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It was a warm summer morning, and I was on my way to a small conference about an hour from home.

I had my car packed up, plenty of water and I picked a simple black and white dress that didn’t cling so I’d stay cool. Underneath I had on a black bra and thong panties. No stockings. Of course, I had on my high-heeled sandals that stretch my calf muscles making my legs look long and lean.

When I arrived, the entire room was buzzing with mostly women getting their tables set up. I’m always pleasant with my ‘booth’ neighbors but only to a point. I normally keep my distance, finish up the day and go home.

There’s always one person who starts the introductions, and usually, that’s not me, but today for some reason I was drawn to say hello to the young woman at the booth across from mine.

I’m in my early fifties with great skin, long hair and green, bedroom eyes. I keep physically fit and look about 10-15 years younger than I actually am. I think it has to do with marrying a man 10 years my junior who has a voracious sexual appetite. I’ve always enjoyed sex and since being married have come to enjoy all different things in the privacy of our bedroom.

The girl was wearing a blue printed dress with high-heeled patent leather pumps. She had medium brown hair that cascaded down around her shoulders, a cute little pushed up nose, big brown eyes with long lashes and a killer body. She was adorable, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

She came over and introduced herself with her bubbliest smile. “Hi, my name is Jamie.”

I smiled back continuing to put up my display and answered her by saying “Hey, I’m Andrea.”

“Can I help you set up?” she asked.

“No thanks. I’ve got it.” She went back across the aisle and I finished my set up.

A little while later she asked me if I wanted some water.

I graciously accepted and antalya escort we began to talk.

I learned that she was in her late twenties and living on her own. She was having boyfriend issues (but what twenty-something girl isn’t?) and I sensed she was seeking some type of council from me. I listened carefully while she recanted her tales.

I kept looking at her sweet face and couldn’t get over how attractive she was. If I had to confess, I did sneak a peek or two at her breasts and legs while she was talking.

Of course, in true woman to women conversation, their sex life came up. She told me she and her guy were compatible sexually and had a great time in bed.

We giggled, like girls do, and I told her “Wait it gets even better!”

There was some kind of connection between us. Sometimes you just meet another woman who you click with and Jamie was one of them. We continued talking for a long time before the show started and then ran back to our tables before they opened the doors promising to spend our lunch time together.

By lunchtime we were exhausted from being on our feet.

Jamie came over and said “Let’s grab a sandwich and then we can go rest in my room if you like.”

“Great” I said.

It was too hot to eat, so we had a quick nibble and headed back to her room in the hotel.

When we entered the room, it had just been made up. It was cool from the air conditioning and dark. So inviting.

“Wow, this is nice.” I said.

She replied “My company always puts me up when I travel.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said with a little giggle.

Then we just stood there looking at one another saying nothing. She took me in with her hooded eyes and I couldn’t stop looking at her hungry mouth. One that gave me the unfamiliar desire to sample. I moved closer to her not sure what to do, serik escort but knew I was about to kiss her. She knew it too and came closer to meet my embrace.

I touched her long, silky, hair and ran my hands down her back. I kissed her gently at first and then gently parted her lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She opened her lips eagerly, and it was heaven. We kissed and touched exploring each other bodies through our clothes.

Although we were both novices with other women, instinct took over with each move, and I unzipped her dress. She shivered and pulled slightly away, but I knew that while she may think this whole thing was as unbelievable as I did, she didn’t resist enough for me to stop.

She stood there in her heels, bra and panties. I touched her ass with my hand. It was smooth and full. I cupped her ass in my hand and then slid my fingers down over its curve and lightly touched her between her legs. She cooed.

Jamie then began to unzip my dress and whispered “Are you sure we should do this.”

I answered her “No, but why not.”

I felt totally in control although I was reeling from just touching her bottom. She was magnetic, and I couldn’t draw myself away.

Her chest was heaving with excitement when I unhooked her bra. I gently touched her breast and rolled the nipple gently between my fingers. My panties were soaked with my own desires.

Exploring her body was incredible. I dropped my hand between her legs and ran my finger along her pussy on top of her panties. She too was dripping. Her belly was tight and her waist tiny. My fingers looped the string of her thong and I slowly pulled it down over her ankles and feet. I drank in every ounce of her with my eyes.

Time was ticking away, and we had no clue how long we had been away from our respective work responsibilities, side escort but at that moment it didn’t matter.

She said, “Get undressed”. “Hurry.”

Before I knew it we were both naked and in between her cool, white sheets.

“You are beautiful. Soft.” I told her.

She moaned in her throat as I continued to touch her back and fantastic ass. I sucked her nipples and gently nibbled on them. It was delectable and she tasted wonderful.

She touched my breast and then lowered her head to suck them. My labia were swollen and while I wanted to savor every moment, I was ready to burst.

The moments were flying by with intensity. We were passionately kissing when I sought out her pussy with my fingers. I explored her clit with my fingers rubbing it the way I liked mine rubbed. When I sensed her heighten, I entered her with my finger. It was soft and warm inside. I slid my finger in and out slowly letting it linger at the opening. She was writhing with pleasure begging for release. I rubbed her clit for a few more moments, slipped my finger into her juicy hole and she came. Her body rocked with pleasure, and I could feel her pussy sucking my fingers. When I took them from her warm body, I licked them and kissed her beautiful mouth.

She grabbed me and pulled me between her legs. I began humping her rubbing myself against her seeking my own nirvana. She took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard. I looked down into her eyes our mounds pressed together. I was crazy for her at that moment and she knew it.

Jamie rolled out from beneath me and rolled me onto my back. She gave me a devilish smile and lowered her face between my legs. She began to lick me. Carefully at first and then it was no holes barred. She ate me. Licking and sucking me in just the right spots. I felt my back arch for more and before I knew it I was screaming with pleasure. I was cumming in her mouth and held her head until I was sated.

We fell apart spent. Realizing we’d spent far too long on our lunch break, we quickly dressed and ran back to the show. Of course, we exchanged numbers and promised to meet again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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