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Sharing a Bed with Daddy Pt. 03

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This is the third part of an incest story, taking place between a twenty-six-year-old daughter and her father.

As with all my stories, this takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, and more on Sharing a Bed with Daddy, and Sharing a Bed with Daddy Part Two, both of which you should read before this one for context.

This series started as an experiment. I’ve written some incest before, but this was my deepest dive into it. Thanks for your indulgence into one of my kink interests.

There’s more to come for this story, and this installment will serve as a bridge between two longer chapters. Keep an eye out for Part Four!

Enjoy reading!



30 seconds ago:

From far away I heard a horn honk. I opened my eyes as I felt my father stir against me.

I felt his erection against my ass in the bright sunlight, but had no time to appreciate it.

“Oh shit.” He said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, starting to sit up.

“That’s the realtor pulling into the driveway. We way overslept.” He said, rolling out of the bed.


He froze and looked at me.

“If that’s the realtor pulling into the driveway,” I whispered, “who the fuck just knocked on the front door?”


“I don’t know!” he hissed. “Fuck!”

He seemed to be momentarily frozen. I could hardly blame him though. I had just rolled out of the bed as well and was standing there frozen myself.

We were both completely naked.

He had a pair of gym shorts on the floor that he’d gone to bed in, and presumably more clothes in his overnight bag.

I had a pair of cum drenched panties on the floor, and a t-shirt. The rest of my clothes for today were in my bag as well.

On top of that the room smelled like sex. Anyone who walked in here would know exactly what we’d been doing in here on that rollaway bed. Regardless of how dressed or undressed we were.


That broke the panic spell and spurred us to action.

He grabbed his shorts, and I threw the pillow, blanket, soiled panties and my shirt onto the bed and bundled them up in the sheet. I grabbed my backpack and slung the sheet over my shoulder and headed for the stairs.

At the top of the stairs I stepped around the corner and opened my backpack. As I pulled out my jeans and a bra I heard the kitchen door open.

“Well good morning!” my dad’s voice boomed. “I didn’t expect to see you here!”

I heard the door close and then a muffled response. He’d obviously met whoever it was as they came around the house and stepped out on the back porch.

I stepped into my jeans and pulled my bra on. My shoes were still in the kitchen with my rain-soaked clothes from the night before.

I opened the sheet bundle and found my t shirt. Happily it didn’t look any worse for the wear, despite having been slept in for half the night before being peeled off and tossed on the floor.

As dressed as possible I slung the backpack over my shoulder and gathered up the sheet and headed downstairs to see who was here. Whoever it was, hopefully they’d assume that my innocent intention to spend the night here because of the rain had remained innocent. I certainly hadn’t intended to cross the sexually taboo boundaries with my own father that I had.

At the bottom of the stairs I paused and dug a spray bottle of cheap perfume out of my back pack. I sprayed as much as I could all around the living room while opening all three windows that faced the front of the house.

I quickly detoured into the two rooms behind the living room and opened those windows too. Hopefully the cool morning breeze would help air out the sex smells.

I folded up the rollaway bed and pushed it into the kitchen. With a little luck it would look like we’d been awake for a while.

I could hear voices coming from the yard, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. There seemed to be at least one other male besides my father and a female. I heard one of them laugh and relaxed a notch.

Someone accusing my father of shoving his cock into his grown daughter while she moaned in pleasure probably wouldn’t be met with laughter.

I took a deep breath and realized how badly I had to pee. Nothing like a panic induced near heart attack to keep your mind off of your bladder first thing in the morning.

I took my toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush out of my bag and went into the bathroom and shut the door. I peed, washed my hands and face, brushed my teeth, and did my best to fix my hair. After the rain and laying down with it still wet it was a mess, but nothing anyone would point and laugh at.

My father’s bag was still in the downstairs bathroom, and I noticed that he’d tipobet365 yeni giriş zipped it up tight. Too late to keep me from finding his pornographic magazines, but he hadn’t known that when he zipped it shut.

With a sudden thought I unzipped the bag and found some spray deodorant. I took it out to the living room and sprayed the room down, noticing that the open windows had already done a lot of the work.

I returned his deodorant to his bag, putting it back where I’d found it.

I returned to the kitchen, where I piled my father’s wet clothes from last night on top of my own and stuffed them into the sheet. I collected our empty beer bottles from last night and rinsed them in the sink. I put the empty bottles back into his cooler and left the cooler by the back door.

I looked around. The only things left of ours in the house were the rollaway bed, his cooler, and his bag in the bathroom, along with a hand towel and roll of toilet paper.

I stood still, trying to make sense of what had happened last night. I wasn’t really worried about myself, but I was worried about what my father might be feeling.

The fact that he and I had made love hadn’t bothered me. I’d meant what I told him about it only meaning what the two of us decided it meant. We were both adults and as intimate as I believed sex to be, I hadn’t ever felt the need to roll it together with romantic love or emotional connections.

Those things could enhance sex of course. But sometimes it was just nice to share orgasms and pleasure with someone I enjoyed being with, without necessarily assuming that ‘love’ needed to be or should be a part of the deal.

While a lot of folks might classify what my father and I had done as some sort of sick perversion, to me it was just two people who really cared for each other sharing some pleasure and fun.

It didn’t mean anything more or less than what it had been. Two people who were already close, letting their bodies experience pleasure in the dark.

I picked up my bag and the bundle of wet clothes in the sheet. I opened the back door and stepped out into the sunshine.

Time to face the music.

There were three people walking towards the house. Apparently, they’d been back by the lake.

My father was one of them, wearing just his shorts and running shoes in the warm sunshine. Fortunately, he’d stayed in shape and spends lots of time outdoors without his shirt on, so he looked fairly natural wearing so little.

With him was a middle-aged man who I had never met, but I assumed had come in the car with the ‘Freeforral Realty, Inc’ sign on the door.

I recognized the other one however. My dad’s sister. She was just one year younger than my dad but looked a decade younger than she was. She lived about an hour from here and must have come up to check in on my dad on his last morning at the house.

“Aunt Becky!” I called with a genuinely happy grin. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Quick detour on the way to work.” She smiled. “Wanted to say goodbye before your dad skips town.”

“This is George.” my dad said, pointing at the guy next to him. “He’s here to take the keys for the owners and make sure we don’t steal any of the appliances.”

“Nice to meet you.” I said to him, shaking his hand. “Let me throw my stuff in the car and then I’ll give you a hand getting that rollaway into your truck dad.”

I put my bag and the wet clothes in my trunk as my dad handed George a key ring and slapped him on the back.

“Thanks for everything George.” He said. “I mean it. I’ll lock the knob on the back door when I get out of here in a few minutes.”

“Glad to help.” George said. “Take your time here, and I’ll stop back out this afternoon and make sure it’s all locked up. Nice to have met both you ladies.”

He shook hands with my dad and got in his car, honking once as headed down the driveway.

“I threw the clothes you were wearing when you got rained on in with my stuff Dad.” I said. “I’ll run them through the laundry for you and bring them down in a couple weeks.”

“Thanks honey,” he said, “but there’s no rush. I’ve got a shirt in my bag and I’ll catch up to the movers this afternoon at the new place.”

“Anything else you need to get out of the house?” Becky asked.

“Just that rollaway bed and my bag and cooler.” He said.

“I can help with the bed.” Becky said.

“No real need.” My dad said. “I can get it by myself, and she’ll hold the door for me before leaving won’t you sweetheart?”

“I’ll help with the bed.” I laughed. “No sense having you throw your back out until you help the movers unload your truck this afternoon.”

Becky laughed.

“I’m going to get going then.” She said. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and I want you to call me tonight.”

“I will.” tipobet365 giriş He said. “You drive safe too, and I’ll talk to you tonight.”

He kissed her on the forehead and gave her a hug, and then headed for the house.

“Let me grab my stuff, and then we’ll do the bed.” He called over his shoulder.

Aunt Becky got her in car and smiled at me.

“Glad you could stay the night after all.” She said. “One last night in the old house must have been special.”

She put the car in gear and slowly started down the driveway.

“See you later.” I called.

“You drive safe as well.” She said, smiling as she accelerated.

I headed up on the porch, and met my dad coming through the back door. He was wearing a shirt now, and had his bag over his shoulder and was carrying his cooler.

“I’ll take those.” I said. “You pull that bed out onto the porch.”

I carried his stuff to the truck, putting his bag on the passenger seat and stowing the cooler in the back. I turned to see him carrying the bed, and I jogged over and took one end of it, helping him hoist it into the back of the truck.

“Well that’s that.” He said. “Nothing left but to lock it up and head out.”

“We should close all the downstairs windows.” I said as we climbed back up onto the porch.

He looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“I opened them all up this morning.” I told him.

“How come?” he asked.

Because I wasn’t sure who was here and whether or not they’d be coming into the house.” I replied.

“I don’t understand.” He said.

We went through the door and stood in the kitchen.

“The closed up room smelled like someone had been fucking all night.” I said. “And since it was just the two of us here I figured that could prove awkward.”

“Shit.” He said. “I didn’t realize that.”

“Probably because by the time you went back in the house I had it aired out.” I said.

“So,” he said softly, “we should probably talk about that.”

“It was beautiful Daddy.” I whispered. “I have no regrets.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “It wasn’t exactly normal.”

“Fuck normal.” I said. “I loved it. I’m glad it happened. And I hope you don’t feel badly about it.”

“Well that’s a load off of my mind.” He said, smiling. “I was worried how it might change things between us.”

“I’m not saying that it needs to happen again.” I said. “But I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do it again either. I love you Daddy. And I want you to be happy and to feel good.”

I stood on my tiptoes and kiss him.

A quick kiss that a daughter would give her father.

I stepped back and smiled at him.

“I’m going to close those windows before we forget about them.” I said.

I went into the living room and closed the windows there, making sure the locks caught. I went into the spare bedroom and did that one as well, before heading into his home office. He walked in with me.

As I closed that window he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I closed my eyes and held onto his arms, pressing back against him.

And that’s when I felt his cock.

He was hard again, and feeling it against my ass caused my heart to skip a beat.

I turned around in his arms and he picked me up and we kissed again.

Not a daughter kissing her father. A wanton slut kissing the man who wanted her body.

His tongue pushed into my mouth and against my front teeth and I moaned as I felt his hand slide under my shirt and up my back. I pressed against him and felt his cock against my belly.

I sucked on his tongue and grabbed his ass, trying to pull him closer to me. He turned me around and put his mouth on the sensitive part of my neck under my ear, his tongue flicking back and forth and making my knees weak.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around his head, moaning out loud as he cupped one of my breasts through my bra. I felt his fingers wrestling to get under the fabric, and I pulled away from him.

I turned back to face him and looking into his eyes I pulled my t-shirt off and unhooked my bra. Our play last night had been in the dark, and our understanding of each other’s bodies had been mostly through touch.

Today, in the sunlight coming through the window of this empty room in this empty house, I stood in front of my father topless, as his eyes roamed hungrily over my breasts. I took a deep breath and started to step towards him, but like a flash he was against me, lifting me off of my feet and burying his face in my cleavage.

“Oh Daddy.” I whispered, and I felt his tongue lick across my breast and find my nipple.

His mouth sucked and kissed, and arousal pounded through my body.

I held onto his shoulders and felt myself respond physically to his arms holding me up and his lips and tongue working on my soft tit. He sucked gently tipobet365 güvenilirmi and kissed and licked my breast until I was nearly out of my mind, and then he moved to my other breast, and I nearly fainted with pleasure.

He lowered me down, and kissed me again, his fingers flicking against my sensitive nipples as I pulled his shirt up over his head. He took his shirt off and turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I felt him unsnapping my jeans and I reached down and unzipped them as he worked them down my hips.

I kicked my shoes off and stood on one pants leg to pull my leg free, but before I could work on the other one he pushed me against the wall and I felt his cock push against my cunt from behind.

I closed my eyes again and moaned, and suddenly lost all control when his cock pushed into me, deep and fast. I stared to moan but he pulled his cock back and then thrust in again, and the head of his cock stabbed right at my innermost, most sensitive spot.

“Sweetfuckohfuck!” I moaned.

His fingers reached around and found my clit, and when I started to rub it I felt an intense pressure build behind it that made me grunt everytime his cock stabbed my g-spot.

I pushed back at him in time with his thrusts, feeling my orgasm draw closer.

“Daddy,” I moaned, “you’re making me cum again.”

“Go ahead Babygirl,” he whispered in my ear, “cum for your Daddy.”

I felt something explode inside my belly, and an orgasm pushed through my cunt, pulling me along on a wave of spasming heat.

“Oh Daddy.” I groaned. “Oh Daddy.”

My pleasure eased, a series of tiny tremors pulsing through me that made me gasp for breath.

I felt him pull himself out of me, and I looked over my shoulder and saw him stuffing his cock into his shorts.

I turned around to face him, and before I could say a word he was on his knees and between my legs, pushing his face against my swollen pussy.

His tongue licked up my sensitive lips, and he pushed me up, so that I was leaning against the wall with my feet off the ground. He grabbed my thighs and I felt his teeth lightly bite my clit.

“Oh yeeeeeesssssssss!” I moaned, closing my eyes as I felt another orgasm start.

His tongue was relentless on my clit, and within minutes he had me screaming as I clawed at the wall and shook with uncontrollable ecstasy.

Eventually the throbbing in my clit stopped, and my heart quieted, and all that was left was the soft feeling of his lips against my inner thigh.

He eased my legs down, and gently kissed my belly before standing up. Still panting I reached for the outline of his stiff cock through his shorts, but he took my wrist and pulled me to him for a hug.

“What about you?” I whispered.

“I can wait.” He said.

“Wait?” I asked, pulling back from him a bit.

“Sure.” He said, leaning in to kiss my cheek. “I can wait until the next time we see each other. I just wanted to thank you for being so perfect. I love you.”

He kissed me again, slow and passionately, and the taste of my cunt on his mouth combined with the emotional warmth I felt and I held him tight.

“Thank you Daddy.” I whispered. “I love you so much.”

He grinned and picked his shirt up off the floor and pulled it on while he walked out the door.

I got my leg back into my jeans, and pulled them up, zipping and buttoning them. I got my bra and shirt back on and stepped back into my shoes. I stepped through the doorway and saw my dad in the kitchen.

I joined him and he put an arm around me while we looked out the back window.

“A lot of great memories here.” He said. “Old and new.”

“It was a great place to live.” I agreed.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Sure thing.” I said.

We stepped out onto the porch, and he pulled the door shut.

“On to the next chapter.” He said with a grin.

I smiled and took his hand as we walked towards the cars.

“So when are you coming to see me?” he asked.

“Anxious to finish what you started?” I teased him.

“Well I am going to be thinking about that for the entire drive.” He said. “But mostly I was wondering about my laundry.”

I laughed and punched him playfully on the arm.

“Whenever you want.” I said. “Tell me when you want me and I’m yours.”

“Don’t tempt me.” He said quietly.

I pulled him close and put my mouth to his ear.

“I want to taste your cock.” I whispered to him. “Consider that your invitation to temptation. Call me and tell when you want me.”

I kissed him quickly and got into my car. I started it, and with my foot on the brake began to roll down the driveway.

“I have about twenty miles until I get to the crossroads. One fork takes me home.” I said. “The other means neither of us will have to sleep alone tonight. Call me.”

I moved my foot to the gas pedal and headed for the road, feeling my heart thud with erotic hope.


Thanks for reading this all the way to the end. I am so beyond thankful for all of your kind words on this series so far. I appreciate you all more than you can know!


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