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Seedy Suburban Sex

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Seedy suburban sex (total fiction, but one can wish…)

Damn, it’s been way too long since the husband and I had a good “shut off the damn phones, pull the blinds and get out the towels and lube” sex day! From the time we got together in our late 20’s and throughout our marriage we had always taken the time to shut out the outside world every so often and just get freaky! Break out the toys and movies and have some good, dirty fun! Being childless, we’ve always had that luxury of time and privacy.

But lately he’s been letting the stresses of his job get to him, and I am not without sin, getting too frustrated at my damn job as well. Family pressures and the usual life crap that makes us lose focus and forget to enjoy the most basic of pleasures…each other! One of the perils of being career driven, I guess.

So, I decide to make some plans! I open up the sex drawer (we all have them, the nightstand drawer or locked chest in the closet that holds our toys and accoutrements for sexing it up!) and take an inventory. Damn, it has been too long; I think there is actually dust on a couple of these! I decide while looking at our stash that we could use a new dvd or two and maybe a new toy…hmmm.

I take a “mental health” day from work on a weekday and run a few errands. During my travels I decide to stop by the adult store and see if I can find some additions to our collection. I’ve been to adult stores with my husband too many times to count and by myself more than a couple as well. I have no shame walking in to one, middle of the day or night, but today for some I reason I feel very naughty as I pull up into the parking lot. Two, maybe three, cars not including mine are there and I get this feeling of being very deviant as I park. I have no idea why, maybe just evidence that it’s been way too long since I’ve indulged in toy shopping, but I am getting super excited as I get out of my car. I feel my nipples harden and I think, “My god Margie, you’d think you were walking down the red light district in Amsterdam or something!” Dressed very normally, casual top and jeans, I’m feeling more like I’m in mesh stockings and heels!

I walk in, the dependable buzzer sounds, and a very nice, professional clerk greets me and asks if I’m looking for anything in particular. “No” I say “I’m good, thanks though.”

She lets me know if I need any help to ask and I go about my way, heading to the vibrator/dildo wall and still feeling more like I’m walking into a seedy adult theater at 3 in the morning than a nice, clean well lit store in a nice strip mall in suburbia in the middle of the day. My pussy is wet and I swing back and forth between feeling silly and horny as hell!

I get to the wall and start looking at the vibes and dongs and my god, I can’t believe how stupid horny I am! Sheesh, I seriously just want to grab a toy and get busy right there! I maintain my composure and start looking to see if something catches my eye, but mostly what I see is the same old stuff. I begin thinking about the potential of a water proof vibe and imaging how the hubby and I could use it.

And that is when I see her. About 5’5, average to slim build, blonde, cute little butt, about my age (early 40’s) soccer mom stereotype right out of the book! She hasn’t noticed me at all yet; she is transfixed by the toys on a display just off the toy wall I’m looking at. Capri pants and t-shirt advertising her alma mater she looks like she stopped by on her way to her kids wrestling meet! I can tell she is out of her element and not as used to surroundings as I am.

I watch her gawk at the shelf and I move up a little to see what has her attention and it is a rack with strap on harnesses, dildos and dildos of all types: double headed, suction cups, etc. MMM, they do look like fun! Judging by the nice poking nipples on her, I’m guessing 34, breasts she thinks they look like fun too. She is mesmerized, seems to be focusing on the strap ons, and I walk right up behind her and speak before she notices me.

“Ever try one?” I ask

She jumps and spins around, brought back from her imagination with a jolt.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to startle you!” I say with a wicked grin. “They are fun. I would recommend the harness with the wider straps and a strap that’s goes under the crotch; more comfortable and secure.”

“Oh, uh ok thanks” she stammers “Do you work here?”

“No” I say “Just a satisfied customer. I’d be happy to help you with…anything, any…questions you might have though, just ask” I walk away and go around a corner into the sex swing demo area, and I catch her watching me as I walk away.

I get around the corner and come back to reality. What the hell has gotten into me? Am I hitting up on another woman in a sex shop? I know it’s been a while since I’ve indulged my bi side, but what the fuck!?! antalya escort My god, I am a pervert! I would totally be put off if a man or woman just walked up and started propositioning me in a porn store, but here I am hitting up on some soccer mom in the sex toy section! I need to get my things and go!

I walk over to the other end of the store to avoid having to see the woman I was just hitting up on and also avoid seeming like a stalker! I walk the aisles where the DVDs are and I’m not really looking at any of them. I hear the buzzer of the door opening and hope it’s the soccer mom leaving and I grab some lube and the waterproof vibe I was interested in and head up to the register. I pay and leave, wrestling with conflicting feelings. I feel like a total perv for hitting up on that woman, but still excited by it! I can’t help but imagine her taking me up on my offer! God, I am a hot mess today! I need to run home and masturbate before I do anything else socially unacceptable!

I open the door and drop my bag on the passenger seat and I’m just getting ready to get in when I hear “Um, so, any advice on the best use of this?”

I spin around and it’s the soccer mom! My jaw drops as she is holding up a double headed dildo! She is standing next to her blue Volvo minivan (no fucking way!) and she has pulled her brand spanking new double dong out of her black porn store bag and is showing it to me!

Well, hell, I was not expecting this! Now it’s put up or shut up! I smile and walk across the two open parking spaces to her van.

“Honestly, I have never used one of those but I am dying to try it.” I am inches from her, can smell the scented lotion she uses, and I want to run my hand up her old college t-shirt and feel those nipples that are poking through and wrap my tongue around hers.

Her nervousness returns now, but she has taken her own leap now as well, hasn’t she? She swallows hard and I can tell she is experiencing the same “flight or fuck” instinct I am right now! She takes a deep breath, maintains her play and says (voice cracking just a touch) “I live less than a mile from here in the gated community before the on ramp. We could go there and…”

“Shall I follow you?” I ask as she trails off.

“OK, um yeah that’ll work”.

“Great, see you there” I walk back to my sedan and my heart is about to burst out of my chest. I can’t believe this is about to happen!

I follow her from the strip mall and through the neighborhood streets to her gate. I half expect her to speed away and let the gate close on me as she chickens out, but she pulls through, then hits a button and the gate raises again and she waves me through!

I park on the street in front of her picture perfect suburban house as she pulls in and parks in front of the garage. I walk towards the door and she is glancing around, undoubtedly seeing if any of her neighbors are watching and wondering what she’d say if they ask who her new friend is!

We walk in and stand in the entry way for a moment; I can tell she is now trying to figure out what to do next.

“Let’s go to my yoga room.” She says. I follow her down the hall into what was at one point a guest bedroom and is now a little workout room. A treadmill, some little leg weights and an exercise ball in the corner, yoga mats in the center of the floor, a TV with a dvd player against one wall, and floor to ceiling mirror on another (She must like watching herself workout, I thought), everything a soccer mom needs to stay fit! “I’ll be right back, um, you can, um, get comfortable if you want.”

She leaves me there and I consider getting comfortable and being nude when she returns, but undressing for (or, being undressed by) someone else is too much fun to pass up. I hear her running up some stairs and a door close. MMM, I didn’t think to ask if we were alone, I just assumed the house must be empty if she was willing to bring me back here. A mini panic attack ensues. My brain goes into overdrive. “Oh shit, what if she and her husband are a couple of those crazy sexual sadists or she is into some other crazy shit, like golden showers or, fuck what the hell was I thinking? Oh fuck, oh fuck , oh fuck…”

I hear her coming back down the stairs and I brace myself for her having a gun or a saddle or god knows what! I am more than really relieved when all she has in her hands is her porn store bag and all she did was change into a pair of shorts instead of the Capri pants she was wearing a moment ago.

She smiles and says “Shall we look at what I bought?”

My concerns vanish and I smile back. “MMM yes, lets!”

She kneels down and dumps her bag on the workout mats.

Astroglide, two dvds (one couples themed, one major motion picture parody) and the aforementioned double headed dildo. I’d say about 18 inches in total alanya escort length with a little fake scrotum in the center, nice and thick, it looked like a nice ride.

Standing and picking it up she asks “You’ve really never used one?”

“No, I haven’t. Strap ons, suction cup dildos, vibes of all sorts but never a double header. You?”

“God no!” she blushed “I grabbed this one because I thought you’d like it.”

Now it was my turn to blush. “Really?”

She nodded yes “I, well, you shocked me at first, but…then I thought about it…”

I decided right then it was time to shut up and kiss this little hotty. I stepped forward and put my arms around her waist and kissed her in mid-sentence. She tasted like a latte as I put my tongue in her mouth. Not too forcefully, but I gently twirled it around her mouth and let her tongue get used to mine. In short order she returned my kiss and began using her tongue to play with mine. I moved my hands to her ass and felt her breath suck in as I squeezed that firm ass. My god she must spend a lot of time in this room! She was in shape! I hear a thud as the dildo hits the floor and she puts her arms around me and rubs my ass in return.

I move my right hand around and begin slipping it into her jogging shorts. As expected I find no panties and make my way straight past her landing strip to her lips. As I gently press my fingers to them I can feel her wetness immediately. She’s breathing hard, hot and heavy and I love it. I pull back from kissing her and look into her bright green eyes. I loved the change in her eyes as I slip my fingers inside her.

“Help me get rid of these” I whisper as I use my free hand to begin pulling down her jogging shorts. She helps me get them down over her ass and she steps out of them as they hit her ankles. I drop to my knees and watch my fingers disappear inside her, my head against her hip, my left hand on her ass and my right hand slowly fingering this former prom queen, I’m sure.

I feel her tremble as I probe her with my fingers. I look up at her and when she meets my gaze I pull my fingers out and lick them. She moans and I grab her hand and pull her down towards me on her carpeted exercise room floor. I help her out of her t-shirt and suck on her breast as I guide her onto her back. I kiss her breasts, down her stomach to her hips, kiss her pelvis right above her cute little blonde landing strip of pubes and then as slowly as I can make myself I ease down to her pussy. I’m half afraid she’s going to hyperventilate but she’s clearly enjoying herself!

I can smell how excited she is, see how wet she is, and I want to drive my tongue into this well behaved suburban housewife and make her scream, but I make myself take my time. It is all worth it as I know she is aching for me taste her, to feel my warm tongue in her and with every extra second I take she is aching for me just a little bit more.

I lick up the inside of her thigh right along the edge of her labia, she can hardly breathe. I can resist no longer and finally slip my tongue inside her labia and taste her. MMM, she is so wet and hot, my god it has been too long since I was with a woman! I kiss, tongue, and lick her pussy, making love to her with my mouth. She arches her back and I slip my hands around to her ass and lap at her like she is fresh water and I’ve been in the desert for years. I feel her hands on my head, her fingers in my hair. Her moans and sighs drive me on, making want to take her even further into pleasure.

Her legs are nice and wide, and I lift them up and push them back, getting her ankles to her ears. This opens her to me completely and I drive my tongue as far in her as it can go. My nose to her clit, my chin to her ‘taint, I try and take her over the top. I realize I better breathe and I back off enough to catch a breath and I take some time to lick her from clit to ass and back. As my tongue flicks against her rectum she gasps. I love how lost in her pleasure and desire she has become.

I spend a little more time at her ass, rimming her to see how she reacts and I am not disappointed. She has now grabbed her knees to keep her legs up and ass exposed and she is calling for the almighty.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” I hear her start to chant.

I slide my tongue back to her pussy but move one hand to her mound and start to rub her clit with my thumb. Her engorged clit was just the button that needed pushed and I feel her come. Not squirting, but as close to it as I’ve experienced with my face in a pussy, she comes and I start to think that the clerks back at the adult store might even hear her!

I work her through her orgasm, licking and tonguing a little more lightly as she starts to thrash less and her breath slowly starts to return to normal. As she is alanya rus escort just about all the way back down, I kiss her pussy, kiss her clit and sit up.

I can feel how wet my face is. I must be glistening. I sit back, realizing I am still fully clothed and my new friend is fully nude! I smile down at her, caressing her legs and she looks up at me, glowing.

“MMM thank YOU!” she coos.

“My pleasure” I say.

“Hmm, you’re still dressed? That’s not good.” And she reaches up I take her hands, helping her sit up.

She starts pulling my shirt up and I help. As she tosses my shirt to the side, she cups my breasts inside my bra. “Wow, how big are you?”

“40 DD” I answer as I reach back to undo my clasp.

“Wow, they are impressive.” She says as my bra falls away. Leaning in and bringing my left breast up to her she asks “May I?”

I nod yes. “Please do”

She takes my nipple into her mouth and I begin to think I’m not the first female this housewife has fooled around with! Her talent and lack of hesitation make me wonder about her sorority days! She starts undoing my jeans as she sucks on my nipple and I caress her hair while she does. Either she “experimented” at camp or college, took notes while watching porn or is a natural!

She lets my nipple out of her mouth and kneels down as she slides my jeans over my hips and down to the floor. I kick of my shoes and step out of pants and she immediately starts peeling my soaked thong of me. As soon as she has my thong off I get down on the floor with her. We kiss and lie down and she starts making her way down my body. After giving each of my nipples some attention, she kisses down to my pelvis. I spread my legs wide and lift them high, giving her a full view of wet pussy. She sticks her face in and begins licking me and I can’t help but let out a long, deep moan. Fuck this feels good!

Her enthusiasm and skill are not lacking, but I can’t help but keep thinking about that dildo lying on the floor just a couple feet from us. I reach over and grab it and hold on to it while she tongues me. My new friend looks up and sees what I have in my hand and moves back up my body. She kisses me with her fragrant lips and nods towards the double headed dildo in my right hand.

“Ready to try it out?” she asked.

I nod yes and start sitting up. She stops me, takes the dildo from me and moves back down. She looks up at me as she begins rubbing the thick head against my labia. Smiling, she teases me and rubs it along my slit and barely pushes it in, just barely entering me before she starts rubbing it against me again.

“MMM, fuck, you little tease! Fuck me with that cock!” I say.

She chuckles and slips it in me. She eases it in and starts rubbing my clit and fuck yes, that is what I need. I grab my knees and pull them up and my little house wife pushes them all the way until my ankles are up near my ear! She begins really pumping her new toy into me and I moan like crazy as my tits bounce with her thrusts. I look over and see the picture in the floor to ceiling mirror and oh my, what a sight! I’m getting fucked good and hard and the soccer mom is up one knee driving her dildo into me with an absolutely devilish look on her face.

I catch my breath enough to suggest we use that dildo to its full potential. She smiles and says ok and starts to get down into position so we are pussy to pussy and I say “Wait, I’ve got an idea.”

She waits and I spin around and get on my knees without removing the dildo and put my ass towards her. “Let’s try it like this.”

She spins around and we both watch in the mirror as she eases herself back onto the free end of the toy. My god but this is fucking hot, we look at each as she gets it in her and once she does we begin fucking each other by rocking back and forth. Shit goddamn, this feels as good and it looks in the mirror and we get a perfect rhythm going and work in tandem like we’ve been practicing this for a while! The nice fat dildo filling my pussy, the combined look of determination and passion my partners face, the sight me ass to ass with this sexy blonde woman I had never seen before this morning, the sound of her moans and gasps, my tits swaying with the rhythm of our sex, it’s all just too fucking much! I reach back between my legs and start rubbing my clit and I’m on my way to an orgasm that I’ve needed for better than two weeks!

I hear the sounds coming from my partner and I know she is building to a climax herself and that makes it all that much hotter! I close my eyes and let the familiar wave build in me and then come crashing down and flowing through me! Our cries mingle and fill the air as we both come together on separate ends of this fake cock.

Our orgasms start to subside. As our shuddering stops, my sexy little partner collapses forward, taking her dildo with her and pulling it from me. I look over and she face down, sprawled on her workout mat with her toy still sticking out of her. I turn around, slip it out and slide up against her. My tits to her back I kiss her on her neck and cheek and say “Pleased to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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