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Sister-In-Law Hijinks

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Here is my story about my sister-in-law seducing me to get what her sister has. A little about me first, I’m an average guy with an above average cock, and I stand about 6 foot 3 inches tall. As a lifelong athlete I am always in pretty good shape and I was gifted with the great physique that has always allowed me to catch the best looking women. My wife is shorter than me and has an amazing body that always gets her a lot of attention from men and women.

One day I come home from work and my wife and her youngest sister are sitting in my living room chatting about stiff. This is highly unusual as my sister-in-law rarely visits, however, I didn’t mind as I saw what my sister-in-law was wearing, a short skirt that barely covered her panties as she was sitting on the couch. I knew I had to go work on stuff outside since I would be staring at those legs and it would be too obvious to my wife sitting on the other couch. To make matters worse my wife and her sister look a lot alike, just 5 years difference in age. As a typical horny guy I kept making excuses to pass through the living room, by this time I was working up a sweat which had made my light work out shirt stick to my muscular back and I could feel the women staring at me as I walked back and forth. Then to my surprise as I came back later to get something I had purposely forgotten my sister-in-law was gone.

A few weeks went by and my wife announces that we are going to her sisters for a house warming party. I usually like to wear jeans as it helps hide my cock a little better than dress slacks, however on this occasion I had to wear slacks and a nice shirt since my wife told me it was more of a party than a get together of just family. Seeing my wife dress up is a treat, she’s always looking to dress to impress and it’s hard for me to keep my paws off her sexy body. So I had fake hospital hastane to attack her before we even left the house which caused us to have to shower and get cleaned up again much to the dismay of my wife this early evening romp made us late to the party.

Getting to the party I notice the whole family was there and a lot of people I didn’t know. As I mingled talking with people around the house I noticed my sister-in-law. Was she ever dressed to get looks, a short black dress that just left little to the imagination. In fact it was so tight I was pretty sure she didn’t have any panties on at all.

Now at this point I didn’t have any plans to have any sex, or anything with my sister-in-law I was just admiring the goods so to speak. Besides she’s married to a dumbass so it never occurred that she might want to get with me. As the party goes on everyone is drinking and getting a good buzz, and alcohol always makes me horny, so every chance I got I’d sneak up on my wife and kiss her the back of her neck which always gets her going. The last time I found her she was chatting with her sister so I walk up behind her and gently grab her by the throat and kiss her neck, this elicits a moan and her natural reaction was to reach back and grab my cock through my slacks which at this point is half hard. As I release her and look up my sister-in-law is staring at the bulge my cock has created. As she looked up at me and her sister I could see the lust in her eyes.

I make my way to the restroom to relieve myself and cool off a bit as I’m starting to get really horny, I even had thoughts of fucking my wife in the restroom but with so many people around its be too obvious. As I open the door I’m startled by my sister-in-law who has her back to the door and is leaning in so when I opened it she fell into my fake taxi porno me. As a natural reaction I reach up and catch her and in doing so I get a nice handful of her B cup tit. As I pull her to her feet, she reaches for the door and closes and lock it. As she’s spinning around to face me I notice that my move to keep her from falling has pulled her dress up just enough to let me verify that she’s going commando, with just a small landing strip of hair above her pussy. Before I could react as I’m staring right at her nearly hairless pussy she’s on her knees and unzipping my slacks. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I’m half drunk or that she was that horny I blink and she’s got her small hand wrapped around my cock and shes licking the tip and kissing it.

As my cock is growing she looks up at me and said she’s tired of hearing about my huge cock from her sister and she’s gonna see for herself. At this point I just lean back against the vanity and let her suck and stroke me to full hardness. I lean my head back and just enjoy the feeling of her licking and sucking, then bam it’s gone, as I open my eyes, she’s turned around and backing a very wet and moist pussy towards my cock.

I decide I’m going to take this pussy and make it mine, so I grab my cock and line it up with her pussy, I grab her by the throat and slowly easy my cock in about an inch before I realize that she’s tight. Really tight and as I’m stretching her pussy she’s starting to get noisy and I’m telling her to be quiet but she keeps moaning a deep moan as inch by inch I’m sliding deeper towards her cervix. Just then like a sign from the universe I can hear music blaring from the other room, you know sometimes things just work out. By now I’ve got my rhythm and she is just moaning and taking all 7 and a half inches so I reach around her and start rubbing family stroke porno her clit to keep her wet. As I do this she starts pulling at my hair and begging me to cum in her. I’d like to tell you I fucked her for 30 minutes but I think it was barely a few minutes of that tight pussy just massaging my cock, and wham I felt the urge to cum. At this point I’m not thinking about anything but cumming and how tight and wet this pussy is. So right as I cum I get my sense back and can hear the party and the small bathroom smells like pussy and I’ve got a bit of sweat on my brow. So I pull out and a gush of cum flows down her leg as she holds herself steady with the wall. We start to get cleaned up and I ask, “Was it everything you thought it’s be?”

She replied, “I’ve never been that full before” as she stood there uneasy on her feet I asked how drunk she was. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “I haven’t been drinking tonight, but I’ve been thinking about your cock for weeks since I accidentally saw a text you sent to my sister.”

It was then I realized she had seen a text of my cock that I sent to my wife when she was out with her girlfriends. I sent it to her to let her know what she was gonna get the minute she walked in the door. So I asked, “Who else saw that text?”

“Well my sister was dunk as you remember she was bragging about how big your cock was and how you know how to use it, so basically all of us saw it.” then she added, “I doubt I’ll be the only girl to fuck you that isn’t my sister.”

My head was suddenly swimming with the possibility to fuck my wives friends, then I realized the situation I was currently in. “So how do we get out of here unnoticed?” I asked.

“I’ll leave first and you follow me a few minutes later, I think everyone is playing the dance, dance, dance game in the other room”, and with that being said she opened the door and closed it immediately. I wasted a few minutes then I walked out and she was right everyone was in the other room.

The rest of the night was uneventful, but I kept an eye out to the looks my wives friends were giving me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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