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Sex Ed Ch. 02

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Thank you so much for your comments on the first installment, I hope this next one is an improvement and it leaves off where the first one ended. Please continue to make suggestions because this is my first time having a go at writing stories. Also, please do not contact me for any other purpose than to discuss the story or suggestions. Do not use the material without my consent. Thanks!



I needed the weekend to get over my embarrassment of having been caught re-living an intimate moment with my ex. Embarrassed? No, I was absolutely mortified. Sure, the class I teach requires people to be comfortable talking about their experiences and so on, but I have to remain the cool and collected professor. Always prepared to handle any question or concern that a student might have. As a teacher, you tend to lose the rest of your identity. You simply are just a teacher, nothing more. An asexual loner who spends most of his or her days with a nose buried in textbook after textbook. Social life? Friends? No way, not teachers. What would my students know about my sex life? Other than the fact that I was open with my sexuality from the beginning, they knew nothing.

I used to think like my students, too. I never thought about my teachers outside the classroom. What their hobbies were or if they had a favorite activity to do on a snow day. Did I ask any of my teachers? Absolutely not. Did I care to? Not even in the slightest. My teachers weren’t human in my eyes, they were just soulless caches of information that only existed to grade me harshly and critique everything I did.

In thinking about my behavior as a student over the weekend, I began to feel a little depressed. I wondered if my students felt the same way about me. I was curious if they ever thought about what I was like outside of the classroom. Hell, if they even wondered what I looked like in clothes that weren’t business suits or skirts. Have they thought about the class so far and gotten anything out of it yet? Have they applied any lessons I might have taught them to their personal lives? Did I teach them anything at all? Or are they simply spitting out what I’ve stuffed into their brains?

Wait a minute- why do I care? I’m an fully functioning, well-rounded adult. These minute details are irrelevant because I had a job to complete. What’s more important is that I need to not let that embarrassing moment between Kenzie and I distract me. Kenzie had finally agreed to come see me after class once a week for a quick tutoring session. I have to be able to be around her and not feel my face flush again. I’m sure she noticed how red I was, I bet she laughed at me all the way to her next class. Obviously I was unable to comfort myself.

The weekend was amazing aside from the internal struggle I was experiencing. An old high school friend of mine came back into town and invited me out to my favorite gay nightclub about 20 minutes from my apartment. It’s a great place, not too big, not too small, and the crowd always changes so you get to see a new face every time. I, however, am a very familiar face around those parts. I befriended the owner, Mike, who is a big, burly-looking man with a long and curly black beard. He always welcomed me with a smile and every time before I left he took a shot with me before sending me on my way.

So, Saturday night I met my friend for a quick bite before we made our way over to the club. From the outside you can always here the pulse of the bass of whatever song the DJ is playing at that time. That pulse is infectious. After one or two drinks, your body can’t help itself but give in. Mine certainly always gives in. I love to dance, and I think I dance quite well if I do say so myself. Well, if you need proof I’ll estimate I get asked to dance maybe 13 times a night, and those are the number of people who ask. Some tend to ask more than once, mind you.

I unintentionally swallowed my vodka martini down in two large gulps. I just needed to release some of that negative energy I was carrying around with me over Kenzie and my ex and class. My butt made it to the dance floor in .46 seconds, and nearly a minute later a very tall exotic woman started to close in on me. I froze in place, this woman had a good 4 inches on me even in my high heels! She had thin braids of hair that antalya escort tumbled down to her shoulders. Very dark caramel colored skin and the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen on a person. Her full lips were slightly parted and I could see her light pink tongue doing push-ups inside her mouth. She was wearing a white tank-top that hung so low I could’ve sworn her breasts would fall out at any moment. Her jeans clung to her long legs like a second skin. She moved slowly and methodically through the crowd and never took her eyes off me for a second.

Oh dayum, Lord help me, please because I don’t think I have the willpower to resist this one.

I was still frozen in place staring wide-eyed at this beautiful creature in front of me. Her tongue still moving inside her mouth and her lips still parted. She just stared at me for what felt like an eternity, a stare which completely dismantled my cool persona I try to maintain when I socialize at these places. I stood their like a mannequin waiting to be positioned and moved in whichever way she pleased. She moved in even closer to me, so close that her nose was resting on my forehead and I could feel her soothing calm breath on my face. She was completely in control and I was a fumbling idiot just standing there. Is she gonna kiss me? Should I kiss her? Omg, what do I do?

We stood their facing each other for maybe 4 minutes, neither of us touched the other. We just stared. My senses were going wild because this girl smelled like a heavenly combination of lavender and cucumber, and her soothing breath eventually calmed my nervous staggered breathing as well. The bass was still flowing, and you know I can’t resist that pulse for too long, so eventually I started to move again. Starting from my breasts I began to roll my body into her in a wave-like fashion, and her body melded with mine as we began dancing together.

My eyes never left hers, like there was some invisible magnet that made it painful to look away. Our bodies keep rolling and rubbing against each other, I spread my legs so her left leg fit in between them and my right thigh fit in between hers. Then, a sudden jolt of warmth rushed to my head and my heart skipped several beats. She put her hands on my hips and gained control of my movements that way. She slowed our dancing down, we matched to a rhythm that was not coming from the DJ booth, but from my very excited, and very needy slit.

I felt a strong force pulling me towards her and it took me a minute to realize that it was her hands pulling me closer. Our noses were nearly touching and when you’re that close to someone, it’s only natural to go in for the kiss. But my eyes could not pull away from her intense gaze, the magnetic energy was too strong so I held back and just let her run the show. We didn’t speak, I didn’t even ask her name, we just danced and grinded for what only felt like a few minutes, but was actually an hour or so. I could feel my slit was absolutely drenched probably through my clothes. I needed relief, I needed to come, and this must have reflected in my eyes and my exotic dance partner noticed.

“You come home wit me, yes?” Her English was broken, accent maybe from the Caribbean or West Indies. I’ve always found it so sexy how non-native English speakers can turn a question into a command because they don’t know quite how to phrase proper questions.

I smiled and nodded, anxious to leave that den of iniquity and finally put an end to this torturous ritual we were performing. She grabbed my hand and led me to the door. She walked her same slow and tantalizing walk because she was so calm and collected, meanwhile I was prepared to run a full sprint to her place just so we could sort out the mess she made of my panties.

On the way out, I saw a familiar pair of blue eyes at the bar. I turned my head slightly and saw that it was Kenzie. Kenzie’s eyes were locked onto me as this woman led me out of the bar. She was sitting there with a drink in hand, she looked to be alone or perhaps waiting for someone? What the fuck is she doing here? Has she been here the whole time? Did she see me?

I felt a tug on my arm, apparently I had stopped dead in my tracks to look at Kenzie and my lover was letting me know it was time to leave. I looked at Kenzie one last time and then continued following my hook up for the evening fethiye escort outside. She waved down a cab and in 10 hellish minutes we were at her place. She remained sexy but silent throughout. We entered her apartment and I followed her directly to her bedroom. She did not offer a drink or give me a tour, the mission was clear: we were going to make love and that was it.

Once we were in her bedroom, that same stare we shared while dancing came back. Those eyes, god, those eyes were just…wow. She undressed herself excruciatingly slow, first her top was pulled over her head and she held it out with one hand and dropped it on the floor. She continued on and this exhibitionistic show had my senses going wild. My eyes were dilated, I’m sure, and my breathing turned into a pant, my lips were parted and subconsciously I began licking them as her panties slid down her long and slender thighs. She backed away from me and sat on the bed, she pulled one leg up onto the bed and kept the other on the floor. They were spread really wide as my eyes traveled from her toes up to her dark, caramel-colored slit. Her sex was engorged and well-lubricated from what I could see. This beautiful image in front of me made my own pussy throb even harder than it had been.

“Take off clothes.” She said as she rested one hand on her flat tummy. Her other hand was stroking her thigh.

I tried to mimic her sexiness by removing my clothes in the same manner than she did. One by one, each piece of clothing fell to the floor. My lover was pleasuring herself watching me undress, using two fingers to pull and tug around her swollen lips, and her quiet cooing and moaning made me want to do the same, but I resisted as I removed my panties so all I had on were my heels.

“Keep those on.” She said. She stood up and walked over to me, grabbed my face and closed in on my parted lips. Our lips met and I could feel her gorgeous mouth swallow mine completely. Her tongue was agile and soft and danced inside my mouth, I struggled to keep up because I was a bit out of breath from the intense build-up to this moment. The kiss was rough, passionate, unyielding, but her lips were so soft and tasted like cinnamon spice. The whole night, the build-up to this kiss was the longest I’ve ever had to wait to be kissed, but once her lips landed on mine I lost the remaining fragments of willpower I had and just let her take control.

Her hands were all over my body, squeezing my breasts together and pinching my nipples occasionally, then they moved around my back to my ass as she grabbed a handful and pulled my cheeks apart. She did so with such force, she nearly picked me up, which she also took as a sign that she could and she did. It happened so suddenly I let out a small squeal. I recovered and wrapped my legs around her as she walked me back towards her bedroom door. She slammed my back against the hard wood, never removing her lips from mine as she held me there, using the door as added support. This display of strength and dominance was so sexy and never too overbearing. I felt her strength in her tongue as it continued to slide around inside my mouth, and the strength in her arms holding me in that position. The dominance she had over me at that point, knowing I couldn’t do anything to break free, I should’ve been scared because I hate losing control, but her calm gentleness from earlier had me at ease the whole night.

By now, my slit was pulsating with a magnitude so powerful I wondered if my lover could feel it through her abdomen, and I’m sure my sweet juices were covering her with a nice thin layer as she held me up. Finally, she traced the fingers of one hand down the curvature of my spine, around the outside of my bottom, and paused when she reached the sensitive skin between my anus and my opening. There she stood, teasing that area as she removed her mouth from mine. I gasped loudly. She re-positioned her mouth onto my neck and oh god, my neck…my body shuddered with pleasure as I melted even further into her body. She lapped and sucked up the sensitive areas around my neck and behind my ears, then she grabbed a hold of my bottom again with both hands, steadied herself, and hiked me up even further with my legs now wrapped around her waist just underneath her beautiful breasts.

From her, she had easier kaş escort access to my starving nipples. “Mmmmm!” escaped from my lips as she took one of my pink erect nubs into her mouth and used her tongue to flick it and swirl it around. Then I could feel her teeth take the nip and slightly pull at it, the sensation sent pleasure to every part of my body from my fingertips to my toes. My lover remained focused and nearly determined to save my drenched pussy for dessert or so it seemed due to this laborious treatment to every other part of my body. “Mmmm yessss, ohhhh yessss that’s it!” is all I managed to get out when really what I was thinking was Oh god, just fucking fuck me already!

My foreign lover finally got the hint that I was about ready to burst in between my legs, so she steadied her grip and pull me off the wall and over to her bed. I don’t know where it came from but I had a sudden rush of assertiveness flow through my veins as I pulled her down and rolled her onto her back, gazed into her eyes and then turned myself around into a 69 position. Her musky scent filled my nose and I could see her slit was engorged and her pearl was peeking out from her hood. I dove right in, once I saw her swollen button I went straight for it with my lips. I kissed it and all around her hood and I heard satisfactory moans from my lover. My pussy was receiving similar attention as my love spread my engorged labia apart and teased my opening with her fingertips. I began to rock my hips back, urging her to slide her fingers inside me but my lover held back and continued to drive me insane. I had no such patience as her smell intoxicated me, I licked up and down her awaiting slit and probed my tongue in between her wet lips. I found her opening and massaged around it with my warm muscle, then I probed further and further using my neck muscles to reach as deep into her hot center as I could. Her inner walls closed in on my tongue and responded to every movement I made. I curled my wet muscle back and forth and swirled it around inside of her, my caramel-skinned began gyrating her hips to match my rhythm.

My pace was steady, the rhythm was addicting, not too slow but still sensual enough to drive you wild. Everything we did together we created our own music. Back at the bar, while we danced, we completely forgot about the songs in the background and instead grooved to the sound of our raging libidos. My lover was losing herself I could tell, her muscles in her legs began to tremble, and I took that as a sign to slide my tongue out and swallow her precious pearl. I took it between my lips and gently sucked and occasionally graze the tip with my tongue. This sent my lover over the edge as orgasm crashed down on her body, her muscles stiffened, “ay ay ay AYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!”

Yep, definitely Caribbean. I was only guessing, but her final shriek told me she was Caribbean. When her orgasm finished she finally brought me to my own, taking my own nub between her thumb and finger with the other hand continued to probe my inner walls, eventually finding their way deep inside me. Her fingers were aroused with new determination as her climax ended and she went wild on my pussy, and I swear I’ve never felt anyways hands move that fast. My orgasm was intense as finally the relief washed over me, I could feel a river of fluids stream down my leg and my lover lapped it up.

The intense build-up throughout the evening was nothing like I had ever experienced. The intensity of my first orgasm caught me off guard, but I was able to keep going a bit longer, enough to give my lover even more satisfaction. It took awhile for my clit to compose itself, and when it did my lover wasted no time. The night at her apartment lasted hours, as we each took turns bringing the other up and down and up and back down, and eventually to the orgasm we yearned for. I believe I only got a maybe an hour of rest before I decided to grab my things and leave, it was nearing sunrise anyway, around 5:50am.

As I said goodbye to my lover, whom I still didn’t know who she was or where she was from, not even her name, I walked towards a corner shop near her house and phoned for a cab. As I waited, I reviewed the night in my head because my lover’s smell was still on my face and I could still taste her. But one image popped up that stayed with me for the rest of the day, haunted me. It was seeing Kenzie at the bar.

Okay, seriously, what was she doing there? Did she see me dancing with my lover? Oh god, I bet I looked like an idiot. Wait, were we supposed to meet? Am I missing something? No, no- calm down, you need a cup of coffee.

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