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Sex on the Beach

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A few weeks ago, I had sex with my FWB “T” in a hotel swimming pool, while being watched from above by a couple on the balcony. T is turned on by risky public sex, and this exhibitionist streak excited me. So last night I decided to push her limits a little more than sex in a hotel room. I told I’d pick her up and take her to dinner before our date. When I left home it was beautiful weather and a pleasant breeze… great for my plans. On my way, I drove through torrential rain and figured my plans were not going to work. However by the time I picked her up the rain had dissipated to a drizzle. I told her I’d take her to dinner at the beach, and we headed east. The weather cleared, thankfully my plan looked like it would work. I suggested we pick up some sandwiches and eat on Hollywood beach. T readily agreed.

I drove down to A1A and found a parking place by the Hollywood boardwalk – as the weather has been stormy, not difficult, we were the only car. We walked over the boardwalk onto the beach with our dinner and a rug I had brought. It was windy, canlı bahis the waves crashing, not much moonlight so it was pretty dark in that area of the beach. We walked to a lifeguard shack and sat up on the deck, finding shelter from the wind. I laid out a rug on the deck of the shack. A few couples walked past, but the beach was pretty deserted. I’ve seen it a lot busier with shadowy figures making out, but tonight we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Which suited me just fine, I had plans…

T is a blond, but that night she showed up wearing a brunette wig, it was a very different look, like I was with a different person. As we ate our sandwiches, I asked her to tell me about her wildest experiences. She told me about her friend who liked to have T watch while he fucked other girls. She enjoys being a voyeur. And about the night she was in the home of a married man when his family returned unexpectedly, and had to hide in a closet. As she recounted her dirty tales I felt her perky nipples harden through her thin shirt, she was braless as usual bahis siteleri and soon we were kissing, I was rock hard and she was feeling my cock through my pants. Then she stood up, pulled off her jeans and shirt, and stood in front of me, just her black leather thong on. My back was against the shack wall, she stood over me, I pulled her thong down and started to lick her clit… Pulling her into me closely, she is leaning against the shack wall, I have two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass… and I eat her till she cums, she’s yelling, pulling my hair – standing there naked on the lifeguard shack was exciting her, she was soaking wet, if anyone was passing they would have been sure to hear us.

After she came she lay down, pulled my pants off and started to BBBJ me… she always keeps great eye contact as she licks… she stood up to maneuver around and I pulled her ass to me, licking her asshole and fucking her with my fingers. She is pushing her gorgeous ass back into my face, she likes her rosebud licked… She then squatted down on my cock. bahis şirketleri I am still sitting with my back against the wall… She is sliding up and down on me, she is tight, I hold her boobs, playing with her erect nipples… I reach down and feel the juices dripping out of her, and spread some onto her asshole… then I put one, then two fingers in her ass. She turns around so her back is to me, and sits down RCG sliding my dick into her ass. It’s slick from fucking her, and she is very adept at anal, she is sliding up and down on me, god it was tight.

I could come right there, but I don’t, I tell her to get on her knees, I get behind her and slide my cock into her ass and started to fuck her. She took a pounding, I could tell it was getting sore for her, she was laughing about how big I was that night – and it’s true, with a little blue pill and the exposed outdoor fucking I was extra hard. So finally I let go in her ass, and collapsed spent on the deck. We were both laughing so hard as we picked up our stuff dressed and left the beach. A city parking enforcement car was parked beside us, the driver gave us a knowing glance, that part of the beach is known for nocturnal activities… Afterward we stopped at Fridays for a late dessert. What a fucking great date!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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