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Shooting with Helena Ch. 06

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[Previously: Helena and Cassie – the loving sisters – have planned a way to get theri revenge on their blackmailing cousin Jack – but taking him to a hardcore photoshoot of them having sex with each other]

It was quiet on the drive to Sasha’s. Helena had made a show of calling our photographer friend as we got into my car; Jack sitting smug and gloating in the backseat. Helena had told Sasha that her and I were ready for the next photoshoot, and that we would have a ‘special friend’ coming with us to watch., Lena even made a show of saying that there was no need to worry about the friend; he’d be okay. I was silent for the most part. Acting sullen, but trying to compose myself for the photoshoot. Helena seemed to have an endless, boundless enthusiasm for sex. An energy for it that I doubted I could match. But I could never refuse her. Not anything she wanted of me, and my body would always react to her, want her.

I shifted in my seat, feeling the little love-balls shift around inside me. They were incredibly erotic. Uncomfortable, distractingly so, and they made me want to pee every time I moved. But they rolled around inside my vagina; sometimes together, sometimes stretched in a line reaching deep inside me. It took an effort not to gasp when I shifted.

The day was dull outside. Thick, heavy rain clouds; those tropical ones that keep all the heat and moisture and humidity in the air and threaten to soak you as well. They seemed to mirror my pantomime mood. Helena, by contrast, had brightened since she last saw Jack. She said to him that she hoped this would be an end of it and he had smiled reassuringly, not bothering to even convince us of the lie he hid behind his smile.

I parked the car in Sasha’s yard and got out, dropping my sunglasses down over my eyes from force of habit. Helena had changed for the photoshoot; putting on a pink and white tennis set – soft cotton shorts and polo shirt. I had stayed in my jeans and vest-top, not having had the time to change after my sleep on the couch.

Sasha opened the door to her warehouse and waved us over.

“Hey Cassie, Hels. Hi, I’m Sasha.” she said, raising a hand in greeting to Jack. Jack produced a thin smile, just enough for the sake of politeness, then averted his gaze. He seemed uncomfortable, but eager to get inside and see Helena and I get it on in front of the camera.

Sasha led us into the studio and started showing us the set. She’d created a kind of hospital scene this time, with a bed and a couple of cabinets, and a trolley with sex toys lined up on it. Right away, I could see the vibrator, a tub of lubricant, some kind of speculum, some straps and a huge double-ended dildo lying there. On the bed were draped two PVC nurse’s uniforms; one blue trimmed, one red. I looked over at Jack. He was nervous, but drooling.

“This will be another static shoot,” Sasha was saying, “like before, so It’ll be a bit stop-start. Try to hold it together when I say ‘cut’, okay?” Helena giggled, and reached for my hand.

“Sasha, you know us…” she said, letting her sing-song girly comment drift.

“Yeah, I know you” said Sasha, playfully. Then she clapped her hands and was all business again. “Okay. I’m gonna get the cameras set up. You girls get changed into the outfits on the bed and wait for me. Lube up or talk among yourselves. You-” she said, pointing a finger at Jack. He was startled into saying “Huh?”

“-you can sit on the sofa over there.” Sasha pointed to a couch that was set up close to where her cameras and lighting were positioned. It afforded a very good view of the set where Helena and I would fuck for the camera. Jack took this in with an agreeable nod.

“Just don’t get in the way of the cameras, okay? Sit, enjoy, crack open a beer or two, but don’t fuck with the cameras or lighting and-” she added, wagging a finger at his crotch, “-if you really really have to, make sure you clean it up afterwards yourself, okay? You can get naked, whatever, just don’t leave a mess.

Jack blushed a little, I think, then raised his hands in the I-surrender-and-agree pose. “No problemo.” he said, waddling off to take his seat at the couch.

Helena and I exchanged a slight nod each, then moved to the well-lit stage area. Helena slipped out of her tennis shorts and polo top easily, exposing a nice lacy bra and panties set I’d bought for her last Christmas. Jack wolf-whistled when he saw her.

“Whoo-ee! I never knew you looked that good, Cuz!” He hollered out. He had already cracked open his first beer and was sipping it wilfully.

“Hey!” We all turned to look at Sasha. She threw an angry gaze Jack’s way. “If you’re gonna sit there and drink my beer and jack off, do it quietly!”

Jack giggled, like a ninth grader, then sang out “Sorreeee.”. He sat back, unbuttoning his shirt and swigging his beer.

I felt pressure on the fist I had involuntarily made. Helena had reached for my hand. “Hey” she said, barely a whisper. “It’s gonna be okay. Just be strong, okay? Just be strong.” I nodded; a sharp, jerky movement, and shifted my feet. As I did so, czech streets porno I felt the love-balls up inside me shift and grind together, delivering another brief wave of discomfort/pleasure.

“Lena!” I whispered in a hiss. “What about the – you know – the balls and string thing?” I said, suddenly embarrassed, despite the fact that my sister and I were about to fuck each other in front of Sasha’s camera.

“Don’t worry, Cass” Helena said, flashing a brief, gorgeous smile. “I’m sure Nurse Jones will find it an interesting medical condition to examine!”

I took a deep breath and nodded, unbuttoning my jeans as I did so. I slipped my jeans off, and pulled my vest-top over my head. I heard Jack take in a deep breath, but he didn’t say anything. I was determined not to say anything either, or look over at him. Not until it was all done and over.

“Hey.” said Helena, calling out to Sasha. “You want underwear on or off?”

“Take ’em off, honey. Those uniforms are pretty tight. You won’t need ’em on for long anyway.”

“Fuckin’ A!” Jack muttered, through his grin. Helena heard it, gave him the finger and unclipped her bra. She slipped it off her shoulders and then drew down her panties. She stood, for a moment, hand on hip, letting Jack drink in the sight of her.

“Oh yeah, baby.” he said, leaning forward in the couch. “Oh yeah, I like that. I like it.”

Using this distraction, I slipped off my own underwear. With my back to Jack, I reached for the blue nurse’s uniform. It consisted of a single micro-minidress made of PVC, with a long zip running up and down the front. Next to the uniform was a PVC cap, parodying the nurse’s cap, complete with a big central red cross at the front. By the bed were two pairs of identical high heeled PC boots. I stepped into the minidress, pulling hard at the elastic edges and hems to pull it tight up against my thighs and hips. As a cheerleader, and someone who worked out quite a bit, I had pretty big muscles for a girl my size. I also had wider hips than my sister, but you’d have only noticed it in something this tight. Eventually, I got the dress to the right position, so that the bottom hem just about covered my ass cheeks at the back, and the tops of my thighs at the front. I tried the zip at my navel but it would only go so far. I flashed a look of help to Helena who, instead of the dress, was putting on the boots first. Smart girl, I thought -as ever. I’d have trouble bending over and doing up the laces once this PVC thing was on. Would have been easier putting on the boots first.


Helena looked up, saw my distress and gave me a sympathetic smile. “You tuck in, I’ll zip up” she said. I nodded, pulling in my tummy as Helena started drawing the zip upwards. I reached up to my breasts, squeezing them up and together as the zip corseted me in. I got my hands out just in time as the zip struggled over the ample cleavage I’d created, then raced on up to my collarbone.

“There.” said Lena. “All done.” She gave me a wink. “Can’t wait to get it all off again.”

I smiled nervously and looked at the boots. Helena read my gaze and lifted an eyebrow. “Want some help with those?” she drawled. I threw her a silly smile and grinned. Helena flicked her eyebrows heavenward, then got down on her knees to help shoe me in. The PVC minidress felt like a whole body and hip corset, constricting my movement but accentuating all the right places. Incredibly, wearing the dress had made the love balls even more active, more tightly packed, and my pussy was getting quite damp. I leaned my head back as I felt Helena take my leg in her hands and slip on the first boot.

Whirr/click. Whirr/click.

I looked up, squinting through the lights toward where Sasha was positioned. “Just taking a few test shots” she said. “Besides, I can use them later in a kind of playback sequence.”

I looked down to where Helena, already in her boots but nothing else, bare ass spread and raised for the camera, and shared a look with her. She winked at me and I suddenly felt an enormous outpouring of love for her. Once again I felt the sensation, the knowledge, that I would do anything – anything – for her.

She laced up my first boot, then the second. The crack and hiss of a ring pull signalled Jack’s unwelcome presence once again. “Boy, I would love to fuck that ass!” he said. He started mumbling to himself, drawing his cock out of his shorts and playing with it. “…Mmm. Nice big cock here.” He raised the pitch of his voice, as though he were mimicking us. “Can I have some cock, please?” he said, looking desperate and hungry. “Do you want to fuck my ass?” He grunted, giggling again, and swigged his beer.

Helena ignored him. She stood up and I helped her into the red nurse’s uniform, much in the same way as she helped me. Whirr/click. Whirr/click. Sasha’s camera had already collapsed into background noise. We fitted on our caps, then turned to squint at the camera.

“Okay Sash. All fixed up. You want any more make-up or anything?”

There was a pause as Sasha made czech taxi porno her way from behind the photographic barricade. She approached us with a stick of deep red lipstick and some eyeshadow.

“Just a slap of this” she said, handing out the eyeshadow to me and the lipstick to Helena. We each applied some, then swapped. The green eyeshadow was something I’d never choose to wear myself, but it looked okay on my sister, so it must have looked okay on me. The lipstick felt nice; all sticky and erotic given what we were about to do. Sasha took the make-up back.

“Okay” she said, stuffing the items into a pocket of her dungarees. “We’ll keep it simple. I want this to be like a sexy encounter to start with; some kissing, touching, etc. Then start using the implements on the tool tray. Hels, you be the one in charge. Cassie, you just be directed by Hels, okay?”


“Remember, this is a stop start shoot so don’t get carried away. It should only take ten minutes or fifteen minutes, that’ll give me enough for the shoot, alright?”


Sasha returned to the cameras and Helena and I got into position; me sitting on the bed, her on one knee in front of me. I sat, frozen in pose for a moment, waiting as the lights adjusted, then heard Sasha call out; “Okay girls, go on you.”

Immediately, Helena was in character. From her position on the floor she said; “My goodness, Nurse Jones, it looks like you’ve got a bad case of Fuck-itis”. She pulled my leg straight out and I felt my muscles go taut. My sister and I both had long legs, and the high-heeled knee boots made them look longer, and more slender. Helena ran her hand up the side of my right boot and onto the skin of my thigh.


I smiled down at my sister, flicking my gaze between her face, so similar to my own, and her hand creeping steadily up my leg to the hem of the high-cut PVC minidress. I parted my legs a little (as much as I could in the tight dress). Helen raised herself from the floor, stretching out to meet me.

“Kiss me, Cassie” she said, no more than a whisper. She tilted her head a little to the left, and so did I. We both closed our eyes as our lips locked together and we felt the warm sticky sensation of our lipstick mingling together.



Even though my ears registered the voice of Jack, I was now solely concentrating on the beautiful, wonderful stimulation of making love to my sister. Nothing on earth could be as taboo, as free and as erotic as fucking your own sister. I found my mind wondering idly as I kissed her; what would it be like if Helena were a man? Would I love her (him) as much? Would I hunger for her (his) cock? Take her (his) cum up my pussy, in my ass?

Helena broke off the kiss. She brought her hands up to my chest and pressed them against my breasts, squeezing them beneath the tight PVC.


“Lie down.”

I did so, starting to lose myself in the exquisite pleasure of Helena’s erotic charms. When I lost myself like this with her, as I was learning, it was to lose all sense of inhibition. All sense of holding back, or objection. I wouldn’t say no to anything. I would let Helena do whatever she wanted to me, and I knew that she would feel the same. Our lovemaking was like a state of eroticism that we had both waited for our whole lives. But one small thing did remain. One kernel; the sense of taboo still remained. Even though my pussy leaked and oozed and ached whenever Helena touched me, there was still a surprised and fascinated part of my mind screaming “You’re fucking your own sister!” More and more, rather than shying away from that voice, I embraced it. “Damn right. She’s the best lover I’ll ever have.” And that only fed my uninhibited desires.

I closed my eyes as Helena pushed me back onto the bed and crept up over me; her legs apart, stretching at the fabric of the pvc minidress she wore. When she had straddled my shoulders, she reached back and slowly pulled her minidress up over her ass. She bent over me, propping herself with one hand and running the other over and over her ass cheeks. I reached up and draped my arms around the tops of Helena’s thighs, feeling her soft skin and muscle beneath my fingertips.


“Whoa yeah; look at that! Whoo-ee!”

Helena and I both ignored him. “Nurse Jones,” said Helena, pushing herself upright and staring down at me, “I’m proscribing you a few things for your condition. First on the list is a portion of red meat. Eat it slowly.”

She lowered herself back down to me, but not bent over. This time, she shifted forwards as she lowered, so that curve of her crotch filled my vision. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply the sweet musky scent of Helena’s pussy. She was turned on already, I could tell. I felt her pubic hair tickle my nose and then she was hovering above me. I lifted my face and stretched out my tongue, running it up the soft folds of her pussy lips. Helena shivered and sighed quietly.

Whirr/click. Whirr/click.

I raised digitalplayground porno my face once more and licked her again, this time running my tongue up and down the length of her slit as far as my prone body position could let me. I felt Helena shift a little as I continued to lick and tease her clit and I knew, I just knew, that she was playing with her asshole, teasing the sensitive skin with her fingernails. I was dimly aware of Sasha’s camera clicking liberally in the background, and the occasional metallic crunch of an empty beer can and Jack sought to contain himself through alcoholic distraction. Throughout all this, I held onto my sister’s thighs and worked my tongue for all I could against my sister’s pussy, lapping the ready dampness my mouth was giving her.

Eventually, Helena raised herself from me and swivelled round, until she was facing away from me. I used those moments, conscious that I was out of camera shot, to catch my breath and lick my lips; savouring every drop that I could of my sister’s pussy juice. I could have drunk it from a cup, I liked it so much; so sweet, so musky and so completely charged with eroticism. In that half-second, I found myself wondering what it would be like to do just that; drink from my sister like drinking from a cup. I wondered if I would drink her pee, like she did with mine. Could I kneel in front of her; mouth open as she spread her legs and urinated on me? Would I give myself to her release and swallow her pee? I knew instantly that I would. I’d do that and more.

Helena reached down and pulled the hem of my dress up over my thighs and hips. Instinctively, I spread my legs and, as I did so, I felt the love-balls lodged up inside me begin to shift. I squealed, involuntarily, and Helena used this as her cue.

“Well, nurse Jones, I think I have the root of your problems” she muttered. I could see her voice, just the cascade of ash-blonde hair spilling down her back, and the close-up view of her ass in front of my face. But I knew that she’d be smirking at her lines. She smoothed a hand across my pubis, gently pressing against my pussy.

“Oh yeah, give me more of that shit!” I heard Jack mutter.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I felt Helen begin to draw the love-balls slowly out of my pussy I felt one pass between me and then pop silently out of my lips. As Helena pulled the draw-string, the other balls all jostled to fall in line inside me. But the last two had got twisted around each other and, as Helena struggled and tugged harder, they began to spread me open from the inside. I gripped my sister’s legs with both hands as I felt my pussy begin to stretch. Helena clamped one hand to the top of my pubis; covering my mound and using her thumb and forefinger to stretch my lips open. With the other she continued to pull on the love-ball drawstring.

I felt myself moan out my sister’s name, and she tightened her thigh muscles in response. Sasha’s camera was merrily clicking along. After a final, last tug, Helena pulled out both love balls together. The expansion they had caused within me, and their sudden release, was incredibly erotic. “Oh more sis!” I breathed. “Fill me up!”

I felt Helena slip two fingers easily inside me, closing my eyes to the wonderful invasion as she wiggled her fingers around my labia.

“I think we need something substantial here.” she said aloud. She pulled out her fingers and I heard her shift a little to reach over to the trolley Sasha had left there with sex toys on it. I heard a clank as Helena deposited the love-balls there and then the click of a lid being opened.

“Let’s get a little lube on here” Helena murmured.. I turned my head to one side, kissing Helena’s left thigh. Helena sighed appreciatively and lowered her hips a little. I felt her pussy close to my face and reacted to it with an open mouth. She was dripping wet, and burning hot between her lips. I dragged my tongue up and down her slit, savouring every drop of her pussy. As I did so, I felt the cold tip of the dildo Helena had been lubing rub up against my clit. And what a dildo! From the weight and feel of it, it was a monster piece of work.

“This, sis, is gonna fill you up nicely.” Helena said, over her shoulder. I tried to concentrate on licking her pussy, but had to stop to catch my breath when I felt Helena begin to push the enormous dildo inside me.

“Oh my fucking God! It’s so big! Fill that bitch up!” Jack shouted.

I felt my pussy begin to stretch and stretch as it accommodated the huge dildo. It felt like five or six inches had already slipped inside me, and Helena was still pushing more. I knew I had the capacity for big insertions, having wider hips that my sister, but I’d never been stretched like this. I couldn’t eat out Helena any more. I just closed my eyes, bit my lip and winced as the huge dildo forced me open. Eventually, exactly at the point where I was going to slap Helena’s legs and beg her to stop, I felt the dildo begin to draw away. Helena pulled it almost free of me, then slowly worked it back in. The more it was fucked in and out of me, the more my aching pussy began to accept the intrusion, accept the gaping hole it was making of my pussy. Pretty soon, Helena was frigging the huge dildo in and out of me freely. At some point I couldn’t remember, I came. My orgasm only helped to smooth the dildo up inside me as I lay prostrate underneath my sister.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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