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Shhhh! Sister Finds Out

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The next morning, I slept in a bit. Getting up an hour later than normal, I was eating breakfast when someone began banging on my door. Of course I was irritated, since it was still early and I was eating.

I answered the door and there was my sister. “Lynn! What are you doing here!?” I said surprised.

Lynn shot back angrily, “Why didn’t you call!?”

“Call?” I said puzzled.

“Yes! Call! I left a message last night!”

“It was late and I was tired.”

“I bet you were! We gotta talk!” She said as she pushed past me.

Lynn is my size. She weighs a little less, but still, she’s my size. She stormed in and sat on the couch. I walked past her saying, “I’m finishing breakfast.”

“Humph!” I heard, followed by heavy footsteps behind me. Lynn sat across from me and stared as I started eating. Something had obviously upset her and I couldn’t think of anything I had done. Just as I finished eating, Lynn said, “I want to know what’s going on.”

“Going on? I don’t know what you mean.”

“I was at Mom and Dads last night, and the door was bolted.”

“So. Maybe they were gone.”

“They weren’t gone! The house was lit up and your car was there.”

The only thing I could think of to say, was, “Did you knock?”

“Of course I knocked!” Lynn said sarcastically.

‘Oh Shit! We were caught!’ Ran through my mind and I just sat there.

“When no one answered, I went around back. The light was on in their bedroom and I saw something. Something that wasn’t right.”

“Oh! Like what?”

“There were three shadows on the shade.” Lynn studied my face before she continued. “It didn’t look right.”

“I don’t understand. How could shadows not look right?”

“It was … their positions.”

“Positions?” I said questioningly.

“Yes their positions. One looked to be kneeling or something. One was standing. And one was bent over. It looked like they were.” Lynn stopped and looked down.

“Were what?” I asked softly.

Lynn looked up and reached across to take my hands. Then said, “Fucking. It looked like they were fucking.” Lynn studied my face again. “Tell me Stephen. Were you having sex with Mom and Dad, last night?”

I didn’t want to answer. Lynn was upset, kinda. But her voice and the look on her face said she was accepting the idea. I couldn’t think of anything other than, “Yes,” to say.

Lynn didn’t say anything. She softly smiled, pulled me to my feet and led me back to the livingroom. We sat on the couch and she wouldn’t let go of my hands. Neither of us spoke for what seemed like eternity, then she softly asked, “How long … um, how long has this been going on?” I didn’t answer and she asked again. “How long have you been having sex with Mom?”

I swallowed and said, “That’s hard to answer.”

“No it isn’t, Stephen! How long have you and Mom been having sex?”

“Really Sis! It’s hard to answer. Because, it hasn’t always happened, yet it has always happened.”

“You’re talking in riddles, and that is beginning to fucking iritate me. Will you please, just tell me what is going on and for how long!?”

“Well shit, I might as well tell you everything. It all started when I was .”

“!” Lynn exclaimed. “You’ve been fucking Mom since you were?!”

“Will you shut-up and let me talk? I told you it was hard to answer.”

“OK, OK. I’m sorry. Go ahead.”

“Well, when I was , I had these dreams. What I thought were dreams anyway. Until one night, I managed to wake up. It wasn’t a dream after all. Mom was sitting on my bed, naked, and sucking me off.”

“Wow.” Lynn whispered.

“I pretended to be asleep and let it happen. After that, I concentrated on waking up and confronting Mom if it happened again.”

“It happened again, and that’s when you started having sex with Mom, isn’t it?”

“Will you please let me tell it?!”

“I’m sorry. Go on.”

“A few nights later, it happened again. I grabbed Mom and wouldn’t let her go. Things just happened and we ended up fucking.” I paused a minute as Lynn studied my face. “That was it. Nothing happened again. That is nothing except my occasional dreams over he years. And, I’m going to be honest. I continually fantasized about fucking Mom.”

Lynn smiled and squeezed my hands. “Go on.”

“Well, I wrote something and a friend helped me get it posted online, recently. When you guys didn’t show for last months BBQ, Mom approached me. I found out Mom reads incest stories and had read mine. After reading it, she told Dad everything. They agreed that if I was willing, we could renew the affair. I wanted to since I was sixteen, so things just happened. Now do you see? Mom and I have been doing it for a long time. But, we have only just started.”

“But, it was all of you in the bedroom.”

“That. Well. That was just something Mom and I did for Dad. It’s not what normally happens.”

We were both silent for a couple of minutes, with Lynn looking down.

“Are you going to condemn us and cause trouble? Cause, if you are, you need to think about what you’ve been doing.”

Lynn czech couples porno looked up, wide eyed and put a hand on my leg and said, “Oh No. No, nothing like that. And what do you mean, ‘What I’ve done?'”

“But, I thought you were mad about what you saw. And, well, Mom told us about you sucking Dad off last night.”

“Did she now. I guess I’ll have to tell you some things. But first, I’m not mad, mad. I’m, jealous mad.”

“Jealous mad?”

“Yeah. Jealous because I’m not included.”

“Jesus, how much more’s gonna happen?”

“More! What are you talking about?”

“Shit Sis, all my life, I thought I was the lone pervert with my thoughts about Mom. Now I have a family full of perverts.”

Lynn began rubbing my leg as she spoke. “We’re not perverts, Stephen. We’re all in agreement and no one is being hurt.”

“Yeah, well I’ve been hit with an awful lot lately.”

“Um, well, dear brother, you’re going to get hit with a little more. I’m going to tell you about my past. Can you handle it?”

“Yeah, Sure. Go ahead.”

“It all began with my girlfriends. We started exploring sexuality with each other. Before you ask, yes we ate each others pussy.” We were both smiling at one another. “My friend Carrie, I know you remember her and her huge tits.”

Again, we were both smiling, and I said, “Oh yeah, how could anyone forget those monsters.”

“Men and their tit fixation!”

“You brought it up.”

“OK. Forget it, I’ll go on. Anyway, Carrie came up with this illustrated book on oral sex. After we’d all read the book. Carrie got her brother to let us all try cock sucking.”

“Let me guess. You were a natural.”

“Don’t be a smartass! No! But, I really did like it. That night we all took turns sucking Paul’s cock. It just so happened that I was sucking on him when he came. At first I choked and spit. But, as the taste stayed in my mouth, I found I liked it. Well, I guess, I started dwelling on it and wanted more. I managed to suck Paul off a couple more times. I wondered if all men’s cum tasted the same and decided to find out. It really didn’t take much to get old man Wynn, who lived behind us, to let me suck him off.”

“Yeah. Mom told us about catching you.”

“I’ll get to that. He didn’t taste the same. But, I decided that I liked it and was going to get all the cum I could.”

“Shit Lynn! You’re making yourself sound like a cumslut!”

“In a way I am Stephen. I have strong orgasms just sucking a man off. I need to move on so you’ll understand it, OK?”


“Mom had several long talks with me and one night she let me in on a secret. That secret was how hard the men in our family sleep. She came and got me one night and took me to her bedroom. She showed me that Daddy could be sucked off and never wake up. Then she let me do it and she told me that whenever I had the desire, to let her know, and I could do Daddy. I had done Daddy several times and one night I decided to try slipping in to do you. Mom caught me and punished me severely with a paddle. She paddled me so hard, I could barely sit down the next day. Mom made it perfectly clear that the arrangement of me doing Daddy was it. You were off limits, period. Now I know why. Mom was doing you. I decided that if I couldn’t have you, and I really wanted you, I’d suck off any boy I could.”

“That really bothered me Sis. I remember thinking. If you were doing it to me instead of all those others, your reputation wouldn’t have been ruined. I even got in a couple of fights over it.”

“I know, Stephen.” Lynn said sorrowfully. “I’m really sorry about that. And I stopped doing it so much when I found out you fought about it. I felt, you loved me. And I didn’t want to hurt you anymore.”

“Then why did you do what you did when you were married to Evan? Didn’t you love him?”

“Oh my, Evan was more of an infatuation than love. Things were great between us until we got married. Then his thought was, it was OK for him but not me. I rebelled, and started sucking off all his friends. Evan agreed to the divorce as long as I didn’t get child support or alimony. That was fine with me, I just wanted out. A couple of years later I met Jim.”

“Jim doesn’t mind you giving other men blowjobs?”

“Jim is understanding and doesn’t mind so long as I am discreet and limit my activity.”

“Does Jim mess around too?”

“He swears he doesn’t and I’ve never found any evidence otherwise. Until now, my pussy has always been his alone.”

“Until now?”

“I’ll get to that. Since marrying Jim, I’ve really cut back. Other than Daddy, I only found a strange cock every two or three months. That was only for a while, now I have a few men that I see regularly to satisfy my cum craving. In fact, last night I had just met one of them before going to give Mom what I had bought for her.” Lynn began rubbing my entire thigh and surprised me with a kiss. “Last night caused feelings that started when I was fourteen to come on with a vengeance.” She kissed me again. This time czech estrogenolit porno I responded and put my arm around her. She lay her head on my chest and said softly, “Oh Stephen, I want to fuck you. I’ve always wanted to fuck you. And I want to fuck Daddy. I want both of you to fuck me.” She raised up and looked me in the eyes. “That’s all I can think about. Since watching those shadows last night.” Then she gave me a tongue searching kiss. Slowly she pulled away and asked, “Have you ever thought about me? Or am I just being a fool?”

I put my left hand on her breast. She exhaled and went, “Ooooo.” As I said, “You’re not being a fool, Lynn. Of course I’ve thought about it. But, you know. Things just never happened.” She started kissing me and I thought I was being attacked by a wild woman. I kissed her back as I played with her breast and butt.

The phone rang and Lynn said, “Don’t answer it.”

“I better. It might be important.” I replied as I got up. I needed to think because I felt guilty about what I was doing.

“O – oh!” Lynn said pitifully.

It was Mom. “Mornin’ Sweetie.” She said cheerfully.

“Mornin’ Mom.”

“I hope you didn’t have anything planned for us today.”

“Ah, no. I hadn’t thought about it, yet.”

“Well, I need a day or so to rest. After last night, I can barely sit and walking hurts too. OK, Sweetie. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Oh Mom!”

“I knew you’d understand. Have you heard from Lynn? She called this morning and was very short and snappy with me.”

“What about?”

“She said she left a message for you to call her last night, and you didn’t. She wanted to know where you were, and she wouldn’t tell me why or anything.”

“Yeah, I got the message. It was late and I was tired so I went to bed.”

“Maybe you should call her. She’s upset about something”

Lynn was taking her clothes off, winking and licking her lips as I talked to Mom.

“OK. I’ll talk to her. Love you too, Mom. Bye.”

Lynn was standing there, stark naked and smiling. I hadn’t seen her naked since we were in school. She certainly wasn’t that teenager, I remembered. She didn’t look bad and twoo things surprised me. First, her breasts were bigger than I remembered. Second, she had a massive amount of pubic hair.

She saw me staring and ran her fingers through her pubic hair and said, “Jim likes me this way.”

I smiled and said, “I haven’t had hair in my teeth for a long time.”

“O-oh, sounds like you want to eat my pussy.” She said and ran her fingers further down between her legs. “Do Ya? Huh, dear brother. Ya wanna eat my pussy? My furry pussy.” I walked over and knelt in front of her. “Go ahead. Let me feel your tongue on my cunt.” I leaned forward and buried my face between her legs. “Yeah, that’s it. Lick my cunt. Mmmm. Yeah that’s it. Now suck it. Suck my cunt.”

Hearing her talk so dirty was really turning me on. I started sucking and licking, fast and hard.

“Oh yes. Oh, Stephen. Mmmm.” She was moving her hips back and forth with her hands on my head. “Oh, mmmm. Shit, yes. Oh, tongue fuck me. God. Oh, yes. Mmmm.” Her legs began shaking and I felt her pussy flood, wetting my face. Her hair was distracting though. I couldn’t open my eyes for it. And, it seemed to be all over my face.

‘Gonna have to see if I can get her to trim this shit back!’ I thought.

“Oh Shit!” she moaned loudly as she shook all over and pulled my face against her pussy. Suddenly, painfully, she pulled me to my feet by my ears and began licking and kissing my face. “I love the taste of my pussy.” She said as she cleaned my face.

“Can we go to bed? Or do you just want to do it all here?” She asked softly.

“However, you want it.” I replied.

“To bed then.” She said and grabbed my hand. She lead me quickly to the bedroom. Once there, I thought she was going to tear my clothes, she was pulling on them so hard to take them off.

As my pants dropped, Lynn asked, surprised, “Where’s all your hair?”

“Bev didn’t like the hair. So, we kept each other cleared and trimmed. I got used to it so I kept doing it.”

“You’re the first guy I’ve seen since high school without hair on his balls” She kissed and licked my sack. “Hum, I like it. I’ll have to talk to Jim.” She sucked one of my testicles into her mouth and rolled it around. “Oh yeah. I like that a lot better without hair.” She went back to sucking my testicles one at a time as she stroked my erection. Looking up at me and smiling, she said, “Oh yeah. Sucking bare balls, is lots better.” Then she stuck my glans in her mouth and tickled my sack with her fingertips. After that she only touched my erection with her mouth. I was trying my best to hold off and she could tell it. She leaned back and looked up at me saying, “Quit holding back. I want your cum.” Her lips closed around and slid tightly up and down my shaft. It didn’t take long at that point and I could feel my sack start to tighten. Lynn clamped her fingers on my sack above my testicles. This caused czech first video porno my erection to stiffen more as she sucked harder. I thought I was having an epileptic seizure when I ejaculated, it was so intense.

When my body relaxed, I looked down at Lynn to see her milking my soft penis in her mouth. With a dry mouth, I asked, “How’d you do that? That was intense.”

Lynn leaned back and smiled. “That’s a little trick, I picked up. Stop a mans balls from pulling up and massage his prostate, he’ll cum extra hard.” I was looking at her quizzically, and she asked, “You didn’t even feel my finger in your ass did you?”

“Ah, No. But that was something else. Where’d you learn that?”

“Back in college, I dated a Med student. He showed me and I use it on guys I like to give them an intense orgasm.”

“Boy! It certainly works.”

“Glad you liked it.” Lynn cocked her head sideways, looking coyly. “Maybe, with your help, I can show Mom how to do it.”

“Only if you show her on me.”

Lynn stood, wrapped her arms around my neck. Pressed against me and kissed me passionately. “You didn’t say anything.” She said kinda pouting.

“Say anything? About what?”

“My clit. Guys who’ve seen it always say something about my little penis.”

“It is pretty big. I gave it a good sucking. That should have told you I like it.”

“Oh My God. Your sucking on it made my legs weak. I didn’t know if I could stay on my feet.”

“Doesn’t Jim suck it?”

“Well yeah. But, we’re usually sitting or laying down. You did it while I was standing up. That was a new experience for me.” She began edging us to the bed. As my legs hit the bed I fell backward. Lynn followed me down and we began caressing each other.

“I want to do this real slow. Like we have all the time in the world.” Lynn whispered in my ear. After several minutes, she whispered, “I like to be on top. Is that OK?”

“Sure, I like that too.”

Lynn pushed me onto my back and climbed on. “Damn. I wish this was being recorded.”


“Yeah! Taped. You know, your cock going into my pussy for the first time. On video.”

“If you really want it, I’ll set the camera up.”

“Really! Would you really? Hell Yes! Set your camera up.”

I started getting up and Lynn said, “Oh My God. You’re really going to do it.”

“Well yeah! That’s what you wanted isn’t it?”

“I was just testing. I didn’t think you were into porn.”

“This isn’t porn. This is a family movie for my sister. And, I wish I’d thought about movies a month ago.”

“Um, yeah. Now those would be movies I’d like to see.”

“I bet you would. I’ll see what I can do in the future.”

“Can’t wait. But, now, hurry up. I want to be a Brother/Sister Porn Star.”

I set the camera up and had Lynn get on the bed to frame the video.

“Hurry it up, will ya?”

“Hey, cool it! I gotta figure out how to do this. Ah, OK. I can run a cord to the TV, so we can watch.”

“Why? Can’t we just watch it after?”

“We could. But this way, we can watch to see when we want to zoom in and out.”

“Yeah, I like that. I definitely want a close up of your cock entering my pussy. Damn! I wish the camera was going before. Then we could have had you eating my pussy and me sucking you off. Those were firsts too.”

I finished setting things up and we got on the bed. First we took turns in various poses. Lynn sucking on me. Me eating her. Zooming in and out. We found out that zooming in and out had to be done slowly or the camera took to long to focus and it looked bad. Once we thought we had it figured out, we started making love again. Slowly. When Lynn climbed on top, I slowly zoomed in on our genitals. It took several minutes of us moving around without using our hands before my glans wedged between her labia.

“Get ready Baby. Watch as your cock pushes into your Sister for the first time. It’s gonna be tight, because the Doctor had to repair me after Cindy was born” Then she began rolling her hips and gently pushing into me. And damn if it wasn’t tight. It felt as though the skin was being pulled down away from the end of my penis. She lubricated more and things got easier but remained oh so tight. “Feel it. Can you feel how hot my pussy is? Oh Jesus, your cock feels so good. Does my pussy feel good? Oh God, your cock feels good. Mmmm, I waited to long for this.” She stopped speaking out and watching the TV, when I was fully inside her. Turning her head she whispered in my ear, “Fuck Me Stephen. Fuck Me. Oh, I’ve waited so long for this. Fuck Me and fill me with cum.” She began grinding her clit against me and I began matching her movements.

God she was tight. ‘How can someone who’s had three kids be so tight?’ I thought.

“Oh yes, yes. Oh God. Mm, Mm, Mm. Fuck me. Give me your cum. Oh God, I want to feel you cum. Please!” No hard rapid thrusts. Just steady marathon movements, without any real exertion. Her whispering moans and pleading as she nibbled, sucked and kissed my shoulder, neck and ear. Like a life long lover. I held out as long as I could with her constant pleading, in my ear, for me to cum. She didn’t want to let go and I had to struggle to push her up. Once I got her upright, she began to bounce on me. I was going to go ahead and let go, but seeing her breasts bouncing around gave me another idea. I leaned up and began sucking on a nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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