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She’s Still Got It

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Big Tits

She and her husband were my parents’ friends and now I was standing, mostly naked, in her bedroom and her hands were exploring my body. She’d been to our house loads of times and always wore clothes to show off her body. Short skirts and vest tops, or tight trousers and sheer blouse. And always high heels. She had great legs and a slim body, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I always thought she was showing off for my dad. I heard my mum say “Louise is such a flirt” but I thought she looked great – a hot older woman.

And I was right. She’d got me over in the uni holiday to pack clothes and things before she had the bedroom re-done. She had dressed in short tight turqoise skirt and black vest top and heels. She told me what boxes to put where and deliberately left her lingerie all over the bed ready to pack. She saw me looking and came and stood close to me.

“Do you think I would look good in it?” she whispered putting a hand on my shoulder. “All that satin and lace, and stockings on my body. Would it make you hard David?” Her hand moved to my chest and then lower.

“Yes, Louise, you’d look hot in it. In anything really!”

She pulled me round and kissed me. I kissed her back. Her hands were all over my jeans unbuckling them and reaching in to massage my growing dick. I hand my hands on her arse and her tits. We broke apart and I yanked her top off. She dealt with her bra and skirt while I had my shirt and jeans off leaving only my trunks. I went to pull them down when I saw her slip her thong off but she stopped me. She stepped one foot out of her thong and then put the other up on the bed. “Take them from me stud” she purred and I slid my hands down her long leg to pull them over her sexy high heel. A slender gold anklet glittered and as I removed her thong she asked me if I knew what it meant.

“I’ve heard it’s a husband’s gift to his wife to tell her she’s free to have sex with other guys.”

“That’s exactly what it means David. It means I’m a hot wife. And right now I’m feeling neglected. I’m a horny hot wife and I just knew you’d be able to do something about that.”

“Oh I can definitely do something about it Lousie. I know just what you need.”

“And what’s that stud?” she said pulling me up straight to kiss her again. I put a hand between her legs feeling her wetness.

“You need a young, hard cock to fuck this dripping pussy right here, right now. I’m gonna throw you on the bed, spread those long legs and pound you to your heart’s content.”

“Promises, promises!” bahis firmaları she teased then dropped to her knees. “Now, let’s see my present.”

“Oh my. It’s so big you horny young buck.”

“Just what a horny MILF like you needs!”

“God, you bad boy, talking to your mum’s friend like that. What would she say?”

She wrapped one round my shaft and began to stroke it. Her other hand cupped my heavy balls. As she looked up she ran her pink tongue round her lips and I smiled and grew harder.

“That’s the way baby, get hard for me.” She kissed the skin at the head. “Mmm what a gorgeous young cock.” She kissed it again and stroked deeper exposing the head. She kissed that and I began to rise, stiffening and thickening further. “Oh wow, yes!” she breathed and dipped her head to lick from the base to tip which she kissed once more. Her brown eyes flickered up and held mine. I reached down to brush her hair back and left my hand on the back of her head. She opened her mouth and took my cock head between her lips and I felt her tongue swirl round it.

“Oh fuck Lou, that’s good. That’s really good” I groaned and she took me deeper slowly sliding her lips down my shaft stretching her mouth till she could take no more then pulling slowly off. She breathed deeply and whispered “Oh your dick is gorgeous.”

I helped her up saying “it’ll feel better in that tight pussy of yours, now get on the bed and I’ll show you why young guys are way more fun.”

She knelt and put her head on the bed showing me her tight sexy arse which I bent to kiss before licking her smooth shaved pussy lips. She reached back and held my head letting me eat her out more. “Oh fuck David where did you learn that, so good for a young man. Oh yessssss.”

I pulled away leaving her wanting more and palmed my thick pole. I positioned her ready and pushed the head between her lips which caused a gasp which intensified as my head slid into her. As I felt her relax I pushed deeper and she moaned. “Oh god you were right this is what I need. I need filling you bad boy. Filling with your dick like the horny, slutty, wife I am.”

I spanked her arse. “You’re such a filthy MILF, talking dirty like that. That’s just the way to get fucked hard!”

“Mmmmm. Good. Come on screw me. Push all that long shaft inside me and make me feel it. Show me what a stud you are, it’s time to deliver on those promises big boy and make me scream. Aaaaaggghgh FUCK YES! So deep. YESSSS!”

I grabbed her hips and pulled her back impaling her on most kaçak iddaa of my dick before pulling back and starting to move in again. She rubbed her clit and her vagina became soaking instantly. I pushed deeper, gliding in and out now. I picked up the pace and she looked back at me. Her eyes blazed lust and I knew I would be in for a wild day with this beautiful woman. I was soon balls deep and she loved it telling me I had filled her utterly and it was better than her toys and way better than her husband. I kept on increasing the pace, our bodies slapping together and my hands pulling on her shoulders keeping her in place as I screwed her just as she wanted. Taking her hard this first time, satiating her aching desire for sex I gripped her tight exerting my control. I used my hands all over her body, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, gently gripping her neck.

“Oh fuck DAvid, yes. Treat me like a slut. Fuck me. Please. Pound my soaking cunt. I need it hard. Yes.. YES. YES YEEESSSSS.”

She quickly reached her climax and her body tensed till, with one thrust, I pushed her over the edge and she screamed, pussy clenching and soaked me with her juices. I held still for a second or two then resumed fucking her, prolonging her climax and keeping it rolling till her head lay on the sheets and she panted heavily, shuddering with the aftershocks and my continued movement. Finally, with gasping words, she asked me to slow down and let her recover. I did as she asked and treated myself to long, slow strokes enjoying the way her pussy walls slid along the entire length of my thick shaft. I ran a hand up and down her back while she relaxed then she twisted onto her back and beckoned me to lay with her.

“That is just what I needed, thank you but it’s just made me hornier.” She giggled.

I sprang up and pushed her legs wide. “Good”, I said, “because I’m ready to give you more. Anything you have ever wanted to do, we can do today!”

She reached down and tugged on my slick erection and I slid back inside her.

“Good. Now get that thing deep inside me again and pound me to another orgasm like that, then I want to taste you. I want to indulge all your filthiest MILF fantasies while you become my filthy fuck boy.”

She really did know how to get me going and we fucked hard again till her sexy legs wrapped themselves tightly around my hips and she ground out another long orgasm on my rigid prick. “Mmm David you’re still as hard as iron. I guess that’s what you meant by young guys are more kaçak bahis fun.”


“Go and stand by the bed baby” she said and scooted herself to sit on the edge in front of me. She looked up and then licked my cock.

“I’ve never tasted myself on a dick before David” she whispered. “Never had one last long enough or be quite so sexy as this one.” She licked it again then started to suck it. “Mmmm never one as thick and hard as you.” She stroked as she sucked and I felt the cum begin to fill my balls. “Such a good pussy pleasing cock and these balls so full of cum. I want that cum David, I want you to cum for me, cum over me.” She stroked me faster and massaged my balls. I began to throb.

“Yes Louise, I’m gonna cover your face and make your tits drip with my spunk. I want you to suck me till I flood your mouth with my load then see it drip down your chin like a MILF slut. That’s what you fucking want isn’t it!”

Fuck she was pushing me closer. Stroking faster now with two hands

“Yes you nasty filthy bastard. Give me that load. Show me how much my young bull can produce. Do it. Now!”

“Nnngghhh yeah here it cums, fuck Lou, you sexy bitch, fuuuuuck”

What a load erupted from my balls. Pumping all over her face, shooting miles to begin with before she aimed and got me blasting it all over her face and into her mouth. The more I came the sexier she looked and I jetted more. I pulled her mouth to my throbbing cock and she sucked it till I was done and I let her lay back, face a mess and tits streaked with my jizz.

“Oh boy, what a load.”

“Oh yes. You look like the cat who got the cream, Got my cream, all over her!”

She smiled and started to scoop it up with her fingers and lick them clean. I sat next to her and watched her put on quite a show. I helped her get every drop and loved how she sucked my fingers and licked them clean.

“Drink?” she asked and I said I’d love one. She wrapped a silk robe round her and I slipped on my shirt and jeans to go downstairs. We sat for a while drinking. When I’d finished mine I stood next to her and slid a hand inside the robe. She smiled and sighed as I played with her breast then turned to me and made sure I was ready to go again. “Mmm good stud. How about a little lingerie show before I get to ride you?”

“Fuck yeah. Sounds perfect. Nothing like a hot MILF showing off in sexy lingerie to get this young buck raring to go.”

I bent and kissed her before we went back upstairs to enjoy each other for the rest of the afternoon.

Luckily for me she has a tremendous range of lingerie she wants to show me and many more boxes for me to help her move. I’m going to be a busy guy for the summer helping Lou live out her fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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