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Shower Time

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A long hard day at work deserved a long hot shower and that’s exactly what Mac was about to do. He had been detached away from his home unit to assist another unit, which was short of manpower due to commitments overseas.

Thankfully the detachment was only for a couple of months since the accommodation was not quite up to the luxury of his home unit, with communal showers and toilets and no sink in his room Mac was left dreaming of his en-suite double bedded heaven a few hundred miles away.

But that was military life and you got on with it making the best of what you have. Since the ablutions were communal there were often blokes walking around with towels wrapped round them and weekends could be interesting when some of their girlfriends came to stay!

Mac walked into his shoe box of a room and threw his bag into the corner, kicking off his shoes he began to undress, taking care to hang up his uniform trousers, god forbid you had creases in you trousers the SWO would go mad! Wrapping a towel around him and grabbing the shower gel from his locker he headed for the showers.

Mac reached in and turned the shower on waiting for the hot water to come through he adjusted it to an ideal temperature, once it was there he pulled the curtain shut and then whipped off his towel, stepping into the flow of water Mac let a groan of relaxation out. Boy did that feel good, the water cascading down his neck over his shoulders, washing away the grime of the day. He was soon soaping up cleaning away the sweat and grease that had gathered after a day of crawling in floor spaces pulling in cables. Mac’s mind drifted away as he remembered coming out through a hole in the floor to find a lovely pair of legs standing near by, he had been able to see under the skirt up to bahis firmaları the stocking tops before she had moved. Ahh what if? He started imagining the fun
they could have had in the storage cupboard.

Stroking his cock as the water flowed over it and trickled around his balls brought it to attention quite quickly, Mac lost himself in the daydream making the sensation last without going too far.
The curtain of the cubicle was whipped back, Mac’s eyes shot open and he found himself looking at a short blonde, with a towel wrapped around her breasts and hanging down to her thighs.

Both looked at each other in shock, Mac with his cock in his hand and the water cascading down his body, recognised the blonde as Samantha, who worked in the admin office at the base. She was going out with one of the guy’s in the block, which explained her presence in the shower room.
Samantha’s eyes in the meantime had dropped to Mac’s crotch and his erect dick; she glanced around the room, there was no one there. Stepping into the cubicle she pulled the curtain shut and then pulled her towel open revealing her pert breasts with slowly hardening nipples.

Mac’s eyebrow raised in surprise, he had dreamed of this but never thought it would happen.
Sam stepped under the water letting it soak her hair and roll down her breasts, smiling slyly she commented “its always nice to share”. With that she reached down and took Mac’s cock in her hand and began to stroke it “and I hope you are going to share that to.”

Mac overcame his surprise and decided to enjoy the moment so reached up to her breasts stroking them smearing the water over them so they became slick and slippery. Reaching behind her he ran his hands down her back sending a small shiver down her spine before kaçak iddaa he reached her bum which was a lovely couple of hand fulls which he gave a squeeze.

Sam was enjoying the sensation of her nipples rubbing on his hairy chest, with the water streaming down between them, she decided she wanted a closer look so slid down to her knees until Mac’s cock was in front of her face. She pulled back his foreskin and began to play her tongue around his helmet.

Mac leaned back and enjoyed the view of Sam’s lips slipping over his cock, he had seen her around in her uniform before and knew she had had a few boyfriends around the camp. Those that he knew had said she was a bit of a goer and enjoyed a bit of excitement, by the evidence so far thought Mac they were bang on the nail.

Sam was in her element sucking on Mac’s cock her fingers playing with his balls and the water spraying onto his shaft.

Mac reached down and pulled her up, he didn’t want to waste his load so quickly, and he wanted a taste of her juices. Sinking to his knees he found Sam’s trimmed quim, already her lips had swollen a little pushing her clit out. Sam opened her legs slightly letting Mac get access to her haven, Mac started by licking around her lips before nibbling on her clit, one of his fingers parted her lips and played with the opening.

Sam quietly groaned enjoying the sensation gyrating her hips so her mound was forced against Macs face. Mac moved his tongue to her opening taking his finger out a few drops of juice trickled out, he prodded his tongue into the opening flicking it in and out driving Sam to grab his head and push it into her crotch. Mac grabbed her ass pulling her to him, and stroked a finger down her arse crack.

But enough Mac now wanted to plant his kaçak bahis cock deep inside of her, Sam was not about to object, so as Mac stood up she turned and bent over at the waist, presenting her perfect ass to him. She reached back and parted her lips her lovely dark hole looked so inviting so Mac stepped up and pushed his hard cock into her.

Sam let out a little gasp at the sensation of his cock running deep into her, as Mac leant back against a cubicle wall she supported herself with her hands on the other wall. This position allowed Mac to thrust deep into her as she reached back and played with her clit, the water ran down her arse crack onto the top of Mac’s cock adding an extra bit of lubrication to her already wet hole.

“Oh Yes” muttered Sam, she could feel herself building to a climax, pushing back hard against Mac she rotated her hips getting his cock rubbing all the right spots. The feeling of her pussy clamped along his length made the cum rise up Mac’s cock, so as her muscles rippled along his length in her orgasm he shot his load deep into her pussy.

“Hmm I had a feeling you might share” grinned Sam, as they pulled apart, she gave Mac’s cock a play full tug as she kissed him on the lips.
“Sam you in there?”

Sam and Mac paused; it was her boyfriend, obviously wondering what was taking her so long he had come to find her.

“I’ll be out in a second honey” called Sam she smiled at Mac again giving him a wink.

Mac turned the shower off as Sam wrapped her towel around herself she turned to him again and pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy she licked one side of them tasting their juices then put her fingers to Mac’s lips so he could taste them too. Then she vanished through the curtain leaving Mac in the cubicle sharing the taste of their cum.

“Did you enjoy your shower dear?” Mac heard Sam’s boyfriend ask as they walked down the corridor.

“Oh yes, nothing like a relaxing shower to …..” their voices faded down the corridor.

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