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Sisterly Love Ch. 01

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Crystal flopped on her sister’s bed and grabbed her phone. She had just gotten home about an hour ago and couldn’t wait to see her sister. Their mom was downstairs with her current boyfriend who Crystal didn’t like. His name was James and Crystal had heard a lot about him from her sister. When Crystal’s mom wasn’t around he would always try and make a past at her sister and after seeing the way he looked at her she knew her sister was telling the truth about the scumbag. Crystal stretched out on the bed and kicked her sneakers off. “Where is this girl?”

Chrystal was tired from travel that 4 hour bus ride was too much for her she felt her eyes getting heavy.

“Might as well take a nap…”

Crystal closed her eyes and waited for her sister.


Crystal woke up to someone rubbing on her thigh she jumped up forgetting where she was.

“Well hi to you too sis!”

Crystal was starting into her sisters green eyes. “You scared me!”

Jasmine, Crystal’s sister started giggling like a fool.

“I’m sorry I just missed you that’s all!”

Jasmine leaned in and gave her sister a hug.

“So how was college?”

“It was boring didn’t do much of anything except school and work that’s about it.”

Jasmine looked confused.

“Really that’s it?” She said hopping off the bed and removing her shirt.

“Yea that’s it what about you anything new here?” Crystal said sitting up on the bed.

“Other than the creep downstairs that’s it.”

“Yea what’s his deal anyway?” Jasmine removed her skirt and threw it into the hamper.

“Well he and mom used to work together but he got laid off and mom felt bad for him so she let him stay here. Next thing you know they are dating but when she’s not her he always makes a past at me.”

“Has he ever touched you like…you know?” Crystal watched her sister take her hair down and admired how beautiful she looked with her hair down.

“No nothing like that. He would just say some smart stuff. There was this one time he came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and when I got out he had a boner and I could tell he had been watching me but he tried to play it off like he was looking for something.”

“OMG did you tell mom?” Crystal was upset knowing some guy was watching her sister naked. “Yea but she played it off like it was my fault, she said I should have locked the door. It’s whatever another 2 months then we can move into our own apartment together.” Jasmine flopped on the bed and handed her sister a brush.

“I missed brushing your hair.” Crystal took the brush and went to work playing in her sisters hair.

“So how many guys did you end up fucking while you were away from me?” Jasmine was half joking when she asked this question. She missed her sister and hadn’t been with any one since her sister had left.

The question took Crystal by surprise, she honestly hadn’t been with any guys at college she had made out with one girl but that was during a party and that was it.

“To be honest I missed you too much to be with anyone else.” Crystal sat the brush down and ran he finger through her younger sisters hair.

“Really?” Jasmine turned and faced her sister. She loved how her sister had deep grey eyes.

Both sisters could pass for twins the only difference was that Crystal had grey eyes and long black hair and was slightly taller than her sister, while Jasmine had green and long curly hair. Crystal was the oldest 21 years old she was tall about 5’8 and had curves that drove men wild. She had 36D cups and a small waist that complemented her curvy plump ass. Jasmine who was only a year hardcore porno younger than her stood 2 inches shorter than her sister. She had 38C cups and was just as curvy as her sister. They both had board flat stomachs and flawless legs.

Crystal caressed her sisters face and kissed her cheek.

“Yea Jas being away from you drove me crazy I had no one to talk to and not to mention how frustrated I was not being able to touch or see you. Every night I wanted to call you but I was afraid…”

Jasmine silenced her sister with a kiss. Jasmine had missed her sister too and she planned on showing her just how much she missed her. Jasmine pushed her sister back on the bed and climbed on top of her. She tangled her fingers through her long hair and bite her sisters lower lip. Crystal moaned in responds which just drove Jasmine into a frenzy. She missed hearing her sister moan in climax and she couldn’t wait to take her there. Jasmine ripped off Crystal black tank top revealing her black lace bra. Her sisters cleavage was ready to spill out. Jasmine left a trail of wet kisses along Crystals neck once she got to her collarbone she gave a playful bite causing her sister to moan again. Crystal knew her sister was teasing her and she loved it, this is what she had been missing she reached up and grabbed a handful of her sisters curly hair and gave it a pull knowing her sister liked having her hair pulled. Jasmine looked at her sister while she pulled off her shorts she could tell Crystal was already wet from watching her undress earlier. She couldn’t wait to taste her. She removed her sisters bra next. Her nipples were rock hard and standing at attention. Jasmine leaned over and took one into her mouth. She felt her sister tense up underneath her. She bite down on the little bub making her sister moan out in pleasure. Jasmine began pinching the other nipple not wanting it to be left out. Crystal couldn’t control her feeling she knew it had been long since she had an orgasm and she felt one build. Her sister hadn’t even removed her panties yet and she was ready to come. “Jas if you keep this up your gonna make me…cooooommmee…”

Jasmine smiled to herself she knew how to get her sister going. She was pleased to see how she reacted to her movements, but she didn’t want her sister coming just yet. If she did Crystal would be too sensitive to let Jasmine taste her. And Jasmine long to slurp up her sisters juices. Jasmine got off the bed undid her own bra, then she took off her panties and proceeded to remove Crystal’s. Crystal sat at the edge of the bed she could see the lust in he little sisters eyes she know Jasmine wanted her and she would let her have here. She reached up and kissed her sister passionately. Jasmine parted her lips and invite Crystal’s tongue into her mouth. She loved the was her sister soft lips felt on her own and she felt how wet she was getting.

“Lay back on the bed sis.” Jasmine said hoarsely.

Crystal laid back and spread her legs revealing her dripping wet cunt. Jasmine licked her lips and knew she had mad her sister horny but this was something more. This was the months of her sister’s build up frustrations. Jasmine bend over her sister and started licking at her nipples. She let her finger slid down to her sister slit and she was welcomed by her sister warm juices.

Crystal moan in response to her cunt being touched. She lifted her hips to allow her sister to apply more pressure. She wanted to come and she was right on the edge, but Jasmine stopped and looked down at her sister.

Crystal looked up confused. “Why did you stop?”

Jasmine giggled and pushed a strand hd porno of hair out of her sisters face.

“Because your rushing and I want to take my time with you. I have missed you so much Crystal I don’t want to rush things.”

Crystal just looked at her sister and smiled. “I’m sorry it’s just you got me all excited.”

Crystal rolled on top of Jasmine and playfully pinned her down.

“What are you doing?” Jasmine asked confused.

“I need to calm down so I’m going to focus on making you feel good.” Crystal then took her sisters nipple into her mouth and used her tongue on her nipple.

Jasmine arched her back in responds to this. Crystal wanted to know just how wet she had made her sister. She released Jasmine’s hands and traveled downward until she was met with her sisters slippery folds. She searched for her sisters tiny nib and messaged it in a curricular motion causing her sister to shiver. Not from being cold but from pleasure she moaned. “You like that?” Crystal asked looking up at her sister who was now breathing hard and her face was flushed red.

Her sister nodded unable to speak without moaning.

“Well then you’ll love this.” Crystal couldn’t wait to taste her sister.

She slipped between her sisters legs and licked her already swollen clit. Jasmine cried out in pleasure. Crystal began lapping up her sisters juices and sucking on her clit she knew her sister was enjoying herself from her jerky movement and the way she grabbed at the bed sheets. Crystal placed her sister legs on her shoulders and reached up and began pinched and squeezing her sister already hard nipples.

Jasmine didn’t know what to do with herself. Her sister had been pleasing her entire body all at once. She felt as if she was swimming in an ocean of pleasure and she was ready to be swipe away in it’s tides. “Crystal… Crystal…OOOO… I’m so close…”

A part of Jasmine wanted her sister to stop, she wasn’t ready to come but the more her sister licked and sucked on her the more she found herself closer to her orgasm. “I want you to come sis. I wanna lick up every drop of you sweet juice.”

Jasmine loved when her sister told her what to do she loved having her talk dirty to her but she wasn’t ready to come.


Crystal silenced her sister by biting down on her clit gently while moving her tongue across it.


Crystal smiled knowing her sister was close.

“That’s it come for me… come for your big sister.”

Crystal took two of her fingers and entered them into her sister while still harassing her clit.

Jasmine was now moaning uncontrollably and you could tell she was lost in pleasure she couldn’t hold off her climax any more.

“O…Shit… I’m coming…” Jasmine felt herself reach the peak of no return. She felt her walls tighten and she knew it was over. She was now lost in the waves of her own orgasm. She was so far gone she wasn’t even sure if she could find her way back. Crystal had removed her finger and was sucking up every drop of her sister juices. She moan at how sweet her sister tasted and she had missed making her sister lose control.

After a few minutes Jasmine sat up on the bed her hair sticking up.

“You didn’t have to make me come you know.” Jasmine was trying to act mad but in truth she loved when her sister took control.

“O come on you know you love it when I make you come.” Crystal patted down her sister’s hair. “That’s not the point..” Jasmine crossed her arms to act as if she was mad.

“O so you don’t want me to make u come ever again.” Crystal leaned in and started licking latina fuck tour porno her sisters earlobe knowing that was on of her sensitive spots.

“I…I didn’t say that …it’s just I wanted to make u come.” Jasmine reached over and started fingering her sisters wet pussy.

“You still can make me come.” Crystal got on the bed and spread her legs in a perfect split.

“You always where a show off doing those splits.” Jasmine said as she lowered her self between her sisters legs.

“Well you don’t seem to mind now.”

Jasmine just licked her sisters clit in response. Crystal moan and gripped the sheets. Jasmine knew what her sister wanted and she was planning on catching her off guard. Jasmine reached into a box under her bed and pulled out a dildo. Jasmine had brought it out of curiosity. She wanted to know what to expect, although her sister would eat her out and finger her, Jasmine was still a virgin. She hadn’t found the right guy to pop her cherry although she had come close she never went through with it. Her sister on the other had had been with 2 guys, at least to her knowledge and from the stories she had enjoyed it.

As she sucked on her sisters clit she waited for her sister to arch her back before she slid the dildo into her sister dripping pussy.

At first Crystal was shocked and confused, She thought about jumping up to see what has just entered her, but the feeling felt too good to pass up. “What…” She was cut off but her sister.

“It’s a little something I picked up for you sis I thought u might like feeling something inside you other than my fingers.”

Jasmine started moving the toy in and out of her sister watching as her sister started to get lost in her own pleasure just as she had. She used her tongue to continue to tease her sister’s swollen clit and continued to assault her sister tight hole with the toy. Crystal started moaning loudly and Jasmine noticed her toes started to curl. She took this as and invitation to push the toy deeper into her tight cunt.

“Yes…o Jas your gonna make me…OOO Im gonna …Coommmmmmmm”Crystal bite down on her lip hard. She was sure she had drew blood. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt something deep inside her hitting her spot.

Jasmine took the toy out of her sister and sucked off all the juices. Although she never fucked a cock she had given head a few times and she wanted to taste every drop of her sister.

Crystal had started to come down from her climax and she pulled her sister on top of her.

“Gosh that was great I really have missed you sis.” Crystal kissed her naked sister on the lips.

“I have missed you too.” Jasmine grabbed the sheets to the cover both her and her sisters naked bodies. Jasmine snuggled next to her sister and they both fell asleep.


James had hear the moans coming from the room and being the pervert he was he had to find out what was going on. He was sure that only the sisters were home. His current situation also known as the girls mom had just left to go out with friends. As he crept up to Jasmines door he was not ready to see what he saw. He cock instantly hardened at the sight of Crystal tatting out Jasmine. He stood there in disbelief as he watch both the sister get off on each other. He had started to jack off when Jasmine had gotten on top of Crystal. He pictured the dildo as himself buried deep within Crystals tight little cunt. And it damn near drove him mad seeing Jasmine stuff the whole dildo into her mouth. He watched them until he was sure they were both asleep. This couldn’t have been a better opportunity to blackmail no one but two sexy girls. His dick started to stir just thinking about the fun he was about to have with these two. He opened the door and walked into the room waiting for the girls to wake up. He had plans for the three of them and he could hardly wait to get started.

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