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(Thanks to a special Lit lady for the inspiration for this one.)

Josh woke up with a huge grin on his face as he caught a glimpse of Anna wearing one of his favorite outfits. Her long red hair was tied back in a pony tail and her body was encased in the red negligee that he bought her a few weeks after they began dating. He saw how the red top barely encased her breasts and the deep red nipples that they held. She wore the panties that came with them. They were loose enough so that if she had the notion to, she could just simply pull them to the side to expose her clit to his movements. Josh knew in his head that he was in for a good morning fuck that would blow his mind.

Meanwhile, Gary was beginning to stir from the dream he had. During the poker game from the night before, he had a hard time staying awake. It was Anna’s idea to allow Gary to stay the night and also Anna’s idea for him to sleep in the living room versus the guest room. Gary was too out of it to try to reason out what her intentions were. As he began to awaken from his slumber, he heard a kitten purr from Josh’s room.

Josh’s legs were spread slightly as Anna’s head began to bob slowly on his member. bahis firmaları Her emerald eyes met his as a wide smile crossed her face as her mouth slowly lowered onto his tool again. Josh’s eyes closed in pleasure as his hands found the pony tail and used it as a handle as Anna’s throat allowed it to go deeper. Anna’s left hand slipped underneath her and moved the fabric of her bottoms over to allow her fingers to tease her clit as she sucked off her boyfriend.

Gary’s eyes widened as he watched Anna’s fingers slowly rub over that clit of hers. Gary could feel his own cock solidify inside the boxers he wore as he could see her fingers begin to be covered by her own lubrication. Gary wanted to slide into the room, rip off his boxers and just slide his cock deep inside Anna. However, he could see her attention was towards Josh and he didn’t want to piss him off. After all, the day dream the previous day was simply a day dream and Anna hadn’t yet shown she even wanted him.

Josh’s eyes opened to see Gary peeking through the door. He looked straight at him and beckoned him to come in. As Gary walked in, Josh smiled at him before pointing towards Anna’s rear. Gary was kaçak iddaa nervous until he saw Anna’s hands spread her lips apart. Gary slowly allowed his boxers to fall to the ground, his dick already lubing itself. He slowly climbed onto the bed before allowing his fingers to slowly touch her clit. Anna shuddered at his touch, knowing she wanted him to touch her just once.

Greg could feel her shudder. His hand was already on his dick as he started to rub it up and down on her slit. As she moaned on Josh’s piece, Greg slowly slid into Anna . Anna’s eyes closed, her boyfriend’s member deep inside her mouth as his best friend’s inside her from behind. In her mind, she could imagine nothing hotter than what was happening. Gary slid into her again and brought her out of her trance.

Josh’s dick fell out of her mouth as Anna raised her head to let out a deep moan. Josh began to stroke his dick faster as he saw his girlfriend. Part of him was slightly jealous of her pleasure coming from his best friend, but there was a bigger part of him that was extremely aroused, knowing this kind of thing only happened in the porno movies. As he started to stroke faster, Anna opened her mouth wide kaçak bahis and allowed his dick to go inside her down to the hilt. He could feel his member slide partially down her throat, every moan touching his dick in a different way he hadn’t felt before.

Gary could feel Anna’s pussy gripping him as he fucked her. His hands found their way to her hips as he used the leverage to pound her harder. He could see Josh’s eyes closed again for being so deep inside Anna’s throat. Gary wanted to climax, wanted to fill Anna up like the cum slut she was. He had enough sense to moan a bit.

Anna could feel Gary’s dick pulse inside her. She slowly took Josh’s dick into her hand as she raised up a bit. This allowed Gary to fall out of her as she rached behind and began to stroke his dick. Gary tried to hold back as much as he could, but Anna’s mouth had it’s own motive as she swallowed him into her mouth. Anna’s eyes flashed as Gary released, his seed going into her throat. Josh was stunned.

As Anna licked off the last remaining dribbles from his member, Josh forcefully grabbed Anna by the hips and shoved his member inside her and started pounding. This sudden aggressiveness took Anna by surprise, but she was enjoying the pounding as Gary watched. Soon, Josh pulled his dick out and began to climax all over her rear end. Anna looked at him with that seductive smile. She was pleased for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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