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Sex on the Plane

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My eyes flicker open with the plane in near darkness and the soft tones of the captain dispersing through the speakers.

“We’re just crossing over Texas. Local time is 3am, temperature is 100 Fahrenheit. We’re on time and we have another three hours approximately to go to LAX.” I lose focus as his words trail into meaningless chatter about the weather.

Looking back, I see almost the whole of first class asleep, the cabin crew, idly chatting at one end of the aircraft and a couple of reading lights left on. But apart from that, it’s quiet. Just the sound of the air conditioning and the plane making its way to California.

Mike is waking up too, one eyelid lifts open as he lifts his stubbled cheeks against my shoulder and nuzzles my face. He had to catch as many hours as he could before the big meeting tomorrow with the Hollywood execs but it was proving difficult for both of us.

He’s in his casual suit, black shirt, crisp black pants, a beautiful silver watch, a Patek strapped to his wrist. He’s honestly delicious and it’s making it difficult to think of anything else. My husband looks very sexy, as much as it pains me to concede it, when he wanted to he knew how to sharpen up, he knew exactly how to keep a girl on her toes.

“Hey baby.” He muffles through the face mask.

“Hey you.” I muffle back, taking him all in. I want to kiss him but just looking at him with his effortlessly hot mannerisms was more than sufficient.

“What time is it?”

“Three apparently.” He tries to yawn through the mask and throws his big arms in the air, stretching behind his hair and extending his triceps before puffing his chest out. He has that heady fresh water scent that I’ve become addicted to and its having an intoxicating effect on my body, stirring something primal in me.

He notices my apparent obsession with his current look and my eyes take a quick peek between his legs noticing his growing member straining against the front of the pants, just begging to be released.

“Who said you could keep checking me out so casually?” He raises one eyebrow and scolds me, slapping me on the leg quickly before I get a chance to cover myself.

I laugh and try to conceal my schoolgirl blush behind the mask as he widens his legs a little bit more, revealing the full extent of his bulging shape spreading down his thigh. My laughs quickly turn to exotic curiosity as he stays rock hard under my touch. He keeps his hand between my legs and lets a gentle finger trail down the inside of my leg, caressing me tenderly, before whispering through the mask into my ear.

“Go wait for me in the toilet.”

“Mike! Are you kidding? No way!” I feign indignation but my inner wants cry their approval.

“This isn’t a negotiation, young lady. I’ll give four knocks.” I stroke his pants and furtively look up and down the aisle, the coast was clear, nearly everyone was asleep bar a few late readers. An elderly couple were having an animated conversation further back but there was no way they would spot anything amiss.

Unfastening the seatbelt, I jiggle loose from the seat and squeeze past him, trying to avoid eye contact with the stewardess wandering around a few seats back from us. My heels feel cebeci escort heavy, I’m like a plodding elephant as I try to get to the toilet without too much attention.

Reaching the toilet I slide in carefully and lock the door waiting for the four taps.

Four taps. One, two, three…four. The last one takes a while to come and I’m cautious with the door, but he wedges his way in and quickly locks it behind him dragging his delicious scent in with him. It’s these moments that remind me I’m a lucky wife.

His smouldering gaze pins me to the toilet walls. He has that look in him, like he wants to ravage me all night. I swim in his eyes for a second and feel the weight of the world disappear just as quickly. He presses himself against me, his stomach muscles feeling like steel against my heaving belly as he grabs my neck and moves to my ear.

“Forget the foreplay.”

Running his hands over my breasts to my stomach, he quickly hikes my skirt down, making me step out of it and his hands go to my taut nipples, letting his fingers grace them gently before squeezing a little harder and moving south. He pulls my dripping panties to one side, teasing the lace for a moment and plunges his index finger inside me, eyes never leaving mine, one hand still on my neck as I grip onto his back for support.

Whispering in my ear, I leave my head against his shoulder and relax into the movement. With two fingers he beckons my hips towards him using a ‘come hither’ motion, its quite seductive seeing him in just the mask, like we could be two strangers fucking anonymously for the first time. My body bows towards his as he strokes his fingers inside me, against my walls and against all the most sensual points. He looks down on me, a few inches taller than I am in my heels as I let him take the reins, dominating me with his usual fervour, making me pant as he turns me around to face the mirror, his other palm pressing against my clit as his fingers soothe me one at a time.

“You feel so good on my fingers Rose, what if the stewardess caught us right now, you with your little wet cunt dripping all over my hands, being a bad girl like this.”

His words inject me with another overwhelming dose of arousal as I feel the beginnings of an orgasm building. It was ridiculously hot knowing we could get caught at any moment, that and his talented fingers were accelerating me to the perfect fantasy.

He takes his mask off, flinging me around to turn to face him and he brushes his lips and tongue down my stomach. I know where he’s headed and I can’t hold him back. In one swift motion he lifts me onto the counter to make the angle easier and spreads my thighs with his hands, gently rubbing his thumb against my clit in a diagonal motion. It’s enough to have me rolling my stomach and hips towards his face to grind his big hands just a little bit harder. I look back at our mess of bodies in the mirror, sweat beginning to drip down my forehead and lower back with my thick afro shaking with each surge of his attack on my damp vulva.

Pinning my legs back he keeps his eye contact, those blue eyes piercing mine like never before. With his eyes burning holes in me, he licks me slowly, a çukurambar escort little trail of my lust lining the underside of his tongue as he laps through my bush, pulling my arousal all the way out of me. He knows we don’t have much time but there’s no initial rush as he moistens his tongue inside me again, going deeper and directing the tip towards my pulsating clit. He alternates between a couple of slow strokes and some quicker ones, keeping his eyes locked on mine the whole time.

Fuck, it feels too good. I try to control my breathing under the mask, but looking down at my sexy husband viciously cleaning me like this with just his tongue is tipping me over the edge far too quickly. He knows what he can do to me and how fast he can build me up to giddy levels of ecstasy.

He keeps his rhythm, his deep voice vibrating me down there, as I feel more drops of arousal come spilling out of my soaked flower. I tighten my muscles around his long and winding tongue as he spreads my wetness over my clit.

“Baby, your tongue feels too good, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t…” Words are leaving me carelessly now, my mask just about containing my excitement.

“I want you inside me so bad.” There was no way we could without making too much noise but just the fantasy was driving me wild, even whispering it was getting me far too hot and bothered.

Speeding up, he starts to work his fingers in and out of me, in and out, in and out, whilst keeping the pressure of his tongue firmly against my opening. The sensation is building and building, overcoming every tip of my body. I’m going to beg for relief in any second, relief from his tongue stretching my lips and pulling at me.

“Baby, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh…FUCK.” Thankfully my mask keeps the decibels low but I wouldn’t be surprised if the stewardesses were all listening in by now, getting their little thrills from how well he is working me.

He laps my warm slit vigorously, thrusting his tongue directly on my clit as my hands grab his thick hair to try and control what’s about to happen. But it’s useless, all that leaves me are desperate gasps as I hold one hand over the mask to try and contain the loud moans.

My jaw drops under the mask as my eyes squeeze together ready for the endless eruption. I gush all over his mouth slowly, as he keeps his fingers going with a pumping motion. I moan more aggressively through the mask as I squirt even harder, covering his face in my juices and rip my pink fingernails through his brown strands, trying hard to hold onto him. He holds my legs in place to reduce the noise as I flail mindlessly against the taps and sit there, helpless, quivering, unable to do anything else but bask in pleasure as his talented tongue tastes my remaining excitement, burying deep inside me. My clit pulses hard against his mouth, growing extra sensitive as I let him massage my sopping vulva with slower flicks of his tongue before he gives me a break.

I shake with his grip on my ankles on the top of the sink but he holds me still preventing my legs from hitting the door too loudly. Finally, reluctantly, I come down from my climax, panting under the mask, like an ankara escort athlete at the end of a workout, I’m drenched in my own fluids and sweat. I run my hands down his triceps and drag my fingernails across his chest, getting my own little touches of affection in as his rigid body relaxes back into mine. I have to take him in my mouth but there’s a rapping on the door, as I stand up to unsheath him from his trousers. Three loud knocks and an impatient voice to go along with it.

“Excuse me, people are waiting for the bathroom, could you hurry up please.”

He puts his fingers to his lips and signals for me to create a diversion with the woman outside. A moment of panic besets me as I shrug. We were caught…after all of that and someone needed the toilet. Mike urges me to calm down as he

“Just one second. I’ll be done in a couple of minutes.”

I can see he is throbbing down there, his big erection almost in my hands, through the zipper of his pants. It was taking every ounce of willpower to deny myself, but we couldn’t get caught.

“If you don’t come out soon, I’m going to complain, you’re hogging it!”

My eyes roll in a cartoonish fashion as I raise my voice a little louder to the gatecrasher outside.

“Okay m’am, I’m nearly done, you can keep your hat on. Everyone is gonna get their toilet time.”

My index finger rolls across his pulsing girth as I bite into my lips, imagining what it could be like somewhere else. He holds my finger and kisses my hand quietly before whispering.

“Next time baby. It can be all my fun next time.” Nodding, I kiss him on the lips, as he sucks and nips me back in reciprocation.

“I love you.” I smile back at him and quickly adjust my panties in the mirror. The face mask goes back on and I tidy my skirt down as he washes his own face and wipes the top down trying to remove any evidence of our exuberant activities. Quickly, I flush the toilet and pretend to wash my hands before the deafening noise of the dryers blocks out the woman’s complaining. Mike stands behind me ready to dart out as I slowly unlock the door and fling it open.

I burst out and turned to the left where she was standing, denying her a view. It is an older woman, early 70s maybe, the woman from the arguing elderly couple I saw earlier when making my way to the bathroom. Her hands are on her hips and her glasses protrude to the end of her nose. She almost looks like a cross between a disgruntled owl and a Gringotts goblin, a lifelong miser. The mask was doing her no favours.

“So sorry about that, bad meal before take-off, you know how it is.” Mike skips past me with her distracted and heads back to his seat. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to notice but it doesn’t look like she buys the excuse.

“I don’t think you were even on the toilet.” A real busybody this one. She peers into the toilet with a flash of disgust across her face and slowly takes her hands from her hips rudely barging past me.

“Honestly, the state of some people today, defies belief. When I was twenty you could get a plane and…” Her cranky voice trails off as she slams the door to the toilet and bolts it shut.

I close my eyes and rest against the wall to the toilet, letting my legs slide down. They feel like jelly, I feel emptied of all cares and worries and hopelessly addicted to him. Through a lazy eye I look to our seats and see him looking back at me, a lop-sided grin smeared across his face, with the mask down temporarily as he winks at me.

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