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Show , Tell Ch. 13

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Anri Okita

Checking into the motel, the manager recognized the name and said, “Ah, Mr. Kent. I have your property…, and to insure it would operate I have taken the liberty to remove the batteries.”

Opening a drawer, he handed me a plastic bag with the dildo and batteries. Thanking him and then paying for the room, I took the room key and assembled the dildo…, sticking it in my back pocket before leading Elle into the same room we’d played in on our first visit.

The look on her face was the same as that first visit, in awe of the mirrored ceiling and the, too big for the room, bed.

“Any surprises?” I asked, actually hoping she and Kat had snuck something else new into her pocketbook.

“Actually…, yes, if you’ll give me a minute,” giving me a nice kiss as she walked into the bathroom.

It was more like five minutes.

I used the time debating the use of the dildo. I decided to leave it in my pocket, wanting instead to use my time learning how to best please her and in the process, teaching her how to best please me. Then again, if she continued on the path she’d started at 2Hot…, that was a foregone conclusion.

When she came out…, she was naked and it took my a moment to realize

what my surprise was….

She’d completely shaved her crotch!

“What have you done? Your husband is going to see that and know that you’re up to something!” my reaction.

The air came out of her.

“You don’t like it?” looking like she was going to cry.

“Baby…, I love it…, but please understand that women don’t just suddenly shave their pubic hair for no reason. It’s not the summer, so you can’t use your bathing suit as an excuse…, so when Todd sees….”

“You do like it?” the smile returning to her face.

“Of course, but….”

Walking over to me, she folded herself into my lap and kissed me. Then…, “Well, you’re wrong about women, “…, shaving their pubic hair for no reason.” First time I was in the dressing room with Kat, she asked me why I hadn’t shaved? I couldn’t answer because I’d never given a thought to shaving because, why would I? It just sounded unnatural. But, that got me wondering, so I went online and found that lots and lots of women do it…, for a lot of different reasons. If he ever notices, which he won’t, I’ll tell Todd that I’ve done it for sanitary reasons…, period. But the real reason, aside from wanting to please you…? Since no one had ever gone down there, before you, I’d never experienced a man picking my pubic hair out of his teeth after he’d been…, you know. That’s the real reason…, I was embarrassed watching you…, picking at your teeth after we’d…, so, I did it and it felt wicked shaving it just now.” Then she looked up at me, her face registering a thought, something she hadn’t considered until that moment…, “Unless you like me better with pubic hair?”

Naïve may have been her middle name, but somehow, in her mind, she made it all work. If Todd was half as prudish as she presented him to be…, hah…, no one could be that puritanical…, could they?

And, with her naked in my lap, now wasn’t the time to seriously consider the consequences of her rash behavior. Now was to time to take advantage of her rash behavior!

We kissed and touched and kissed and touched some more. I watched Elle undress me in the mirror, kissing and touching the whole time.

At this point, I figured I’d kissed and touched her enough, her squirming to the point of grabbing my head and pushing it down into her crotch. I think she wanted to give her hairless…, would it be fair to call it her, “Sphynx,” for the, “hairless pussy,” that it was?

So I went down on her, licking her everywhere but inside the slit…, which was the ONLY place she wanted me licking her.

I continued to tease her, kissing and licking the creases ataşehir escort bayan and folds of her vagina, until she grabbed my head with both hands, cried, “Enough!” and then held my head until my tongue slipped inside her and I made love to her naked crotch!

I searched for a hair to play with and never found one!

I played with her pussy, her asshole, the very top of her ass crack and then all the way back down. I used every one of my fingers to penetrate her, never all ten in any one orifice but all ten finding their way inside her at one time or another.

She was crying, screaming, whimpering, panting and moaning…, all at once and separately.

I couldn’t find even a tiny bit of stubble…, that’s how completely she’d shaved herself and believe me, I didn’t miss a micrometer of her nether regions!

And now I was ready.

Rather than letting her reverse positions with me, I crawled up her body, licking and kissing my way to her mouth, where I let her lick all of our secretions off my face. Then, before she could protest, I reached down and pushed my cock against her mons pubis and then into the split below, letting my shaft ride between her labia majora and her pubic bone, the friction causing her to squirm some more, now trying to cause as much pressure and friction as we could take…, and I hoped I could take a lot!

Turning us over, I pushed her down so that she was now riding my thigh and worked my leg up and down, allowing her to create the pressure, until I started to raise my leg until all of her weight was fixed on my thigh…, her moans and cries now even louder than when I was sucking on her twat!

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to take much more, I pulled her body up, forced her legs apart and reached down between them. With her hand joining mine, we slipped the head of my cock inside her, as she shifted her hips to accept me and then we just rocked until I was all the way inside.

Then we rocked some more.

She pushed herself up slowly, looking down into my eyes, until her arms were fully extended, hands flat on my chest. Slowly she started to rock her hips forward and back, small cries and whimpers as she closed her eyes, her mouth opening into a perfect, “0,” her fingers now extended until only the tips remained on my chest, as her hips thrust back and forward…, faster and faster until I lost complete control and shot my load as deep inside her as possible, my moans causing both of our bodies to vibrate, her thrusting continuing until I was completely soft and I fell out of her.

Even then, she continued to move, her fingers collapsing and then her hands and elbows, until she fell forward on top of me.

Then she did that something…, that something that she did!

She pushed herself backwards down into my crotch, where she started to suck on my cock, which was covered with my cum and her juices and she was using the very tip of her tongue to tickle the tip of my cock, as she’d done that time in her classroom, the tip of her tongue slipping inside me, the feeling one of both intense pleasure and pinprick pain!

It was something I’d never encountered before her and like that first time, it felt fucking awesome!

When she tired of that…, she decided to lick up every drop of my cum and her own secretions that had dripped out during our love making.

She spent a good two minutes cleaning me up, including between my legs and entire inside vicinity of my ass!

I began to wonder if she’d had…, a little more than…, experiences with just three other men?

Finally finished with the, “housecleaning,” she now slid back up my body, coming to rest with her head on my chest, her breathing slowing to normal and her fingers twirling the hair on my chest.

Pulling a pillow and then my hand behind my head, escort kadıöy I exhaled loudly and said, “That was nice.”

Elle’s head popped up and then she sat up, eyes wide…, “NICE!…, NICE! That was fucking awesome! Nobody has ever had sex that good and you tell me it was nice!”

“Hey!” throwing my hands up between us, “I thought it was nice. I know I can do a better job than that…, but if you thought it was the best sex ever…, I guess I don’t need to improve.”

“You’re awful…,” after she’d stopped laughing.

Turns out, she’d read an article in “Cosmopolitan” while at the beauty salon, “Ten Things He’ll Love In Bed, or something like that,” she told me.

I told her I’d buy her a subscription.

We cleaned up, well at least I did, with soap and water and I brought her back to her car. She was standing next to my window when we kissed goodbye and I confessed, “That was the best…, the most intense…, the loudest…, fucking…, I’ve ever done!” Then, just to…, because I could…, I added, “And I can’t imagine what it will be like once I get you to fully participate!”

“Me neither,” she replied with a smile…, and then, “Oh, and remind me to tell you about Kat and I in the dressing room.”

How could I have forgotten about that?

The following Wednesday I stopped at the school to, “check on the book,” for my next story. There were also a couple of, “stories,” I wanted to follow up on also, stories that only Elle could tell.

It was after 4:00 PM and her car was alone in the parking lot…, as was she in her classroom.

Big smile, “Hey, what brings you here?”

“You finished with that book?”

Giving me a sideways look, knowing that she needn’t answer the question, but giving me an answer anyway, “They have a copy at the library.”

Turning around, I started towards the door, my, “Okay…, sorry to bother you,” met with, “Hey! Where do you think you’re going?”

Taking another step…, “The library.”

“Wait. If you’re nice, I’ll let you skim a couple of chapters while I tell you about what’s been happening since the last time I saw you.”

Stopping, I turned and asked, “And about what went on in the dressing room between you and Kat?”

Now a wicked smile from her, “I think you might have to give me more than your attention if you want me to tell you about that!”

I turned and took another step away.

“Okay…, okay, I’ll take a kiss,” walking to me and jumping into my arms.

She was wearing a practical skirt and a button front sweater, a vast improvement over the “Pilgrim Wear,” that had been her former wardrobe.

Giving me the book and sitting me in one of the adult chairs, she sat in front of me in one of her student’s seats, her arms wrapped around her knees.

“Any fallout from the other day?” I asked.

“No, like I promised, he hasn’t noticed that I shaved and he never noticed that I didn’t shower or wash myself until Sunday morning either.”

Giving her a look…, “You didn’t? Why was that?”

Another of her wicked grins, “I didn’t because I wanted to taste you for as long as I could.”

“Taste me?” momentarily confused.

“Yes…, taste you. I used my fingers to get your semen out of my…, what did you call it?

“Your Sphynx…, it’s a hairless pussy…, a breed of cat.”

That drew a laugh, and then, “I could still taste you on Sunday morning, but I needed to shower before church. You tasted really good, but I knew that already.”

“But didn’t Todd smell…?”

“No…, because…, what would his frame of reference be? He’s never been down there, so even if I hadn’t cleaned up after he’d fucked me, which I do immediately after he’s finished, he’d have no idea what he was smelling.”

“It can’t be that bad,” shaking my head.

“You’re right…, maltepe escort it’s worse,” with a head shake of her own.

“Anyway,” she continued, “on Saturday, Kim actually got up before noon and asked me to take her to the Mall. She was meeting some friends there and then going to a skating party. While we were driving, she told me she wanted to, “apologize,” for being such a brat last week at that, “Tension,” store. She said she’d been thinking about it a lot and that she had no right to tell her how to dress…, “and neither does my father.” How about that!”

Always the cynic, I had to ask, “Was she sincere?”

“She seemed like she meant it. I hadn’t said anything to her about how she’d acted, so why would she bring it up?” a hopeful look on her face.

“Well, I guess we can’t do anything but trust that she means it and that the two of you are in for…, a more friendly nine years of misery!”

Before she could react to that, I asked, “And what happened in the dressing room that you’ve been so eager to tell me about?”

“Oh,” and a nice smile.

“After I’d modeled the dress and I went back in to put on the lingerie, Kat came in with me and helped me take the dress off. I was standing naked and she was looking at me…, a little like the UPS guy and Keith looked at me and…, I liked it, just like I liked them looking at me. So I asked, “What?” and she said, “You know what…, you are a very sexy woman.” I said, “Thank you,” but she said, “and the best and worst part of it…, you aren’t even trying to be sexy.” I laughed a little and asked, “Best and worst?” She smiled and shook her head, “Best because I can’t imagine what it would be like if you actually tried, or realized how truly sensuous you are…, and worst because once you do realize and then learn how to use your innocence as a weapon…, other women won’t stand a chance.”

“Very perceptive young lady,” I said.

Shrugging, she made a face and continued. “Then she put her hands under my tits and asked, “Have you ever considered a, “Boob Job?”

“You mean like have implants?” Elle asked her.

“Yes…like implants. You have a killer body and the only thing that’s missing are bigger tits. Not a lot bigger, just shaped and lifted…, maybe one more cup size.”

“I looked at myself and I felt a little awkward…, cause I always thought my chest was fine. So she moved behind me and pressed against me and the put her hands back under my boobs and lifted them again. Looking over my shoulder, she said, “See just lifting them a little would make a big difference. Now if you had the implants…, we’re talking Porn Star quality!”

“I looked at her, “Porn Star…?” when she started to thumb my nipples and then she started to kiss my neck and then my ear and she flicked my ear with her tongue and she was squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples and it felt really nice and I was watching her do all this in the mirror and she was watching me watch her and…, and then she put her right hand in my crotch and slipped her finger into my pussy and I closed my eyes…, and then we heard Amy saying something and she bit my ear lobe and whispered, “You don’t have to do anything because you’re already too fucking hot!”

“Honey,” looking at her, my dick already rock hard, “I was outside the dressing room and I didn’t hear either of you talking?”

“She was talking real soft…, lower than a whisper, because she knows you listen. She also told me that you’re a voyeur and that you love to watch.”

“Guilty,” I answered with a smile.

Then she looked at the big clock on the wall, jumped up and ran to her desk. “I’m supposed to be picking TJ right now! I’ve got to run!”

Which she did, down the hall and out of the building. Her window was down, the car running and she was saying, “Hurry, Hurry,” as I walked into the parking lot. Grabbing my face, she stuck her tongue down my throat, kissed me savagely and the stepped on the gas, nearly running over my foot in the process. She yelled, “I love you,” as the window was coming up.

I thought about breast implants all the way home.

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