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Sexy Maid

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Hi! Everybody Raj here, I am from Calcutta, India.

I am 26, 5’6″ and having a good physique with equally matched good face as my friend says to me.

This is a story about having a sex with a maidservant of my landlord.

She is called Nami, 24 and she has good a sensual, sexy and tight body to give a hard on to any one, she slightly on dark side but she has got a good figure, 36-28-37. My landlord was a family of four he, her wife and two children, they both used to work and children was studying, I was in morning college and would have returned early, my landlord family used to leave early so there was no one at their place except Nami, I used to go to their place to watch a TV, as we don’t have a TV. I and Nami was very frank to each other due to our same age, she used to wear night gown which was light in color from which I would be able to see her black bra and panty. Once when watching a movie their was some hot scene going in a TV and I was watching taking interest it gave me hard on, Nami was also watching that she was breathing bahis firmaları heavily, I asked her, Nami r u enjoying, to this she said “why not when u can enjoy why can’t I, ” I said to her that Nami that we can enjoy more if you support me, she said how, to that I touched her back started to rub my hand over her bra over her gown to this she said nothing and I slide my hand down to grab her assss and I was pumping her aassss. I take my mouth in front of her and started to kiss her and with my one hand I started to rub her sexy tight bbbbooobbs with one hand other hand I was rubbing her bun. When I removed her gown from her body and now she was only in her Black Bra and matching panty that was hardly covering her big bum and her pussy.

I told her that she has a sexy body to that she said nothing and took me in her arm and started to kiss me and with one hand she started to unzip me my trouser fell down now I was only in my underwear and my shirt, she than pulled my shirt and she started to kiss my hairy chest and with other hand she kaçak iddaa started to rub my cock inside my underwear, she pulled my underwear down and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck like hungry bitch, she was making a sound of slurpppp surrrrpppppp, and after 10min of sucking I unload myself in her mouth and she swallowed my cum as much possible.

Than I took my hand to her back and unhooked her bra and started to press her tight boobs like a mad man to this she was moaning aaaahhhhhh, oooohhhhh, plsssss slow down but ignoring her I started to suck her breast very hard in a manner that I was hungry for a week, to this she was moaning in pain and pleasure aaaaahhhhh, aaaa hhhhh h h

I bit her nipple which was very hard by now after so much of caring, with other hand I was rubbing her pussy non stop than I took hold of her panty and with one swift movement I removed her panty and I started to lick her hairy puussssyyyy, she was moaning loudly AAAAHHHH, OOOOOHHHH HHH, Raj please give it to me and fuck me hard please I can’t take kaçak bahis it any morrree, please ffuuucckk kkkkkk me, I am dieing for it. Her pussy was licking she has become very wet I started to finger fuck her which makes her mad and she said to me please Raj fuck my with your big cock, to this I positioned myself over her and bring my cock over her puussssyy and started to insert her slowly but she was finding difficult to accommodate my big tool, she was paining and crying aaahhhh, ooohhhh, plssss raj slowwwlllllllyyyy, than with some pressure I inserted whole of my length in her love cannel, to this she screamed in a pain and moaning aaaaahhhhh, oucchhhhhh, oohhhhhh, please do it slow it was hurting me, but now I am in mood started to pump her hard after few stroke she started to enjoy and moaning with pleasure aaaahhh hhh, oouccchh, raaaajjjj, I lloovve uuuuu, please give it to me hard, plssss Raj fuck me fast and break my pppusssssy, give me hard to this I started to pump hard, and after few stroke I emptied my load inside her and we lay their together for some time and get up and dressed quickly and leave the house after that we used to have a sex regularly.

Bye, any girls, sister, aunties please write to me regarding my stories and for general chat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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