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Authors note:

I am hoping to expand on this story if this introduction to the characters goes well. Please give your feedback honestly and we’ll go from there.

J x


Heart in her throat, her thumb hovered over the ‘send’ button. Sure, they had flirted and joked about but this was something else. There was a chance she had got it wrong, that he was just having fun. They were great friends; there was a lot to lose.

Nonetheless, she wanted him. More than she’d wanted anyone and had done since they’d been back in touch. Despite the outwardly obvious signs, the lingering glances, making excuses to touch her, she feared she had misread the situation; that he didn’t feel the same.

The picture wasn’t too revealing or slutty. Despite her nakedness, only her breasts were fully revealed. Oh but she looked good, and she knew it. The picture flattered her more than she’d have dared hope. Her breath caught in her throat when she imagined his reaction to this little surprise. Her heart may have been racing and she was as nervous as hell, this much was true. Yet she knew she’d regret never trying this.

Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes, and then: Send.

After a few agonisingly long seconds she opened her eyes. On the screen of her phone: ‘Message sent’.

Realising she’d been sat uncomfortably bolt upright with nerves, she relaxed back into the soft pillows, whispering to herself with a giggle; ‘Now you’ve gone and done it.’

It felt as though there were a hundred butterflies swarming inside her. Adrenaline coursed through her veins and the minutes dragged like so many hours. How did he do this to her? They had been friends for so long, but these last few months he had crept further into her thoughts and life. She’d wake up remembering the glint in those green eyes, fall asleep remember his hand casually touching her back. Both had the same effect on her; made her ache for him. No one else came close. Which is why she was here now, waiting. She had to do this, had to know.

Ten minutes finally past. The sick feeling returned. They messaged each other almost constantly in their waking hours; it was rare for him not to answer. She reasoned it was only ten minutes and maybe he was bathing, or on the phone or already in bed… Usually this wouldn’t spook her in the slightest. The nature of her message had left her on edge though. Maybe he was silent on purpose? Stunned by the picture he was faced with, or maybe just trying to figure out how to let her down gently. Yes, that must be it. Stupid girl.

Of course! She had kept the message with the picture cryptic and mentioned no names; she could just pretend it was an accident, sent to the wrong number. Wouldn’t be the first time she’d text him by mistake. Yes, that would fix this. It may be hard to look him in the eye when she saw him next but their friendship and some shred of her dignity would remain intact.

As fast as her shaking hand would allow she typed out the message:

‘OMG! Sorry Hun, I can’t believe I sent that to you! Was meant for someone else obv! So embarrassed! casino şirketleri Speak tomorrow? x’

Once again thumb hovering over the send button when the phone vibrated in her hand. Stunned momentarily she just stared at the message she had been waiting to send, then hit ‘back’ and selected ‘yes’ to save as a draft – just in case.

Her screen returned to the home screen wallpaper and the white box at the bottom decaled ‘1 new message: David’.

Shit, shit, SHIT. Suddenly it hit her exactly how crazy this was. Yet again closing her eyes like a baby she opened the message, mentally reprimanding herself, ‘for heavens sake, grow up. It’s done, he’s replied and closing your eyes won’t change a damn thing. Read the bloody message!’

Teeth biting into her bottom lip she opened it;

‘Omg hun, I wasn’t expecting that! You look beautiful, you really do. Makes me want to suck those nipples, I’m so hard right now…’

Suppressing a nervous giggle she re-reads the text. Being called beautiful by him and knowing the effect her picture was having turned her on. Opening her thighs a little she felt a trickle of moisture slide from her tingling pussy towards her other hole. Pressing her thighs together again momentarily she pushed her buttocks down into the mattress, the pressure from her wiggling hips teasing her clit.

Thinking of the man she wanted lying in bed barely a mile away she began to type out a reply:

‘mmmmm, I wish I could see/feel how hard you are. Been thinking about you so much lately, how you’d feel, how you’d taste… I’d love to wrap my lips round your hard cock and find out… x’

This time hitting send didn’t take quite the same courage, but it thrilled her nonetheless to tease him like this. She felt sexy, in control. They’d known each other since they were kids, always just friends, and it felt strange to be doing this, yet it felt good. Really good she thought as she let her left hand pinch her nipple and pull it out slightly. The tugging sent little shocks of pleasure over her skin, right down to her clit. He’d said he wanted to suck on her nipples. She closed her eyes and thought of him doing just that as she kept rolling and tugging her nipple between her fingers. She wondered what he was doing right then.

Behind her closed eyes visions of him lying in bed, hand round his shaft made her moan a little. Despite their long friendship, she never had chance to see much of his body, just fleetingly quick teases. Like when he was lifting her son from the swing in the park and she caught a glimpse of his stomach, catching sight of the dark hair there. It had taken all her willpower not to reach out and run her hands through it. She often imagined doing exactly that as she laid back, him leaning over her fucking her brains out. Also the times she’d made the most of a friendly hug to run a hand down his back, or over his chest.

Of course there was one time she accidentally – genuinely accidentally – felt more of him. Cuddled up to watch a film of the sofa, absentmindedly running her hand over his thigh, she’d brushed against casino firmaları his cock. Found that he was rock hard sitting there cuddled up to her. She had been so close to unzipping his jeans and pulling it out, but her nerve let her down at the last minute. The moment passed, but she’d kept thinking back to it since that night. She remembered so many details from that one touch, how hard he was, how fat his cock was, just how she liked it. If her life depended on it, she couldn’t tell you what film they had been watching though.

A buzzing sound brought her thoughts back to the present moment. Snatching up her phone from the mattress beside her she impatiently opened the message.

She just stared, mouth slightly open at what she saw. Instead of the text she had expected was a picture message. Of a hand she knew only too well grasping a thick, hard cock. He looked so good, even better than she had (often) imagined. Her fingers found her clit and started to stroke in deliciously slow circles as she took in the details; that hair on his tummy she’s wanted so much to run her fingers through, hips she longed to straddle, his fat cock – so hard for her. She wanted to run her tongue over the head so bad, wanted to look into his eyes as she licked up a drop of pre cum from it.

She would love to suck him into her mouth. He was bigger than her ex. How much could she take? Would she be able to slide her wet mouth all the way down, the head popping past the back of her mouth so she could feel his balls on her chin? She would try her best, one day. She hoped sooner rather than later.

Suddenly realising she’d been staring a while she read the rest of the message;

‘This is what you’ve done to me. Hope you like it ;)’

The fingers of her left hand still stroked and rolled her now swollen clit, slick with her juices. When had she last got this wet? She honestly couldn’t remember. Sliding a finger inside her tight pussy, then two she fantasised how his cock would feel stretching her open. She wanted more than her fingers could give her. Reaching under the pillow she found what she needed, a black velvet bag, about 8 inches long. She let the contents of the pouch fall onto the bed beside her spread thighs.

The smooth pink dildo rolled toward her, the cold glass hitting her skin made her jump a little. Grabbing it in her hand she trailed the cool glass up her inner thigh, prolonging the moment. She gasped as it slid easily over her smooth, now soaking lips and nestled against her clit. Slowly letting the weight of the heavy dildo drag it down her slit, then pulling it back up to start again she thought of David. His tongue sliding though her folds like the glass toy was now. As soon as she thought it mini shockwave spread through her nervous system and another trickle of liquid escaped her body, leaving a damp stop on the sheet under her buttocks.

Summoning up control she never knew she had, she let the dildo rest against her inner thigh for a moment to answer his message.

‘mmm yes, I do. Really do. Looks so good, I want to taste it, now… I want your fat güvenilir casino cock inside me, fucking my wet tight pussy. I’m playing with my clit, but I want more. After I send this I’m gonna fuck myself on a hard glass dildo, wishing it was you. I’m so wet for you right now, wish you were here… x’

Once the message was sent, she lay fully back on the bed, spreading her knees wide and teasing the tip of the dildo at her soaking entrance. Thinking of the smell of his skin and those intense eyes looking into hers as he first slid into her, she pushed the dildo in firmly, crying out loud, ‘oh fuck!’

The glass was still cool, but it was the sudden pressure on her g-spot that made her squirm. She hadn’t realised just how close she had been to coming. Forgetting her phone resting beneath her thigh she worked the dildo in and out of her body, the fingers of the other hand pinching and rubbing her clit frantically.

In her mind she saw Him. Holding her down, His full weight on her as He finally took her. Moving her hips in time with her thrusting hand she moaned out loud, gasping for breath. So close now, so close. She imagine kneeling at his feet, His hands pulling her hair roughly as she greedily sucked His cock, wanting to taste Him come in her mouth. It was the last push she needed and she felt her body clench around the glass toy as wave after wave or pleasure and realised tension spread out form the center of her body.

Slowly she began to come down, her breathing less ragged. With a giggle she realised she had been calling out loud, calling out his name, begging him to fuck her.

Gently pulling the dildo from her pussy she smiled at how warm the glass had now become and bought it to her lips and tasted her juices on it. ‘One day soon,’ she thought to herself, ‘I’ll taste myself on his lips.’

She even though she quietly heard him say her name, hell she must have been very into the fantasy. Then again she thought she heard it now. With a feeling of dread she picked up her phone. There was an open call; to David. In a panic reflex action she cut the call. She had left the phone open on his picture message; maybe she had hit the call button while carried away. How much had he heard?

She laid spread across the bed as she caught her breath and gathered her thoughts. What now? Had she gone too far?

When she felt ready to stand again she made her way to the bathroom to clean up. On her return she found the screen of her phone glowing; a new message had arrived:

‘mmm baby. I want you so much. I guess you didn’t mean to call me, but I’m glad you did. You sounded great calling my name. We should go out soon, want to see you. Got to sleep now, work tomorrow. Night babes x’

So she hadn’t scared him off, yet she felt put out that he suddenly wanted to end the conversation. She felt a fool, so embarrassed. Just as she was about to put her phone down and get into bed it lit up again. Another picture, this time of him holding his softening cock, cum splashed over his belly and chest, with the text, ‘I wanted you to see how much you turned me on. I can’t wait to see you ;)’.

Despite the huge climax she just experienced she felt a familiar tingle at the sight of his picture. Things were just getting interesting. Despite the knot of excitement in her belly, she slept deeply until morning.

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