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She Wants a Real Cowboy Pt. 02

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It’s a cold Friday night in mid-February and the rodeo season is underway. The “Velocity Tour” has come to town at the central arena stadium. This is part of the “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). Up and coming riders get a chance to gain points along with veteran cowboys.

Sammy (19 yrs.) is young and hungry. He came out of high school a top champion. He’s working hard to climb up into the rankings as a PBR newcomer. Tonight, he drew a bull named, “Shutter Island.” It’s his first time on this bull who threw him off after only three seconds. Even his helmet was knocked off of his head. He landed on his right shoulder and rolled over a few times. His left-hand rubbed that shoulder as he left the arena.

Ana-Sofia (20 yrs.) is a cute Latina (38-24-32). She has long black hair who also wears a black cowboy hat. She watched tonight’s PBR from the bleachers with her binoculars. She had hoped he would have an 8-Second bull ride. He didn’t and gained no points at all.

A friend had told she about a party announcement on Sammy’s Facebook page. That party would be at a motel near the arena. Ana-Sofia questioned whether she should go or not. Sammy is cute though with a solid body. She quickly decided to go and wants to meet him.

Later that night inside of the motel hallway. Room 110 is busy with loud country music. Cowboys and girls walk in and out of that room.

Ana-Sofia leans back against the wall in the hallway. She wears her cowboy hat, tight wrangler jeans bahis firmaları and cowboy boots. Her big tits are trapped inside of a snug western shirt. She looks up at Sammy whose right-hand leans against the wall. He also wears tight jeans, a western shirt and a new cowboy hat.

He smiles, “I’ve never been with a Latina before.”

She smiles too, “First time for everything.”

He asks, “Can I ask you something personal?”

She answers, “Sure, go ahead.”

His eyes look down at her chest, “Are those real?”

She answers, “Of course they are. You can’t touch’em in public though.”

He says, “You wanna go to my room?”

She replies, “I thought 110 was your room.”

He chuckles, “No, it’s used for my bull rider friends. My room is 120.”

She asks, “Is it private?”

He leans in and whispers, “Yeah, only I have the key. I also have a bent cock that will spread you open.”

Her eyebrows are raised, “Really?”

His hand pushes off of the wall and grabs her hand. He leads her down the hall.

Inside of room 120. The only light turned on is the lamp near the table. Shirts, jeans and cowboy boots are piled up next to the bed.

Sammy and Ana-Sofia are both naked. He sits on a chair next to that table. She still wears her cowboy hat who faces and straddles him. Both of her hands grip his shoulders while throwing her head back. Her hips grind forward and backward while riding his 7-inch cock.

His left hand grips her left, kaçak iddaa dark-brown, areola and nipple. His lips suck on the right nipple as the tongue flicks it around.

She replies, “Ohhh.. Dios (God)… Mi Papi (My Daddy)… Papi… Dios.. Dios..!!”

He still sucks on that nipple, “Mmm.. Mmmm.”

Her hips grind hard on his bent cock.

She says, “Dios (God)… Dios… Extender (Spread) Me… Extender… Dios… Joder (Fuck)..!!”

His mouth lifts off of her nipple and says, “I told-ya… I’d open you up… You like it?”

She begins bouncing up and down on his shaft. The cowboy hat falls off of her head.

She screams, “Si (Yes)… Si… Siiiiiiiiii..!!”

His hands grip her tits as he closes his eyes. She rides his cock hard.

He says, “Fuck.. Ride it… Ride it… Ride me.!!”

She keeps screaming, “Joder (Fuck)… Joder… Siii (Yes)… Siiii..!!”

Sammy explodes, “Uh-Uhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Fuuuuckk..!!”

Ana-Sofia slowly grinds on his cock and smiles. She leans over and kisses him on the lips.

She whispers, “I came Sammy.”

25 minutes later. Both Sammy and Ana-Sofia are naked on top of the bed. She lays on her back with her buttocks on the edge of the bed. Both of her legs are spread open. She leans on both of her elbows. Sammy is standing up who leans over with his fists on the bed. His elbows are locked.

They both watch his cock which is buried deep inside of her cunt. His crotch hair hits kaçak bahis her thick-black-bush. He’s been thrusting short and fast as her tits jiggle.

Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.

She replies, “Unhh.. Mi Papi (My Daddy).. Unnnhh.. Papi.. Mi Papi.. Unnhh.”

Both of them keep watching his stiff cock.

Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.

She says, “Mi Papi.. Mi-Mi.. Papi.. Unh.. Unnh.. Unnhh.”

He answers, “That’s right.. I-I’m Your-Daddy.. Your-Fucking-Daddy.”

Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.

He stops as they both breathe hard. He leans over and they kiss.

His cock is pulled out, but keeps the cock-tip inside. His hard shaft is curved downward.

Sammy slowly pushes it back inside of her black pussy. He goes all the way inside too as they both watch that shaft.

She says, “I never had a cock like yours. Never Papi (Daddy)… Feels good Papi.”

He smiles, “Daddy’s special.”

Sammy begins pushing in long and hard.

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

Ana-Sofia responds, “Unnnhh… Unnhh… Papi (Daddy)… Papi.!!’

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She says, “Joder (Fuck)… Joder… Joder… Mi Papi (My Daddy).”

Thrust… Thrust.

He screams, “Fuck.. Daddy’s cumming.!!”

Sammy pushes all of the way inside and explodes, “Uhh-Uuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuhh-Fuck..!!”

The next morning. Ana-Sofia is already gone. Sammy wakes up and looks around. He rubs his eyes and rolls over on the bed. His hand reaches down to grab for his jeans. He notices that his belt-buckle is gone. He won first prize.

He says, “Shit, I won that buckle two weeks ago.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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