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Silent Admirer Visits

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Chapter One

Millie was out of work for the next 2 weeks! The plant was being shut down for maintenance and she had no idea what she was going to do. The shut down had not been planned so she had not made any plans herself. All she knew was that she was tired of the cold and wanted to do something warm! Then out of nowhere she got a call from her best friend Sally. Sally was off for the summer and she didn’t have anything to do either. Millie told Sally about the shut down and her lack of plans. Sally told her to hop on a plane and head on down to Ft. Lauderdale as soon as possible. She said that David didn’t have time off until later and Sally wanted to do all sorts of things. They talked for a while and Millie made up her mind to do just that. The weather was gorgeous in Ft. Lauderdale and she hadn’t seen Sally in ages! As soon as they hung up Millie hit the internet and made reservations for her trip. Now she couldn’t wait to get moving! Two weeks in the sun!!!!!!!!

As soon as she was starting to get everything together she realized she didn’t have a nice swimsuit to take with her to Florida. All she had was her old worn suit she used in the pool at her condo. The old fuddy duddies that lived there were so hung up that she only wore one piece suits there. Florida was an entirely different place! There it didn’t matter what you wore and if you went to South Beach you could even go topless! Anyway, it was time to hit the stores. The first store she went into was a place she normally shopped but there was absolutely no good choices there. Oh yeah, she got shorts and tops but nothing in the way of swimsuits. Same thing the next store and the next and the next one too! She just couldn’t find a suit she wanted to wear. Every one of them was a one piece and she wanted to show off a little this time to Florida. She finally gave up and headed home with what she had.

She was a little depressed driving home without a suit so wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings. Sitting at a stop light she spotted a new place she had never taken notice of before. The windows were filled with mannequins in all sorts of sexy outfits. The name across the front of the store said Hustler. Now that sounds like a different kind of place to shop and maybe she could find a sexier swimsuit there. A quick u-turn and into the parking lot she went. Entering the store she looked around and almost walked back out! Everything she saw was sheer or short or almost “not there”. Just as she was about to turn and leave one of the cute young girls that worked there came rushing up asking if she needed any help. Millie told her she had been looking for a swimsuit but wasn’t sure anything in the store would be suitable for her. The girl asked her why and Millie answered that she felt that these clothes were way too small for her! The girl told her that in nonsense! She was a good looking woman and she should be showing off not hiding. Millie thought about it for a minute and then said what the hell! She was going to Florida, why not. Ok, let’s do it!

Great the salesgirl said and off she went with Millie right behind her. The girl picked out several suits while asking Millie what’s your favorite color. Millie said black for swimsuits and the only thing the salesgirl said was “Yuck”. Gotta be white, yellow or maybe red. Let’s go. Millie took the selection into the change room. As soon as she sorted out the outfits she immediately saw they were small. Not just small actually, they were really SMALL! At first she wasn’t going to even try them on but then decided once more to throw caution to the wind and took off her clothes to try on the first suit. Actually it was a nice white one that at least bottoms covered her more private parts even if barely. The top was just two triangles but they sure were struggling to cover her boobs. Actually it was kind of exciting for Millie and she could actually see her nipples sticking out under the white cloth. OK, not bad, let’s try the next one. Oh wow this one was even smaller! She would have to do some “trimming” for the first one but this one had no back to it at all, just a string that ran up between her cheeks. The top barely covered her nipples! This one was yellow and it really did look good on her. It was actually really sexy and her nipples were now testing the strength of the material. The rest were really just too small for her to even try on. There was no way she would be comfortable enough to wear them in public.

Leaving the change room, she handed back the suits but kept the white one and the yellow one. At least these covered her and they did look pretty sexy once she got used to the idea. The salesgirl smiled telling Millie she made a good choice.

Millie headed back home wondering why she had bought those suits! She was going to Florida and she needed new suits but why did she do it. No matter now though, it was done. She finished packing when she got home and cleaned up the house so she wouldn’t have to rush in the morning. Her plane left at noon time so that meant she had to be at the airport early for check in. bahis firmaları With everything finally in order it was time for a shower and off to bed.

The water felt really nice as it ran down over her boobs and she could feel her nipples getting hard again. Standing there enjoying to feelings she started thinking about seeing Sally and David again. Sally was her best friend since just about forever. They talked about everything but one thing she had never told Sally was that she had a “thing” for David! Sometimes, just being in the same room with him made her all excited. Hard nipples and even wet panties. She knew she would never do anything about it but she often dreamt what it be like if they could be together. Hell she was rubbing her boobs already and her nipples were as big as ever! How would she be able to be living in the same house as him for the next two weeks! She couldn’t back out now though so she would just have to make sure she took care of those needs herself. Maybe she wasn’t done packing, can’t forget those toys!

Finally, “everything” was packed and off to bed she went. It sure didn’t take long before she heard the alarm going off. Time to get up already! Felt like she had just gone to bed! Oh well, the flight was 3 hours so maybe a little nap would help her out.

Everything went smooth at the airport and during the flight she did get a couple hours nap time. She was excited to finally hit the ground and waited impatiently while those in front of her struggled with luggage and made their way off the plane. Sally was waiting for her at the gate and all of a sudden it was like the old times. Hugs were tight and neither of them could stop talking. There was so much to catch up on and they never stopped talking all the way home. Sally showed Millie around the house and then to the guest bedroom where she would be sleeping. Millie started unpacking her things as Sally left to take a quick bathroom stop. As soon as she left, Millie took her “toys” and put them under her blouses in the dresser. Good thing she was quick about it too because Sally walked back in just as she got back to her suitcase!

Millie finished unpacking as she and Sally continued talking. Sally almost flipped when she saw the swimsuits Millie had. She grabbed them and held them up. Amazement was all over her face as she looked at Millie and back to the suits. They were going to look great on Millie but knew she could never wear anything like that! Millie had the body to show them off too. Sally told Millie she sure was glad that David would be working most of the time! His plant was on backorder and they had to catch up so he would be lucky if he got off on the weekend! Millie smiled as she thought about David seeing her in these suits and wondered if he would get the chance. On the surface she was cool towards him when Sally was around but inside there was a fire smoldering and she knew she did want him to see her in them! Shivering with these thoughts, she felt her nipples starting to get hard already! This wouldn’t do. She had to think about something else so asked Sally to show her around the house.

The tour was just what she needed. Got her mind occupied too. Sally and David had a nice house, small but nice. Two bedrooms with a single bathroom but they also had a pool and a Jacuzzi in the back! That would be nice to relax in at night as the sun was setting. Millie planned on using that as soon as she could and asked Sally if it was ready to use. Sally told her it was but they hadn’t been using it much and of course now that Millie was here they would use it more. This was great for Millie because living in Boston didn’t allow much early swimming; the weather just didn’t allow it!

Sally told Millie that she would be in the kitchen getting lunch ready and then they would see what kind of trouble they could get into. They had most of the afternoon since David wouldn’t be home until much later. Millie carefully asked Sally how David was doing. She needed to be careful so she didn’t let Sally know how much she was interested in David. Sally didn’t catch on and said that he was working all sorts of hours these days. Work all over was difficult and he wanted to make sure there was no reason for them to let him go like they’d done for so many others. She expected him home around 5 or 5:30 so that did give them time to hit the mall or just spend the day wondering around.

Lunch was quickly eaten and cleared so they decided to just get in the car and roam around to see what they saw. Nothing too pressing and Sally said she had to stop by the store to finish getting things for supper. It was a nice afternoon and they got to catch up on all the new things in their lives.

Millie said she wanted to get a shower and change from the trip. Sally showed her the towels and wash clothes. There was shampoo and soap already there as long as Millie didn’t mind using the same soap as she and David used. Of course Millie said that would be fine and off Sally went to start on supper. Millie quickly stripped off her clothes and got in the shower. The spray was kaçak iddaa perfect and felt so good on her skin. She could feel the pressures just washing away as she picked up the soap. Lathering up she suddenly realized that this was the same soap that David had just used that morning! Damn, she had to keep herself under control but the idea that he had used it to soap his naked body and now she was holding it too. Millie could feel her nipples harden and she rubbed her soapy hands all over them. They were soooo hard and felt wonderful against the palms of her hands. The soap suds ran down over her belly and she caught them as they passed over her pussy. Oh no, now it was too late and her fingers automatically rubbed in all the right places! In no time at all she went over the edge and with one hand squeezing her nipples, the other rubbing over her pussy she came! She felt sort of guilty about what she was doing but not enough to stop her fingers. It just felt that good!

Once she calmed down, she finished her shower and got dressed in her softest sundress. Now she was relaxed and ready for some fun and food. Sally was just hanging up the phone when Millie got to the kitchen. She said that was David. He was going to be home early! This was a first in a long time and Sally was really happy. Millie smiled, remembering what had just happened in the shower. Actually she had been hoping that David was working late so she could try to put the images of him naked in the shower behind her before he got home. Those images were still there! Suddenly she felt Sally touching her arm lightly. She was asking Millie if she was alright. Seems as if the images had taken her “away” for a few moments. Her nipples were hard again and she hoped Sally didn’t see them. Sally just asked again if she was alright. Millie finally answered she was OK, just a day dream.

Dinner was just ready when David came through the door. He dropped his computer case in the living room and headed out to the kitchen. He didn’t see Millie at first and went over to Sally and gave her a quick hello kiss. Millie couldn’t help herself as she checked out his ass. Yep, still tight, as always. Then he turned to the table and saw Millie sitting there. A huge smile broke out across his whole face as he walked over to her. Millie barely had time to stand before he gave her a huge hug and kiss. One of those whole body hugs where she could feel almost every inch of his chest and stomach. Damn that felt good! Too bad it was such a short one but hey, Sally was right there! Backing up to give herself a chance to catch her breath. Sally never said a word but just brought dinner over to the table. They all sat down and had a great dinner. They caught up with each other. Sally was glad David was home for a change and Millie was just glad he was home. It was hard to keep from staring but she managed, just barely. Everyone helped to clear the table and in no time at all they were sitting around the living room just enjoying each other’s company.

David had a surprise for Sally too. The work at his job had finally finished and he had the entire weekend off. She was thrilled! No plans were made for the next day except some beach time if the weather was good.

Millie was worn out so headed to bed early. She laid there thinking about being there and seeing Sally and David again. Sally seemed to have changed, acted a lot older and slower. She and Millie were the same age and Millie certainly didn’t feel like she was getting older. She hoped she didn’t act like it either! David had hardly changed at all! Still slim and obviously still very energetic. He never just walked, he practically ran when he walked. She wondered how Sally could keep up. While she was thinking of David she felt her body start to respond again! Nipples getting hard and her pussy was getting moist again. She knew she was tired but she kept tossing and turning trying to find that comfortable spot.

Just as she thought she was drifting off she heard a noise down the hall. It was just a moment and then nothing. About the time she gave up listening, she heard it again. Louder this time. Pushing back the sheet she got up and walked to the door. She heard it again and couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. She had an idea what the noise was and when she approached David and Sally’s bedroom door she knew what it was! They were fucking! There was no other way to say it! Obviously they thought she was sleeping or they would have been quieter. She heard Sally tell David he wasn’t usually this excited. His cock felt like it was bigger than it ever was! David just laughed and said, “hey, can’t a guy just have some fun without analyzing everything?” It got quiet for a moment and she thought they were done after she heard that tone in his voice but then she heard them breathing harder as they got closer to cumming. She heard Sally say “YES, harder I’m there!” and David breath harder too as he neared the end too. Millie knew Sally was cumming then and then she heard David tell Sally to open her mouth. She heard Sally tell him to watch out, she didn’t want kaçak bahis it up her nose! Millie almost came herself when she heard that! David was cumming on Sally’s face! How hot was that! She really wished she could see it. She had only been there for a couple minutes but that was long enough so rather than take a chance of getting caught Millie crept back to bed. It took almost forever but finally she fell into a fitful sleep.

The following morning they all slept in and it was too late for breakfast so they settled for a light brunch and made plans for the rest of the afternoon. It was finally decided to just hang around the pool and let Millie get some sun before trying the beach the following week. Millie was excited and nervous at the same time. She was thinking about her new swimsuits and the fact that David would be the first man to see her “almost” in it! Deciding on the white one because it covered the most of the two she had brought, she quickly put it on. Standing in front of her mirror in her new suit she could feel her nipples harden already! The bumps they made were perfectly visible to her and she knew David and Sally would be able to see them just as well. Sally called out that they were heading out and she get a move on and meet them there. Millie hollered back she was on her way and quickly put her beach cover-up over her suit and headed out.

Sally and David were both already in the pool when she came outside. Millie suddenly got nervous as hell knowing her suit was so small. Her nipples were still hard even! Sally told her to join them in the pool. The water is great, don’t be shy! Millie took off her cover-up and watched the expression on David’s face go almost blank and his mouth just dropped open. It was obvious that he was surprised, hopefully in a good way. Sally finally said she looked great and to come on in.

Millie took her time getting in the water and found that it was indeed great and refreshing. Besides, the water hid much of her from David’s sight. He still hadn’t said a thing but at least his mouth had closed. She could feel him watching her though and she had to admit to herself that she was glad she had his attention.

They just lounged around for a while talking and David couldn’t help but stare. He tried not to but Millie saw him looking at her boobs every time she stood up. She thought she looked good in her suit and she looked down at herself. Damn, now she knew why David kept staring! The white suit had gotten almost transparent and she could see her dark nipples pressing against the wet white top! They got even harder when she realized that David was obviously enjoying the view! So far Sally hadn’t seen David staring and ducked back down to cover her boobs.

David splashed Sally and swam away with Sally chasing after him. He was laughing like a crazy man and ducked under Sally’s arms as she tried to push him under. He wasn’t watching where he was going and Millie couldn’t get out of the way in time so she grabbed him to stop him and she felt his face hit her right between her boobs! She felt him turn slightly and felt a quick kiss on her right breast! He asked her if she was alright and when she said sure, he splashed her and swam away laughing again. This time he had two girls chasing him and it didn’t take long for them to corner him. Sally and Millie both jumped on him trying to push him under. Even with them both on him they couldn’t push him down! He struggled with them and actually he was holding them instead of the other way around. Sally climbed onto his back and Millie was left with the front. Sally called for her to help and Millie jumped on him too. His face wound up between her boobs again and she felt his hands grab her ass! She didn’t know what to do but Sally was still trying to dunk him so she did the same. Jumping up and down she knew his face was getting a good massage with her boobs. His hands gripped her ass tighter and she liked it. At first she thought it was just part of the game but then she felt him pull her tight against him and she knew he had other ideas too! His cock was hard as hell and pressing against her belly! This was too much for her and she pushed back and looked him in the eyes. He just smiled and she knew that he knew she felt his cock!

The distraction allowed Sally to get the upper hand and all of a sudden David was under water! Sally quickly swam away laughing. Millie tried to help him up and in the process touched his cock over his trunks. Quickly, so Sally wouldn’t suspect anything, she gave him a squeeze and smiling swam away leaving David standing there with his mouth hanging open again.

Sally and Millie got out of the water to lounge around on the chaises for a while. Millie knew her wet suit was showing off her boobs and her ass as she walked to the chaise. She took her time and enjoyed knowing that David was watching her. Now she knew that he liked what he saw and she couldn’t resist teasing him a little. Calling for him to come out and join them, David declined and said he would be out in a little while, and she knew he had to wait for that hardon to go down! This was turning out to be fun! She was glad her own wetness was covered by her wet suit. She could feel how slippery she was and was amazed she had gotten that excited in such a short time.

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