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Sequel to Eve and the Peeping Tom

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Several people commented on my story of “Eve and the Peeping Tom”, saying that I set the story up but didn’t have enough sex and abuse. Accordingly, I’ve written this story more or less as a continuation of my previous.
It will probably make better reading if you go to the first story before reading this one, however it is not necessary if you just wish to continue reading this one now that you’re here.

I’ll just once again warn that this story has extremely cruel and sadistic passages, so if you are going to be turned off by that sort of thing, stop now and look for something more playful.

During the first few days after her meeting with the Peeping Tom and his friends, Eve was terrified that they would phone her while her husband was at home. This didn’t happen though, and after the first week had elapsed, she began to relax and settle back into the normal flow of life.
Indeed the second and third weeks also passed by without any word from the men who had used her so roughly and so crudely. Up until this point, Eve had been happy not to have heard from them, but towards the end of the fourth week, when she knew that her husband’s night shift was imminent, she began to have regrets that the men had seemingly treated the event as a once only occasion, and that it seemed she would never have any further such wild and debauched experiences.
Perhaps that was just as well too. She had needed to be so careful for her husband not to see the marks of the whips that had so decorated her body after that last session. She’d worn shirts buttoned up to her neck, long nighties at bedtime, she’d made sure the door was locked whenever she’d taken a shower, and had needed to feign a minor illness to keep her husband at bay until her bruises and abrasions had disappeared.

Eventually the day came around when her husband, Rob, was due to go once more onto night shift for a couple of days. There had been no further news of the Peeping Tom who had been active in the town, and Rob now felt less worried about leaving his wife alone for the couple of nights.
Eve, for her part, assured her husband that she would be safely inside the house with the windows closed and the doors locked.

That evening, as the time approached eight o’clock, Rob got himself ready to leave for work, and shortly later Eve was kissing him goodnight and watching the car drive away. She was about to close the front door and go back inside the house when it occurred to her that they hadn’t brought in the evening newspaper.
Lightly skipping down the path, Eve extricated the newspaper from where it was jammed in the gate, and as she did so she glanced each way along the road. A car was parked just a couple of doors along, and with a fright she saw Tom step out and begin walking towards her.
Eve was transfixed and stood waiting with a turmoil of mixed emotions racing through her brain.
“Is your husband back on night shift?” the man quietly asked as he came face to face with Eve.
“Yes,” Eve murmured, with feelings of sexual excitement now beginning to overwhelm her.
“Come and get in the car,” the man commanded, and Eve opened the gate and, newspaper still in hand, followed the man and got into his car with him.
“We’ve got everything ready and are all waiting for you,” the man laughed with a slight mocking tone as they drove away.

Eve was scared but also tremendously excited. It was so very, very wrong what she was doing, but she couldn’t help herself.
The journey took just a few minutes before they pulled into the driveway of a house. Eve and the pervert were just alighting from the car when the door of the house opened and the other two men, who she recognised from that torrid sex session of a month earlier, came to excitedly greet her.
All three men kissed her lovingly, their tongues slipping into her mouth and meeting Eve’s own tongue which responded with lustful love.

Being led into the house, Eve gasped to find two other men waiting for her. “We’ve got extra cocks for you this time,” Tom laughingly told her, then addressing the extra two men, he told them that “this is the fucking slut we told you about. She loves sucking cock and being fucked, and best of all the slut loves it rough.” To demonstrate this latter point Tom told Eve to lift her chin, then when she had done so he gave her a resounding slap across her face.
“You filthy fucking bitch,” he sneered at her as Eve gasped.

The blow had stung her face but Eve felt the same conflicting emotions of sexual lustfulness along with some element of fear.
“See, the fucking whore loves it,’ Tom laughed as Eve docilely stood before him, and he gave her a couple more playful slaps.

All five men were now stripping naked and Eve’s clothes were half taken off and half ripped from her body so that in just moments she was standing naked amidst the five men whose massive cocks were all hard and swaying out in front of their bodies.
Eve now began to be fucked and fucked and fucked, pussy, mouth and ass, with the five men constantly swapping positions because, with five of them, two were at any one time, missing out and were eager to get their cocks inside Eve’s body.

After some time of heaving Eve’s body this way and that, and fucking and mauling her all over, it was suggested that it was time to have a bit of fun hurting her. Accordingly, all five men took up short leather whips and, completely surrounding Eve, they began to viciously flog and lash her body.
Eve was soon howling and screaming. She could do nothing to protect herself, if she moved away from one sadist she was only moving in range of another, and if she turned from one lash it was only to face others.

The men flogged and thrashed her, urging each other on, and being urged on by Eve’s screaming and her obvious suffering.
The cruel leather whips bit and stung Eve’s soft, pale flesh, leaving glowing red welts all over her body. Soon her entire body was disfigured with fiery red stripes criss-crossing her ass, her belly, her breasts, and her thighs.
Eve’s screams were becoming frantic and uncontrollable as the horrendous and ghastly pain raged through her body. Her pretty little face was contorted with pain and the tears ran freely, running down her cheeks and adding to the men’s desire to cruelly hurt this soft, tender, and very lovely woman.

Eventually, but not before Eve had collapsed on the floor in a state of semi-consciousness, the flogging ceased and the men now fussed over her in order to restore her enough for the next onslaught of cruel, sadistic abuse.
Eve’s body was so sore and still stinging and aching as she was helped to her feet and had her face sponged with cold water and was given something to drink.

“We’re going to burn you next,” she was told as her wrists and ankles were all secured with leather straps securely wrapped several times around her limbs and fastened with sturdy buckles.
Her arms were first stretched out above her head and the straps secured to fastenings on the wall, then her legs were stretched wide apart and she was lifted into the air as these latter fastenings were attached to further fastenings on the side walls. She was now stretched out in a horizontal spread eagled position suspended in the air by her arms and legs.

The men then emptied out a bag of large, wax candles onto the floor and taking matches, began to light up two candles each.
Soon the hot flames were beginning to melt the wax of the candles so that the hot, molten wax pooled around the hot flame.
The guys waited until all candles were holding a good pool of the boiling wax. They surrounded Eve and carefully held their candles over her body, one directly above her small, round breasts, one over her belly, one right above her gaping and wet pussy, and the last two poised above the stretched out inner thighs of their victim.
Every area that the sadists aimed for with the boiling wax, was the softest and most tender places on Eve’s body.

The men were laughing and chuckling with glee, fully aware of the ghastly pain which Eve was about to experience.
“OK, ready,” one of the guys laughingly asked the others as he glanced around at their grinning countenances.
“One, two, three – burn you fucking bitch!” he cried happily and the ten large candles all tipped in unison, pouring the hot, searing wax onto Eve’s naked and helpless body.
The screams that Eve gave out were ear piercing and gave a good indication of the hideous pain that she was experiencing.
“Ha, ha! Listen to the fucking bitch!” one of the guys exclaimed with great delight. The others laughingly agreed and were thrilled at Eve’s frantic screeching and lurching about as she hung there suspended on the straps, her eyes wide and her her mouth wide open as her howls and shrieks pierced the air.
The men were laughing and filled with great satisfaction as they stood commenting on the extravagant reaction that they’d inspired in their victim.
Of course at the same time the men were all holding their candles upright again in order to let more of the cruel, burning wax pool about the hot flames.
The boiling, and burning, molten wax was soon being randomly dripped over Eve’s body, each time producing lurching struggles to get free, along with gasping, crying, howling, and always tearful, screams and shrieks of pain.

That horror for Eve, and pleasure for the men, continued until the candles were almost spent, and Eve’s body was caked with the now solidified wax.
Snuffing the candles out, the men took up a number or riding crops and beat the wax from Eve’s body until it was all gone and her flesh showed through red and blotchy from the burning of the hot wax. Looking at her, and remembering how soft and pale and tender her skin had appeared before they started work on her, the men felt very satisfied at the red and beaten look that Eve’s flesh had now taken on.
Soon Eve was ready for the next torment that the men had prepared for her. They brought out a simple timber chair that they had worked on and made a couple of significant additions to. Eve gasped when she saw what they had done. In the middle of the seat towards the front, the men had bored two holes and mounted two huge, fat, rubber dildos, strategically placed to line up with Eve’s vagina and anus when she was seated upon the chair.
“Oh my goodness!” Eve gasped, and protested that the dildos were way too large.
Her protests were ignored as one of the men smeared a liberal amount of grease, first on the dildos, and then on and in Eve’s pussy and ass.
Men stood either side of Eve, and each with a hand behind her back and the other under her thighs, lifted her up in a sitting position.
Holding her over the special chair, the men moved her into position so that the two dildos located into her two holes. They then slowly, and at the same time jostling her body slightly to aid penetration of the huge, fat dildos, released her weight so that she slowly sat down and the dildos pressed into her two cavities under the weight of her own body.
“Ah!, Oh! Ooo! Oh my God!” she gasped as the dildos stretched her holes so very wide as they pressed further and further into her body.
The dildos, while being huge in diameter, were not excessively long; the one in her pussy was perhaps eight inches, while the one up her ass was somewhat longer – perhaps ten inches. Being of a nice flexible rubber the dildos took up the correct angles and flexed as they pushed all the way into the depths of Eve’s body. Finally her bottom coming down onto the seat of the chair, indicating that the monster cocks had stretched her to the maximum, and had forced their way right the way up her two cavities.

Eve sat there panting and, to tell the truth, feeling very pleased with herself as she sat there feeling stuffed full both up her pussy and up her backside.
This position seated on the stretching chair was only half of the fun. The men produced a high efficiency vacuum pump connected by tubes to two clear plastic suction cups which were about twice the size of Eve’s modestly proportioned breasts.
A smear of grease around the perimeter of her breasts helped establish the initial seal as the mechanism set up a low and regular pumping sound and the connecting tubes vibrated slightly.
It only took a minute before Eve began to feel the strange sensation in her breasts as the air was evacuated in the cups and her body’s own blood pressure began to swell her breasts.

The five men were all huddled around her watching her breasts intently, as was Eve watching with great interest herself.
“You can see them starting to swell now,” one alsancak escort of the men commented. The other men murmured their agreement as they continued to peer into the clear plastic cups at Eve’s now swelling breasts.
Brr..brr.brr.brr… the pump continued working.
Eve, her head pressed forward as she looked down and studied her ever swelling breasts with as much interest as the five men, commented that it made her feel decidedly strange.
“Wait until you see what we do with your nipples, once your tits can go no further,” one of the men laughed.
“What, what!” Eve exclaimed with undisguised excitement.
The men teased her more but wouldn’t explain further.

The rate of swelling in Eve’s breasts had now slowed up as the pump, having rapidly produced a vacuum in the cups, now worked to gradually increase the vacuum more and more.
After almost half an hour of pumping, Eve’s breasts had reached immense proportions relative to their normal size. They now in fact filled the entire cups and her nipples pressed into the removable caps which were situated at the apex of each plastic cup.
These two caps were now removed by the men and her nipples, which were normally relatively large but were now even more swollen, poked out allowing the men to quickly screw on two large and long containers. Already, Eve’s breasts were beginning to slightly decrease in size, however the operation of swapping the caps had been so rapid, and with the vacuum pump now working to evacuate the two new containers, they soon began to swell again and pressed up to once more fill the breast cups.
Eve now watched, along with the fascinated men, as her nipples began to swell and swell and swell to huge, unnatural, and obscene size, eventually attaining a length of some two inches and perhaps three quarters of an inch in diameter.
“Oh my dear God!” Eve muttered for the twentieth time, so amazed and fascinated was she with the bizarre things the men were doing with her breasts.

Next, Eve was told to stand up and the men, one on either side of her, took her hands. She began to lift herself off the chair but the dildos were so large and firmly inserted up both pussy and ass that the chair lifted off the floor with her.
The men all laughed uproariously and Eve grinned and laughed along with them.
Sitting down again, Eve placed her hands down on the edges of the seat and again, slowly, began to lift herself off the seat. This time she felt the huge dildos slowly easing out of her two fuck holes, and heard the oozing slurp sound as they pulled out of her body.
Once off the two dildos she was made to bend over, and the men bending and squatting behind her, marvelled at the two huge, gaping chasms of her pussy and ass. She looked so fantastically used with her gaping holes and with her two fantastically stretched breasts with the bizarrely huge teats hanging down with the vacuum pump still working relentlessly on them.

One man smeared some of the grease remaining on the chair, onto his hand and almost immediately was able to work all four fingers into Eve’s pussy. A little more twisting and pushing and his thumb tucked in alongside his fingers in her juice oozing hole. Moments later, with a little pressure, and lots of sighing and lustful moans from Eve, his entire hand disappeared up into her vagina.
The man then began to slowly drag his hand out, stretching her hole obscenely.
In again, out again, in once more. Eve was moaning in delight at this treatment.
In the man’s hand plunged, easily now as her pussy stretched to accommodate this fist fucking.
Inside her body, the hand formed into a fist which the man slowly dragged out of Eve’s hole, stretching the flesh even further and coming out with an obscene slurping pop.

“I wonder if the fucking whore can take a fist up her ass,” another of the men mused.
Greasing up his hand, along with Eve’s already dildo stretched ass, he began by inserting three fingers in that opening.
Slowly, slowly Eve’s anus was stretched and stretched. Four fingers now were entering into her anal passage and twisting, turning, pumping all the time.
Tucking his thumb between his fingers, Eve’s ass was now made to take that extra digit. She moaned and groaned in an ecstasy of lust with the fist continually pumping and pumping in and out of her lusting and juice dribbling pussy, and the fingers beginning to be pressed, with some pressure, further into her ass so that eventually, with an extra shove, the skin around her anal hole stretched and stretched sensationally so that her asshole began to engulf the main knuckles of the man’s hand and moments later the entire hand entered her body and slid up into her intestinal canal.
“Oh my God!” Eve panted and gasped. It had hurt her but the pain was all a part of her lustful desire to be abused.
The two men then both dragged their clenched fists, in unison, from Eve’s body.
“Ah!, Oh!, Ooo!” Eve panted and moaned.

Soon the two fists were pumping and fucking into her two incredibly stretched holes. Vigorously. Rapidly. Squelching. Slurping.
Another of the men positioned himself before Eve’s head. She needed no encouragement and began sucking and licking and devouring his fabulous, gorgeous big, hard cock. The man grabbed a handful of Eve’s glossy, black hair and thrust her head down hard onto his lusting, rampant cock so that it plunged down her throat.
The automatic reaction of Eve’s body was to try to vomit the cock out. Her throat and stomach muscles heaved in a reaching action. Her eyes stared and tears ran down over her cheeks as she flailed about with her arms and slowly choked and suffocated.
The man had no care whatsoever for her well being, she was simply an object for him to fuck and abuse, and so her just kept vigorously fucking her mouth and throat.
The other men all laughed and cheered him on as he fucked and fucked, almost viciously now, down Eve’s throat. The two fist fucking her had not for a moment let up on their work as their fists continued to plunge into her, by now, fantastically gaping holes.

Eve, on the verge of losing consciousness, was saved by the man reaching his climax and pumping his semen deep down into Eve’s throat.
He then pulled his cock from her head and Eve gasping and choking, gulped mouthfuls of air into her lungs.

Eve soon recovered and continued to stand in her bending position while the two men continued on and on, fisting her pussy and ass, more and more vigorously and, in the case of her ass, deeper and deeper until the mans forearm was disappearing more than half of its length up into Eve’s intestinal passage.
“I thought that we were going to stretch the fucking bitch,” one of the men asked questioningly.
“Yes,” a couple of the others agreed, and there was general consensus about the next game for which they’d subject Eve to.

The men stripped Eve’s breasts of the vacuum equipment, and she stood there with breasts twice their normal size, and with obscenely distended nipples protruding out in front of her like a couple of pegs on which to hang hats or coats.

“What time do we need to get you home cunt?” one of the men asked Eve as he gave her face a couple of slaps.
Eve flinched and replied that her husband was on a twelve hour shift so there was plenty more time for them to use her. The man glanced at the clock and saw that they’d had her for just over three hours so he knew indeed that there was plenty of time yet for torturing and abusing this slut.

The men had prearranged this torture for Eve, and had earlier secured two heavy hooks into the ceiling.
Eve was told to hold out her hands for the men to fasten leather straps around her wrists; she willingly complied and stood there holding her arms out and watching as the men fastened the straps.
Next, ropes were secured to the straps and looped up over the hooks in the ceiling. That done, two men, one either side of Eve, easily lifted her small weight off the ground and up onto their shoulders while two others took up the slack in the ropes and tied the ends off also to Eve’s wrist straps.
Eve lurched a little as she balanced up on the men’s shoulders. She giggled and bade them to be careful and not let her fall. Any chance of her falling was only momentary though, as moments later the roped were secured and held her steady.
The two men holding her aloft then crouched slightly so that Eve’s weight was gently taken up onto the ropes so that she was left hanging in mid air suspended and hanging by her outstretched arms.
Eve felt the immediate ache of her arms and shoulders as she hung, some three or four feet off the floor, like a side of meat in an abattoir.
“How’s that,” one of the men asked with a laugh.
“Not too good,” Eve replied, pulling a face as her arms hurt her already.

The men quickly secured a spreader rod to Eve’s ankles, and once that was in place, hung several small sandbags over the bar.
The weight of the sandbags was enough to really strain Eve’s arms and wrench constantly at her shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. “A-rr,a-rr, a-rrh, she gasped and groaned in anguish.”
One of the men began to fist fuck her pussy as several more sandbags added to the weight dragging through Eve’s entire body.

Eve was panting and gasping with pain. “No more! no more! God, I can’t take this!” she gasped out a word at a time in a staccato fashion as she struggled to breath and take the awful pain that was driving viciously through her body, making her feel as if her arm, legs, indeed her entire body would disjoint and come to pieces.

Putting on a rubber glove, and taking a paste of chili powder which the men had earlier mixed, one of the men began smearing the burning paste over Eve’s still abnormally distended breasts so that she was soon screaming frantically and writhing and twisting with the ghastly pain which made her breasts feel as if they were on fire.

Eve’s frantic screaming filled the room. “Fuck!” the men exclaimed. “We’d better shut the fucking bitch up,” and they stuffed a large, red, plastic ball-gag in her mouth and tightly buckled the straps behind her neck.
Eve’s eyes were staring in a panic of terror, her head heaved from side to side, her body was lurching about to the small degree that her ropes and the substantial weight dragging on her body would allow.
The men took up the leather lashes and the man who had been constantly fist fucking Eve’s pussy now pulled his fist from her body with a loud slurping noise and stood well back.
The lashes began to strike viciously and savagely all over Eve’s horribly suffering body.
More and more, harder and harder the terrible biting lashes of the leather rained down upon the soft flesh until Eve’s head lolled forward in a completely senseless state.

The weight of the sandbags was removed and Eve’s limp body was unshackled and lowered to the floor. One of the men then easily lifted her small body and the other men followed in his wake as he took the still limp body and sat it in the shower recess.
The cold water poured over Eve for some half a minute before, with shuddering tremors she regained consciousness and simply broke out into uncontrollable crying and sobbing.

Eventually Eve regained her senses and was allowed to adjust the warmth of the water and spend some considerable time showering and washing as she tried, largely unsuccessfully, to ease the pain that still racked her body.

The men left Eve to her own devices while they retired from the bathroom to go and make coffee. They were still sitting around drinking and discussing the nights events when Eve finally appeared in the doorway, wrapped in a large, fluffy towel.
The men were relieved to find that, other than limping slightly, being red and puffy all over her body and literally covered in red stripes and abrasions, Eve seemed to have survived their sadistic onslaughts. She was soon divested of the towel and was kneeling on all fours as the men took turns in fucking the hole of their choice – either pussy, ass or mouth, and indeed in some cases alternating between all three.
Eve, in spite of the aching and extreme tenderness that she experienced, was soon gasping and panting lustfully as her own sensual sensations were driven higher and higher until she was madly gasping and moaning in the delights of almost continual orgasm, either sucking lovingly and deeply, or pumping her body in unison with the fucking motions of the men who were continually fucking her.

Finally the last of the men gushed his sperm into Eve’s body to add to that of the four men who had preceded him. Eve then slumped to the floor panting and sighing with delighted happiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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