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Sibling Sex Education Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven


When I awoke the next morning Kate was still in bed with me but Sam had already gotten up and from the sounds I heard knew she was in the kitchen getting breakfast started. I looked at the beautiful woman next to me and admired her as she slowly stirred awake. When she opened her eyes she looked for me then sleepily said.

“So I guess it wasn’t just a wet dream then, I am actually in bed with Sam’s brother and we all had delicious dirty sex with one another?”

I smiled at her and after giving her a good morning kiss said.

“Sam’s getting breakfast ready, would you like to shower before or after we eat?”

“Yes, I’d like a shower and perhaps something to wear. I really don’t want to put my dress back on yet.”

I showed Kate the shower and left a sweatshirt for her to slip on. I slipped my jeans and a tee on then went to the kitchen. Sam was busy preparing breakfast and I slid up behind her. A usual she was clad in a garter belt, stockings and high heels and I slid my arms around her and fondled her firm breasts. She leaned her head back and twisted it around to kiss me then dropped her arms to enjoy what my hands were doing to her. One had stayed on her tit, massaging and pulling on her nipple ring, the other strayed between her parted thighs and stroked her clit.

“Kate’s in the shower slut. I sense she might want to hang with us for a bit. Does my slut still want her?”

“Master, she tastes incredibly good and I would hope that my Master might enjoy her sweet pussy after breakfast. If it pleases my Master, yes his slut would like it if Kate were to stay.”

“Well my slut you’d best finish breakfast, I hear the hair dryer and Kate will be here soon. As long as she is here she will be your Mistress so know that your Master will be watching.”

“Yes, Master.”

I sat and watched my mostly naked sister, as I loved to do every day. When Kate emerged in my sweatshirt her eyes popped open to see Sam’s lack of clothing. She sat down she said to me.

“I feel overdressed. Do you want me to take this off?”

She was holding the bottom of the sweatshirt and I said.

“My slut sister never wears anything to cover her tits or ass while she is home with me. As my slut she desires to always be accessible to me. You are not my slut Kate and you should do as you want to do.”

“Good morning Mistress.”

Sam said to Kate as she gently placed some breakfast in front of Kate. She then gave me an identical plate of food and knelt between us on the floor her head bowed.

“Thank you slut, please get a plate and join us.”

“Thank you Master.”

When Sam was seated and we were all eating Kate looked at her and asked.

“You refer to your brother as Master and I think I understand that from what I recall from last night and the things you mentioned to me over the past few weeks, but why do you refer to me as Mistress?”

Sam looked to me and I nodded, letting her know she was free to speak.

“Mistress, I am my brother’s slut, his sex toy, his servant and I spend my time with him with only one goal and that is to please him. I feel the same about you. If you elect to stay with us for some time or even just for today, you also will have me as a slut whose only desire is to see you pleased and pleasured to the best of my abilities. I truly enjoyed the taste and feel of you Mistress and I hope you will chose to make me your devoted slut and allow me to continue to taste your pussy and pleasure you.”

I watched Kate as Sam spoke and saw her small smile grow as she listened to Sam. I know from my own experience that accepting Sam, as a slut, isn’t something I did for myself but for her. It’s not always easy to be a Master and I sensed that Kate was having some difficulty with the concept, I said.

“Kate, my sister is a true submissive and I have found that this trait in her is something that has always been a part of her. When she and I first became sexually involved with one another this trait blossomed in her and just as you might have the desire to marry a man and have his children, Sam wants this role, primarily as my submissive but also as my wife. She knows her own desires include wanting women as well. So understand that accepting Sam as your submissive is not degrading to her but something just the opposite.”

“I’m not sure I know what it means to be someone’s Mistress.”

“Well there is a lot of erotic literature you could read but in the short form, it means that Sam will look to you for permission for most of what she does. She will ask to make love to you, ask to lick your pussy or fondle your breasts. She will always seek your permission to speak to you and she will serve you in any way you desire. I will say though that as her Master, she will consider my needs and desires above yours if there is any conflict. Sam also has some limits she will not cross and I will ask her to tell you those if you are willing to consider her offer.”

Kate looked ankara escort at both of us but mostly at Sam and mostly at Sam’s naked body. I could see the desire growing in her eyes as she watched Sam’s chest rise and fall with her ever increased breathing. I knew Sam was getting wet, I could tell from the way she was slowly squirming. I gathered she was praying that Kate would not only accept her, but also ask her for pleasure. Sam’s remark at how good Kate tasted last night told me she was anxious to bury her face between Kate’s thighs as soon as possible.

“OK, I will accept you as my submissive Sam, at least for now. Please understand that I really do not know how to be a Mistress but with Paul’s help and perhaps some reading I will learn. I may not like that role, and I may not want to stay here, but for now, I will accept you as my slut.”

Sam smiled and squirmed a bit more in her seat, her breakfast forgotten all she wanted to eat now was Kate’s puss. Kate turned to me and asked.

“What am I to you, Paul? I cannot be your submissive nor can I be your Mistress.”

“To me, right now you are my slut’s Mistress. I think you are a stunning creature whose beauty compares to Sam’s even though you are not otherwise similar. I would like you to stay and share our bed as you share my slut sister.”

As Kate thought about it all Sam interrupted.

“Master, Mistress may this slut speak?”

I waited to allow Kate to respond first. She did hesitantly after looking to me for guidance. I nodded to her and she said.

“Yes, please.”

“Mistress, begging your pardon but your slut needs no pleases, she only asks for permission. As your slut I do not expect a please or thank you only commands. But Mistress, this slut wants to give you pleasure. May I crawl to you and let my tongue serve my Mistress’ pussy?”

Kate looked a bit shocked but then recalled how open all sex was in this house and said to Sam.

“I’m not sure you’ve earned that treat yet this morning, have you?”

“No, Mistress.”

“So tell me Sam, um er, slut. Why should your Mistress allow you such a favor without you earning it?”

“Mistress it is to please you that I ask to lick your pussy. Yes, it would also please your slut to enjoy the taste of you. Tell me how to earn your taste Mistress, your slut wishes to give her new Mistress pleasure.”

Kate stayed quiet, perhaps to let Sam stew but also because she might not yet be ready to play her roll, but then she surprised me.

“Paul and I will have coffee in the living room while you clean up this kitchen. When you are done you may crawl to us and beg me again for what you have asked. I suppose I don’t need to tell you that this kitchen had best be cleaned well or your Master and I will certainly discipline you, slut.”

Sam took our mugs and refilled them, preparing the coffee; as she knew I liked it and how she observed Kate prepare her own earlier. She took the mugs to the living room and seeing us seated, she left to clean the kitchen. I went and fetched my laptop computer and logged onto one of several sites that featured erotic literature. I went to the section on BDSM and suggested that Kate scan a few. Kate eagerly began to read and as she did her hand crept to my crotch and found my cock. Taking me in her hand she slowly pumped me as she read about Mistress’ and Master’s. When Sam crawled into the room some time later my cock was hard and Kate’s hand was gripping it firmly. Seeing Sam on her hands and knees, Kate, still holding my cock, put the laptop on the couch and said to Sam.

“If I inspect your work now slut and find it less than satisfactory I would allow you time to make amends. If I presume you have obeyed and allow you your desire then later find the kitchen not clean your punishment would be severe. What is your choice slut?”

“Mistress, your slut would never deceive you and would expect severe discipline whenever Mistress feels deceived. “

Kate spread her legs and while still holding my cock tightly nodded for Sam to come. Sam crawled between Kate’s spread legs and lowered her head and began to eat her Mistress. Eventually I watched as Sam pulled Kate’s panties off and set them on the floor gently. Then she resumed her oral manipulation of Kate’s pussy. She was evidently bringing Kate to orgasm as Kate leaned over to me and asked.

“Paul, please I need more. Would you use your cock somewhere, anywhere?

I looked at Kate and realized I would not replace Sam’s mouth nor was Kate ready to have me in her ass, so I half stood on the couch and let my cock pierce her lips, into her warm hot mouth. Kate was enjoying the onset of what would just be her first orgasm as a result of Sam’s mouth and tongue. As I tried to slowly fill Kate’s mouth she grabbed my ass and pulled me in and sucked me so hard and deep that I was soon exploring her throat with the head of my cock. One of her hands left my backside and found my balls dangling beneath her chin and she began to massage them escort ankara as she allowed me to fuck her mouth. I could hear Sam slurping loudly and groaning beneath me. Kate was rocking her hips and wrapping her legs around Sam’s head. When she moaned around my cock I felt the vibrations in my cock and it was enough to make me cum. My cock jerked in her mouth and cum quickly overflowed from her lips as she tried to swallow as fast as she could. Sam was shaking her head back and forth as her lips held Kate’s engorged clit tightly in her mouth. Kate having spat me softening cock from her mouth was screaming at Sam.

“Eat me, make me cum, yes suck my clit. Shit more, now more. Oh myy”

Followed by.

“No, no not there. Not in my ass. Oh god no. Yes, yes OH yes fuck my ass — oh shit that feels great. More please more…..”

Then there was nothing but sobs and cries of pleasure as Kate succumbed to her sluts tongue and came long and hard. When Kate pushed Sam away from her well used cunt Sam crawled to me and took my cock in her hands and put it to her mouth then she licked me capturing the remains of my cum. When she was done she crawled up next to Kate and licked the rivulets of cum from Kate’s cheeks and the few splatters that dropped to her tits.

As the two embraced I left and took a shower. It was still early in the day and I knew the two of them would nap for a bit. Surprisingly Sam stepped into the shower behind me and said.

“Master, your slut would enjoy washing her Master.”

I handed her the washcloth and soap and stood under the warm water and enjoyed a sensual cleaning from my sister slut.

“You really like Kate slut? “

“Yes, Master I do. Her pussy is so juicy and I am coming to love the taste of her. I hope she pleases you Master!”

“Tell me slut. Are you looking for a Mistress for yourself or for your Master?”

“Master, in many ways I am happiest when it is just you and I. I have a desire to see you with women and to be with them too. I think Alex is too much a submissive and one submissive is a lot to handle much less two. Mom is…well mom and we will use her for a bit, but in the long term I think someone like Kate, if she is willing, will complete us in a lot of ways. As always though Master it is your choice to keep her or not. I am and always will be your obedient slut.”

“Let’s see how Kate handles your special room. Right now I enjoy Kate, she is as beautiful as you are slut and I think she is capable of accepting you as a sub. If you truly want to have a woman you can fuck and watch fuck your Master then let’s give Kate a try. I do not want a series of women in here.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you Master. The room will be ready in just a few days. Perhaps instead of Alex we should have Kate here for the grand opening. I think perhaps we need to make mom come too. If Kate is going to have a problem with all of this then seeing mom here will be a test for her.”

“Yes, my slut I think you’re right. It’s one thing for her to see you and I as brother and sister, fucking and another to see our mother participating.”

So we asked Kate to stay for a few days and told her of Sam’s ‘training room’ and our plans to make a grand opening of it that Saturday. We’d told Kate we wanted her to join us for the debut. Kate who was slowly learning to enjoy having a slut and easily enjoying having her cunt sucked by Sam and occasionally making it a mutual session allowed her to get caught up in the excitement of the ‘opening’. We’d told her a little of how we planned to use the room, but not that we had planned on training not only Sam but mom too.

Although Kate was eager to stay with us she left late Sunday explaining that she needed to pack some things and tie up some lose ends before making her life at our house more permanent. She also hinted that a few days apart would allow her to think about the arrangement and be assured she could commit to a life with both a man and a woman. When Kate left I took Sam to the living room and asked her to sit with me.

“Slut for the balance of this night, at least, I want us to be Paul and Samantha, not slut and Master.”

“Master, whatever you wish of me you know I will do.”

“No I want Sam to be here for that time, not my slut agreeing to be Sam. I want to be called brother or Paul or lover.”

“Then yes lover. Tell me Paul why?”

“Because I love you Sam. I love you and I want to spend the rest of this day as equals, loving one another. I want to kiss you and make love to you and I want you to do the same. If Kate does in fact return to us and once the ‘training room’ opens, we may not have this kind of opportunity again. Behind all the submissive and Master life we have chosen to lead, I do not want to lose this pure connection I feel for you.”

“Paul I feel that connection too. Yes, yes. I love you Paul.”

I took her in my arms and embraced her, lowering my head to nuzzle her neck and using my hands to massage her back. Sam attended ankara escort bayan to me in similar ways, and our passion for one another mounted. Leaving the couch we moved to the bed and I explored every inch of Sam’s delightful body, using my tongue and hands to touch and caress every small piece of her soft sensual skin. It seemed I could do this forever, never tiring of adoring her and feeling her touch me in the same way. Eventually she and I worked our bodies to I was on top of her and my hard cock slid slowly into her moist hot pussy.

“Oh Paul you feel so good inside me. I love how you fill me, how you make me feel whole. Take me and love me Paul.”

“Sam the heat inside you is so inviting, to feel you so close to me and to have your pussy so open and ready for me if wonderful. I love you Sam.”

I made love to my sister and to me there was no feeling on earth that could match it. No other action between us will ever have the passion or intensity and the true intimacy of making love to my sister. Spent I stayed within her embrace and kissed her lips gently. We stayed that way, murmuring into each others ears, letting our hands explore our legs entwine and soon we were joined again and this time was even better. My cock splashed through the remains I’d deposited earlier and eventually I came again filling her pussy with more of cum.

We napped for a bit and then once more, this time with Sam atop me, riding me. Her face was aglow and I cupped her breasts as she rocked her hips up and down on my cock. Her orgasms were coming rapidly in small gasps as she rode me slowly at first then with a fierce determination pounding her cunt onto my cock. This time when her orgasm struck with massive intensity she cried.

“Paul, I love you I can never leave you. Oh shit lover I coming so hard for you.”

Then she issued a series of grunts as she ground her cunt into me. My cock spurted forever and then Sam lowered herself onto my chest, her breasts mashing themselves on my chest and we stayed that was till morning. I was surprised to feel me cock hard and inside my sleeping sister and as her eyes peeked open she smiled and said.

“One more time for our love, Paul.”

“Yes my love, ride me.”

I’d like to report that our morning fuck was the best of all but it wasn’t. It was good and when we had sated each other we showered and without announcement, Sam assumed her role of my slut and toweled me dry. Classes and our normal weekday routines filled us and I came home each night to my mostly naked slut sister who served me at me command. We fucked often, I took her where and when I wanted, sometimes in the guise of punishment, slamming into her in the kitchen or the laundry room. Each night I’d take her from the rear and pound her cunt then fill her with my seed. It was Thursday night and we’d still not heard from Kate and my slut after asking for permission to speak said.

“Master, if Mistress Kate does not return, I think I would like to share the ‘training room” with no one. I think if Mistress Kate has chosen not to join us then I want this room to be for you. A place where you can train your slut and can chose who else might enjoy it.”

“Yes, slut. Let’s keep it as our place. Let’s not make mom attend and keep Alex away too.

Kate did take time to speak with Sam on Friday and told her that she could not commit to us both. She told Sam that she loved Sam and she thought she could love me but she didn’t feel capable of loving us both, sharing her sexual needs with both of us. Sam said the Kate then kissed her and walked away. I loved my sister and although I enjoyed watching her with another woman, and sharing those women, it was Sam I wanted most. If Kate had joined us we’d have made it work but I wanted to grow our life together so Kate was no big loss for me.

When Saturday rolled around I awoke to find my sister completely naked and kneeing next to the bed with a ribbon about her neck, a key dangling from it, hanging squarely between her tits. I sat up and asked her what was up.

“Master, today the room I have created is ready for you. This key hanging from my neck opens the door. When I give this key to you I give you my entire being. My heart has been your since birth, my body has been yours for a few months now. When you take this key you take my soul, my everything and when you do I will be complete. Please Master take this key and with it take me.”

I stood up and went to my closet and pulled a small package from the shelf. I walked to Sam and asked her to stand. Then I tilted her chin up and asked her to look into my eyes. Then I took her left hand in mine.

“Slut, today you ask me to complete you, to take your soul and to make you mine. I ask the same of you my slut.”

I opened the box and removed the ring I’d had made. It was a platinum ring that I had had made special for my sister. If you cut it and were able to roll it flat, it would resemble a naked woman. A woman whose body closely resembled my sister. From a distance it would look like a wedding band and only close inspection would reveal the erotic design, so cleverly did the craftsman perform his trade. I placed this ring slowly over my slut sister’s third finger and I said to her.

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