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Should We Even Be Doing This?

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Resting my head on your chest, I watch you take my hand and slowly move it down your body, until it’s just below your belly button. “Right there,” you whisper, holding my hand firmly in place. “Wait, no, not there,” you say, moving my hand two inches to the right. Your hand is on the back of mine, pushing my fingers into your belly. “There it is, right there. Do you feel it?” you ask with an excited little laugh.

“I think so?” I say quietly. Then I feel it. A tiny flutter followed by what I can only guess is a big kick. “There it is!” I say, lifting my head slightly to get a better view over your perfectly round belly. I feel another flutter, as you push my hand a little deeper, trying to find the perfect spot.

“Yes, that’s right, baby,” you whisper in a loving voice, presumably no longer talking to me, “do you know who that is?”

Another flutter, a big shift to your left side, you quickly move my hand to follow. “Where are you going, little one?” you laugh, chasing the tiny movements with our hands until it settles again with one more tiny flutter. “Shhh, baby. It’s okay. It’s okay. That’s your daddy.”

Daddy. The word hangs in the air as I hear myself let out the smallest of moans and feel my cock twitch imperceptibly… It happens quick enough that I’m sure you couldn’t have heard it, but I feel your hand stop moving, pausing for the briefest of moments, letting me know you did indeed hear. “That’s right, baby,” I hear you say, voice still sweet as can be, dropping into a breathy whisper, “that’s daddy.”

We are pretty open about our sexuality, especially lately, sharing most everything that we’re into. But this is the one I’ve kept secret. I think I’ve even denied it when directly asked, despite it being the word that often flashes across my mind whenever I cum. It’s the one I’m embarrassed about, the cliché that I hate myself for loving. I hear your voice whispering in my head, over and over, “daddy.” I have to admit, this isn’t how I expected to first hear that word in bed.

I lay my head back down on your breast, feeling your soft nipple just below my cheek. I’m trying to relax, trying to play it off, hoping you don’t notice my breathing as it speeds up. Your fingers are still pressed into mine, in the same spot we felt that last flutter moments ago. “That’s daddy,” I hear you whisper again, sounding lost in the word, I’m unsure if you’re talking to me, the baby inside, or yourself. My ear to your chest, I hear your heartbeat accelerate noticeably, taking deeper breaths than you were a few seconds ago.

I feel your hand gently tighten around mine, lifting it off of your belly ever so slightly, moving down slowly, so slowly. “And he’s a good daddy,” you whisper, “a very good daddy.” You give a quick inhale as the tips of my fingers tickle those tiny hairs at the top of your mound, your hand still guiding me downward, slow as can be, but very güvenilir bahis intentionally. You take a deep breath as our hands approach your clit, cresting over and down between your legs. Your fingers curl over mine, guiding my fingertips into your opening. As I part your lips ever so slightly, I feel the cum left from when we fucked just a few minutes earlier. I feel it dripping from around my fingers, running down your ass and onto the bed below.

“Such a good daddy,” you whisper, giving a long pause, “even when he’s a naughty daddy.” I feel your fingers pushing my middle and ring fingers deeper into you. “Even when daddy puts a baby in me,” you sigh, pushing my two fingers as deep as they’ll go, arching your back slightly, throwing back your head, eyes closed. I feel your nipple harden under my cheek as you hold my hand perfectly still, pushing my palm into your clit as you thrust your hips up and down in small motions.

This is fucking crazy. I feel paralyzed, completely stuck between not wanting to reveal just how much I’ve wanted this, and how desperately I now need it to happen. There’s no hiding it though. I’m rock-hard again already, just a few minutes after having cum inside you. One small move of your leg against me and you’ll notice how ravenously turned on I am by the words coming out of your mouth and from the cum dripping from around our fingers.

“I need you to take care of me, daddy,” you say softly, “will you take care of me? Please, daddy?”

Without thinking, I hear myself moan again, turning my head towards you, taking your nipple in my mouth. “Yes, baby,” I say in between gentle licks and sucks. “Daddy will give you everything you need, sweetie.” I turn my body towards you, taking more of your nipple into my mouth, curling my fingers inside you as you continue to grind your hips in small circular motions. Sucking and sucking until I taste that familiar sweetness, I finally let your nipple fall from my lips. I push my middle finger as deep into you as possible, curl my finger and pull it out, dragging a thick drop of cum with it. I slide it up your slit, covering your clit in cum, lightly tracing small circles around and around, feeling your legs tighten and your back arch further, head thrown back, eyes closed tightly, mouth wide open.

As I sit up and move between your legs, I dip my finger back inside you, covering my finger in cum again. You open your eyes just as I’m pulling my finger from inside you, bringing it up to my mouth and licking it clean. Our eyes are locked as my tongue swirls around my finger, my other hand firmly gripping the breast I was just sucking. As I take the finger from between my lips, I pinch down on your nipple, hard and suddenly, watching your eyes roll back in your head as I slide two fingers back inside you. “Fuck, daddy, yessss” you sigh.

I finally let go of your nipple, looking down at you with my türkçe bahis hand between your spread legs, watching a small trail of milk run down the side of your breast, trickling onto the bed. “Mmm, yes please, baby,” I say, leaning down, firmly running my hand from the top of your breast downwards towards your nipple, giving a slow, hard squeeze as I bring my lips close, opening my mouth just in time to catch a stream of milk as it hits the back of my throat. I close my lips around your nipple, tightening my grip and sucking as hard as I can, feeling the milk pour onto my tongue. I swallow loudly, over and over again, making sure you can hear me drink mouthful after mouthful.

Your hand is on the back of my head, gently stroking my hair, holding my mouth to you. “Yes, daddy. Drink me. Drink all of me. It’s all for you, daddy. Take it. It’s all yours.” I suck for what seems like minutes, swallowing what I can, letting the rest pour down your breasts. When the stream finally slows, I sit up, my chin and neck completely covered. You open your eyes and look at me, nodding your head. I lean down to kiss you, feeling your tongue deep in my mouth, then on my lips, then my chin, all the way down my neck, drinking in everything that’s left. “Thank you, daddy,” you manage to say in between licking up every last drop. I feel your hand on mine again, pushing my fingers deeper inside you. “But daddy, I need more. I need more of you.”

I look down to see my two middle fingers buried as deep as they can go, my other hand resting on your round belly, softly running my fingers in circles. “Baby, you know I don’t want to hurt you,” I whisper nervously, not wanting to push things too far, afraid I’ll hurt the baby.

“I know you don’t.” Somehow your hand is still pushing my fingers deeper. “I need you to make me feel good though, daddy. I need more. Please, daddy.” Your pouty voice, those naughty eyes looking up at me, your pregnant body underneath me desperately thrusting into my finger… I’ve never seen a sexier sight. I want to give you absolutely anything you want in this moment. I bend my pinky, pushing it inside you alongside the other two fingers, slowly pushing deeper, curling all three fingers up towards the ceiling. Again and again, flicking my fingers in time with your hips bouncing on the bed, each time putting more pressure on your clit with my index finger. “Yes, daddy, yes,” you say as you close your eyes, smiling and shaking your head, “more, more, more.” You’re almost laughing at this point, completely lost and totally surrendered.

“Are you sure you want more, babygirl?” I tease.

“Yes, daddy, yes I need more. Please give it to me.”

I pull my fingers out almost entirely, squeezing all four together and sliding them right back inside, not stopping until the curve of my thumb is pressing on your clit. “Holy fuck,” you whisper, the smile falling from your face güvenilir bahis siteleri as I hold my hand still, feeling your pussy clench and spasm around my fingers. After several moments I finally hear you exhale, your muscles relaxing around my fingers, catching your breath. “More, please, daddy.”

Jesus. Should we even be doing this? You’re almost six months pregnant, and my hand is buried so deep in you that only my thumb is visible. For christsake, I was just feeling our baby move in your belly less than 20 minutes ago. You can feel me hesitate, and I’m brought back into the moment feeling you grab my wrist, looking me in the eye. “I need more, daddy. Please. Please give me what I need.”

That was all the convincing I needed, tucking my thumb down onto the palm of my hand and pushing into you until I feel like my fingertips can’t go any further. But your hand on my wrist is still pushing, deeper and deeper, I start to curl my fingers into a fist to make room, only stopping when my knuckles can’t fit through your opening. I’ve never felt anything like this, your body is shaking, your pussy rapidly spasming around my hand. “More, daddy, more!”

I can’t go any further, my knuckles feel completely stuck, but you keep pushing my wrist, moving your hips around and around, somehow working my hand deeper. And then it happens. I feel my knuckles slide past your opening, and in one motion the rest of my hand disappears inside you as I wrap my fingers into a tight fist. Your hand on my wrist is now resting on your pussy, my entire hand completely buried inside you, your pussy clutching tightly around it. “Jesus, baby,” I whisper, absolutely shocked at what I’m seeing, and even more stunned that your hips continue to buck up and down, that your eyes are still closed, head thrown back, muttering every word I’ve ever wanted to hear.

“Yesssss, daddy. Finally. That’s what I needed. I needed all of you. I needed your baby in me, and now I need every bit of you inside me too. As much as I can possibly take. Thank you, daddy. Thank you.” As you’re talking, your hand is running up my forearm to my elbow and then back down to where I’m buried inside you, appreciating just how much you’re able to take. Your hips are moving faster and I feel you tighten around my fist, tighter than I’ve ever felt anything. I’m barely moving, too afraid of hurting you, and too lost in watching you convulse on my hand as you start to cum.

“Daddy, it’s happening, daddy. You’re making me cum. Holy shit, fuck fuck fuck,” you’re screaming. Every part of your body tightens at once as the orgasm washes over you, tightening around my hand so much that it pushes me out, stopping briefly again as my knuckles hit the walls of your opening. I relax my hand, opening my fist and letting your orgasm push my hand the rest of the way out, trailed by a splash of cum, a perfect mix of yours and mine.

You collapse on the bed, and I look down at you as the last of the orgasm shakes through your body. You open your eyes and look up at me, watching me lick my hand clean. You shake your head, cracking a smile and laughing. “Well, that was new.”

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