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She is Mine

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Ever since my 18th birthday, I have been the one who fucks my mother every single time I want to. At first, she had her reserves, most people do thanks to society’s ignorance. But after I got rid of her stupid excuse for a man that was her ex-husband, and my father, she’s come around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some devil. I love my mother, both in the normal sense and in a romantic way. But at the end of the day, she is the perfect person for me.

For starters, I am very much into tying a woman up, bending her over a table, and shoving my cock up her ass. And my mother has always been the kind of woman who loves those kind of men.

I guess this where I should take time to describe her to you. Her name is Janice, and right now she had just turned 50 years old about a month ago, but you couldn’t tell it. Her body was still looking the same since she was in her mid 30s. She stands 5 feet 2 inches, has a nice shaped body… the kind that’s so thick, it makes the room so uncomfortable. Her face is always able to draw you in, especially when you lock onto those hazel eyes. Her breasts aren’t overly large, but they’re also definitely not what you’d see on someone like a ballet dancer. They’re just perfect. She has never worn bras, so I couldn’t tell you their cup size. Her ass, it’s huge, but from what I’ve seen she’s not once had a single stretch mark. That wouldn’t be a problem even if she had, but I’m just telling you how she looks. Her skin is soft, and the light tan of hers is always shining. She is 100% Brazilian descent, being the first American Born of our bloodline.

I don’t know how she met my “father”, nor do I care. He didn’t treat her wrong, but he also didn’t treat her right, if that makes sense. Like I said, she loves to be dominated. And he was just too soft to do it.

As for me, I’m half Brazilian half Haitian. I guess that’s why I find it odd that my dad didn’t satisfy her. Haitian men, like myself, tend to be more controlling. My grandmother and grandfather have been married for over 40 years, and I can tell that my grandfather is more like me than my father.

More about me, currently I’m 32. I’ve always been into maintaining an athletic body, which to me has meant keeping my abs at least showing. I’m an amateur light heavyweight boxer, which means my cardio and stamina are next level. My cock is 9inches long and I’ve been told more girthy than your average encounter. I wouldn’t know, nor do I care.

Now, as I’ve said before, my mother is mine. She has been for the past 14 years. If I tell her to do something, she does it. No questions asked. It’s always been that way, even before this started. When I was 6, I told her I wanted a dirt bike for Christmas, and I got it. When I was 15, I told her I wanted a weekend alone with my girlfriend at the anime porno time. I got it. We didn’t do anything inappropriate, but I just wanted the alone time.

But at the same time, after I turned 16, my needs became less spoiled brat and more manly. For most of the things I wanted from then on, I could get on my own. Hell, I bought my own car in highschool, and have been doing everything on my own since then.

So enough about the boring stuff. If I haven’t lost you, you’re probably wondering how this all started. And the short answer is, I told her to suck my cock on my 18th birthday, and like the obedient slut she is, she did it.

The long story is, I was in the middle of fucking my then boss of my fast food job at the time, Theresa. She had been waiting for me to turn 18, and when I did, we went back to my place. The house was empty, both parents at work. When Theresa and I started, it was exactly 1pm, and I knew we had until 6pm. And I used that time well.

However, what I hadn’t accounted for was the fact that I would be ready for another round at 5:55pm, and as I was balls deep inside of Theresa’s ass, I heard the door open. I knew it was my mom, and I would’ve stopped, but I didn’t want to. How could I? Here I was fucking my boss. And I was enjoying it.

As it was though, my mother was furious. She went on and on about messing up her furniture, about how she rushed home to surprise her birthday boy, and how ungrateful I was. My boss had made her way out the door, and I ended up blue balled.

I was mad, and for the first and only time in my life (that I recall) I yelled at my mother. I told her I didn’t need her belittling me, because I wasn’t dad. She immediately apologized and tried to pass it off as “a mother’s concern.”

I simply left her downstairs, and stayed in my room for hours. Finally, around 10pm, my mother came into my room. Out of her work clothes, and into her yoga pants and t-shirt, she came in to talk. But all I could do was stare at her body. She looked so good I could fuck her, I thought to myself.

“Suck my cock.” I heard a voice say out loud, before realizing it was my own. The filter between my brain and my mouth apparently decided to go on vacation.

“Excuse me?!” she asked, in a frustrated tone, but I also noticed her nipples start to poke through her shirt.

“I mean, here I am on my 18th birthday, finally able to get laid, and am in the middle of doing so, when it gets interrupted by my mom. And on top of that, you probably gave my boss something to fire me over,” the last part was a lie. Theresa was still wanting more, I know because we had been since she left, and she sent me pictures of her fingering herself on her ride home.

“I’m sorry honey, but I’m also your mother, I can’t…” asyalı porno she tried to explain.

“And? You’re also the one who caused me to have blue balls. The least you could do is fix it.” I replied. I knew this was probably going too far, but then again, my cock was in control of my mouth, if that makes sense.

“Honey I…”

“Not to mention, it’s my birthday. You didn’t even bring me a gift…” I reminded her. She probably had something in mind, but still, she left the gift out. This made her instantly become overwhelmed with regret and confliction.

“I’m not asking to fuck you. I just want you to suck my cock…” I said, in a more respectful tone, to which she let out a sigh.

“Okay, but this is to stay between just you and me” she said, to my surprise. She then proceeded to drop down off of my bed, and onto her knees on the floor. I didn’t want her to change her mind, so quickly, I stood up and fished my still hard cock out of my boxers. Her jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. She looked like she was about to say something, when I slid my cock past her lips and into her mouth.

As she began to suck, and work over, my cock; I began to grab her by the hair and thrust my cock into her mouth. The rougher I got, the more her mouth tightened and she continued to suck.

After a while, I began to wonder just how rough I could get. That’s when I decided to just go for it. With my hands on the top of her head, I pushed her all the way down, and she began to gag. Her gagging on my cock felt great, so I held her there for about 10 seconds. As I took my cock out, she looked up at me, trying to catch her breath.

She wanted to find her motherly instincts, but as we looked into each others eyes, we both knew what was going to happen. Her eyes were telling me that she wanted more. So I gave her more. Without saying a word, I grabbed her hair, and drove into her waiting mouth.

I began to fuck her throat like she was a whore, and every time my cock began to get deeper, she’d gag. After about 30 seconds of this, I slid my cock all the way down her throat once more, and she once again began choking as I left it in there. When I pulled out, she was a mess, but she looked so fuckable. And being who I am, I was going to do just that.

With my hand in her hair, I pulled her up, without any resistance, and pushed her onto the bed. She didn’t say anything, and after I pulled off her yoga pants and panties, she moaned in a slutty joy as my cock began to slowly slide into her. She was wet. Very wet.

It didn’t take long before I was balls deep inside of her, and once I was, I began to fuck her. With every fast and deep thrust into her pussy, she moaned louder and louder.

“Yes. Yes. Fucking yes!” she began to holler out, as backroom casting porno I reached up and began to pull her hair. The harder I pulled, the louder she moaned.

“My mom is a fucking whore… God I love it!” I admitted as I continued to fuck her, with her getting more wet as I called her a whore.

“Harder, baby. Fuck me harder, please!” she continued to moan as I could feel my climax rising. I had lost my virginity literally earlier in the day, but already, I learned how to control my excitement. And because I was in a moment, I needed to get an answer from her.

“Admit it! You’re a dirty whore!” I said while I began to slow the pace, which I could tell would torment her at this very moment. She was willing to do anything, if it meant getting the result she craved.

“I’m a whore. I’m a dirty, slutty, whore mother who’s fucking her stud of a son!” she screamed, and I pulled her hair tighter, causing her head to jerk back.

“I want to fuck you again. And again. And again. Whenever I want, however I want. And you’re going to obey, because you want this cock too, don’t you?” I replied, feeling my arrogance grow.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me more. I’m your whore. Whenever you want me!” she screamed, in surrender, as I then pulled out of her pussy and jammed into her ass.

Instinctively she tried to fight, what woman wouldn’t. But as I continued to hold her and fuck her at a steady pace, she began to enjoy it.

“If Dad can’t accept he doesn’t get you anymore, then he can leave. You’re mine now. Say it! Who do you belong to?” I asked as I drove deeper and deeper into her ass.

“You baby! I belong to you, my only son! Now fuck me! Fuck me like the filthy slut that I am!” she screamed and I was happy to oblige.

It didn’t take me but another 30 seconds before she was cumming on my cock, as her pussy began to squirt all over my bed, while my cock was still in her ass. I could feel myself starting to rise once again, and I could tell it was going to be quite a shot. I really wanted to drive home my point of newfound ownership over her, and decided to pull out of her ass, while pulling her to her knees by the hair. I then proceeded to pump my cock as she looked into my eyes. She opened her mouth, but I had another spot. With what felt like every drop of cum in my balls, I began to explode all over her. Every inch from her face, down to her collarbone was covered with my cum.

“Don’t clean it up, until after you’ve told Dad about our new arrangement.” I said, as she nodded with a smile, as she stood up to leave. I smacked her ass, and she yelped in appreciation. From that moment forward, my mother became mine.

For a while, it was just sex. Afterall, I still needed to have my go with other women before I could please her the way she needed. So after college, and dumping a lot of cum into her, and a few college encounters, the two of us became an actual couple. She had her tubes taken out after I was born, but we have a son and daughter, after adopting them. I love her, but she’s also mine. And she always will be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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