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Sister and Family

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Big Tits

Chapter One

I just had become 18, and my half-sister was 29, at the time of this story. I’ve always thought she was a good looking girl, as I grew up. She was blond, with cheeks that dimpled when she’s happy, and a great body. My dick would go into a quivering mass of excitement whenever she came around, like a few months ago at a family picnic. She had on white shorts, and a short, loose blouse. Of course, she had a bra on, but you could see her nipples tenting her bra at times.

I watched as my brother-in-law pushed her high on the swing. Sis was working her beautiful legs up and down, keeping the swing in momentum. As she went down, her blouse would blow up to her bra, showing all her bare stomach. My dick was hard as it could be, and I had to go to the park bathroom to jerk off, so that it won’t be a noticeable bulge while we ate.

There was another time Sis came by the house to pick up some material, but our mother hasn’t got back from the store yet. She had a short skirt, and a low cut blouse on. Her cleavage was really showing, and I was trying my best to see if she had a bra on. We made small talk as she fixed herself a glass of tea and dropped the spoon. Sis bent down, and her skirt revealed a bare bottom. My penis became rock hard as she stood back up with the spoon. She sat down, and noticed that I was staring hard at her skirt.

Realizing what had happened, Sis smiled. “Oops, gave you an eyeful, didn’t I?”

I reddened, and didn’t say anything. Sis uncrossed her legs and held them apart. I could see her fleshly pussy lips, as my dick was making a noticeable lump against my pants, and I tried to push it back down. She winked at me as our mother came home.

The next week Sis came back to deliver a wrap that she had made from the material. I was in my room reading. Sis had excused herself to go to the bathroom, then stepped into my room and rumpled me on my head. I saw her bare legs going into her tight jean shorts, and some skin above her shorts, then her shirt.

My eyes went up to her titties. Sis was showing cleavage again, and there were two nipple points just covered by the shirt. My dick was trying vainly to stand up inside my jeans. She reached down and ran her fingers lightly along the length of my dick. Sis smiled and kissed me tenderly on my forehead and backed out of my room.

A while later, after my dick had settled down, I went to the kitchen for a snack. Sis was talking with our mother. She asked me after I got my snack, “How would you like to go home with me for a few days?”

“I sure would.” I said, as Mom smiled at us.

We went to my room to pack. My sister sat on the bed and told me I didn’t need to pack much, just my swim shorts and another pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I looked at her nipples as I dug my shoes out from under the bed, and she pressed up her titties with both hands, making her nipples stick out more. My dick was trying to pop out of my pants.

We left in her convertible, and soon stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream. When we got back in the car, Sis unsnapped the top of her shorts as she sat down, and I dripped some ice cream on my shirt as I got in. Sis told me to pull it off. As we went down the highway, she worked her shorts open a little more, and I could see her blond pubic hair. She reached over and rubbed my thigh, then began to fumble with my zipper. I pulled it down, and she eased her fingers inside and gently stroked my dick.

It was getting dark when we stopped at a convenience store to get gas. We went in and I went to the restroom while she paid for the gas, and then followed me into the bathroom. I was peeing when Sis walked in. She pulled her shorts down, and I saw that she didn’t have any panties on. She had trimmed pubic hair, and a nicely rounded butt, as she sat on the toilet next to tecavüz porno the urinal.

I started to pull my pants back up. “Wait,” Sis said. “Pull your under shorts off.”

I stripped and she pulled me onto her lap. My naked bottom was on her bare legs, and my dick was so stiff I didn’t know what to do with it. Sis began to massage my dick, and it felt so good, leaving tingly feelings all over my body. She finished her tinkling, and told me to put my pants back on as she wiped herself.

When we went back out, the female cashier was getting a bottle of cleaning fluid out of the closet and her eyes became big. I also noticed her nipples becoming erect in her shirt. My sister had her hand on my butt as we went out the door and got into the car. Sis unfastened her shorts again as she sat down, and told me to pull my pants off as we pulled out onto the highway.

It felt good to be riding in a car naked for the first time in my life, as Sis caressed my dick. She told me of the times when she rode with her husband in his truck as he made deliveries that she would ride hours in the nude as he drove.

We arrived at her home in the wee hours of the morning, and I reluctantly pulled my pants back on, and followed Sis into the house. She went on to her bedroom while I deposited my bag by the sofa, unsure what to do. She came back with an armful of sheets and pillows. “Come on, pull your pants off.” she said. Sis pulled out the sofa bed as I pulled my pants down.

“There,” she said, “All ready for us.”

I laid down and watched her pull her shirt off. My dick was turning blue from the excitement, hard as it could get and still trying to swell more. A drop of clear fluid had formed and quickly oozed down the head of my dick. Sis’s titties were jiggling as she worked her shorts down. She had rather small, but fully pointed nipples.

My dick was delirious with excitement at seeing my sister fully naked for the first time in my life. My eyes wandered over her neatly trimmed blond pubic hair, and took in the loveliness of her bare hips and buttocks. Sis sat on the bed and took my dick into her hand, and rubbed it up and down then bent over and sucked the whole thing into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, then sucked as if she were going to swallow it.

I reached down and ran my hands along her thigh to hip, and around to her butt. I traced the crack of her butt as my dick squirmed within her mouth. Sis had both her hands onto my butt, and squeezing them periodically, pressing my dick and body into her face.

This went on for a while, and then she slowly released my butt and pulled her face from my dick. “You’ve had a blowjob before?” Sis asked.

“I never had anything, much less than a naked girl.” I answered, staring at her titties again. “You know how strict Mom was with us as we lived in her home.”

She nodded and cupped her hand around one, pushing her nipple out. “Here, have a suck.” my sister encouraged.

I wrapped my arms around her back and took her nipple, running my tongue about its tip as she instructed me. My hand slipped down her side, and then I pulled my fingers around to the front, into her hairs. Sis parted her thighs, and told me to push on into her vaginal lips. I felt a split similar to her buttocks, and pressed my fingers into it. The hair ended abruptly, and my fingers slid along the soft, smooth, warm and moist skin.

I stirred my fingers around in the wet, soft tunnel as she laid back. “Just keep doing that,” she said. I felt around until I found her clit, and flicked it gently as I watched her nipples contract from the sensations I was creating within her pussy.

The next morning I woke up and found my arm across her titties. Sis had her hand cupped around my dick as it was hard. I watched her butt teen porno sway as she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back out, I stared with renewed interest at her nude body. Her titties were bouncing as she moved, and her pubic hair was trimmed neatly. “Go on, take a bath,” she told me, “After breakfast, we’ll do some errands.”

I emerged from the shower to the smell of bacon frying, and found her in the kitchen. Sis had her front covered with an apron. My dick began to swell again as I checked out her naked butt again.

“I need to run a few errands,” she said. “After that, we’ll stop at my friend’s house and swim a while, then come home.”

After breakfast, Sis told me to put on my bathing shorts and a t-shirt. She came out of her room buttoning her blouse over her bikini bra, with a short skirt on.

On the freeway, Sis rested her hand on the front of my shorts and gently squeezed my dick. Her skirt was blowing up her thighs at times revealing her bikini thongs. While we were in town, I noticed a few men looking at my sister, and some even whistled at her as she went about with her blond hair, titties just right under her blouse, her waist bare and nice legs coming out of her skirt. We finished and left town.

Soon we arrived at her friend’s home. “Looks like she’s not here,” my sister said. “But it’s okay if we go ahead and swim.”

We went around to the back of the house and I pulled my shirt off. “Take your shorts off, too.” Sis said smilingly at me as I did, and jumped into the pool.

When I came back up, Sis was standing on the diving board stark naked herself. I watched as she went into the water. We swam a while, and she kept going underwater and grabbing my dick or my butt. After an hour or so, she came up to me and hugged me. Her titties were right at my mouth, and I took one in, to her delight.

I ran my tongue around her nipple, noting its firmness, and the softness of the rest of her titty. Sis pulled my hand down to her crotch, and I slipped my fingers inside. I began to rub her clit, occasionally slipping my finger on inside her pussy like I did the night before. She encouraged me to keep on doing it, as my dick throbbed hard as it could. When she started gasping, I stopped, unsure of what was going on.

“NO! keep on!” Sis yelled.

I began again, as she pressed my hand tighter between her legs. I could feel the inside of her pussy going into spasms. Her titties were quivering, and her nipples had become pointed. After a few minutes, Sis relaxed and smiled at me.

“Thanks, that was great,” Sis panted. I smiled as I knew it was the first time I had given her an orgasm.

We swam about for a while again, and then Sis grabbed my dick and popped it into her mouth while underwater, trying to swallow it. “What are y’all doing here?” a voice demanded behind me.

I jumped, making my dick pop out of my sister’s mouth, and she surged to the surface, as I turned. There was a woman standing there with a few bags in her hands.”Oh, hi,” my sister said, “We were just having fun.”

“Buck naked, I see,” retorted her friend with a smile. “And who’s this guy?”

My sister introduced me as she looked me up and down, and stared at my dick. I could see her nipples enlarging and poking through her t-shirt. It was plain she didn’t have a bra on.

Sis pulled herself out of the pool and began to dry herself off. “We’ll be back in a few minutes.” she told me and followed her friend into the house. I swam about lazily, and scratched myself under my dick, then rubbed the crack of my butt, enjoying the feel of water sloshing against my naked anus.

They came back, and I noticed her friend had undressed as well. Her titties were larger than my sister’s, and she didn’t have any hair over her pussy. My dick travesti porno began to harden again as they jumped into the pool, and swam about, enjoying the sight of two naked women with their titties rippling through the water and their butts with a pair of shapely legs kicking and twisting about.

I sat on the edge of the pool, with my legs in the water, as my sister swam up to me, wrapped her hands around my butt, and began to suck on my dick again. I enjoyed the sensations as her friend swam about, then toward us. “Have ya’ll really did it yet?” she asked.

“No,” my sister paused. “But I’m going to show him what it’s like pretty soon.”

“Wish I can find out,” the friend said. “I haven’t had a guy in like four months.”

It seemed that my dick was trying to explode in my sister’s mouth, as she sucked on it but it couldn’t.

Sis stopped sucking on it, and told her friend to try me. A moment later, I had a brown-haired head between my legs sucking more vigorously on my dick than my sister was. She also was groping with her fingers in the crack of my butt and rubbing my anus. I watched my sister swim, her naked body shimmering in the water.

The friend stopped sucking on my dick and hoisted herself out of the pool to sit beside me. “Have you ever had sex with another woman?”

“Not yet.” I answered.

“I remember my first time,” her friend went on, “I was like 18, then, staying a few days with my aunt and uncle. I caught them totally naked, having sex one morning and they invited me to come on in and watch. They did it for a long time, kissing and sucking on each other down there, fucking right in front of me. They were really enjoying getting off with me watching.”

“Later that evening, my aunt had to go to work, so there I was with my uncle. He started feeling my body, and undressed me. Then he pulled his clothes off, and started kissing and licking my cunt for the longest, and I liked it. Next, he put his dick inside my cunt, and it hurt for a moment, and then felt really nice. He basically gave me my first real fuck and orgasm that night.”

Sis was playing with my dick as we listened to her friend’s story after finishing her lap around the pool. When Sis’s friend was finished with her story, Sis asked me if I would like to see the inside of their pussies, and I nodded. She pulled herself out of the pool and laid on her back, then reached down, and pulled her skin back between her thighs. I saw varying shades of pink and red flesh, and a glistening hole.

Her friend encouraged me to put my mouth on it, and instructed me how to lick it. My whole body was trembling with excitement, and my sister began to carry on as she had earlier, when I had my fingers inside her pussy.

I began to taste a slimy liquid as she began to squirm, trying to thrust her pussy into my face, and screamed. I fell backwards into the pool, and came back up spluttering, as her friend laughed at me.

My sister helped me out of the water, her titties dangling before me. I laid down, well from the edge of the pool, as Sis began to suck on my dick, and her friend stood over me. I could see her smooth slit, and rounded butt. As she began to slowly squat down, her pussy opened up, closer to my face, until I was able to lick her pussy. Sis’s friend would bounce occasionally on her heels, squashing her pussy into my mouth.

Sis stopped sucking on my dick and rose up. A moment later, she held my dick upward, and I felt it slip into something soft and warm, as she lowered herself onto it, and I realized with shock that it was inside my sister’s pussy! It was a pleasant sensation of being swallowed into a nice, warm, soft tunnel.

Sis’s pussy gripped my dick tightly, and she began to bounce on it. The pussy in my face began to dribble a warm fluid into my mouth and down my chin. My sister kept bouncing on my dick, as it became incredibly hot and sensitive, swelling up, then exploded. I gasped as it went into convulsions inside her pussy, shooting a creamy subtance out of it, as waves of euphoria washed over my whole body.

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