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Sexual Roulette Ch. 02

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A few days after George’s surprise, Missy was beginning to feel more like her old self. In a way, she didn’t hate George for what he did because she needed the release. The image of those four massive tools spitting their venom onto her face and chest still warmed her up. However, she never got the chance to thank George properly for his hospitality. As she thought about when would the best chance be for payback, she was interrupted by a knock at the door. As she walked towards the door in her white cloth robe, her hair tied back in a ponytail, she could see the cute Fed Ex guy there standing. It was then she realized who this Fed Ex guy was. He was one of George’s friends from the party. Was this visit for business or was he hoping for a repeat?

Missy opened the door and sized him up. He stood about six foot with a nice tan. His Fed Ex uniform hid a bunch of his qualities until he smiled. It was gleaming white, obviously not a smoker. As he handed her the package in his hands, he asked her how her day was and what was up. It was then Missy began to engage in small talk to try to pry out some information. As soon as she mentioned George, he began to try to walk away. Missy however was having none of it.

“So why are you being so shy?” she asked him. He cleared his throat.

“Because I was the one who finished too quick.” he said, his eyes to the ground embarrassed. Missy was looking at him with a combination of pity because of the confession and power because it was he that made everyone mess up on George’s supposed plan. As she took his hand into hers, she gently pulled him into her apartment and had him take a seat. As she looked at his hand, she noticed that he wore a silver band on his left ring finger. Even the dumbest detective on the planet could figure out what that meant.

“So, how long have you known George?” she asked him as she presented him a glass of iced tea with lemon. The Fed Ex guy was carefully measuring his words.

“He got me my first job as well as hooked me up with my wife,” he began. “George wanted to surprise you, so he asked me and a few fellas to join in. I didn’t mean to….” Missy’s fingers bahis firmaları touched his lips. She heard enough about the plot and realized this man felt sorry for ruining it to an extent. As she removed her robe to reveal her t-shirt and boy short combo, she began to encourage him.

“It was a stimulating situation. It’s ok to have that happen once in a while.” As she kept encouraging him, she could see the bulge appearing in his black shorts again. She slowly knelt before him and began to rub it slowly.

“So Mr. Fed Ex guy, what package is here for me to check out?” she playfully rubbed it more before he reacted.



“My name is Roger.” As she began to slide down the shorts as much as she was able, Roger then raised his hips to allow it to be more simpler. Missy then spied out a precum stain on his white briefs. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick where the spot was until she allowed herself to pull down his briefs. Out came his cock leaking precum and standing proudly. Missy began to slightly tease him more, placing her cheek next to his swollen member and rubbing it as she slowly teased him, her hands moving slowly up and down his shaft so that he can get good and ready for what she had in store for him.

“Missy?” Roger asked.

“Yes,Roger?” Missy answered putting on her cutest schoolgirl look.

“Are you gonna suck me off like the other guys wanted? I never got to feel your mouth a few days ago.” Missy thought about what Roger was proposing.

“So you would rather be in my mouth than my pussy, Roger?” Missy allowed her tongue to slowly lick him from the base to the crown of his cock. Roger moaned from this move.

“That felt so good,” Roger whispered as Missy began to lick him again. She was getting in to teasing this guy. Some really naughty thoughts entered her mind.

“Does your wife suck you off ,Roger?” Missy asked as her hands slowly stroked up and down his cock. As it twitched in her hand, she slowly allowed her tongue to rub all over the head of his cock, tasting his precum and spreading it all over as she stroked him slower and slower.

“Ok, Roger. I’ll kaçak iddaa suck you off like the slut you think I am since your wife doesn’t know how.” Missy was all business now as she slowly opened her mouth and slid it over his shaft, slowly making her way down until it was almost all the way in. She then opened her eyes to see Roger’s eyes were shut tightly, enjoying the sensation her mouth was giving him. She slowly withdrew her mouth back up the shaft until it almost left her mouth before allowing herself to swallow him back into her open mouth. She started to hum as she did, causing him to feel the vibration on him. As she kept slowly working on him more and more, she could feel Roger’s will crumbling as his hands sought to touch the back of her head to force her down deeper. Missy brushed his hands away and removed her mouth. She could see how swollen his member was at that time and stroked it slowly as she looked in his eyes.

“You want to cum in my mouth, Roger. Want me to swallow your load like some two bit whore you hire out? Huh?” Missy’s hands were working faster as Roger tried to cry out, but the sound never left his lips. Missy watched as the head of his cock deepened in color as she prepared to fulfill her threat. She placed her mouth over his member and waited for the explosion.

The explosion was huge as she started swallowing as much as she could. Her mouth then grabbed the head and went down once more as his slippery seed went down her throat. Missy was feeling at the height of sluttiness as she opened her mouth and showed Roger one last drop before swallowing. She began to stroke his semi limp member as he sat there breathing heavy. It was then she asked the major question.

“Has your wife ever done that to you?” The words escaped her lips before she had a chance to stop them. Roger looked at her and began to cry a bit as he explained how his wife and he hadn’t had sex in a few months and how Missy was the first girl he screwed in that long. As Missy heard this pitiful guy’s sob story, she realized that maybe George’s intentions weren’t sinister at all and that he was just helping a few of his buddies to get kaçak bahis off. As she held Roger close, she could feel his member begin to rise again. At this point, she saw herself not as a woman seeking a bit of revenge, but a therapist of sorts.

“Roger, would you like me to help you with this?” she asked as she started stroking his cock again. Before Roger could speak, Missy was already bending before him and removing her boy shorts to show off the freshly shaven snatch she just created a few hours prior. It was then she simply sat down, allowing her clit to rub against his rod a bit before allowing him the chance to penetrate her.

In her mind, this was simply a mercy fuck. A chance to make him feel better for just a little while to get his rocks off. As she began to grind her hips against him, she could feel his member stir inside of her. She could feel how his tool was hitting the right spot and she was enjoying this act of charity. As she kept gyrating, she could feel Roger’s shy hands rubbing her nipples through her t shirt. Missy was getting into it and soon could feel her own inhibitions crumbling as she started getting into her movements. She could feel her walls tightening around his shaft as he began to let off his tell tale moans telling her he was coming really close to a second orgasm.

“Wanna fill my pussy, Roger?” she asked as she started vigorously rubbing her clit as her own climax came closer. A few more strokes and his seed coated the inside of her cunt. As Missy came down from her high, she saw Roger with a scared look in his eyes. Missy knew what he was thinking.

“I can keep a secret, Roger. You don’t have to worry bout me spoiling your happiness.” Roger was relieved to say the least. As he grabbed his pants and put them back on, he saw Missy take a finger and swirl it inside of her before licking it off. This was a hot picture, but Roger had to get back to work. He thanked Missy for her help and went out the door quickly as Missy watched. She then looked at the envelope Roger brought and noticed it had George’s address on it. Inside was a pair of panties, her pair of panties. She then noticed that George left a note apologizing for his actions and inviting her to dinner at her next convenience. As she thought about the feeling inside her legs, her mind began to reel as she pondered what moves she was going to play on him.

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