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She’s in Love with Step-Father

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Brad went to open his front door to greet his step-daughter. She had phoned half an hour ago to ask if she could stay a few nights but in spite of telling her that her mother was away, Dee still insisted that she would like to stay. Brad opened the door and took Dee’s bag which he put at the bottom of the stairs before he hugged his step-daughter. Dee was age 18, the youngest of his wife’s children. He hadn’t seen her for 6 months and told her she looked really good. Her shoulder-length, dark-brown hair had blonde highlights which gave her a wild look. It was 10.30 on Saturday morning as they sat at the kitchen table and drank coffee.

Brad kept himself in good shape and was proud of his firm stomach. The regular games of tennis accounted for his slightly tanned arms and legs. He watched Dee get up to get a glass of water. The white T-shirt, tight across her firm breasts, her blue skirt and bare legs made her look younger than she was. Brad had seen earlier the way she walked with her flared short skirt swishing from side to side as her wide hips moved. He didn’t realise she had noticed his gaze.

“You like my bottom?” she asked playfully. They both laughed.

Their conversation covered Brad’s other step-daughter, Dee’s older sister, and then they talked about her Mum, who’d married Brad 6 years ago. It was Brad’s first marriage and he hadn’t any children of his own, so he regarded his step-daughters as very special. He said, “Your mum is going to be disappointed for not seeing you. She’ll be back in 3 days.”

“I know,” said Dee with a smile. “I knew she wasn’t going to be here because it’s YOU I want to see.”

Brad raised his eyebrows. “You came to see me?” He paused. “While your mum is away?” Dee nodded and Brad asked why.

“Because,” said Dee in a low voice, “I have man problems and you being a man of the world, experienced, and lovely …” Her eyes suddenly watered and she looked embarrassed.

In 2 seconds, Brad was up from his chair and came behind Dee to put his arms around her shoulders. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

She dabbed her eyes and snuffled, “Boyfriend problems.”

Brad wondered how he was going to help so he grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge and two glasses, and took Dee’s hand to lead her out to the terrace. The warm sunshine dried her tears as they sat next to each other on the padded two-seater. Brad asked her to tell him everything and as she told her story, he put his hand in hers.

The boyfriend was, she said, a nice guy and she cared for him. In fact, if she could solve her problem she would be happy to continue the relationship. But in bed he was hopeless. He didn’t seem to want to please her and she’d become frustrated. Unfortunately, during sex, the boyfriend found it too difficult to control when he came, it was always too soon for Dee, and afterwards, he’d fall asleep quickly. Any empty satisfaction she got was from doing it herself, Dee admitted, giving herself release. Brad asked if they spent time touching each other’s bodies but the boyfriend was forever in a hurry. During the telling of her story, Dee had tightened her hold on Brad’s hand which she now let go to wipe a tear.

Brad squeezed her slim body to his, hugged and kissed her cheek. Then he poured more wine before he said, “How do you want me to help you?”

She gulped some wine before saying, “I want to be different, to do something about it, to seek help. Mum guessed my problem recently and she told me how good you are in bed, how much you care about her needs. She suggested I ask you for help.”

Brad thought of his wife who had often told him how good he was at making love. “Much better than my previous husband,” she’d said. And Brad knew his wife was concerned at Dee’s happiness and would do anything to make sure her daughter was okay. Although Brad found Dee attractive, there was a red line beyond which he wouldn’t big ass porno cross because Dee was family. He said, “Would it help if I put myself in your position and suggest how you could turn your boyfriend into a man who wants to please you?”

She blinked at Brad. “Yes please,” and linked her arm through his and edged into close contact.

He felt her ankle stroke his leg which made him glance down at her crossed knees and the ample bare thigh where her flared skirt had risen up her leg. “My suggestion is radical,” said Brad. She squeezed his arm and waited. “If I were you, I’d tell your boyfriend you have a fantasy to dress up as a high-class call-girl. To play the game with him means you go outside and ring his doorbell to pretend he has booked you for sex. He opens the door and he pays you money. After which you dictate the next moves.” Brad paused to sip some wine. Dee’s eyes had widened and she had a slight smile.

Dee jumped up with enthusiasm, “Yes, yes. I can do that.” She stood in front of him with hesitation and said, “One problem … my boyfriend comes so quickly … he has no control.”

Brad replied, “In that case, before he touches YOU, he needs to come by himself which means you get behind him, unzip his trousers and wank him quickly. Don’t worry – most men can come twice, especially if the second time is more arousing.” Brad continued, “Having done him, you become the dominant and tell him to strip you very slowly while also caressing you in the places you demand. Take as long as you want. You make him get you aroused, maybe even have him masturbate you. Then, when you’re ready, he’ll also be ready for sex and he’ll last longer when he penetrates you.”

Dee got down on both knees in front of Brad, her hands on his thighs. “Can we try it out, Brad, please? I like to dress up.” She shrugged. “I would love if you could pretend to book me as a call-girl, to arrive at your address, make it believable, you playing the role of a client and me playing the whore who wants to provide a service.”

They were both silent for a minute until Brad said, “I’m married to your mother. You’re my step-daughter and you’re only 18. There are too many taboos.”

Her face looked sad as she said, “Nobody would know. I just need a man who understands me and you DO. And I love your idea to play a game. If I could get confident to act the call-girl with my boyfriend … to pretend with you first … to … make it real. Otherwise, I think I may muck it up.” Dee’s face had fallen, she looked lost and tearful. “Mum would say it’s okay.”

Brad wasn’t so sure. “We could,” he said, “try out your acting, you come to the door …”

Dee scrambled up and interrupted, “I have some heels in my bag and a very short skirt. Stay there. I’ll change and when you hear the doorbell, come and get me.” As she rushed from the terrace, she laughed and called out, “And have your money ready.”

It was too late for her to hear what Brad said next, “That’s as far as we go – I open the door.” Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang, he got up, went into the hall and opened the door. The same white T-shirt as before covered her top half but without her bra meant that her nipples pushed hard against the material. High heels, bare legs and a red retro plastic miniskirt completed the stunning look. She edged past him, shut the door for him and waited. He fished out his wallet and gave her a bunch of money, not knowing how much the going rate was for a call-girl but figured his step-daughter needed the money anyway.

She slipped the money into a clutch bag, held Brad’s hand and took him to the sitting room. He was about to say something when Dee said, “Do you come easily?” His throat had gone dry and before he could answer, she said, “Kneel.”

Her command and confidence were real but he managed to croak, “A step-dad shouldn’t be doing this in front of his big tits porno daughter.” He looked at the way Dee looped her fingers into his. “You’re beautiful, Dee.” He paused knowing he shouldn’t have said that. “I’ll act the part you want me to play but we can’t go any further than a harmless game.” She came round to his back and put downward pressure on his shoulders Brad knelt and he was told to put his hands behind his head. By kneeling and spooning herself to his bum, she brought her hands to his crutch to undo his belt.

Before he could protest, Dee said, “Keep your hands where they are behind your head … we’re pretending.” She undid his trousers, pushed them down to his knees and whisked his boxers down next. It was then he noticed the wall mirror from her bedroom had been strategically placed opposite and watched Dee peer around the side of his ribs to also look in the mirror. As he held his breath, Dee whispered, “Now I can see you.” She undid some buttons from the bottom of his shirt to get a better view and said, “I’m the whore and you’re my client and you come easily? We’ll see.”

He found his voice. “I didn’t think that was a serious question from my step-daughter. I can, in fact, hold …” The view of her small hand cupping his balls, her red fingernails stroking his limp cock, was awesome. He was mesmerised to see his cock grow.

Her lips were close to his ear. “You’re much bigger than my boyfriend. There … it’s moving, getting bigger. We can both watch it in the mirror.”

Brad had no will to bring his hands down from the back of his neck but managed to say, “You must stop now, Dee.”

She licked his earlobe and murmured, “We can still see how quick you are.”

He was now fully erect. Her hand made light movements up and down his cock and every third stroke she massaged his balls. “Your balls, Brad, are so heavy. Mum never hinted about your package. And now I feel your precum.” She fell silent while her fingers squeezed juice from his tip, the bulbous gland coloured deep red. Then she said, “Mum has always said she’ll do anything for me. Will she mind me trying out your call-girl idea to make sure it works?” Brad had no idea and couldn’t speak, especially as it was difficult to think logically. Dee pulled his ear with her teeth and kissed down his neck. “Am I doing this right? Am I masturbating my loving step-father correctly?” He nodded. The mirror provided the voyeur scene as Dee speeded up her hand movements, her red nail varnish a blur.

A minute later, he groaned and his abs tightened. Dee whispered, “That’s right. Come for me now.” Brad felt and watched his orgasm, his seed shot out towards the mirror and hit the floor. He continued to jerk his hips as Dee kept up the rhythm for another few seconds. He dropped his hands and didn’t resist the kiss Dee gave him, a lingering French kiss before she got up and went to find a fresh bottle of wine.

He zipped up his trousers, drank some wine and said, “I shouldn’t have let you do that, Dee.”

She put her arms around his neck and touched his lips. “Hold me, Brad,” her voice pleaded. “You’re not going to leave a young girl frustrated, are you? I did it for your pleasure. Now it’s your turn to do me.” Dee put her tongue inside his mouth, their tongues caressed. He was about to speak but Dee said it for him. “I know, Brad, you feel guilty, especially as I’m your step-daughter and half your age but …” She kissed him again before saying, “I love you. Always have. Mum knows because I told her when she suggested I seek your help. And here I am, sexually frustrated and longing for this man with his lovely strong cock to fuck me.”

“Does your mother know we might be having sex?”

She rubbed her groin against him and said, “Yes. Your wife, my mum, is letting things take its natural course. I’m not a threat to her or your marriage.” Brad wondered if his blacked porno wife’s 3 days away was pre-arranged. Thoughts of whether the taboo of fucking his step-daughter was right or wrong faded as he pushed his hands up the back of her T-shirt and brought them round to her bare breasts. She spoke into his shoulder. “Now, make love to me.”

“But we’re pretending, right? It’s practising for your boyfriend?”

She took his hands and held them to her breasts. “Take my top off while we talk.”

He could feel her taut nipples. With no bra, the softness of her breasts was cupped in his hand but still he shook his head, the taboo still strong in his mind. He wanted to help his step-daughter but he couldn’t believe he’d somehow already shot his spunk all over her fingers.

Her voice took a commanding tone as Brad listened to her plans for persuading her mother, his wife, to agree to Brad giving extra lessons to Dee on future occasions. He found himself enveloped in her confidence as he removed her top to her command and unzipped the red miniskirt. Her voice was seductive, “… and I’ll sleepover sometimes with mum in the house,” she whispered. Brad pushed her skirt over her hips to let it drop. “Sex will become natural to us,” she said, as Brad – still in a trance – removed her white thong to expose a neat narrow bush of pubic hair.

He found his own clothes being removed as Dee continued to spell out her plans on doing this more often and to tell her mum everything. Dee undressed him and knelt to discard his trousers and boxers. He couldn’t help the second full erection in the space of half-an-hour. Brad croaked, “You have to stop. Dee, and don’t suck me like that.” The way she slid his cock into her mouth while pushing her tongue hard against the underside of his cock had him trembling. The look of love in her eyes as Dee looked up at him took his breath away.

“Lie down,” she ordered. He tried to say no, tried to do something else other than lie on his back but his strength had left him. She held his hands above his head and squatted over his face, her thighs either side of his cheeks. “Lick me,” she said. There was nothing else he could do or say. Her juices flowed over his lips and nose, her sex aroma was intoxicating, and he pressed his tongue up into her pussy. Dee did all the work as she set the pace, her hip movements going back and forth across his chin, mouth and nose. The stroking of her pussy over his face was slow at first but, as the minutes passed, Dee speeded up her thrusts downwards into his mouth. Then she pushed her widened thighs forwards to present her bum hole and glided her anal passage into Brad’s nose. Everything was slippery as she thrust her bum crack harder and wider into Brad. He couldn’t help but lick her hole and inhale her smell as her canal opened. By positioning her pussy once more over his mouth, she was able to once more shove her groin into his face. The moans from her indicated that she was about to erupt. And she did, a gush of sticky liquid over his face which he drank. She released his hands and she slid her pussy down his chest, across his abs, until it found his cock. Dee guided it into her while she used her other hand to stroke his balls.

“Don’t make me come inside you,” he groaned. “It’s not right.”

Already, she was fucking him, thrusting down and back in sweeping motions to milk him of his spunk. Over and over she did this as the minutes ticked by. “You’re so big,” she moaned. “I can feel you right at the opening of my womb. He couldn’t hold it any longer, the pre-ejaculation rising from his balls, along his cock and then he spurted strongly which made him yell her name. He shot his spunk, his seed, right into her, his heavy load spurted into Dee’s fertile body and culminated in a force of orgasm he couldn’t control. Then she followed him and came herself, her deep kiss covered his lips as she gasped and gasped, her love-juice squirted, her body shook until she was spent.

She whispered, “I’m more confident now that you’ve helped me to prolong my boyfriend’s love-making. I want to be the dominant one and I want more of your wisdom. And to practise with you on future occasions.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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