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Sexploration Ch. 05

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3D Hentai

Doctor Harden woke up early in the morning. His wife was sleeping with her back turned towards him; usually she slept snuggled against him. He got up, walked around the bed and delicately sat down next to her, doing his best not to wake her up. He looked at her face. She was so beautiful. He loved her so much.

“What is happening to you Mary? If I only could know what the problem is. If only I could know how to help you.”

Seeing that his sleeping wife won’t answer his silent questions, he got up and went to the bathroom where he took a quick shower and shaved. Mary was awake when he returned. She was still lying in bed. She paid him no attention as he entered. She was busy staring through the window.

“Good morning my love,” he said lovingly.

“Good morning,” she replied melancholically without looking at him.

Doctor Harden looked through the window to see what his wife was staring at, but except for trees and few clouds lazily sailing on the blue sky there was nothing of interest there.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said.

“It is.” Her voice was absentminded.

“Do you have any plans for what to do today?”


He could see that this discussion, assuming you could call it a discussion, was going nowhere. He desperately tried to think of something to say that could get her attention. It was then that he recalled his talk with Alice last night. When he came back to his room Mary was already sleeping. Now was as good time as any to tell her. Sooner or later he had to do it. Besides, he was curious about her reaction. Some small, selfish part of him still hoped that she was going to get jealous.

“My love, I have something to tell you.” She kept staring through the window and gave no sign that she heard him. “Last night, when you were sleeping, Alice called.”


“Alice Chong, my assistant. There is some sort of emergency at the institute.” He decided to be vague, especially since he himself did not fully understand what Alice was rambling about last night. Judging by her state, the last thing Mary needed right now was to hear spooky stories about weird meteorites and alien energy.

“Apparently, they have a problem and they urgently need my opinion. Alice is going to come this afternoon to discuss the problem with me.” Mary continued to ignore him. “It shouldn’t take more than few hours. She’s going to sleep here tonight and then she’s going to depart in the morning.”

“Ok,” Mary said in completely unconcerned voice, as if he was making comments about last year’s weather.

“Well, I’m happy to see that it doesn’t bother you.”

Actually, he was quite worried by the lack of any emotional response. Mary insisted on this vacation for months. When he finally agreed and they started to make plans, she was very clear about him completely forgetting his work for these five days. He expected anger after telling her about Alice, or at least some sort of reaction. Instead, he got nothing.

“Are you going to eat breakfast? I’m going to prepare something nice and we could eat on the balcony. The view is magnificent.”

“Ok,” she agreed with as much enthusiasm as she did before. “I have to wash first.”

“Absolutely. Go take a shower and do whatever you need to do and relax while I’ll go and make a truly delicious breakfast,” he said with faked cheerfulness.

Mary got up and went to the bathroom. Her husband followed her every step with worried eyes.


Mary locked the door to the bathroom and immediately found herself facing a dilemma. Should she take a shower or a bath? By now she was feeling better. A good night of sleep helped her mind to heal. She was still emotionally shaken by the memory of her kitchen adventure with Billy, but she was starting to put it back behind her. She still could not explain it. Was it a fantasy or hallucination or a dream? At this point it didn’t matter. Her mind was healing and that was the important thing.

She decided to take a bath. A bath was more relaxing than shower. A long, relaxing bath would do her good.

The bathroom was equipped with one of those luxurious bathtubs large enough to accommodate a small group of people. Mary turned on the water and poured in some oils and lotions. Soon the bathroom began to fill with the delicate, artificial scent of flowers. As water continued to pour in, foam started to form and expand.

It took time before the bathtub filled. While waiting, Mary returned to the bedroom and watched the garden through the window. It was another hot, sunny day and the garden looked beautiful with thousands of colorful, blooming flowers. She promised herself to go for a long walk after breakfast.

When the bath was ready, Mary tied her long hair into a bum and slipped off her nightgown. She lowered her naked pornstar-like body into the hot water and spent the first moments enjoying herself and playing with the foam. Then, she put a little bit of liquid soap on a sponge and started to slowly wash her female fake taxi porno body. A warm feeling started to form inside her. She lifted one of her gorgeously shaped legs high in the air and delicately half washed, half caressed it.

The warm feeling was starting to become pleasurable. And then it hit her – horniness. It was as sudden and intensive as the attack she had the previous day.

Mary dropped the sponge and grabbed the edges of the bathtub. Her breathing became heavier. Her nipples hardened to the point where it almost hurt. Her nerves became so sensitive that even the movements of water splashing against her naked body caused shivers of pleasure. Nevertheless, no matter how much her pussy screamed to get fucked, her brain refused to give in.

“No. I will not do it again. Whatever is happening, I must not give in. If I resist, it will go away.”

She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. The horniness was becoming more intense with every second. She recalled with horror, but also lust, what took place in the kitchen on the previous day. Afraid, she opened her eyes expecting to see Billy standing there naked with his huge erect cock, but the bathroom was empty.

She looked at the door and saw, with much relief, that it was still locked. At least Billy was not going to get inside and fuck her. She knew that in her state she wouldn’t have been able to resist his young, athletic, naked body and his young, virile, massive cock.

Thinking about his cock only got her more horny, if such a thing was even possible. She closed her eyes again and started thinking about her son’s member. She recalled how wonderful it felt to suck it and feel his big, pulsing veins with her tongue. She remembered grabbing him with her small hand, feeling his hardness and stroking him. She remembered him ejaculating in her mouth and drinking his seed. She remembered how deliciously it tasted. But she also remembered that she had to resist.

It took her a moment to realize that someone or something was touching her butt. At first Mary wasn’t sure if it wasn’t simply an illusion created by the movements of water, but then she felt her ass being lifted up into the air.

She opened her eyes. Her heart froze. Billy was there. He was naked and kneeling in the bathtub in front of her.

Immediately, her brain split into two parts. One part started to ask herself questions. How did her son get here? She could see that her bathroom door was still locked, and there were no windows. And even if he did managed to somehow get inside, how did he slip into the bathtub without her hearing or sensing anything?

The other part of her brain rejoiced at seeing this youthful stallion in front of her. Because of all the foam, Mary couldn’t see Billy’s body from the waist down. It made her feel sad that she couldn’t see his cock and admire it. Was it hard? Was he going to stick it inside her and fuck her brains out?

The aroused mother immediately scolded herself for thinking such thoughts. This was incest. Incest was wrong, even if it involved such a beautiful young stud as Billy. However, despite her misgivings, Mary felt delighted, despite not wanting to be delighted, when her son’s intentions became all too clear.

Billy was holding his ass with both his hands like a bowl. The analogy was not inaccurate, for the young man was indeed in the mood for eating. He lowered his head and slowly, as if savoring icecream, he licked her swollen and partially opened vagina.

Mary screamed from pleasure. “Billy what are you doing?!” Although she was chastising him, her voice betrayed how much she enjoyed his oral exploration. Billy licked her again, this time allowing his tongue to penetrate inside, although not too deep. “Aaaaah! Billy, stop this! We can’t!” Billy pushed his face into her pussy and penetrated her with his tongue. He started to eat her out for good. “Aaaaah. Shiiiiit. Aaaaaaaah. No. No. No. This is so… Aaaaaaah. So fucking gooood. No! This is so wrong. I am your mother and you are my son. This is incest. We can’t do this. I forbid you to continue. Aaaaaaah. Jesus. Aaaaaah. This is wrong. It does feel fucking good, I admit, but this is still wrong. Oh shit. God, this feels good. Aaaaaaaaaaah.”

Mary was about to give in, but she shook her head violently and regained some of her senses. She had to stop her son from making her come. She knew that if she was going to have an orgasm, and she was if things were to go on as they did right now, she was going to abandon herself to lust.

The problem lied in stopping her horny son. He obviously was not going to cease his oral pleasuring no matter how forcefully she pleaded or commanded. Getting away was impossible. He was holding her in a gently, but very strong grip. Due to her position, she was unable to push him away because she needed her hands to support herself. If she were to remove her hands, her upper body would fall in the water and she would start drowning.

Fortunately, genel porno her legs were free and in position to strike. She lifted them and grabbed Billy’s head between her thighs. She squeezed tight, which did restrict the young man’s freedom of movement, but incredibly, his tongue kept on licking and fucking her just as it did before, if not even more enthusiastically. Mary had to grudgingly give her son credit for his tenacity and adeptness.

After a moment of fruitless squeezing, she had to give up. Her legs, however, remained on Billy’s shoulders with her feet resting comfortably on his muscular back.

Billy licked his mother’s clitoris few times and then bit on it. Mary screamed like a mad woman. She knew that her orgasm was now imminent. But through miraculous application of willpower, she managed to think clearly even as her body started to experience the first preorgasmic shivers.

She switched all her balance onto one arm, which allowed her to move the other one without falling, and put her hand on Billy’s head. She pushed, but it was like pushing a rock. It was futile. She finally accepted that there was no escape. She closed her eyes, relaxed and started to lovingly run her fingers though her son’s hair. If she was going to come, she might as well enjoy it.

“Fuck Billy. You little motherfucker. Aaaaaaah. You’re going to make your own mother come. Aaaaaaah. You have no shame you horny stud. Here it comes. Here… Aaaaaaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk! Oh Gooooooooooooooood!”

Billy continued to suck, lick and tongue fuck his mother thorough her climax. When her vaginal juices erupted from her orgasming cunt like water pushed out from a geyser, he swallowed them with hunger and pleasure.

Eventually, Mary’s orgasm subsided and she calmed down enough to look at her son with clarity. Her orgasm was over, but her hunger for sex remained. She desperately needed and wanted more sex. Whatever objections she previously had about getting fucked by her son, they were now swallowed by an avalanche of lust.

She wiggled her toes playfully and smiled mischievously. “That was wonderful, young man. But you see, mommy needs to get scratched on the inside, and I believe that you happen to have a specialized tool between your legs that could scratch mommy really good.”

“I want to use your feeding organs to masturbate,” Billy said in a voice of someone commenting about the weather.

Mary was pleasantly surprised to hear him talk. The last time they fucked he was as talkative as a rock, and just as hard. But what surprised her more was his incomprehensible request.

“I don’t understand.”

Billy came closer, with her legs still resting on his shoulders. He reached out with his arm and grabbed one of her big breasts. It was too big to squeeze entirely in his palm. His touch sent very pleasurable impulses from her hard nipple to the horny brain.

“Your breasts. I want to put my special tool between them and push it in and push it out until I ejaculate.

Mary laughed. “You want to tit fuck me, you little devil. Ok. Sit here and mommy will take care of her baby.”

Billy removed her legs and sat on the edge of the bathtub. Mary finally got a chance to see his dick. It was just as beautiful as she remembered from their last tryst. His ten inch tall tower pointed at the ceiling and throbbed happily like a dog wagging his tail.

Mary couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of this beautiful meat. She licked her lips. Billy wanted to use it on, or rather between, her breasts, but she believed that her mouth would give them both more pleasure.

She shyly took her son’s penis in her hand and slowly started to stroke him. Her strokes were loving and gentle. As her hand picked up speed, she started to lustfully lick her lips.

“Baby, I need to lubricate your penis so that it slides nicely and smoothly between mommy’s breasts. I need to lick and suck on it a little bit. Ok? Mommy is only going to suck your dick for a moment and then she will let you fuck her titties until you come and shoot your load all over mommy’s face. Ok baby?”

To be honest, there was no need to lubricate Billy’s tower. His penis was wet, and so were Mary’s breasts; they were both in ideal condition for tit fucking. But Mary had to find some excuse to satisfy her urge to suck on that beautiful shaft.

Billy said nothing. Since he didn’t refuse, Mary interpreted it as consent and swallowed his large head in her mouth. Usually, she would start with licking and gentle kisses, but her craving for cock flesh was too strong to resist. She started to suck with hunger right away.

She took him inside her mouth and felt him throbbing on her tongue. It felt so erotic that it blew her mouth. Her mouth began to enthusiastically slide up and down along the upper part of Billy’s cock while her hand did the same on his lower part. Her other hand decided to pay a friendly visit to Billy’s glory hole secrets porno balls. Her fingers started to furiously, but with gentleness that only a mother can show, fondle his large nuts. They were firm and full. Mary could hardly wait to get a taste of the semen stored inside them. And once her mouth was going to stop draining her son’s balls, she had another hole that hungrily demanded to be visited by this young stallion’s cock.

The blowjob was becoming more and more animalistic. She raised her eyes and saw Billy staring at her with a dumb expression on his face.

“Don’t you worry about a thing, baby. You’re going to fuck my tits in just a moment. I only want to make sure that you are well lubricated.”

“Less talk, more cock sucking, mother,” Billy answered.

Not that Mary needed any encouragement. She immediately resumed her oral work and sucked him like a mad woman. With this kind of loving, motherly attention, it was going to not going to take the young man long to unload his seed.

“Mother, I am about to ejaculate. Will you swallow my sperm?”

“Baby, you don’t even have to ask.”

Mary stopped sucking and took his meat in both hands. Using her two small hands, she started to furiously jerk off his piston as if her life depended on making her baby cum.

A large droplet of precum formed at the tip of the massive head. Mary picked it up with her tongue and allowed it to roll from one corner of her mouth to another. She savored the flavor with delight. She knew that soon she was going to taste more – a lot more.

“Yes my love. I’m going to take you in my mouth and drink every single drop of your cum because I’m a whore for your cum. But please, cum already. Do you hear me you incestuous, mother fucking stallion? Shoot your goddamn load. Mommy’s mouth can’t wait much longer to taste you.” Her voice was becoming hysterical.

Her mouth did not have to wait for long. Her dirty talk, combined with her two hands busily masturbating the young man, caused Billy to erupt. The first load hit her lips. The cum starved MILF happily licked it clean and opened her mouth just in time to intercept the second load. She brought her mouth down on the ejaculating dick head and teased it with her tongue while her son continued shooting. And shooting he did – like a machine gun. His hot, youthful cum was being shot out and flooded into his mom’s mouth. Mary swallowed as much as she could, but at some point she started choking and had to pull her head away. The last few loads landed on her face and neck as a result, but she didn’t mind. She simply scooped them all with her fingers and brought the sticky, salty penis milk to her mouth. It tasted too good to be wasted.

Billy was watching her with a dumb expression on his face. “Mother, I want to fuck your tits.”

“Yes baby, but don’t you think that my mouth is better? In fact, forget my mouth. I have another hole for you to try. It is just as wet as the previous one, and much hotter.”

Mary touched his penis with a finger and pushed it. The giant meat pole was steel hard despite having ejaculated a bucketful of cum just seconds ago. The action of her finger caused it to bounce forward and backwards while throbbing like an angry animal. Mary couldn’t help but grin.

“What do you say baby? Should we try the other hole?”

“No, I want to fuck your tits mother.”

Billy grabbed his mom by her arms and lifted her. Mary got scared. “What are you doing?” She struggled to control her voice and hide her fear. “I’m your mother Billy. Try to be gentle.”

Her pleadings were completely ignored. Billy placed her upper body on the bathtub’s edge and moved closer. Her hips ended up between his muscular legs and his massive piston was now happily throbbing few inches above her chest.

Billy grabbed her huge jugs and started to play with them. His hands were rough, but at the same time delicate and admiring. Mary was pleasantly surprised to discover that her tits and their large, dark, super hard nipples loved the treatment Billy was giving them. All traces of fear evaporated from her mind.

“What are your intentions sweetie?” she asked lovingly and with a big smile on her face, although she knew very well what he was planning.

His intentions became all too clear when he placed his hungry meat between her big, round mountains and closed them around his ten inch sausage, thus creating a fuck tunnel. He started to push his dick forward and backward. Mary’s melons were wet and slippery, which made them ideal for tit fucking.

“Mmmmm. You little devil. When you want something, you just have to have it. Very well. Fuck my tits all you want, but mommy expects some sort of reward afterwards.”

Billy did as asked and fucked his mother’s breasts for all it was worth. As his thrusts became deeper and more frantic, his huge cock head started popping out further and further outside Mary’s cleavage. Eventually, she was able to lick his penis as it emerged by lowering her head.

Even with the virility of an eighteen year old stud and the fact that he just came moments ago, there was no way for Billy to withstand this kind of treatment for too long. Mary felt his member swelling through her tit flesh. She grinned in anticipation of another cum feast.

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