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My name is Sharon and I would like to tell you a simple story. I was horny and at home when I decided to call my girlfriend Mary. I had asked her over for company and whatever else happened. She was delighted and decided to come over right away. Mary happens to be about 5’6 and very voluptuous. If I were to tell you her best asset it would be her sexy breasts. They are perfect for kissing and sucking. They have large nipples that stick out like swollen thumbs. Her ass isn’t bad either.

She arrived at about 5pm and was as sexy as possible. Mary was dressed in sweat pants and a very revealing tee shirt. It was obvious to me she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were showing through her shirt. I asked her to have a seat in the living room and went to get us a drink. What do you want Mary? I would like a Pepsi please. When I brought the drink back to the couch, she was rubbing herself through her shirt. I started to get even hornier. I sat on the couch next to Mary. I started to rub myself as well. I knew that things were going to get started sooner than I thought. I leaned over and kissed Mary gently on her tit. A small moan escaped her lips.

Mary started to get very excited and spread her long legs. She was giving me one of the best glimpses of her inner thighs. I was staring that was sure. I think she wanted me to do more than look. I moved off the couch to face her. On my knees, I could smell the fragrance of her excitement. I leaned forward and extended my tongue. It antalya escort reached her warm moist pussy, and I started to lick her there.

I started slowly at first. Then I picked up the pace, stopping occasionally to nibble her clit. This was obviously hitting her sex spot. Mary began bucking her hips and pushing her pussy into my mouth. She was virtually forcing me to eat her tender cunt. I felt my own juices building up inside me. I started to imagine her doing this to me. I grabbed her clit into my lips and started to make humming noises. She went into orgasmic spasms. I licked all of her now flowing juices. I was able to not miss a drop. The look on Mary’s face was intense. Her eyes were rolled back and her toes curled. I knew I had been able to do it the way she liked. My turn Mary I stated and we switched positions.

Mary, like I had gotten down on her knees. I quickly removed my very wet panties. She dove in like a diver in a swimming pool. She was licking at a feverish pace and even had moved her tongue side to side. Just as I thought I could take no more she started to lick my ass hole. Right on the opening of my tender hole. This was incredible and I told her not to stop. She moved from hole to hole enjoying the licking she was giving me. Mary’s hair flowed over my stomach and I could feel the shivers over my body. It wasn’t long before I could feel my own orgasm well up inside me. I started to cum wildly bucking my hips and squeezing my legs together. She was lara escort a real pro and lapped up every drop.

Mary and I retired to the bedroom to continue what we both had anticipated. By the time we had hit the bedroom door we were both naked. The line of clothes was left behind us like a trail.

Simultaneously we jumped onto the bed. I thought at first it might break. I guess she had the same idea from the giggles that she made. We immediately became entwined like a human pretzel. For probably 5 minutes we kissed passionately and grabbed each others’ hair. We knew from previous encounters that we both liked that. Mary was the first to insert her fingers into my sopping pussy. I could not help letting a moan escape from my mouth. I took the opportunity and insert two fingers inside her as well. We were fingering each other and licking our nipples. I decided that I wanted to be full so I reached over and took out a double sided dildo. I handed it to Mary she must have thought the same thing, because she grabbed it and immediately started to fuck me with it. I was so wet now you could hear the squishy sounds my pussy was making. She pulled it out of me and licked my juices off it. She put it inside her own pussy and started to fuck herself with it. I couldn’t stand watching her doing that. I have always been turned on watching another woman masturbate. I took the other end of the dildo and put it inside me. We both began to plunge ourselves onto manavgat escort the dildo and rub our clits together too.

After the lovemaking session we retired for a short nap lying in each others arms. The closeness of being with each other is very nice. We slept for about an hour. I was the first to wake and began teasing mary with my tongue. She tried to stay asleep but I knew she was only fooling around with me. Mary couldn’t hide the little giggles when I would tickle her sides with my tongue. We woke to the sound of the radio playing Bolero. Wasn’t that a strange coincidence.

I knew that I was horny and had hoped she was too. Mary was very wet and I asked if she wanted to take a shower together. She responded with a yes. We arose to go to the bathroom and I noticed the wet spot on the sheets. Guess this is what is known as, “Cum spots.” I had a hard time adjusting the shower because Mary was playing with my ass. Finally I was able to get the temperature just right and we climbed in. The fun thing about taking a shower with your girlfriend is getting wet and soaping each other. The lather was building and so was the passion. We rubbed our hands over every part of our bodies. When we got to our pussies, we played for a little longer than we should have. Just as I was washing my hair, Mary plunged the dildo into me once again. This felt wonderful and I started to cum right away. I took the dildo and repeated the favor to her and it wasn’t long before she was cumming hard too.

When we had finished with the shower, we went to the living room for a little television watching. We watched a romantic comedy and just simply held each other. It was quite nice to feel her in my arms. We finished the movie and she left with a good night kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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