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Secrets of the Vine Pt. 06

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Ella wasn’t quite sure how long she had been laying in bed with Aria. She couldn’t tell if it had been five minutes or an half an hour. She lay there, staring at Aria’s nude, glistening body. Aria started back at her, smiling, caressing her softly. It had been an amazing experience. Aria had shown her another side of sex — a sensual, passionate side. Brad was an amazing lover, but it just wasn’t quite the same. It was as if Aria had read her very thoughts and desires, known exactly what she’d wanted. She smiled as she gazed into Aria’s beautiful eyes.

“What?” Aria asked.

“Nothing,” Ella answered. “I am just enjoying laying here with you.”

Aria smiled and gently touched her lips to Ella’s. Ella moaned softly as they kissed. She slowly caressed Aria’s soft breasts with her fingers. Aria gasped as Ella’s finger ran across a nipple. Ella continued caressing; Aria pulled her mouth away.

“I’m very sensitive,” Aria whispered.

“Good,” Ella smiled.

Ella placed her mouth on Aria’s right breast and began to gently suck. Aria moaned as Ella sucked her pink, erect nipple. Ella looked up into Aria’s eyes. Aria looked at her and nodded, as if telling her to keep going. Ella moved her mouth to the other nipple and slowly sucked.

“Yes,” Aria gasped.

Ella reached over and gently squeezed Aria’s other nipple. Aria began to squirm and whimper.

“Ella, that feels so good. You might make me cum doing that!”

“Are you nipples that sensitive?” Ella asked.

“Sometimes, yes,” Aria replied. “Sometimes Alex makes me cum just playing with my breasts.”

“Maybe I can do that, too.”

“If you keep doing that you will! Oh, fuck!” Aria moaned loudly.

Ella went back and forth, sucking and lightly pinching Aria’s perky tits. Aria’s back arched as she continued to squirm from the pleasure Ella was giving her. Aria could feel herself dripping. She couldn’t believe Ella was making her this wet.

“I want to taste your pussy,” Ella whispered.

“Okay,” Aria said.

Aria opened her legs as Ella moved down the bed. Ella smiled.

“You’re so wet and swollen,” Ella observed. “That’s hot.”

Ella escort bostancı slowly kissed Aria’s shaved mound. She could smell Aria’s scent; it was intoxicating. She’d never noticed how arousing the smell could be. She continued kissing around the swell as Aria gyrated above her. She extended her tongue and slowly licked up Aria’s slit. Aria shuddered and moaned. Ella put her arms on Aria’s body to keep her still as she continued exploring with her tongue. Aria was trying to grind on Ella’s face now, but Ella held her down.

“I’m so close!” Aria moaned. “Please don’t stop, Ella!”

“I have no intention of stopping,” Ella said. “I have every intention of making you cum!”

Ella flicked her tongue faster along Aria’s pussy lips. Aria couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yes!” she screamed as she climaxed.

Ella felt a warm sweet liquid flow into her mouth. She held her mouth open and sucked on Aria’s pussy. Aria held her head in place as she pulsed. Ella finally felt Aria relax. She licked her lips.

“How was your first time tasting pussy?” Aria asked.

“You tasted amazing!” Ella said. “I can’t believe I never tried girls before!”

“I wish we could just do this all day, but the boys will be back soon. We better get cleaned up,” Aria stated.

“Or at least put clothes on,” Ella giggled.

The ladies showered quickly to rinse off the sweat and smell of sex. Ella put her swimsuit and coverup back on, and Aria changed into a short pink sleeveless romper. They grabbed some drinks from the mini-bar and went outside on the deck. It wasn’t long until they heard the room door open.

“We’re back,” they heard Alex say.

“We’re on the balcony!” Aria called.

Alex and Brad had definitely gotten some sun and were sweating.

“Have fun?” Ella asked, giving her husband a hug.

“We did,” Brad said. “I won by one stroke.”

“Lucky shot,” Alex teased.

“Looks like you boys were sweating off the pounds, too,” Aria commented.

“We stayed hydrated,” Alex said. “How many bottles of water have we had?”

“I lost count,” Brad chuckled. “Did you ladies have a fun ümraniye escort day?”

“Very,” Aria smirked.

Alex caught the double-entente, but Brad didn’t notice.

“We lounged by the pool, worked on our tans, and got to know each other better,” Ella smiled.

“I’m glad you two had fun,” Brad said. “We should go get cleaned up for dinner.”

“I think we’re gonna get room service tonight,” Aria said. “Leave you two honeymooners alone for a romantic evening together.”

“Thanks for a great day!” Ella said to Aria. “It was fun!”

“It was,” Aria said. “We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

“Definitely,” Ella said.

Brad and Ella left the room. Alex looked at Aria and smirked.

“You got her in bed, didn’t you?” he asked.

“I don’t kiss and tell,” Aria replied. “Now go shower, you dirty boy. You stink.”

Brad and Ella finally made it into the elevator. It had been busy on the lower floors, and Brad was nearly ready to take the stairs when it arrived on the seventh floor. They got it and pushed “4”. Ella placed her hand on Brad’s pants and began to massage.

“We’re all alone,” Ella said slyly.

“Miss me?” Brad laughed.

“I missed your cock,” Ella replied. “I want you inside me.”

“In the elevator?” Brad asked.

“No,” Ella said. “In the shower.”

The elevator door opened, and the couple walked quickly to their room. Alex slid the key in the slot. The light blinked green, and the door unlocked. Alex quickly opened the door. Before it had even closed he and Ella were peeling their clothes off. Ella finished undressing first and went into the bathroom and got the shower going. It wasn’t long before Brad joined her. He moved to kiss her but she pushed him away.

“Not until you wash the sweat off,” she said.

Brad quickly washed his hair and his body. Ella grabbed the soap, lathered up, and began to wash Brad’s cock, bringing quickly to attention. Brad groaned as his wife stroked him with long slow strokes.

“Rinse,” Ella said.

Brad rinsed himself off. Ella spun him back around and dropped to her knees. She took her husband in her mouth, sucking kartal escort bayan hard and fast. She needed to make up for what she’d done with Aria, and she knew Brad loved to throat-fuck her. She went all the way down on her man, gagging on his thick hard erection. She could already taste his precum.

“I thought you wanted me inside you,” Brad moaned.

“You are inside me, baby. In my mouth. Are you complaining?”

“Not at all,” Brad groaned as Ella gagged on him again.

“You can give me a good hard fucking after dinner. I need to be able to walk, don’t I?” Ella giggled.

Brad grabbed the back of his wife’s head and held it in place. He thrust his cock in and out of her tight wet mouth, moaning every time he entered her. Ella gasped with each thrust, letting Brad push a little further down her throat.

“Can you take it all, baby?” he asked.

Ella nodded her head. Brad slid deeper and deeper into his wife’s tight throat. Ella’s eyes went wide as she held suppressed her gag. She couldn’t believe how far he was going in. Soon he was all the way in her throat. She gagged and screamed. Brad pulled back and out of her. Ella coughed a little.

“Again,” she whimpered. “Fuck my throat hard.”

Brad began to thrust hard down her throat. Ella could feel him going all the way in with each thrust. She swallowed as he thrust, tightening her throat muscles around him. She could feel him throbbing now, his precum dripping down her. He let go of her head.

“Oh yeah, Ella!” he moaned.

Ella bobbed her head back and forth on him, letting the tip of his head hit the back of her throbbing throat. She looked up with submissive eyes as she sucked and stroked him. She moaned on him, whimpering. She saw his head go back. She opened her mouth and stroked him hard and fast.

“Fuck!” Brad groaned.

Brad’s hot load shot into her mouth, some dripping onto her waiting tongue. She kept milked her husband with her hands, making sure nothing was left. After she was sure he was done she swallowed. She stood and kissed Brad hard on the mouth.

“You must’ve really missed me,” Brad said afterwards. “You were going crazy on my cock.”

“It’s our honeymoon,” Ella said. “Aren’t we supposed to be having crazy hot sex?”

“I’ve just never seen you that intense before.”

“Oh, you think that was intense? Just wait til after dinner. You haven’t seen intense.”

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