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Simon Says…

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Double Penetration

“I have to say I am more than happy with you since I employed you as my personal secretary, Simon” my boss Marjorie Skinner endorsed with that lustful look of hers. “You have served me well, you come easily up to my expectations and so I am delighted to say the probation period is over and you can rest assured your employ is not of a permanent nature, are you happy with that?”

Well that was alright then, I’d got the job, was on a good salary – especially now I was permanent and on top of that, have delightful boss in Marjorie who I wanted to call Marge – but she said that sounded too much like margarine and to call her by her second name, Louise so it seemed my feet were under the office table and I was well in.

But I have to tell you that since I became permanent staff Louise has taken to the touchy feely thing and has put me in a sort of a quandary as to her intentions, or maybe it is me being naive, we do work in close proximity working in a script production office for a large film company, she tells me I remind her of Ralph Fiennes but even better looking, and she seems to have this habit of closing to me when I am searching for something in the file drawer and the smell of her perfume is very exotic and makes me think of things other than the things I should be thinking about in a very busy office.

However I did not want to put my job in jeopardy, it could be that she wasn’t making up to me, that it was just her way although the way her eyes caught mine during those close proximity occasions made me want to lavish her.

I soon bahis firmaları found at she knew exactly what she was doing and when came the day she slapped my bum when I was leaning over the desk to reach some documents, and ventured further I knew I had not been imagining it, that she wanted a little more than the specifications of my employ.

She immediately apologised though.

“That’s okay, I guess I am flattered to tell you the truth and I would love to – well you know, but you are married!”

“Well you aren’t which for the life of me I cannot understand.”

“I have just been taken up in my life which somehow has left me no room for relationships.” “You need some relaxation, something to sooth the sediment of human nature, a big red blooded guy like yourself!” she added.

“Never heard it referred to in that way before! I laughed

She said that being married for her was an issue which of late had no relevance to providing love and sexual gratification, that he was a dick- head and going to bed with him was like counting by numbers, always the same thing, never changes.

And she seemed to want to tell me of her marriage which was failing, that now she dreaded the thought of being with him that way, they were simply living a life of habit and sometimes that is how it seems to get, and she thought maybe it was not uncommon.

I felt myself empathising with her predicament and it was not difficult to comfort her with a warm kiss which tuned out to be much more than I intended, more of a deep stimulating kiss which for kaçak iddaa both of us developed into something of a feverish wanting. Her hand sliding down to me as we kissed said exactly what she wanted and I felt myself grow as she stimulated me so wonderfully with very expert hands, the hands that made me realise just how wonderful it could be with a woman like Louise who had enjoyed the pangs of love in a very sexual way but was obviously being starved by a guy who seemingly has lost the inclination.

I was no about to hold back and as I felt her explorations I clasped my hands around her slim waist and stroked those remarkable curves like I had secretly wanted to ever since she’d interviewed me for the job but now it seemed I had another job in hand and I intended to enjoy her just as much as her touch and her sounds told me she wanted that.

It was sheer heaven on earth during the next hour – after Louise had put a label on the office door ‘do not disturb meeting in progress.’

Just to touch her thighs as I rolled up that gorgeous tight black mini skirt made me feel like an animal and by the time I had ripped it off her and smothered her with very intensive and exploring fingers she immediately closed to me, my trousers down and briefs already down to my knees as she handled me like there was no tomorrow.

“It’s been so long since I have really wanted this” she said between her heavy breathing, and then, going down, taking me like that into her mouth I knew there was no going back, not that I ever wanted that anyway, I was more than happy kaçak bahis to be of service and was in a wonderful rapture looking down and watching her suck and ball me in the most delightful way.

The she took a pause, looking up at me with those wonderfully expressive and lustful eyes, asking; “And what does Simon say?”

My mind just full of sexual lust and wanting immediately responded candidly – there was no need to worry about ruining my job prospects now.

“Simon says” I began, still taken up with the way she was squeezing me, so very demanding and positive, then I found the right words: “Simon says I want your fuck!”

Like a fantasy come true she was there for me, in her black silk suspenders attached stockings and gloriously red bra and thong. There she was stretched over the office desk, presenting it for me in the most delightful way – I felt the urge to fuck her immediately, no holds barred and wow! Did we fuck. Let’s just say that if that desk had been anything else than duff tail jointed the whole structure would have collapsed. The fuck was that intense, Louise had been starved alright and she showed me just how much. I cannot describe just how wonderful it all was, for even afterwards when we had both delightfully climaxed like Mount Etna was exploding, she wanted just to lie on the carpeted floor and suck me to her hearts content.

For the rest of the day we did our work as always, but it was different now, the occasional touching and kissing, and the promise of much more later when she asked if I could stop over for an hour, that it would be worth my while.

It was and just being with Louise is something that led to a deep loving relationship, the imminent divorce leading to my not only working with her, but loving with her too.

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