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Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 04

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“You heard me, you little slut,” Tara demanded more forcibly, “Stand up and strip now!”

Abby and Josh both couldn’t believe what Tara was suggesting. Sure Abby had been curious, but she hadn’t planned on getting caught, let alone joining in. And she had no idea what Tara had in mind, did her sister really intend on letting her new boyfriend see her sister naked? And was that all she could be planning?

“This is the last time,” Tara said, “You will strip now Abby . . . or I will force you to.”

Abby finally found her voice. “No,” Abby said weakly, “I refuse to go along with this.”

“Well then,” Tara responded, “I guess we will have to do this the hard way.” She walked over to the TV cabinet and opened the lowest drawer. Out of the drawer she pulled a set of handcuffs and a couple lengths of rope. As she turned back around toward Abby, she faced Josh and winked. “I was saving these for later, but I think they can be put to good use now.”

Tara walked back over to Abby. Abby was frozen in fear. She wanted to run and hide from her sister, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t force herself to even voice a protest as Tara approached her. All she could do was sit and watch.

Tara walked over to Abby carrying the ropes and handcuffs. She walked behind the chair she was sitting in and dropped them. She then grabbed Abby’s right wrist and attached the handcuffs to it. She then threaded the other half of the handcuffs through the spokes on the back of the chair and attached them to Abby’s left wrist.

“There, now we don’t have to worry about you getting too far,” Tara said.

“What are you planning on doing?” Abby and Josh said almost simultaneously.

Tara laughed, “You will see momentarily”

Tara picked up one of the lengths of rope. She moved to the front of the chair and tied Abby’s left leg to the leg of the chair. She then grabbed the other length of rope and did the same to Abby’s right leg. Tara then stood up and walked toward the desk in the corner behind Abby. She opened the middle drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. As soon as he saw that, Josh had a good idea what Tara had in mind, but Abby unfortunately didn’t have the luxury of seeing what Tara had in her hand.

Tara walked back toward Abby. She looked at Josh and put a finger to her lips to signal Josh to be quiet. Josh began to think about what Tara was up to and could instantly feel his cock begin to get hard. Abby was watching Josh and saw the tent begin to form in his boxers. She wasn’t sure what Tara had planned, but she could tell that Josh liked it.

Abby didn’t get anymore time to contemplate what was going to happen though. She suddenly felt cold metal by her right shoulder. She felt it slide under her shirt and could instantly hear fabric being cut. She immediately knew what Tara was doing and began to struggle.

“Settle down Sis,” Tara said, “You might cause me to slip if you don’t.”

“Tara . . . stop this,” Abby cried, “I’m sorry I was spying and I’m willing to do anything you ask me to. Just don’t do this.”

“It’s too late for that you little bitch,” Tara responded, “You had your chance and now you must face your punishment.”

Tara continued to cut down Abby’s right arm. Once she reached the end of the sleeve, she started at the bottom of it and cut back up to Abby’s armpit. From there she went down the side of her shirt until she had completely opened one side. Abby could feel fresh air against her right side. She knew that there was nothing she could do to stop Tara now but she had to try. As Tara picked up the scissors to move to the other side, Abby began to struggle against her bonds again.

“Please stop Tara,” Abby whined, “This isn’t right.”

“It also isn’t right that you were spying on me,” Tara countered, “for obvious reasons though I can’t tell mom and dad about this, so I have to take care of it myself. You chose not to cooperate so now you will have to play by my rules.”

As if to prove her point, she made a quick cut on the top of Abby’s T-shirt, cutting the entire length of the left sleeve. She pulled on Abby’s shirt and it came right off. Abby was left sitting there in her bra and jeans. Josh could see Abby’s face turn red as she struggled to cover herself. Unfortunately for her, but luckily for Josh, she couldn’t get free of her bonds. Josh’s cock twitched in his boxers. Abby saw the movement through the fabric and began to feel a familiar wetness between her legs. While she wasn’t overly happy with her current predicament, she couldn’t help but be aroused by it. Her sister and her sister’s boyfriend were practically naked watching her be stripped.

Tara took the shirt she had just pulled off of Abby and spun it a couple times so that it was a roll of fabric. She set the scissors down on the desk and then came up behind Abby and put it in her mouth. Then she pulled the ends around the back of Abby’s head and tied it so that she was brazzers porno gagged.

“That should take care of her complaining,” Tara said.

Without any further comment Tara slipped the scissors under Abby’s right bra strap and cut it. She then moved on and cut the left one. Tara then slipped the scissors under the right hand side of Abby’s bra and cut it. Her bra released and slipped off of her breasts. Abby made some muffled noises and struggled again in an attempt to cover herself. Tara pulled her bra off Abby’s lap and threw it on the floor. She then turned and walked toward Josh. She straddled Josh’s legs, sat down so that her robe opened around his legs (giving him a nice view of her bare pussy), and leaned toward his left ear.

“Enjoying the show?” she whispered into his ear. As she did this she rubbed her pussy up and down on his boxer covered cock.

“Immensely,” Josh said

“Good, because your only going to be a spectator for a while longer,” whispered Tara. She then stood up, but was still leaned over Josh. She then grabbed his earlobe in her teeth and gave it a quick bite. She then walked back to Abby. As she did she yelled over her shoulder, “I think you would enjoy this more if you let your cock out of it’s fabric prison.”

Abby watched this whole display from where she was tied up. When Tara said this, her heart jumped. She felt the wetness between her legs spread as she watched Josh stand up and pull down his boxers. His cock leapt free of his boxers and did a quick wave, almost as if it was happy to finally be free. Tara leaned down and put her mouth next to Abby’s ear.”

“First you and I are going to have some fun,” Tara said, “Then you will have to apologize to Josh appropriately.” With that Tara stood back up and undid the belt to her robe. She let the robe drop and stood in front of Abby completely naked. Tara then bent back over but this time instead of putting her head next to Abby’s, she put her face right in front of hers. She continued to bend down and kissed Abby at the top of her chest. Abby threw her head back in pleasure. It felt so good to be kissed there. She kept her head back as Tara kissed down her chest to her breasts. This was the second time today she had been kissed by a women. She felt her nipples harden as Tara kissed across her left breast. When Tara reached her nipple she stopped to give it a couple licks. Tara then kissed back across Abby’s chest to her right nipple and repeated the process there. She then kissed back to the center of Abby’s chest and down her stomach. She continued kissing until she reached the top of Abby’s jeans.

At this point Josh was going crazy. He couldn’t believe that he was watching his girlfriend kissing another girl, let along her own sister. Without thinking about it, he reached down and began to pump his cock up and down. As he watched, Tara stood up and silently walked over to the scissors she had left on the desk. She walked back to Abby with the scissors and put them down the right hand side of Abby’s pants.

Abby felt Tara get up. She slowly lifted her head and opened her eyes. She was sorry that Tara had stopped, it had felt incredible. The next thing she felt was the feeling of cold metal going down the side of her panties. Tara had decided to speed things up by cutting off both her panties and her pants at the same time. There was nothing Abby could do as she felt Tara cut down the right hand side of her pants. Once Tara got to the bottom, she started cutting up the left hand side. Once she reached the top, she put the scissors back on the desk and pulled off Abby’s remaining clothing.

“How does it feel to be naked and exposed to everyone,” Tara taunted.

Abby could only give a muffled “mmph” and struggle a bit. At this point she was too horny to care what Tara was about to do. All she wanted was some relief, and she didn’t care where it came from. Tara bent back over Abby and examined her crotch.

“You are a horny little slut aren’t you,” she said, “Your already dripping wet. Well that isn’t any fun, I was going to tease you some more, but I’m afraid that I might set you over the edge. That’s not what I want right now so I guess it’s time for plan B.”

With that, Tara stepped up on the chair and pulled herself up so that her legs were on either side of Abby’s and she was standing in front of Abby with her pussy right in front of Abby’s face. She grabbed Abby’s head, pulled down the gag and pushed her pussy against Abby’s face.

“Your going to eat me out you little bitch,” yelled Tara, “and you won’t stop until I say you can.”

Abby saw no choice. She could smell how aroused Tara was and was sure there would no reasoning with her at this point. She experimentally stuck out her tongue and licked Tara’s bald pussy. This caused Tara to moan lightly and push Abby’s head further in. She found that she didn’t mind the taste, it actually was kind castingcouch-x porno of good. Abby stuck her tongue out and start licking some more, quickly getting into it. She pushed her tongue into Tara’s pussy and caused Tara to let out a louder moan. Abby could feel herself getting wetter and could barely think straight. She ached to touch and play with herself, but couldn’t do anything because of her bounds. She pumped her tongue in and out of Tara’s wet hole a couple more times then pulled her tongue forward. She managed to happen across Tara’s clit which drove Tara crazy.

At this point Josh couldn’t handle just sitting any longer. He got off the couch and walked over to Tara and Abby. He reached up and began to massage Tara’s breasts. This sudden increase in simulation caused Tara to push harder on Abby’s head. This caused Abby to lick harder and more frantically. After a couple of minutes of having Abby lick her pussy and Josh massaging her tits, Tara exploded into an orgasm. Tara squirted cum all over Abby’s face as she came and all Abby could do was sit there and look surprised. Suddenly, Tara’s knees gave out and Josh managed to catch her as she fell. Josh gently laid her on the floor so that she could recover.

Abby leaned back in the chair. Her face was now covered in Tara’s cum and she was now completely fired up with no way to get release. She struggled against her bonds as she tried to rub her pussy back and forth on the seat. It had very little effect though other than making her ache more.

Finally, Tara managed to recover and sit up. She looked at Abby desperately trying to rub her pussy on anything and everything and then looked up at Josh.

“I seem to have made a mess,” Tara said, “could you clean it up for me Josh.”

Josh didn’t respond. He walked over to Abby and bent down over her face. He began to lick around her face. He licked his way over her face and then headed over to her left ear. As he licked around it Abby let out a loud groan. Josh then stuck his tongue into her ear. This was an incredible sensation that sent Abby over the edge.

Abby began to yell, “Oh my god!!! Yesssssss.” She began to buck against her bonds as she came. This lasted for a minute and then she suddenly slumped in the chair.

“Well that was unexpected,” Tara said from her seat on the floor, “but I figured it was going to become too much for her eventually.”

Tara turned to Josh, “I think my willing assistant feels left out now, doesn’t he.” Josh nodded and began to play unconsciously with his rock hard cock.

“Now now Josh,” Tara said, “There is no need for that. I believe it is time for Abby to apologize to you.”

Abby managed to look up with wide eyes and stammer, “What . . . does that . . . mean?”

Tara chuckled lightly. She walked up behind Josh who was facing Abby. She reached around and began to stroke his cock. She kissed the side of his neck and then began to nibble lightly. Josh let out a low moan as she did this.

All Abby could do was watch this display and wonder what Tara had in mind. She loved watching Josh’s rock hard cock being stroked. Even though she had just cum, she already felt the warmth returning between her legs and the familiar fluttering in her stomach.

After a couple minutes of stroking Josh, Tara suddenly stopped and took a couple steps back from him.

“Walk over toward Abby,” She told him. Josh wasn’t going to disobey. He walked over to Abby until his cock was only about 6 inches from her mouth. Abby could only look in amazement. She had never seen a cock before tonight, and definitely never been this close to one.

“Josh, move close enough to her so the little slut can take it into her mouth,” Tara said. “And you,” she said looking at Abby, “Are to suck him until he is finished.”

“You mean . . . until he cums in my mouth?” Abby said looking worried.

“That is exactly what I mean,” Tara answered, “and if you do a good job then I will untie you and you can decide what happens next.”

Abby didn’t get a chance to respond to this because Josh had moved forward and had his cock tip pushing against her lips. She decided that it would be best to do as Tara insisted, else she risked something even worse. She opened her mouth and took Josh’s cock into her mouth. He got in about ¾ of the way before Abby began to gag. Josh pulled out a little bit so that Abby didn’t choke, and she closed her lips around him. Josh instinctively began to pump in and out so that he was fucking Abby’s mouth.

Abby wasn’t exactly sure what she should be doing. She knew that there should be more to giving a blow job, but she wasn’t exactly sure what. She was unable to reach up and stroke Josh’s member as it pumped in and out of her mouth due to being bound. She ended up doing the only thing she could. She began to swirl her tongue around the end of his cock as it moved in and out. clips4sale porno At the same time she began to move her mouth as much as she could to meet his quickening strokes.

With all of the stimulation he had had up to this point, it was only a couple of minutes before Josh felt his balls begin to tighten. Up to this point, he wasn’t sure he would be able to cum again after all the orgasms he had already had. After less than five minutes though he was cumming again in his girlfriends younger sisters mouth.

Abby wasn’t sure what to expect from Josh. After a couple of minutes though she felt him tense up and knew that he would be cumming very soon. Within another minute or two, she felt the first spurts of seman bursting from the end of Josh’s dick and down her throat. She actually enjoyed the feeling of his cum running down her throat and the knowledge that she could cause this in a guy. The whole experience caused her pussy to begin to burn with desire again and she unconsciously began to move back and forth in the chair once again.

Finally she felt the streams start to die down and Josh’s hard cock begin to shrink. She tried to suck the last of the cum out of Josh like he was a straw. Josh made some moaning sounds and obviously enjoyed the feeling. Finally Josh’s cock slipped out of Abby’s mouth and he went and sank into the couch, looking very exhausted.

Abby also slumped a bit in the chair she was tied too. She was feeling very tired as well, although she was also feeling very horny. She looked over at the clock and saw that it was after midnight. She hoped that Tara and Josh would both be exhausted from there long day and would soon head to bed. That way she could head to her room and take care of herself before calling it quits for the night.

As promised Tara came over to the chair and untied Abby. Once free Abby continued to sit in the chair and rub her wrists. Tara headed over the couch and sat down net to Josh. She also looked very tired. After a couple of minutes, Tara spoke up. “Well, this has been a very interesting night, but I think that it is time for us all to take a break. Maybe tomorrow we can have some more fun together . . . Abby included if she wishes.”

Abby couldn’t believe that her sister was offering to include her in their games. This just made her more horny.

“Come on Josh, lets head to bed,” Tara said. As she turned to leave with Josh in tow, she turned toward Abby and winked. “You had better get some sleep if you plan on joining in on our games.”

Tara and Josh left the living room without even bothering to pick up their couple discarded items of clothing and left Abby alone. Abby spent another couple minutes sitting trying to process the nights events. She then went over and picked up the scraps that had been her clothes from the pile that Tara had left them in. She decided that they really weren’t of any use any more and deposited them in the trash in the kitchen before heading up to her room.

Once Abby got into her room, pushed the door and laid down on the bed. It wasn’t until she laid down that she realized that the door hadn’t closed itself. She briefly considered getting up and closing the door the rest of the way, but decided it really wasn’t worth the effort. She also considered getting up and pulling on a nightshirt and panties, but again decided that it wasn’t worth it. Besides it would be easier for her to play with herself and then just collapse.

Abby laid there another moment and then reached down for her already wet pussy. She closed her eyes and began to think about what had happened that night while she stuck her fingers into her pussy. She didn’t see the door slowly open and then close again. Suddenly she felt someone’s warm breath by her ear and felt a hand reach down and push hers to the side.

“I told you that I would finish what we started in the forest,” Jen whispered. Abby’s eyes popped open suddenly and she was looking at her best friend lying almost on top of her “I left the house like you told me to, but just had to see what your sister was going to do to you. I was watching through the living room window and saw the whole thing. It made me so horny that I couldn’t help myself and just had to come up here. Luckily you three were so tired you forgot to lock the door.”

Without waiting for a response from Abby, Jen began to nibble on her ear. After a minute she stopped and whispered sudeuctively in her ear again. “It was so hot to watch your sister cut your clothes off. Just sitting at the window topless I had no choice but to begin to play with my hard nipples.” Abby let out a shudder at this as Jen’s fingers began to dance around her pussy.

“Pretty soon, I couldn’t help myself and I just had to open my pants and let my hand roam down my panties.” she continued as her hand mimiced what she was describing on Abby. Abby began to buck against Jen’s hand, trying to force her hand inside her pussy, which made Jen smile. “Then I just couldn’t take it and ripped by pants and panties off so that I was standing in your front yard completely naked. In fact my clothes are still out there somewhere.” Abby looked up in shock and realized for the first time that Jen was completely naked.

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