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Seducing Mother with Email

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Authors note:

All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over the age of 18 years.

This story includes unprotected sex between a mother and her son. It does not include anal sex.

Several months before graduating from high school, my girlfriend and I broke up. My interests were science studies and I had been accepted to a local University. She was interested in the Arts and accepted a scholarship on the other side of the country. We both decided a long distance relationship wasn’t going to work and decided to terminate it before we changed our minds and not pursue our field of interest.

She was a great looker and we’ve been steadily fucking since we both turned eighteen last fall. The lack of sexual contact put me in a depressed mood. She even gave me back the one thing she had really enjoyed. In one of her art projects, she learned to cast rubber sculptures, one of them being a perfect cast of my dick. She did a great job and used it often when I wasn’t around, but she wanted a full break so she gave it to me when we split up.

I wasn’t totally devastated from losing her. She was a great fuck, but I have lusted after my mother for years and during sex I usually fantasized it was Mom. I decided I needed to buckle down on my studies since a lot of my time was previously devoted to my girlfriend. My grades were good, but not excellent. I also enrolled in a few on-line self paced college courses to get some electives out of the way in order to concentrate on core studies at the University. All my free time was devoted to studies which helped me forget about all the sex I previously enjoyed.

Our family schedule at home has been pretty consistent the last few years. My single mother would come home from work, fix dinner for the two of us and we’d watch TV for one to two hours. My heavier study load changed our routine to where I’d spend less time with Mom and more time in my room. Mom noticed my distance in conversation and it appeared to her I was depressed.

I love her immensely and didn’t want to chance harming our relationship. I could tell she’d noticed a difference in my mood since my breakup. She didn’t really know about my girlfriend so she didn’t know the reason for my initial depression. More than once she’d ask if anything was wrong and what she could do to cheer me up. I would’ve liked to tell her what would make me very happy but was afraid of the consequences so I refrained and provided short, softly spoken responses.

The day before graduation she came in my room while I was working on the computer and asked, “Dave, what are you going to wear for your graduation tomorrow? Do you need me to wash anything?”

“No thanks. I’m not going to attend the ceremony. I’d rather just stay here.”

She looked visibly upset and disappointed. “David, that’s a shame. Graduation is such a big event. You should attend and then go out on a date or something else fun to celebrate your achievement.”

I could tell she was genuinely upset. She usually refers to me as Dave and not my real name. “No, Mom. I’ll be fine. Please, just let me be.” I felt bad that I said it a little too harshly to the one person I truly loved. I could tell she was hurt when she turned and left the room before I could apologize. The real reason I wanted to stay home was because my college finals were the day after graduation and I wanted to do some last minute cramming. I didn’t bother mentioning it because I was keeping it a surprise.

The day after graduation, I finished all my on-line finals. I was mentally spent. Several days of intense studying had been exhausting. Now I was free for the summer and it felt as if a great weight had been lifted. Being a healthy, young man, I resorted to what I enjoyed most-masturbation. It was accomplished with the aid of one of many fantasies involving a coupling with Mom. It took me less than thirty minutes to spew out a big load.

At that moment, I realized I had to come up with a plan to have sex with my mom. It was all I could think of lately and it was driving me nuts. I hastily put together a seduction scheme but figured at some point, something would blow up. She seemed more concerned than normal over my depression so I thought I’d use that angle.

Mom’s attire is very conservative, making it difficult to admire her physical beauty. When she does wear a dress, her sexy legs are long and very lean. Her shoulder length, brunette hair is usually tied up. Her infectious smile and laugh is contagious and has often brought me into a good mood when I felt down.

Even though we don’t hug or kiss, she shows me a lot of love and affection. I’ve fantasized about her for a long time but felt a sexual liaison was probably not feasible. Initiating my plan, I made up a fake email account with a name of Dr. Sue. It took me several drafts to finalize my first email to my unsuspecting Mom.


I’d like to introduce myself and offer my services. submissive cuckolds porno I was an assistant counselor this last year at David’s high school. I am no longer employed there but I’m offering help to provide guidance to single-parent mothers and their sons — this is my specialty and I have had great success in absolving these special kinds of relationships.

As the case with many sons of single-parent mothers, I have observed some signs David may have some issues and may be progressing on a less than positive relationship track . If you are interested in starting a dialogue, please reply to my Email.

Thank you,

Dr. Sue

Now I just had to wait to see if she’d just ignore it or worse, contact the authorities if she suspected foul play. I continued my mopey behavior in an attempt to convince her there might be some truth to the fake email. I didn’t get a reply until the next day.

Dr. Sue,

I don’t recall my son mentioning you and I’m not even sure if you worked at the school so I’m a little leery of your intent. I’d like to contact the school to confirm your employment. Would you have a referral you can give me? Also, what is the cost for this treatment?


That didn’t play out like I thought it would. I couldn’t afford her contacting school. I would have to be more careful with my reply, bringing it down to a more personal level to gain her trust. Bringing up the cost, she was probably dubious as to whether this was some kind of scam. I’d have to address that as well. Composing another email, I dispatched it before dinnertime.


I did not personally interact with your son so he would not know me. I observed various students from the senior class, often without any of them knowing I was conducting my research. I was working under a federal grant and I did not interact very frequently with school authorities. Their views did not coincide with mine as they were primarily concerned with just pushing students through the system academically. They thought the psychological welfare of their students was not their concern and believed I was wasting everyone’s time. I can tell you now, I would not get a good referral from his school.

I am also a single-parent mother with a son and spent too much time at work while he was growing up and as a result he did not end up going in a positive direction after graduation.

I decided to research this phenomenon in order to figure out where I went wrong. I discovered many sons with single-parent mothers would get very despondent when they were close to finishing high school and would have trouble with relationships the rest of their lives. They would also start to resent their mothers, blaming them for their inability to have a healthy relationship. This is primarily a result of missing a father and relying only on his mother during his development. They exhibit low confidence and often get involved in harmful relationships.

Since my failure with my own son, I have decided to devote my free time to helping others. I have assisted dozens of parents the last several years with a very high success rate. I do not charge for my services. I’m only trying to make up for my own failure as a parent who loves her son. Since it is a free service, I don’t do face-to-face interviews or office visits. I check my email a couple times a night and offer guidance.

If you do not feel comfortable with this arrangement, please don’t bother to reply. I’ll understand completely. If you do recognize your son starting to get despondent, I recommend you both get seek professional help.

Thank you and I hope this answers your questions,


Minutes after I hit the send button, Mom called me out to the kitchen. Arriving, I found Mom waiting with one of her intoxicating broad smiles, no doubt in an attempt to cheer me up. She quickly confirmed my suspicions. “What would you like for dinner? You seem a little down. Let me cheer you up with one of your favorite meals.”

Pausing, I had to contemplate my answer to keep up with my facade. “Whatever you want to fix, Mom. I don’t really have any preference. In fact, I’m not hungry.” That should send up a red flag as I’m always starving. All through dinner I played up my depression, picking at my food and remaining quiet. After dinner, I helped her put the dishes in the dishwasher and then moved to the living room to watch TV.

She came in and sat in a chair where she could observe me and the show. I could tell she was trying to figure things out in her mind. Not long into the first show she started questioning me again about going out and having some fun. I continued my act, providing only short answers. She was wearing one of her work dresses which didn’t show much skin. I was becoming happier just sitting there with her cheerful personality, broad smile and sexy legs. Not wanting to act like my sex parties porno attitude was improving, I yawned, feigning exhaustion. “Mom, I think I’ll hit the sack early tonight. I’m feeling pretty tired”.

Looking back at her as I went to my room, I noticed she had a concerned look on her face. I felt a little bad putting her through this. I did love this woman and I didn’t want to hurt her. Forty five minutes later, her email arrived.

Hi Sue.

I’ve been thinking about what you wrote and I’m a little hesitant about communicating my personal information to someone I haven’t met. I can understand your reasoning though and I would like to participate. The fact you’re a single-parent mother also convinces me this is worth pursuing. You can truly relate how difficult it is to raise a child as a single mother. I think you’ll be more understanding than other professionals, without the background you have.

I have noticed my son getting more depressed. I’m worried for him and don’t know how to proceed. Our communications have deteriorated and I’m afraid of losing him. I’d like to keep it low profile and help him any way I can. What methodology are you using? If possible, I’d like to start as soon as possible. I am taking this week off from work and can devote some time to helping David.



Success! That worked out better than I thought it would. I figured at this point she felt personally connected to Dr Sue. Working from her note, I compiled my next reply, sending it off after an hour.


Thanks for your confidence in me. I’d be happy to help you and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me. As far as the procedure, it’s quite simple and very effective as long as you adhere to the guidelines.

The objective is to get your son more confident in relationships. This is accomplished without his knowledge, so you don’t need to worry about discussing this with him. Since we can’t really send a stranger in to boost his confidence, we use the only resource available, his mother. He probably still cares for you even though he’s depressed and will react favorably with someone he knows. We boost his confidence by interacting with you until he is on solid ground and then once he’s fully confident, we introduce him to other relationships.

The first step is to get him attracted to the opposite sex again. This will help him become more assertive. This may be a little uncomfortable for you but the rewards of a future healthy relationship are worth it. I need you to dress a little less conservative and flirt with him when you can. Hopefully, he’s not in such a depressed state he won’t be attracted to you.

Good luck and let me know how it goes,


All I could do now is wait and see what happens. After waking up the next morning, I anxiously walked to the kitchen, unsure of what I’d find. Unable to disguise my joyful success, I smiled wide at seeing her wearing a shorter than normal dress with a hemline several inches above her knees. My plan was working. She was cheerful and flirty while she served us breakfast. I picked up my mood a little to correspond with her attitude.

We discussed where we were going today and decided to do some shopping and eat out for lunch. All day, I stole as many glances I could at her sexy legs. Although she caught me several times, she made no mention of it.

At home we followed our regular routine and ended up in the living room. Instead of sitting in her comfortable chair, she snuggled next to me on the couch. In less than an hour she brought her legs up, causing her dress to rise a few inches higher. Not wanting to push her too far, I excused myself to my room. Mom followed me down the hall and proceeded to her room.

Waiting at my computer with my fake account open, I received a message thirty minutes later.


It’s working! I wore a shorter dress and he did a lot of staring and he seemed much happier today so it looks like he’s already improving. I almost started to say something, concerning his leering but then I remembered what you said. I hope I’m doing the right thing. So far, I’m happy with the results. Is there anything else I should be doing?


Everything was going according to plan, almost too smooth. I didn’t want to take it too fast so I cautiously composed and sent my reply.


It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job. It’s good you didn’t reprimand him for ogling you. It’s a real confidence breaker and he might slip back into a depressed state. Continue with how you’ve been proceeding. If you can somehow introduce casual touching along with your flirting, it might help also.


The next morning we decided on a walk in the city park with a lunch. I notched up my attitude a little to prove to her improvement was being made. A spankbang porno couple times during the hike, she uncomfortably held my hand. It appeared that affectionately touching her son was proving to be a harder task than she thought. Later that night, she sat by me on the couch while we were watching TV. When it was time for our showers, she said we should wear our comfortable cotton robes tonight while watching our shows. After our showers, we settled back on the couch.

Rubbing one of her feet, she said, “The hike today really tired me out. My feet are so sore, it’s been awhile since I’ve walked that much.”

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I replied, “Mom, I really enjoyed walking with you today. We probably went a little too far for not having done much physical work lately. The least I can do is give your feet a massage.” Before she could object, I picked up her feet, swung them up to my lap and started to caress them.

Responding with a wide grin, she cooed, “Dave, that’s so considerate of you. I haven’t had a foot massage for a long time.”

Feeling her relax, I proceeded to her other foot. Feeling confident, I ran my hand up her firm calf and gently stroked it. “Mom, your muscles do feel tight. I’ll work the knots out for you.”

Her eyes widened at my boldness as I massaged her calves but she didn’t say anything. She was pretty tense at the start, but started to relax after several minutes of caressing. After half an hour of groping her legs, I lowered them and continued to watch TV.

Anticipating on receiving another note on my Dr. Sue account, I excused myself for the night. It only took her ten minutes after her bedroom door closed.


I took your advice and held hands with him today. It felt so special and I could tell he was a little apprehensive at first but then started to perk up. Later we were watching TV and I mentioned my sore feet and he picked them up and massaged them. It felt so wonderful, I hated for him to stop. Then he ran his hands up my calves and massaged those, too. I almost stopped him but once again I heeded your advice and didn’t say anything.

It felt so good. I still feel a little awkward doing this as his mother. I’m not sure if he’s going to get grossed out by hanging out with an older woman, rather than a girl his own age. I’m not sure how to proceed now. Any advice?


Anxiously waiting a full thirty minutes, I responded.


Good progress. It sounds as if he’s rapidly improving. It’s good you didn’t say anything to him when he went out of bounds a bit by feeling your legs. You don’t want to do anything to slow down his confidence escalation at this point. As far as him getting ‘grossed’ out, I’m not sure if it’s really applicable. I’ve never seen you so I’m not sure how to proceed.

I know this sounds a little forward but if you could send me some pictures of you in different stages of dress, I might be able to prescribe an appropriate attire selection to correctly direct his actions. I know you’re probably uneasy about sending pictures of yourself over the Internet, but I promise to destroy any pictures I receive from you and will only take notes to make the appropriate recommendations. You don’t need to include your face if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you don’t want to send anything, I’ll understand and proceed to the best of my ability. I’ll stay on-line for a little while longer if you want to continue this discussion.



I wasn’t sure if Mom even had a camera but I knew she was very familiar with her phone so she could take selfies if she wanted. I hoped I wasn’t too aggressive which would scare her off. Sending risqué pictures after a few emails to a virtual stranger didn’t really fit in with my conservative Mom.

It wasn’t an hour when I heard my mail program chirp with a notification. I noticed there were attached photos arriving with her message.


If someone would have told me a week ago I’d be sending pictures of myself to a stranger, I would have told them they were nuts, but I’ve seen the progress my son has made and I have a lot of trust in you. The first picture is taken of the dress I’m currently wearing around my son. The next few are some dresses and combinations I haven’t worn for years. The last few pictures are ones of my nighties I wear only in the bedroom, just to feel good about myself.

I did cut off my face in all the pictures which is a good thing as I was blushing so much it might have just been a red splotch. I have never done anything like this. I just hope it helps you direct me on how to advance. I plan on touring his University tomorrow. Any advice on what to wear?



What a bonanza of an email. There was the dress she currently wears and a couple dresses I’ve never seen. The skirt and blouse combinations were very sexy and when I clicked on the lingerie pictures I saw the beautiful woman I knew was hidden behind her clothes. The pink nightie was not transparent but still really sexy. The blue one was a sexy see-through nightie, which was especially revealing. It was a two-piece nightie, the top barely covering the bottom of her bra, leaving her midriff bare.

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