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Service Girl on Call

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Long before we married, my wife Amy was constantly cooking, cleaning, and sexually servicing her older sisters, and her stepfather.

She was told she had to earn her keep and she never complained.

Her sister Brenda had always taken advantage of Amy to do her chores and such. One day she found a better use for Amy. She had a huge strap on dildo that was also a vibrator. Her job was to lick her sister’s pussy until she was good and wet and then strap on the vibrating dildo and pump her sister while kissing her and sucking her tits until she came.

Both have huge tits. Amy has bigger, more succulent breasts, while Brenda does has big tits, her plump pale white ass is what all the guys love about her.

There was a great advantage to this, since the vibrating dildo’s base was specifically designed to vibrate against Amy’s clit so Amy always reached orgasm many times while pumping her sister with the strap on.

There was one other caveat. The dildo was uniquely designed to hold a good amount of liquid in a reservoir that was pressurized (kind of like a super soaker – the more Amy pumped in and out of her sister’s pussy, the more pressure would build up).

Amy would fill it up with warm water and once Brenda was close to orgasm, she would push a button on the back of the dildo strap that would squirt and blast the contents of the reservoir deeply and forcefully into her pussy.

After Brenda would finish she would head for the bathroom where Amy would draw a bath for her sister and bathe her and bring her to climax again using the water that came rushing out of anime porno the faucet. Amy would sit behind her sister and pinch Brenda’s nipples while Brenda’s wide open legs would receive the rushing water against her clit.

Things changed a bit once Amy and Brenda’s mom remarried.

The stepdad – Mark, moved in with his daughter who had unnaturally enormous watermelon tits (you have to see to believe – Amy later told me they were a size 44FF. The best part is her waist line is very thin in comparison so she looks like a cartoon character. Amy says her breasts weigh more than both her breasts combined, and hers are huge). Not too long after the honeymoon new rules were set in the house. (A lot of it had to do with the fact that Amy’s mom was pre-menopausal and was not in the mood for having sex. This pissed Mark off since he didn’t get married to be celibate).

The 3 girls had daily chores to perform. The chores were evenly rotated and no one performed the same duties 2 days in a row.

* 1 girl would cook, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* 1 girl would clean up the house, make the beds, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc.

* 1 girl would be on service call for Mark’s desires.

When Mark got home from work, the 3 girls would have to greet Mark at the door wearing only a pair of panties. Mark loved his girls’ titties and was happy to come home to see all of the beautiful titties on display waiting for him. Before he arrived, the girls would eat a candy of different flavors (1 girl was watermelon, 1 was sour apple, and Amy was cherry) since Mark liked asyalı porno his girls to taste like candy.

Mark would hug and kiss each girl gently on the lips tasting each flavor and the girl who was on service call would escort him to his bedroom and disrobe him and lead him to the bathroom where they would clean him from head to toe in the shower.

The shower would also require a good blowjob and/or a nice slow lathered-up tit fuck. Mark loved big titties and he was in titty heaven in his house. He loved to titty fuck until he was almost ready to cum then Mark would pump rapidly in the girls mouth, shoving his cock down their throat while grabbing the back of their head. He would cum quite forcefully and in great volume. He would only pull out his dick when he was limp and drained. His cum was salty, but watery in texture so it was bearable according to Amy.

He would then be escorted to dinner by his wife.

Many nights he would call in the service girl on duty and the standard procedure was for her to suck him to full erection. Then she would lube him and get on all fours and he would have anal sex with the service girl. Mark would paw and knead at the big titties as they swung from the pumping he was giving and pounding from behind. The slapping sound of his belly against the service girl’s ass would often be loud and thunderous. He would only fuck them in the ass and mouth, but never their pussies. He wanted his daughters to be “virgins” and get married in white. (He didn’t know about Brenda and his daughter getting fucked in the pussy with the strap on dildo). babes porno He also hated condoms and would only fuck the girls raw. He would cum inside of the service girl’s ass as he held handfuls of titties much to his delight and pleasure. Once he was limp and out of her ass she would wipe him clean and clean out the cum from her ass with water in a squirt bottle and head back to her room.

Amy continued to sexually satisfy her older sister with the addition of now servicing her stepfather and also now her stepsister.

The strap on vibrating squirting dildo was still used on most nights by the girls. They eventually came up with a new twist to the dildo. The girl on service call would get a mouthful of cum in the shower and would keep the dildo’s reservoir nearby. After the shower she would fill the reservoir with the cum that was just sucked out of Mark and mix it with a little water. Amy would strap on the dildo and fuck Brenda or her stepsister in their pussy and the girl being fucked would eventually press the button when they were ready and they would receive a blast of sperm deep in their pussy. Amy would sometimes warm the reservoir in the microwave for a few seconds so the cocktail could be nice and warm, and sometimes put it in the fridge so it could be nice and cold. Either way, the girls loved their pussy sperm shots and Brenda most of all would cum almost every time that she received her blast deep within her pussy. The sperm was then sucked out of the pussy that was just blasted and spit back into the reservoir so the next girl can get blasted.

The girls were secretly on the pill (which they got for free at the clinic) so they didn’t risk getting pregnant by Mark.

This happened every single day for many years until her stepfather and mother moved away and her sister got married.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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