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Sibling Cam

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“Too bad we don’t have any privacy,” Sarah said to me one night. “I could probably make enough money to pay the bills around here if I could set up a web cam.”

A few weeks earlier, my sister and I had both lost our jobs and were preparing to move back in with our parents when our grandmother’s health failed her. It was a sad occasion, but now there was a no-rent house that we could move into instead of cramming ourselves in with our parents once again. Sharing the single bedroom had really put a crimp in both our lifestyles.

“Really? How much money do those girls make?” I asked. Sarah’s previous job had been for an ISP where she had helped many of their clients set up moneymaking web cams.

“It’s not a lot, but I know some of the more successful ones were getting around $500 a month. I’ve got the contacts to make it work,” she answered.

“You’d do that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe if I lived by myself.”

“Well, why don’t you look into it and maybe we could set something up in the bedroom. I know we’re going to need the money really soon here.” We had moved our computer equipment into the dining room and set up an office from which we could conduct our job searches. Six weeks of nothing had us both discouraged and broke

She looked into it and figured out that we could go through a cam portal site and get a portion of the subscription fees rather than trying to set everything up on our own. They promised thousands a month, but from her experience at the ISP, she knew the girls were making perhaps hundreds at the most.

So we set her laptop up in the bedroom with the web cam and she started the rough process of gaining subscribers. She was in the room almost all the time, starting around 12 noon and not leaving until after midnight. She’d decided to do some nudity for free and then some raunchier stuff and requests for subscribers only.

Within a couple of weeks her subscriber list had grown to over 25 people and she was able to cut down on the amount of time spent on the free part of the show. But she also had lost most of her inhibitions about nudity and was usually walking around the house in lingerie or a bathrobe.

She also began to speak more openly about what her subscribers wanted her to do. I had seen the dildoes, vegetables, panties, and lube lying around our bedroom and I was curious, but not really all that comfortable with it and jokingly let her know that I didn’t want to hear about it. That quelled most of the talk.

When the money finally began to come in, it wasn’t nearly enough. She started to heavily promote her cam in other places, newsgroups, online personals, search engines, but it still wasn’t enough. She also found a web board where cam operators could talk about the intricacies of getting clients and making the most money. This taught her one thing: men make nearly 4 times the loot that girls do.

“You need to set up a cam,” she informed me one afternoon.

“Oh right, girls don’t need cam-boy lovin’. They can get guys naked in front of their web cam any time they want,” I chuckled.

“Not girls, dummy. Other men”

“Oh, ick.” I said.

“What? You never have to touch or look at them. Just pretend it’s women you’re chatting with.”

“You’ve told me of some pretty raunchy conversations you’ve had with guys. ‘I wish I could feel your balls on my chin and your hot come in my throat!'” I mocked.

“Hey, you’re pretty good at that,” she smiled. “So, pretend you’re mocking me when you do it. Guys make like 4 times the profit that girls do. It’s pathetic!”

“4 times? That would solve a few of our problems,” I said with a tone of concession that sealed the deal.

We set up a cam for me in the dining room and started looking for clients. I had to get a few shots of my erect cock to post in a few places, which wasn’t easy, knowing what I was doing it for. That brought up another point. How was I supposed to get hard when I was talking to guys who can see me? I decided to set up the TV near my PC with the VCR and I rented some dirty movies. Watching them kept me erect and also gave me ideas of what to say to these guys.

Within a few weeks, the two of us were making enough money to live on. Sarah was wrong about my income being 4 times hers, it was more like 2.5 times hers, but it was still better than starving and we were finally able to catch up on our bills.

The biggest side effect, however, was that we were now “talking shop” with each other as though it were a new coding language or design standard we’d learned together. “How long do you wait before you let yourself come?” she’d ask. “Do you really come?” I’d ask. “What do you do if you’re just not into it?” she’d ask. “Have they asked you for anything you just won’t do?” I’d ask.

“They really want to meet me and I won’t do that,” she said.

“Yeah, same here. They’re always trying to get my phone number and private email address. I think they actually like it when I tell them I’m straight. They don’t outwardly believe it, but they seem to enjoy the “fantasy” that I’m a struggling fuck in traffic porno straight guy doing gay cam shows because I need the money,” I told her.

“I will sometimes, for a price, put a requested item in my pussy and keep it there between shows. That seems to drive them wild,” she said, rolling her eyes with a grin.

“They really want me to bring in another guy,” I confessed. “I could make a lot more if I was doing my show with someone else.” Saying this made me blush.

“Me too, a lot more.” she said with a spark of excitement in both her demeanor and her voice. “I would, but I don’t know anybody I want to fuck.”

“I wouldn’t do it,” I replied. “I am so not into that.”

“I wasn’t asking you to. I just meant that if I had a boyfriend…” she trailed off.

“No, I meant I wouldn’t do it with another guy.” Then came an uncomfortable silence. Was it Freudian? Why did she assume I thought she was asking me to fuck her? What if she took my response the wrong way?

“Ok, I have to go get ready for my next show.” She slid off into the bedroom and I went back to searching the want ads.

After a while we’d paid the bills, but we were still constantly short on cash and the job search was really not panning out. We’d both been losing memberships. It had always been a constant cycle, but fewer new than lost clients lately and we’d both started getting raunchier in an attempt to at least hold onto what we had.

“What if we did a show together?” she asked. “We could grab a whole new set of perverts.”

“You mean…have sex with each other?” I asked in disgust.

“No, just like…masturbate together. Do our separate shows, but in front of one camera.”

“I don’t think I could,” I stated. “I sometimes have a hard time doing it just knowing you’re in the next room.” It’s funny to think that two months ago we wouldn’t even have said the word ‘masturbate’ in front of each other. Now we were entertaining the idea of doing it in front of each other.

“I have a client who will pay us $200 for it,” she blurted, followed by a pregnant pause.

“He knows your brother does a cam show and wants to see us together?” I asked with a scared look on my face.

“No, I uh…well, it’s a woman…I told her about your show,” she giggled. “I think she even subscribed. She doesn’t have any siblings and incest is a big fetish of hers. We’ve talked about it a lot and she kind of thinks I’ve got the same inclinations.”

“The idea makes my stomach hurt. What if I can’t keep it up?” I protested.

“We can turn on a video or something,” she said, eying my collection. “I don’t know how else we’re going to pay bills. There aren’t a whole lot of other options.”

“Ugh…I think I’ll have to have a few drinks first to loosen up.” I caved; I knew she was right.

“She also said that if she likes it she’ll want future shows,” she continued.

“Well, that’s something that depends on how it works for us. It’s not up to her,” I insisted, still not eager to do it, but knowing how much it would help.

So we set a date and time with her, received her payment, and prepared for the show. We set up Sarah’s laptop next to my PC in the dining room and did our regular daily shows together, but on separate cameras. It was a test to see how well I could keep it up. Really, it turned out to not be so hard.

We both had a few drinks and were joking with each other throughout. Then the moment of truth came. We had promised her an hour of masturbating together at her command, but specified that we wouldn’t physically interact with each other.

The show started out perfectly. We sat together facing the keyboard at first, disrobing slowly while describing sexual acts. The video we’d put in was a lesbian strap-on flick I’d not seen and it helped me to get and keep an erection.

Once disrobed and fully aroused, she asked us to turn in our chairs so that we were facing each other. She was giving us commands and we stopped responding via the keyboard.

I was tipsy enough to get pretty flirtatious with her and watch my sister dipping her big dildo into her pussy without losing my erection. I’d separated myself from the fact that it was Sarah and felt like I was just seeing a dildo sliding in and out of an anonymous, wet pussy.

Off and on during our show Sarah would pull the dildo out of her pussy and point to the gaping hole it left, joking about wanting me to replace the dildo with my cock. I would refuse and she would lean forward and attempt to put her head in my lap. Then I’d push her back into her chair and away from me in disgust. The woman seemed to totally love our little act.

Sarah had her feet up on her chair and her pussy jutting toward the camera and worked the dildo in and out with a rhythmic motion. Watching her breasts roll back and forth on her chest with every thrust was almost hypnotic and I found myself stroking my cock in rhythm.

As the hour came to a close, we both began to masturbate in earnest in front of the camera. Sarah had full porno the dildo in one hand and her other on her clit. My left hand was holding the base of my cock while the right was working the shaft. We almost seemed to be competing in a silly attempt to beat each other to orgasm.

Finally, I could hear Sarah moaning and saying dirty things under her breath as she neared orgasm. “Oh god…fuck me…oh god…I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come.” Her whisper was turning into a tense growl.

At our guest’s typed command, Sarah let herself go. “Aaaaaaanghhh! I’m coming!!” she yelled as she furiously worked her clit in rhythm to the convulsions of her body. She slumped back in her chair and closed her legs tight around her dildo and let out a loud sigh of relief, bringing her knees to her chest so the end of the dildo protruded from between her thighs.

The sight of her coming so violently sent a tingle through my body, culminating in my balls. I leaned back in my chair, focusing my strokes on the bulbous head of my cock and finally brought myself to the brink of orgasm. I felt the wave of release begin to roll over the peak of frenzied energy and closed my eyes as the first spasms of ejaculation seized the base of my cock.

Almost simultaneously, Sarah surprised me and leapt forward, catching the tip of my dick in her mouth. I gasped in surprise, but it was too late and I was unloading explosive spurts of semen onto her swirling tongue.

“Sarah!” I yelled as I lurched forward, pulling her back by her hair. Her mouth swept over the tip of my cock and made it about five inches away as I shot another jet of semen that coated her lips and dribbled down her chin. She turned toward the camera and spat my come out into her hand, holding it so that the woman could see the puddle, then massaged it into her breasts and nipples.

Unsure how to react in front of the camera, I looked at her in horror while she signed off with our guest and turned to me.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” she shouted. “I didn’t know you were about to come and I was going to pretend to try to go down on you thinking you’d push me away again. When you didn’t, I didn’t know what to do.”

“Uh, you could have just backed off!” I remarked sarcastically.

“But I didn’t want her to know I was faking it,” she whined. “Oh my god, I need to go wash off and brush my teeth!” She ran, naked, to the bathroom and I put my clothes on. I scooped hers up and took them to her.

“Hey, I’m sorry I got so mad at you. I don’t think we should do this again.”

“I agree. I feel all…dirty and used now,” she said with a shiver. “I need to take a shower. I think that was way beyond my boundaries.”

But a few weeks later we were once again in bad financial shape.

“What if we scripted it so there aren’t any surprises?” I asked Sarah one night over dinner.

“I’ve been thinking about it too,” she admitted. “I really don’t feel bad about it except for the confusion at the end.”

“Yeah, I was actually kind of having fun. Maybe we could just tell each other what we’re going to do before we do it,” I offered. “She can’t hear us.”

“Oh, I wanted to tell you something else…” she said hesitantly.

“What?” I was getting scared again.

“I’ve been talking to ‘HotKitty911’ again…” she squirmed. “Well, she’ll give us $300 if you will come on me. Otherwise she’d only agree to $200.”

“Gross. That woman is so creepy,” I said. “You didn’t agree to it did you?”

“No, I told her you’d never go for it,” she grumbled.

“You blamed it on me? You’re just as grossed out about it as I am, if not more!” I shouted.

“I know, but she thinks I’m as turned on by incest as she is. When I put on a show for her, you’re the reluctant one,” she teased. “That’s what keeps her coming back – the thought that maybe one day I’ll seduce you into fucking me.”

“But I think even the most conservative cam boy who was willing to masturbate in front of his sister would be willing to shoot his wad on her for an extra $100,” I argued. “I’m going to be shooting it anyway; why does it matter where it goes?”

“Well, if it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me,” she huffed. “It’s a lot of money for a few moments’ discomfort.”

Unsure how or why I’d painted myself into this corner, I accepted the inevitable as I realized that we’d probably do just about anything for money at this point.

“Well, $300 for an hour’s work isn’t bad, I guess,” I said sheepishly. The excitement of making $150 an hour each overshadowed the weirdness of what we were about to do somehow.

A few hours later we were finishing off our second round of cocktails as we waited for our guest to log on. Lube, toys, and video were all in place and we were anxiously chit chatting and watching the clock tick away the last minute prior to our show.

“Oh crap!” Sarah exclaimed as she jumped up and ran to the bedroom. She returned with a little rubber ball. “I told her I’d keep this in me until the show,” she giggled. After dribbling a little gizli çekim porno lube onto it, she pulled up her skirt, put her hand in her panties and inserted it. When she saw me watching her, wide-eyed and blushing, she blushed as well. “Sorry,” she grinned.

She logged on and the show went almost exactly as before in the beginning. Dirty talk, disrobing, and finally the toys came out. The video we’d chosen this time was a gangbang flick and was doing its job of keeping me up.

The difference this time was that she was a lot more interested in Sarah than in me and several times asked me to hold the camera close to her while she masturbated. Toward the end of the hour, she asked me to hold the camera close to Sarah’s pussy so she could “see if she’s kept my secret.”

Watching the computer screen to ensure the scene was well centered and visible, I found it easy to distance myself from my relationship with the young girl to whom these exciting thighs, fingers, and body fluids belonged.

She put her legs together and pulled her knees up to her chest. I aimed the camera first at her face while she blew her a kiss and winked, then moved down her body to the bulbous end of the enormous dildo protruding from between her swollen, glistening lips.

I felt my cock stir and tingle as I watched. Its partial erection began to surge and pulse as it worked toward full stature.

She slid her right hand from under her knee, down her thigh and encircled the end of the dildo with her fist. Working it out a little, then back in then out a little more, she slowly pulled the fat toy out of her pussy. The gaping hole it left closed as she contracted her muscles and produced the little rubber ball.

“Put it in her mouth,” she typed.

“You ok with that?” I asked her.

“Yeah, go ahead,” she replied.

I reached my hand into the frame and Sarah shivered and sighed as my fingers pulled the glistening ball from between her swollen lips. I followed my hand with the camera up to her face. She opened her mouth and accepted it with her tongue and seductively licked her lips.

I moved the camera back to her pussy as she reinserted the still well lubed dildo. I held it there for a while so she could watch Sarah slowly sliding it in and out, then moved it back to it’s stand.

“Now give her the camera,” she typed. “I want to see the ‘money shot’ ;)”

I handed Sarah the camera and positioned myself between her legs so that the frame had her furry pubic mound at the bottom, her thighs to the sides in a v formation, and my cock, fist and balls in the middle. I hadn’t even glanced at the porno we’d put on in several minutes, but Sarah’s little show had really excited me and my cock was ready to burst.

While Sarah again removed the dildo and set it aside, I added a little lube to my palm and began to stroke. Her gaze was fixed on the computer screen so she had no idea that I was staring intently at her wide-open pussy, fantasizing about the last girl I’d fucked, oh so long ago. Coming in a pussy was something I missed sorely.

As I began to find my rhythm, my breathing quickened and my pace evened out. Sarah’s hips began to roll as she moved her free hand down to her pussy and started stroking her clit.

“No, no…move your hand. I want to see everything,” HotKitty911 typed.

She reluctantly moved her hand back to the chair arm, but her hips were still rolling. I could tell by the look on her face she was being tortured as she watched the scene in the cam window. I was surprisingly turned on by that thought and quickened the movement of my hand in response.

Sarah started to buck her hips up and down as though she were trying to touch her pussy to me. I only realized that was exactly what she was trying to do when I felt my balls slap against her swollen, wet mound.

“Ah!” she grunted and let out a sigh. I hated to deny her the pleasure she was seeking, so I moved a little closer so that my balls slapped against her with each of my strokes.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “This is gonna make me come!” Her eyes were still on the screen, but the frame was bouncing slightly back and forth. I continued to bounce my balls on her pussy, each slap bringing me closer to the edge. “Aaaaaaannnnnnnnggggghhhh…yes, oh god. I’m coming, I’m coming,” she grunted.

As her orgasm wracked her body and she slumped back down into the chair, she shot her hand down between her legs to squeeze the final sensations out of her convulsing pussy.

“Hey, no hand :),” our guest typed.

Giving her pussy one last, lingering squeeze, she let her hand fall back to her side as her chest heaved with each breath. I watched her breasts bounce and swirl and when I moved my gaze back to her pelvis, I could see the muscles in her pussy contracting while thick, slippery fluids oozed from it and down the crack of her ass. The sight was exquisite and, as I imagined the feeling of my cock putting those fluids, the orifice, and its muscles to their intended use, I groaned, “oh god Sarah, I’m coming!”

She moved the camera up above my cock and zoomed in, then lifted her legs to her chest and moved her pelvis toward me so her open pussy was more visible. This filled the frame with only her pelvis and mine. To ensure our guest saw the ejaculation, I pointed my cock at Sarah’s pubic hair as I felt my orgasm take over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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