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Shannon Goes Down

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I might need the help of the ladies on this one. I need a phrase or a word for a certain type of woman, a type of woman that gives us guys fits, but we have no good word for. In fact I am not quite sure how to even describe it without in some way sounding negative. Stick with me here, I do mean well.

When guys get together to talk about women, we, of course, compare notes. And not just with the women we know, but any women we have seen. For the most part us guys are shallow creatures that think of beauty in conventional ways, usually whoever the media has told us is “hot.” For the most part this means a younger, top heavy woman without blemish. When a guy sees such a woman he drools, just like Pavlov’s dogs. But we get into to trouble when a woman who doesn’t fit that mold does something for us. Mention the name of someone who doesn’t fit that profile and describe her as “hot” and all your friends will look at you funny.

So I never know how to describe such a woman with one or two words. Beautiful is good, but only conjures up the media triad for most people. Attractive is a perfect word — I am attracted to an attractive woman — unfortunately, though, it is often used by guys to describe women who they feel are just a little prettier than one “with a good personality.” So how to describe a woman, who while not fitting into mold of a typical “beauty”, who none the less sends a jolt of nervous electricity straight from your brain to your groin?

Shannon is just such a woman. She works at a local grocery store and the first time I saw her, I felt the jolt. Felt the jolt strong. But other than being young, she does not fit the general description of “hot.”

Shannon is a bit on the large side, but very shapely. Shapely, but not at all top heavy. Her face is round and broad, but always with a smile. Her hair is red, somewhere between a carrot top and auburn. It is very curly, but she usually wears it pulled back in clip. The clip can never seem to contain her curls, so they spill over her forehead and back, making her look like she has just completed a secret tryst. She has deep brown eyes. Oh yeah, she also has braces. Probably, the only girl in her college class that has them. And freckles. Lots and lots of freckles on her face and arms. Perhaps many guys would not give her a second look, but to me, she engenders pure lust. Every time.

Although her looks began my appreciation, her personality cemented it. She’s funny, smart as a whip and sweet as honey. I always chose her checklane. About the third time she checked me out (as I was checking her out, yet again) I stared at the name tag on her chest. After a moment, she looked at me quizzically and I said “Shannon…that’s a pretty name…what bahis firmaları do you call the other one?” Before you could go be-dum-pum, she shot back with “Perky. Shannon and Perky, my two best friends.” If only I was as quick witted as her, I could have asked her and her friends out for a drink, but I missed my chance.

We had many such exchanges while I bought milk, bread or whatever — almost every day, in fact. But then she was promoted to “customer service manager.” Which meant she cashed checks and such for people. Suddenly, I had no need for my bank.

She must have known, that my presence was more than just a happy accident. But I was never sure. There is a 20 year age difference between us, and I have never been good at reading women. So the night that I felt an extra surge of courage or maybe just plain lust, was certainly out of character.

I was driving home after a late meeting and was just about to pass the store when I noticed that the parking lot was virtually empty. Not too surprising a forty-five minutes before closing time on a weeknight. I swung in. I saw Shannon at her counter before I even got in the store. I could already feel my scrotum tightening with excitement.

I went to the counter and said hello. I pulled out my checkbook and said I needed to cash a check.

“Sure,” she smiled, “how much?”

“Fifty dollars. Make it all in ones, I’m going to the Kit Kat Club and need to tip the dancers.” I was lying, but somehow it seemed right.

“God, you guys are sooooo cheap. I’m going to give you fives instead.” Her grin was ear to ear, both from her remark and my attention. She started to open the cash drawer. But before she did I closed my checkbook and leaned closer to her.

“Actually, I don’t need any cash. I was just fooling.” She closed the cash drawer and looked at me intently. Rather than explain my stratagem I looked right into her eyes. “Some guys say that brown eyes can’t be beautiful. You make those guys liars.” She blushed just a bit, but did not turn away. She was definitely interested, but I could tell that complimenting her eyes was not exactly the way to her heart. So I continued.

“Yes, your eyes are beautiful, but your lips are fabulous. Julia Roberts only wishes she had lips as perfect as yours.” This is gospel truth, Shannon has the best set of lips on the planet. And right away I could tell that she knew what her best feature was as well. She smiled and leaned over the counter, inviting further comment. So I continued.

Putting my hand gently on her arm, I said, “Those lips are the most kissable lips I have ever seen.”

“Kissable only by the right kind of guy.” she retorted gently. I had a feeling that at the moment I was the right kaçak iddaa kind of guy. But for some reason, I decided to pass on the chance for a kiss and go for the whole enchilada.

I lowered my voice a bit. “I bet when you go down on a guy, he never forgets it.” Her lovely lips pursed into a perfect circle of surprise, which was worth seeing for itself. I braced for the slap, but it never came. Now she lowered her voice as well.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“It would be the experience of a lifetime,” I answered, now grasping her soft hand. A few seconds passed, she looked over her shoulder. She was now whispering, “There’s a bathroom back in the employee lounge, I’ll meet you there.” And then she added “I would go with you, but my boyfriend is picking me up.” Now my heart was thumping loudly in my ear. I made my way to the back of the store.

I slipped into the bathroom and waited for what seemed an eternity. I feared that a big burley boyfriend would burst through the door and punch my lights out. I tried standing in front of the urinal and looking casual. When I was just about to faint from anticipation, the door slowly opened. In a flash Shannon ducked through the door and locked it behind her. “I guess this will have to be kinda quick,” she said apologetically.

“I don’t mind.”

“Well, this is a grocery store, let me see your salami,” she grinned. As I turned to face her, she quickly pulled a step stool from under the sink. I already had my cock pulled through my fly, although it was not yet hard. Spreading my feet just slightly wider than shoulder width put my cock right in front of her anxious face as she sat on the stool. She reached up with her hand and gave it a few strokes. Her hand was soft and warm and delicate. My cock stiffened and lengthened in her hand. She giggled just a bit. Moving her hand to the base, she gently touched those fabulous lips to the tip. I shuddered involuntarily and she smiled just a bit. She parted her lips just a bit and slid her mouth about half way down the shaft, and then pulled back to the tip. It looked even better than I had imagined it so many times.

Slowly at first then more quickly she ran her mouth over my now raging hardon. The curls on top of her head bounced and quivered as her mouth worked. From a voyeur perspective it was better than I hoped, but her technique was actually nothing spectacular. Quickly she fell into a nice rhythm, though. She would do about 10 or 12 strokes with her mouth, then pull it out and give a hand stroke or two.

At first I thought it was a bit funny when she took it in her hand, she looked at the head as if there might be some kind of indicator of how things were going. kaçak bahis but my amusement soon faded as she picked up the pace and my lust as seeing that beautiful mouth on my cock increased.

Her lovely lips slid down the shaft and back again, more curls broke loose from her clip. Each time she took more and more of my cock down her sweet throat. Now each stroke took those luscious lips right down to the base, her head bobbing faster, moaning in delight each time I grunted with pleasure. My hips started to swing, but still her mouth took all of me in and slid back to the head. Steadily her tempo increased.

As she moved me closer to climax, when she took my cock out of her mouth in her rhythm, a vision flashed on me — freckles covered in cum. Not something I usually care about, but that vision raised my lust level even higher. The next time she paused to look at the head, the vision was even stronger. Freckles covered in cum! God I was so close. She sensed this and covered my whole cock with her mouth and undulated rather than sliding up and down. I could feel the semen rising from my balls. She tired of throating me and pulled back.

Just as the tip cleared those wonderful lips, I could stand no more and a geyser erupted, splattering cum all over Shannon’s mouth and cheeks. She quickly took me back in her mouth to catch the second and third squirts. The force of the orgasm literally took my breath away and almost buckled my knees. I reached a hand out against the wall to steady myself. Shannon kissed and licked my now softening cock. As I caught my breath, I did something I don’t often do after sex, apologize.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum on…”

Before I could finish she interrupted me, smiling wickedly, “It’s OK. My boyfriend does that a lot. I kinda like it when I make a guy lose control that way.”

“Oh Shannon, you did, shit, I completely lost it there. You just turn me on so…damn…much.”

She beamed from under her cum bath, “I know I love the way you look at me in the store. Damn you really came a lot! Oooohhh it was fantastic.” I gently kissed her on the forehead. She smiled again and looked up “But unfortunately, we better get out of here, before someone finds us.” I took one last look at that sweet wonderful face covered in my spunk, I knew that I would use this mental picture many times in the future. It was truly an event to remember.

“I’ll wash up while you go out.” she said. I kissed her on those wonderful, soft, and now very salty lips and took my leave. I ducked out quickly and walked around the store a bit, then headed for the door. A stockboy was near the door mopping. Noticing that there was no cashier, he asked “Anything to check out tonight?”

“No, just dropping something off,” I answered. He gave me the “whatever” shrug and I walked out into the cool night air.

Always shop locally for full service with a smile. From a very, very beautiful woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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