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Sex in the Family

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She was greeted with, “happy birthday to you,” sung by her mother and her younger sister Angel, as she came down to breakfast on the morning of her 18th birthday, dressed for school as usual.

“Now,” said her mum, “no school for you today Honey. You and I are going on a special day out instead, after all it’s not every day a girl becomes a woman! 18 today, I can’t believe it! It seems only yesterday when you were born. Now hurry with your breakfast darling and then open your presents.”

She turned to her other daughter and said, “Angel – off with you. Time to go to school or you’ll miss the bus. See you tonight darling.”

After Angel had gone, Honey opened the presents which rather surprisingly consisted of a short, halter-neck dress from her mum, a pair of high heels from her eldest brother Jamie and a small, see-through, strapless, bra and matching thong from her other brother Simon.

When she had finished opening the very strange presents she said, “what are these for Mum? I don’t wear clothes like this. And why have Jamie and Simon given me these things? It’s not like them at all.”

Her mother said, “but darling, now you’re a woman. You’re no longer a little girl. Now you need to dress like a woman. Run upstairs and change out of your uniform and into these wonderful new things and be quick – we don’t want to be late.”

“Late for what,” asked Honey.

But her mother just laughed and said, “if I told you, it wouldn’t be a birthday surprise – now would it sweetheart?”

When Honey came back downstairs her mother said, “Oh my god. Would you look at you! You look amazing. You look so grown up darling. You look so very pretty my angel!”

She didn’t actually look “pretty” at all. The dress, as intended, revealed all of Honey’s quite considerable assets. She looked like a very, very slutty and very, very available hooker!

Honey tried to smile at the compliments but was feeling terribly self-conscious in the very high heels, the dress that only just covered her bottom and nipples (and almost totally exposed her rather large breasts), the thong and the very small bra. She had never worn anything like them in her life and was feeling very, very uncomfortable.

Despite Honey’s protests that she didn’t want to go out wearing these clothes, they left the house shortly after and Honey again questioned her mother about where they were going, but she just said, “you’ll see sweetheart. It’ll be worth the wait I promise!”

Honey’s mother drove for about half an hour until she slowed in front of a cabin in the hills a few miles from home. As they pulled in, Honey recognised the other two cars there with surprise. They belonged to her two brothers – Jamie who was 36 and Simon who was 34 – both of whom were married with children. Honey and Angel had been, what you’d probably call, late arrivals!

Honey adored both her brothers and rushed into the room with a squeal of delight – totally forgetting to be self-conscious about the way she was dressed.

After hugging her, he put her away from him and looked her up and down. Jamie whistled czech harem porno and said, “don’t you look sexy Honey – in those clothes you’re almost good enough to eat!”

She blushed, remembering now how she was dressed and tried to hide some of her exposed flesh with her hands. Simon walked over, pulled her hands away and said, “wow – I think our kid sister just grew up!” Again, Honey blushed but was secretly pleased with their compliments – she had always hero-worshipped them, them being so much older.

When their mother followed her in, Honey asked, “so what are we all doing here Mum? Why am I dressed like this and why are we celebrating my birthday here?”

Jamie walked over and locked the door and gave their mother a significant look. Honey looked puzzled and asked again what was going on.

Her mother said, “come over here Honey – let’s all sit down. I’ve got something to tell you.” She led her daughter to a small sofa by the window and put her arms around her, whilst the boys sat on a similar couch opposite.

“It’s like this sweetheart. As you know, today is your 18th birthday. It’s a very special birthday. It’s a day when you officially become a woman.”

Honey nodded still looking puzzled and asked what she meant.

Her mother explained further, “our family is a very close one sweetheart. You’ve always believed that your father left me after Angel was born. Well actually Jamie is your father sweetheart and Simon is Angels’! So you see – we are a very close family – sexually close. That’s how babies are made in our family.”

Honey gasped and said, “then who is Jamie’s and Simon’s father?”

Her mother answered, “my brother, your Uncle John. He made me pregnant twice – with Jamie and Simon, sweetheart.”

Honey shrank away but her mother, still holding her continued, “and today, my darling, Jamie and Simon are going to do the same to you. They are going to sow their seeds deep inside you and hopefully we will shortly be welcoming a new life into our family – your baby. And our family circle will continue.”

Honey just sat in total shock with her head in her hands. She had just been told that her family indulged in incest – in a big way! Her brother Jamie was actually her father and her other brother Simon was actually her sister’s father! And they were fathered by her uncle. She just couldn’t take it all in.

She said, “and what about Angel? What about me going to university in the autumn?”

Mum replied, “When Angel reaches 18 they will take her too and get her with child. By then you will have your hands, and belly, full with at least one baby – maybe two! You won’t have any time for university darling – my only plan for you my darling is to have lots of your brothers’ adorable babies!”

As Honey began to sob, her mother reached out and pulled her hands away from her face. She began to stroke Honey’s bare back soothingly and crooned soft words in her ear interspersed with light kisses on her neck.

Gently she undid the halter neck top and pulled down the front of her dress czech mega swingers porno – exposing her large, breasts in their see-through miniscule bra! Both boys smiled at the sight of their sister’s large, dark nipples clearly visible through the thin material.

As Honey made to pull her dress back up, her mother slapped her hands away and said, “don’t fight this Honey. Relax and it won’t hurt. You resist and it will hurt – a lot. I thought you loved your brothers – if you do, then let them do this. It will mean a lot to us all. It will bind us all together forever with love!”

With this she unhooked her daughter’s bra revealing her full, heavy breasts and reaching out pinched both of her daughter’s nipples hard, smiling as they instantly hardened and Honey gasped and tried to pull away.

Ignoring her, her mother continued to twist and turn her daughter’s nipples cruelly, until Honey was moaning in pain, while the boys started to rub their crotches suggestively. After a few minutes, she pulled Honey to her feet and removed the dress completely – leaving her daughter totally naked except for the thong and high heels.

There she stood in front of her two brothers (one of whom was actually her father!) – unaware of how sexy she looked. Her young, ripe, inviting, virgin teenage body there for the taking.

Both boys were obviously aroused as their mother beckoned Jamie forward whilst holding out one of Honey’s voluptuous breasts to him. He came forward and started to suckle avidly at the proffered breast.

Their mother said, “just wait till you’re all swollen with child Honey – then they can really suckle at your tits – like they do at mine! Mine have been full of milk since the day you were born girl. Come here Simon and show your sister.”

And with that her mother unbuttoned her own shift dress and exposed her own full, heavy, pendulous naked breasts. Her younger son, Simon, came forward eagerly and kneeling down took one of his mother’s enormous breasts in his hands and fastened his mouth around one of her nipples and began to suckle.

After a moment, Jamie transferred his suckling from Honey to his mother’s other breast. While Honey watched, amazed, both men continued to suckle and it was obvious from the swallowing sounds that they were actually drinking their mother’s milk!

Their mother said, with a satisfied smile on her face, “now you know why both your brothers still come home all the time Honey! I feed them. You will too sweetheart – just as soon as we get you with a baby in your belly girl!”

After a few minutes, Jamie stopped suckling at his mother’s breast and started to kiss Honey, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, whilst his brother continued to happily suckle at their mother’s breasts.

Jamie’s fingers found Honey’s pussy (pushing aside the thong), and pushing her legs apart forced one finger inside her. He started to finger-fuck her – ignoring her cries, all the while continuing to kiss her. His finger was soon joined by one of Simon’s and she now had two digits finger-fucking czech pool porno her dry, tight, virgin pussy.

The boys both now began to suck at Honey’s tits whilst continuing to finger-fuck her and after a few minutes their mother said (still sitting on the same sofa with her own naked breasts still hanging out and dripping milk), “bite down hard boys – now!” and they did, together, biting down on Honey’s tender, nipples.

As Honey screamed, they could feel her juices start to flow inside her over their fingers. Their little sister had just had her first orgasm of the day – and it sure wouldn’t be her last! And, just like their mother, she obviously enjoyed pain!

Their mother then stood up and said, “right – over to the bed now boys and get naked. It’s time you two got busy. I want a baby growing inside her by nightfall!”

Their mother led a sobbing Honey over to the bed in the corner and gently laid her down. She pushed one of her naked breasts into Honey’s mouth and was pleased to see that she instinctively started to suckle and swallow. When the boys were both naked, they laid on the bed either side of their sister. They continued to dry-suckle and bite her breasts and finger-fuck her until she had climaxed a few more times.

When their mother thought she was wet enough, she said, “right Jamie. As her dad – you get the honour of busting her!”

With this, she held Honey’s shoulders down and Simon held her legs wide apart while his brother knelt between them. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and said softly, “now sweetheart – this will hurt – but it will only be for a minute. As soon as I’ve broken through it won’t hurt much any more. I’ve been waiting so long to do this darling – you’re just so beautiful.”

And with this, he plunged straight into her pussy and straight through her hymen while Simon bit down hard on one of her nipples. Honey screamed and bucked as Simon held her legs, her mother held her head and Jamie started to pound in and out – truly busting his daughter once and for all.

It seemed that Honey’s screaming spurred him on and after just a few minutes he stiffened, obviously about to come, and their mother said, “go on boy, aim high – shoot straight into her womb!” So he did.

The boys changed places. Now Jamie held her legs apart and whilst Honey was still crying – partly from shock and partly from pain – her newly opened pussy was suddenly invaded again – this time by Simon’s cock, which being wider than Jamie’s ripped her and hurt like hell.

To stop her screaming, Jamie pushed his semi-erect cock into her mouth and started to face-fuck his own daughter, whilst his brother fucked her pussy – all in front of their mother!

After a few minutes, when Jamie was good and hard again, he removed his cock and went round to their mother, removed her dress (she wasn’t wearing any underwear) and pushed her naked onto her hands and knees on the bed beside Honey.

And whilst Simon fucked his own sister on the bed – now too shocked to fight or need to be held down, Jamie fucked his own mother from behind with a matching rhythm.

As they both shot their loads at about the same time – one high into his sister’s womb and the other high into his mother’s womb – their mother said, “who knows? Maybe we’ll be making two babies here today!”

And they all said , “happy birthday Honey!”

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