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Sharon and Steve Ch. 02

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Big Tits


Recommended reading for gals and guys.

A quick read of Chapter 1 will be helpful, but it’s not necessary. Just let you imagination run wild in case you are not reading Chapter 1!!


Sandra said “I’m impressed by your performance Steve. I’m planning to hand you one more task, if you don’t mind doing it. Would you?”

“And what’s the task?” I asked.

She didn’t reply. But she held my penis in her hand again and pressed it tight. Her palm covered my entire shaft and I let out a small moan. It was the first time that a gal had held my little penis in her hand!!

Then she started pulling me to the bedroom. She pinched my little thing and I let out another soft moan. She turned him slightly and I wanted to shake him out of her grip. But she held him nice and tight!!! Holding my penis she took me out of the bathroom, through the corridor and into the bedroom. My little penis was swelling again and it was getting filled with….sticky salty cum. I just hoped that I didn’t come again.

I didn’t want to come on the floor. I just wanted to ejaculate in Sharon’s mouth!! I wanted her lips to taste my semen!!! I wanted her tongue lick off my salty fluids!!!! All these thoughts drove me crazy. And it seemed Sharon wasn’t in mood to do any of this!!

She sat on the bed with her legs spread apart. She was still wearing the trousers. She asked me “Steve, what do you do when the bush is about to be on fire?”

I replied “You burn it off or cut it off.”

“Bang on target!!” replied Sharon. “That’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to trim my bush. And you know where my bush is, don’t you?”

I replied in affirmative and she told me to get started.

About half an hour back, I had touched Sharon’s bush through her trousers. Little did I know then that I would have to trim that very bush!!! Her boldness was surprising. And I was not going to let her down!! It took about 2 minutes for me to get back into my senses.

“Hey Steve, You seem lost?” said Sharon.

I replied “I was just planning for my next task. I don’t want to let you down.”

“Do the job nicely and I’ll give you one more job” winked Sharon.

“Do you mean you’ll give me one more blow job??” I asked excitedly.

“Of course!! That will be your reward” remarked Sharon. And that motivated me to a great extent!!!

“Sharon, you need to lie down on the bed. Let me take off your trousers” I said.

“At your command sir” she remarked.

“Should I spread the legs wide?” asked Sharon.

I replied in affirmative, all along staring at her zipper. Not wanting to waste any more time, I started with taking down her zipper. It revealed a green undie!! I pushed her cute little derrière up and then tucked down her jeans. A small push and it reached near her thighs. I could see Sharon in a sexy green undie. It looked much like my boxers.

With not much knowledge of female undergarments, I asked her “What kind of undergarment is this?”

“Oh Steve… It’s called a boy short. Don’t I look pretty in it?” Sharon replied.

“Well, you look kind of sexy in that piece” I replied.

As she was smiling, I added “And you would look hot without it!!”

I was nervous how Sharon would react. I heaved a sigh of relief when she said, “Thanks dude!! But you can judge me better after you have taken it off!!”

Within moments, I removed her entire trousers. There she was — lying in front of me in her green boy shorts. And she was looking pretty.

Next step was going to be the most difficult for me in the entire evening. I drew up my courage and placed my 2 hands on her hips. Slowly I started to tuck off her undies. I started to feel her cheeks — her sweet little cheeks.

She let out a small moan and remarked “Go ahead Steve. Don’t feel shy.”

That boosted my confidence. Within a moment, the undie was down but only on her little ass. Not wanting to take a long while on the final step, I put hands in her undie just below her navel. Slowly I started to pull it down.

I didn’t want to see her vagina it was fully visible. Two inches down — and I encountered a patch of hair. She let out a small moan. Only God knows what she was feeling. I tucked her panties a bit more down and within a few seconds it was down to her thighs.

Just as I was thinking what to do next, Sharon said “Hey Steve. Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes. Right in front of me was an almost naked Sharon.

I checked what I had tucked down now and it was sight to behold!! Her vagina was like a small triangle or like a V. She had pressed her thighs together and the triangle was bulging in the centre. It had a bit of hair, but not as much I had expected. Shaving off the hair I thought would be an easy task.

A small line ran through the middle of her vagina. It seemed so delicate, so tender – that I wanted to touch her there. But I decided to control my desires. The hair was distributed evenly on either side of the thin line. It smelt peculiar — a smell I couldn’t bahis firmaları make out. And before I knew my penis gave a salute to what it saw!!

It had grown about 4 inches long and was almost horizontal.

It came within Sharon’s eyesight and she remarked “Hey Steve. What’s up with your dick?? Getting excited are you??”

I caught hold of my little penis and I tried to push it down. Well, it didn’t obey my instructions and Sharon was laughing. I mustered enough courage to say “Well, the sight of your little vagina has made it rise!!”

She giggled and replied “Steve, that’s a vagina. But I think you can call it a pussy!!”

“And why do you call it a pussy?” I asked.

“Well, that’s for you to find out.”

That answer left me bewildered.

And Sharon remarked “Steve. Don’t let the task at hand slip by. My pussy is waiting!!!”

I slipped across her undie further down. Sharon lifted her legs and let her undie out.

Sharon was lying on the bed. The only piece of clothing she was wearing was a little maroon bra. I bent down, spread her legs wide and started observing her pussy keenly. After all I had a task at hand and I want to do it to the best of my abilities. Or shall I say to the best of Sharon’s satisfaction.

I asked her “Sharon. How would you like your pussy to be trimmed?”

She replied, “Nice and clean. Just shave off all the hair. There shouldn’t even be a little of it left!!”

“As you wish, your Highness” I remarked.

I observed her pussy a bit more carefully. The hair was most dense at the centre of her pussy. And there were little branches around it — just like we have branches from a tree. The hair covered almost 50% of her pussy. But the rest of it was nice and clean.

“I’ll get some water” I told Sharon.

“And why do you need some water, Stevie?” she asked.

“Well, I’ll apply a little bit of water on your pussy and then it would be easy to shave it off!!” I replied.

She gave a little smile and asked me to fetch some water. I went to the kitchen and took a small glass. That would have been sufficient since I needed only a little bit of water. I turned on the tap to get some cold water. But the water did not come out of the tap!!

Not sure what was happening, I went to the bathroom sink. Even here the tap was dry. As luck would have it, all taps were running dry and I did not have any water to complete the task at hand. Now this would surely disappoint Sharon, I thought.

I went back to the bedroom and was thinking of ways of conveying the news to Sharon. As I stood outside the bedroom door thinking about the best way to inform Sharon about the water, I peeped inside. And what I saw surprised me completely. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise I thought again.

What do you think will happen when you leave a girl on a bed just wearing a bra!! She will start exploring herself!! And Sharon was exactly doing the same!! Sharon was masturbating!!

Sharon had her two little fingers on her pussy. And she was making small circles around it. Then she was touching her pussy line vertically from top to bottom. She was completely unaware that I was standing at the door. She was moaning softly with her eyes closed. It was such a turn on seeing Sharon masturbating!!

Seeing her masturbating turned me on too and my little dick once started rising further!! I too wanted to masturbate but with Sharon in the house, I couldn’t do so!! The only way was to tell Sharon that shaving off her pussy wouldn’t be possible now since there was no water. I expected Sharon to leave for her room on that news and then I could go wild myself!!

I knocked on the door softly. Sharon must have stopped masturbating for when I entered the room her hands were going through her hair!! And not the hair on her pussy, but on her head!!

“Hey Sharon, we have hit a roadblock!!” I remarked.

“And what’s that?” she asked.

“Well, we are out of water. And without any water I don’t think we can do your shaving!!” I told her.

“Oh!!” she let of a sigh.

“Surely there must be some other way!! Let us think!!” Sharon remarked.

And before I could say anything, Sharon said “I have got a good idea!!”

“And what that?” I asked.

“But you have to implement it. An idea is useless unless it is well executed!!” she added.

I was standing near the edge of the bed. Sharon got up from her sleeping position. And before I knew she pulled me towards her and started licking my erect cock!! Too stunned to react, I stood there like a statue.

Sharon licked the tip of my penis, the lower edge and the upper edge!! She did this in circles letting out a bit of her saliva on my penis. She continued for almost a minute and then she came back to her normal sitting position. She licked her tongue on her upper lips just like she had a delicious meal.

“You taste nice Steve” she remarked.

“But before I go into the compliments, did you get why I did this to you?” she asked.

“Nope” was all I could kaçak iddaa say.

“My dear Steve, You are so intelligent at work. But your Sex IQ is a big zero” Sharon remarked.

That embarrassed me a bit but event then I couldn’t reply anything. “Well, give me your hand” Sharon said.

She took my hand and guided my fingers to touch my penis.

I touched my penis, the tip of it and the lower and the upper portion. All of it was wet and rock hard.

Sharon asked “Is it wet?”

I replied, “Yes it is.”

“Thank God. At least you understand this!! And now can you add two and two. And make it four!!” Sharon remarked.

Now that was a question I wanted to answer without being wrong. Otherwise I would be let myself down in front of Sharon. And I didn’t want that happen. I thought hard for some time and before I knew I think I had figured out the answer.

The answer was not simple. It was a raunchy thought. It was a kinky idea. It was an erotic theme. Simply speaking, the answer was cunnilingus!! The answer was oral sex!!! The answer was — Sharon wants me to eat her sweet little pussy!!!!

Eating her pussy will deposit a little bit of my saliva on her and that would make her hair a bit wet for me to shave off!! But what if my answer was wrong, I thought. Sharon would see me as a sex hungry guy wanting to bed her!!

“So dude, have you got the answer” Sharon quipped.

“Yes.” I replied.

“And what’s that?” she asked.

To make it sound as casual as possible, I replied “Sharon wants Steve to eat her little vagina!! That would make the pussy a bit wet and then Steve can shave off Sharon’s bush!!”

She replied “Bang on target dude!! I’m impressed by your intelligence. You sex IQ has now been increased to the next level!!”

“And can you give a single word for the process you just described?” she asked.

“Cunnilingus” I replied confidently.

“And can you define cunnilingus?” she asked.

“Cunnilingus is the oral stimulation of the vagina” I replied

“Well, you aren’t as dumb as I thought. You seem quite knowledgeable” she winked. “You can get started with the job!! We will have some more questions later” she added.

With that she fell back on the bed. Her legs were spread wide. And her pussy and the hair on it were clearly visible. She pointed her finger to her pussy, asking me to start.

Frankly speaking I had no prior experience of doing oral sex to a lady!! I had only seen it in movies when the hero drives his girl wild by eating her out!!! I had seen some pictures too with the girl being licked by her lover!! But whatever be the situation, the girl always seemed to enjoy it!! I hoped Sharon would enjoy it too!!

I bought my face down near her vagina. The scent of her vagina was so enchanting. I had never felt such an aroma. I observed her vagina more closely!! Not wanting to delay things any further, I touched my lips right where her V started, just below her navel. I was too scared to touch her pussy line. With the first touch itself Sharon let out a small moan.

She remarked, “Don’t feel shy Steve. Go ahead!!”

That boosted my confidence. I went further south. Slowly I started licking her little pussy line. It was so soft and tender. I kissed her vertically on her pussy line!!

I caught her around her waist for support. I kissed her horizontally. As I did I purposefully wetted her pussy a bit. After all I wanted to shave off her bush!!

I concentrated more on where her little hair was present. And looks like that was the most sensitive spot on her entire vagina!! Her moaning became a bit stronger. But I thought she was moaning out of pleasure rather than out of pain. I chose to ignore it and continued with what I was doing. Sharon was not complaining either. It was my first at eating a girl. But I think I was doing a decent job!!

I made small circles on the pussy with my tongue. It was a nice feeling doing what I was doing. Then I touched my little fingers on her mound where it was wet. And then I started spreading the wetness around other parts of her pussy which were hairy.

I pressed her vagina at the some spots. It felt so tender. Within minutes the entire vagina was nice and wet!! Wet enough to be shaved nice and clean.

I stopped to have a look at my job. And within 10 seconds Sharon opened her eyes. I think I had done a decent job.

Sharon too looked satisfied. But I was not sure about the reason of the satisfaction. Was she happy that that task of shaving was half done? Or was she satisfied about me giving her a little bit of oral sex?

Well, I had no plans of asking this question. Neither did Sharon want to tell the reason for the glow on her face.

She quietly remarked “Nice job Steve. Now let’s go to the final task at hand!!”

I didn’t want to let go of the momentum. Immediately I fetched the razor. An hour back, I was a bit nervous about looking at Sharon’s pussy. Thirty minutes back, I was a bit nervous about touching it!! But after licking kaçak bahis Sharon for five minutes all that nervousness was lost!! I was more confident!! I took the razor and asked Sharon to close her eyes.

“Do tell me if it hurts a bit” I told her.

“Sure Steve. Please be a bit gentle” she remarked.

“As you were some five minutes back!!” she added.

When the last line registered in my mind, I exulted a bit in my mind. Sharon had loved the way I had eaten her pussy.

“Nice job Steve” I complemented myself.

I just hoped that this would open up similar opportunities in near future when we were on this business trip in Europe. Being the professional I am, I started with shaving her pussy — not wanting the thought of some future delights impact my current task.

I shaved off the edges first. Slowly I moved onto the centre of the pussy. The hair was coming off nicely — thanks to the wetness created earlier!! Within minutes the hair was completely removed, apart from a small strip of hair right in the middle — on her pussy line!!

Sharon would look nice with that strip, I thought. But not wanting to disturb her, I took the razor and took that off!! With this Sharon’s pussy was nice and clean!! Not even a speck of hair was to be seen!! I stopped and called out to her “Hey Sharon. It’s done!!”

Sharon opened her eyes and remarked “Let me see it in the mirror.”

She got up from the bed and walked across the room to the full length mirror. She asked me to come along. She saw her little pussy in the mirror and smiled.

“Nice job Steve. Now Sharon is looking great. Not even a little bit of hair on her pussy!! And the armpits are nice and clean too.”

She put her arms up in the air to check her armpits. I was standing behind her. She looked so pretty just wearing her bra!! Her sheer nakedness below her bra made my penis a bit stiff.

As she was observing the results of the last one hour, I too observed her body more carefully!! Her neck was small. And her bra covered her supple breasts nicely!! Her breasts were neither too big nor too small — they were in the right proportion making her look attractive!! And it was not the first time that I had admired them silently. Her navel was like a small oval on her flat tummy.

I wanted to touch it given a chance!! I wanted to ask her so many questions!! But now was not the right time. Further down was her vagina. I had just smelled it and licked it and cleaned it!! And I thought I had done a good job!! It seemed so pretty, so lovely!!!

Before I could check out her thighs, her legs and her remaining body, Sharon had stopped admiring her body. She turned around and held my face in her hands and kissed me softly. She kissed my lips, then drew herself apart and remarked “Thanks for the shave Steve!! You worked like a professional”

“Thanks Sharon. It was my pleasure!! And you’re welcome!!” I remarked.

I don’t know how the last line came up. It was like I loved what I did — apart from shaving — and wanted to invite her to do it again.

Sharon being her bold self remarked “Well, Thanks for the invitation. Now I’m not going to buy any razors in Europe!! Hope you have enough stock of it for both of us!!”

I nodded and smiled.

She too smiled back. Was she thinking what I was thinking? Only time would tell!!

“Well, it’s time to leave Steve!!” Sharon said.

“Of course” I replied

“It’s almost midnight!! That’s almost three hours since I came here” Sharon said.

“With you I never know how the time passed by!!” she added.

I smiled.

“Can you please fetch my little panties, trousers and my shirt?” she asked.

That’s when I realised over the past three hours, I had almost stripped her!!!

The shirt was in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, got it back and handed over to Sharon. She started wearing the black shirt.

As she was wearing her shirt, I went to fetch her undies and her trousers. They were lying near the bed. Her panties reminded me of the aroma of her pussy. I wanted that fragrance again and bought her panties near my nose!! The scent was a big turn on!!

Before Sharon could see what I was doing, I went back to her and gave her the panties and the trouser!! Surprisingly she didn’t take the panties and just took the trousers. Within seconds she had slipped into those trousers.

A wild thought ran through my mind “Was she leaving behind her panties for me?? Did she want me to masturbate with her panties?”

My little penis was rising again. Just as she completed wearing her trousers, she took the panties from my hand and tucked in her back pocket, giving me a wink in the process.

I asked her “What’s the idea Sharon?”

She replied “Well, just getting adjusted to me new clean look. My sweet little friend is tired of kissing my panties. I just thought of giving it a day off!!”

With that, my eyes went near her zip and goodness gracious, it was unzipped!! Her clean little pussy was visible and the sight gave me a slight tremor.

She sensed me and replied “Steve, she needs a little bit of fresh hair!! She’s still a bit wet!! After all you worked her up nicely. She will take some time to dry herself out.”

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