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Sisters Ch. 01: Intro

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“It’s Saturday, girls,” announced mum. “Cleaning day. Daisy, you go wipe off the dust. Nancy, grab the vacuum cleaner. You know what to do with it, don’t you?”

Mum stood in the living room, ready to go shopping. She had a pair of red high heels, matching with her red minidress. Her legs were covered in shiny pantyhose. Who knew what underwear she wore under that sexy dress, mused Nancy. She knew that it would be something luxurious. She envied her mother. She wore pretty outfits and makeup, while Nancy had only her cotton panties that did not match her bra, old black leggings which she has been wearing since she was 16. The only thing that she had on her face were glasses. What’s more, her bra did not had much of a job, since her breasts were nearly non-existent. Her mother did not have particularly large boobs either, but at least there was something in her push-up bra to be pushed-up. At least she as slim, unlike unlike her chubby sister, Daisy. Her mother’s fair hair was curly at the ends only thanks to her curling iron. Nancy had dark hair which was naturally curly. Simply put, if you walk into a class, you will notice your other clasmates first, then maybe you would notice Nancy. She was a grey mouse.

Ooh that bossy voice of her mum. She couldn’t stand it. She felt frustrated. She was 18. An adult! Why did her mum still treated her like a child?

Then there was her older sister, Daisy. She always teased her. And she had a girlfriend. She, a moron! Why was the universe so unfair? Nancy was a good girl. She was smart, had good grades and big heart. She was virgin, because she wanted to save it for the right person. And yet, she was single.

She could only hope that it will change one day, when she finishes her school, find a job and move out. Yeah, buying a flat was definitely one of the first thing she will have to do once she earns money. She will show them. They don’t respect her, but they will dearly miss her once she’s out of their flat.

Despite all of her frustration, she took the vacuum and obeyed. Daisy took a feather duster and went to do her job. Mum, seeing the two girls doing their duties, went happily shopping. She was proud that she had them. Two pretty young girls, who would marry one day and have children… Wait, no. They should never marry. They should avoid men. Men are evil, she thought. Nevertheless, she loved her two children.

Once the doors closed, Daisy went to Nancy. “You know what to do with it, don’ you,” she imitated her mum, pointing at the vacuum cleaner.

“Yes, I do, thank you very much,” Nancy retorted.

“So, what it is for,” Daisy continued to tease her.

“What do you mean? For vacuuming, of course. It’s a vacuum cleaner,” Nancy answered.

“What is that? Vacuuming,” Daisy continued.

“What do you mean? Are you completely stupid,” Nancy asked, shocked by the question. “For vacuuming. Cleaning things. Getting dust out of carpets. Removing cobwebs from corners.”

“Oh, now I understand. I guess bahis firmaları you should use it on your carpet to remove all the dust from it, then,” Daisy giggled.

“What,” gasped Nancy.

“I mean, remove some cobwebs from your corner.”


“Don’t you pretend you don’t understand. I bet you do not have the balls to suck your crotch with that hose,” Daisy teased her.

“What the hell? Of course I won’t do that. Why would I? Are you out of your mind,” Nancy’s face turned red.

“I knew it. As I said, you are too much of a pussy for that,” Daisy knew that she put a bug in her sister’s mind. She was so proud. She thought that she can overcome any challenge. Daisy had only to play on that string to get her into obedience.

Daisy, Nancy’s sister, was chubby. Her legs with big thighs in black leggings, chequered shirt which hid her big tummy and breasts very well. Her black hair was shiny and grew nearly to her waist. Her breasts were bigger than Nancy’s, but her tummy was bigger than her breasts.

Nancy knew what was her sister doing. She won’t fall for her games. She will win this time by using her own weapon against her. She looked at her. “I? Why don’t you do it then when it’s so easy as you say. After all, it was your idea.”

Daisy didn’t expect such a smart answer. But okay, she will play by her sister’s rules. For now. “Me? Off course. Any time. Give it to me,” she said and grabbed the hose. She undid the tube and put the hose on her crotch.

The vacuum was already running on full power, so now it revved as it was choked by Daisy’s vagina.

Nancy’s jaw dropped.

This was not enough for Daisy, though. She wanted to teach her sister a lesson. She went to the vac, undid the hose and sat on the hole in the machine. It slurped her pussy inside. It hurt a little, but Daisy endured it, so that she could look at her sister victoriously. The shocked expression on Nancy’s face was priceless. She even held the vacuum with her hands on it’s sides and rode it like a man’s penis, just to make her sister even more angry. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly.

Nancy thought that Daisy was just pretending it, that she can endure the suction and even enjoy it, however pervert it was. It made her furious. For her, it was just about power struggle. She was convinced that she would win this time. Her first time in her life, actually. She didn’t know that Daisy was really turned on by the suction. She also didn’t notice her mum, standing in the entrance to their room, akimbo, with her mouth agape.

“What is the meaning of this? Are you two completely crazy? What are you doing,” she screamed.

They both turned to her. Daisy tried to jump off the vacuum, but the machine was clamped to her pussy. She tried it again, this time pulling it off her with her hands. It worked. It produced a loud, slurping sound. It also hurt. Daisy stomped the OFF button on the machine. When the engine died down, her mother continued shouting.

“Are kaçak iddaa you crazy? You could injure yourself. What do you think you were doing? And look at you. It pierced off your leggings. We can see your panties. You are standing before us like a whore.”

The girls were terrified. They didn’t expected such anger from their mum.

Nancy reacted first. “But mum, the hole isn’t so big. It’s tiny, actually.”

She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She just defended her older sister. She looked at Daisy and found that Daisy was returning the shocked expression. She probably didn’t expect that either.

“Shut up,” her mother roared at her. “You should tell her to stop if she’s so stupid to recognize that she shouldn’t do it in the first place.”

“But mum. She’s the younger one. It is me who should have been the wiser of us. You told us that many times,” she squeaked.

Mum wanted to shout at her, but the last sentence was right. Besides, she couldn’t go against what she taught them. “Damn right you are right,” she answered.

“One forgets her car keys and when she returns home to fetch them, what she finds? Two young dumb heads getting themselves killed by a vacuum cleaner. I cannot leave you for five freaking minutes alone, can I,” She sighed, rubbing her eyes. “Oh my god, I can’t even… Put that thing back to work and continue your chores. I am going shopping. May the God help you if I find you doing anything stupid. You understand?”

The girls just nodded.

And so she went. She was angry at herself. She let emotions took over her and she exploded at the girls. She saw how terrified they were, her babies. She loved them, but she was really terrified at the moment that they would get hurt. And they used her favourite toy. If only they asked her about it. She would gladly explain it to them how to properly use the vacuum. Which, after a thought, she could do anyway. Let the hot air in the house calm down a bit. Then she will come to them and talk to them about it. After she returns from her business trip, she decided. She must remain calm at all times, she reminded herself.

Lost in her thoughts, she hit the car with her foot as she was getting into the car. It hurt like hell. She cursed.

* * * * *

While wiping the dust, Daisy was thinking. Nancy’s behaviour today really surprised her. She felt guilty for treating her so badly for all those years. She should apologise for her behaviour. She also decided that she will change. She won’t tease her sister any more.

Then she thought about Amira, her girlfriend. Her relationship with her wasn’t at the right track. It was falling apart. Her vacuum fetish was standing in way of the relationship, among other things. Maybe if she treats Nancy well, she could persuade her into liking the vacuum cleaner as a sex toy. Then she can quit the miserable relationship with Amira and began to improve the one with Nancy. They won’t be girlfriends, of course. That was too pervert even for her tastes. kaçak bahis But she wouldn’t have to find a new flat. She could live with her sister forever. Which means lots of saved money. At least for the moment. She didn’t like men much, but who knows what the future will tell. Maybe she will seduce one if she wants children, which was not what she wanted in the present, however.

Nancy was thinking about what happened that day. Her mother was always strict, but she has never seen her so furious. What got into her, she mused. She should be more careful around her if she didn’t want to end up like her sis.

* * * * *

It was evening. Nancy was reading a book in her bed when Daisy went to their room. They both were in pyjamas, their hair wet from shower.

“Hey, sis,” she said to Nancy, with her eyes lowered to the ground. “Thank you for saving my butt today.”

“That’s nothing,” said Nancy, smiling. “You saved mine as well, so thank you.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for how I behaved. Today’s incident opened my eyes. I promise that I will not treat you like that in the future,” said Daisy.

“Thank you. I hope that we can get along and be good friends, not just sisters,” said Nancy.

“That’d be great.”

They both smiled.

“About the vacuum… Did it arouse you? Do you wanna try it,” asked Daisy.

“You didn’t have enough from mum already,” chuckled Nancy.

“Not when she’s home, of course. She’s going on a business trip on Thursday, returning on Friday, you know, so,” continued Daisy in her persuasion.

“Well, I don’t know. How does it feel? Does it hurt,” asked Nancy.

“If you do it right, then no.”

“Did you do it with your girlfriend,” Nancy didn’t know Amira’s name, since Daisy hardly talked about her.

“Yeah, my girlfriend,” Daisy sighed.

“What does that mean,” asked Nancy.

“Well, we’ll see for how much longer she will be my girlfriend. As for your question, yes, I tried to persuade her into it.”

Mind controlled her was the proper word, Daisy mused. She bit her lip.

“It didn’t work out, did it,” asked Nancy. In other cases, she would be smily mischievously, but she found her sympathizing with Daisy.

“No, it didn’t. Many things didn’t work between us,” said Daisy.

Nancy got up from her bed and hugged Daisy. “I am sorry to hear that,” she said.

When Daisy got out from shock, she hugged her too. She would never imagine that her own sister would hug her and support her.

“Yes, we can try it together. You can teach me how to properly use the vacuum, sis. When our mother is on the business trip. Let’s go to bed now,” said Nancy.

Daisy was surprised. This went easier than she hoped.

“Funny, isn’t it? She yelled that she can’t leave us for five minutes, yet she is leaving us for two days,” chuckled Daisy when they both were in their beds.

Yeah. She overreacted too much. Like she wasn’t worried just about us, Nancy mused. Something wasn’t right. She couldn’t put a finger on it. Not yet.

“Let’s just hope we won’t rip another leggings. Or something else,” she said to Daisy, hiding her suspicions.

They both laughed.

To be continued…

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