful and took her time.

She found Mary’s taste amazing and tried to remember everything she had seen on-line but eventually just did what she thought she would like if a woman was eating her. Using her tongue to delve in and around the folds of her pussy, she found Mary was getting wetter and wetter. Then pushing against Mary’s sex with her face, she used it to create sensations that Mary was obviously enjoying.

Mary couldn’t control herself and she felt her first real orgasm ripple through her body, the aftershocks felt like what happened when she threw a big rock into the water. It felt so incredible, she pulled Lisa up to her face and kissed her on the lips, her mouth open and they french kissed, their arms wrapping around each other. The rest of the night was spent kissing, caressing, fondling and they actually made love as opposed to what had happened with her former boyfriend.

That had been more than a year ago, looking back, their first time had been very good and each time since they seemed to improve and they both always had orgasms. Just saying that word made her tingle, she loved the feeling of coming and the momentary loss of control, and the electric feeling deep inside her.

In secret, at least two or three times a month, they had continued to find ways to be with each other for making love and exploring new things, including experimenting with different household things as vibrators. Mary had even let her play with her ass and several times she had Mary orgasm after kissing her there and even penetrating her tiny rosebud with her fingers and tongue.

Mary was the only person she was active with, but eventually Mary had convinced her parents to let her date, and had started dating a guy. Mary had told her that they had experimented with oral sex and had regular sex several times.

Considering everything, maybe she was a lesbian, it was fun with Mary and she noticed that almost all of her fantasies involved women, particularly Mary or her Aunt Jenny. Her relationship with Mary was more of a “friend with benefits” type of arrangement because her parents were so strict. Any other opportunities were pretty limited because she was going a university that was within walking distance of her house.

Thinking about her Aunt Jenny, she was pretty sure that Jenny had no idea that her niece fantasized about her. Jenny was everything her mother wasn’t, although they were both 44 and identical twins. Jenny was fun, she was sexy in a MILF kind of way, she was divorced after being married since she was 18, and she had a son, but he lived with his dad.

She knew Jenny dated a lot had dated a lot, but not as much recently and it gave her a little hope, she just didn’t know how to do anything about it.

Jenny had always seemed to have had a soft spot for her, she figured it was because her mom was such a prude, that she needed someone on her side. Jenny had bought her a small bikini last year, and it was something she based many fantasies on, Jenny had helped her pick it out, actually going in the change room with her when she was naked. Her parents had let her visit her aunt alone several times and Jenny had told her many stories about her sexploits as they sat around in Jenny’s hot tub sometimes wearing bathing suits and sometimes not. Each time Jenny swore her to secrecy, knowing how her parents would react.

Although there was always the hint of sexual attraction, Aunt Jenny, had always been respectful, going to the edge of what was okay, but never over it. She could hope though.

Drawn back to the present, she ran her fingers over her naked body enjoying the sensations that she could create, her mind filled with naughty thoughts from her explorations of the world of soft-porn and some hard-core scenes that she was sure would have made even Jenny blush.

It was ironic, it was only because of her parents’ strict control of her life that she explored this darker world.

At 5.9 she was tall, she weighted about 120 pounds and it was distributed kaçak bahis nicely in a 34 x 24 x 34 frame, people told her she was pretty. In high school she had been the quiet type and only dated in her senior year, with that one guy.

Her long blonde hair was usually in a pony tail, and her blue eyes were almost gray, her skin was smooth and thanks to Aunt Jenny’s advice, the only hair she had was on her head, she had shaved everything bare since her earliest days, her breasts were small but were incredibly sensitive, so much so, that she quite often kept bandages on them to reduce the friction from her bra.

She exercised and her tummy was flat with some abs definition, her hips and ass had nice curvy shapes and running her hands over her cheeks right now they felt tight and firm, her legs were shapely and toned and led to her tiny feet that she fantasized about someone kissing and sucking on.

She returned to her computer, searched and found several clips of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, driving in various states of being naked and masturbating. With each clip she got more and more turned on, until the point where she moved to her bed and buried her fingers between her thighs.

Imagining herself in her mother’s car, being naked, she rubbed her little pussy and pinched her tits making her shiver and come within minutes, flooding her pussy with her juices; then she laid back, pulled the sheets over her and fell asleep naked as she did many nights.

A knock on the door from her mother, woke her up.

“Why is this door locked, Lisa, it’s time to get up, are you awake?”

Grabbing her robe, she quickly put it on and answered the door, “Sorry mom, I didn’t realize it was locked,” she lied.

Her mother blew in the room and opened the blinds, “It’s time to get up, I know it’s Saturday, but I have some errands I need you to run, “Can you drive to your aunt Jen’s, and drop off some books for her, first thing this morning after breakfast?”

“Sure, let me have a shower, get dressed, and grab a bagel, okay?” she said, suddenly aware that if her mother happened to somehow bump her laptop, that the images for the porn site might still be there.

Her mother though was too focused and breezed out of the room as quickly as she came in.

She took a deep breath, “That would have been hard to explain.”

Then another thought came into her head. “Maybe the 30 minutes drive out to the country might be just the time to try it, traffic might be lighter, and its early,” she got goosebumps just thinking about driving her mom’s car in the nude.

Thinking about it even more, she could feel the wetness between her thighs and that her hands were actually shaking.

She grabbed her clothes and considered leaving her bra and panties in her room, but her mother would notice and then she would get the lecture again about them not wanting her to become a slut, and she didn’t want to go through that again.

Even though quite often as soon as she left the house, she would take her bra off, she had become quite skilled at doing that without having to take her top off, Mary thought it was very sexy and she agreed.

She often left her panties off and loved the feeling of her smooth naked skin rubbing on the seams of her jeans or the fresh breeze on her pussy on warm days when she wore a dress or a skirt.

After a quick shower, that’s all her parents allowed her, because they had told her dozens of times, they didn’t want to her to play with herself in the shower, she laughed, “If they only knew.”

She put on a light top, shorts, and sandals, she ate a quick toasted bagel with some orange juice and was getting in the car.

Her hands continued to shake a little as she climbed behind the wheel, she took a deep breath and steadied her hands, she waved to her mom and pulled the car out of the driveway.

At the first stop light, she reached up under the top and undid her bra and pulled it out just as the light changed to green. “Step 1,” she smiled, feeling her freed nipples rubbing deliciously against the cotton fabric of her top. She laid the bra on the seat beside her. She looked in the mirror and noticed the huge smile on her face, she couldn’t stop smiling.

Next, she slipped the sandals off, and drove barefoot.

She was tempted to take something off at each traffic light, but she decided to wait until she approached the edge of town, at the last stoplight before the country, she wiggled out of her shorts and pulled them down her long legs and over her feet. She did one foot at a time so she could still work the gas and brake pedals.

Running a finger up the cleft in her panties, she felt the wetness that was making a dark shape on the white fabric and she shivered.

A horn honked behind her as she realized the light had changed to green. Her heart jumped into her throat and then she started again.

Traffic was very light and as she drove, she managed to get her thumbs under the waist band of her panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Worried about getting into an accident she pulled over onto the shoulder and removed her panties, she saw her wetness glistening in the sunlight and got even more excited. Should she take off her top now?

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